Nerine OP:

Nerine OP: 「Pray」 by 永見 はるか (Nagami Haruka)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 (19.2MB, XviD)


With all the perverts and the guys who don’t like Rin around, it’s Nerine who protects him with her magic, even when such deadly force isn’t necessarily needed. But Nerine has another side to her, one that wants to be able to cook for him. Specifically, when Sia suggests that they have a picnic with everyone making a bento, Nerine finds herself learning how to cook with help from Asa. All of her hard work pays off when she presents to Rin a box of full of tamagoyaki (the only thing she knows how to cook), and he loves it so much that he tries to hoard it all for himself. Later, when Kaede gets sick, Nerine, Sia, and Asa come over to help out with the chores. However, Nerine proves to be inept at cooking or cleaning. Her real worries start after Rin and Sia get lost together during their beach vacation, and the two start to get closer and closer. With rumors that the two are going to be married, Nerine is afraid that Rin had chosen Sia. She goes on a date with Rin, and the two end up at the same playground where they first met. This is where Nerine decides to confess that she’s still in love with Rin.

Nerine ED:

Nerine ED: 「秘密の森」(Himitsu no Mori) by 永見はるか (Nagami Haruka)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 (29.3MB, XviD)
Pray is actually one of the few characters songs I recognize and enjoyed since it’s the vocal version of Nerine’s theme Yume to Sora ga Kanaderu Melody, which was my favorite BGM of the original soundtrack. The same can’t be said for the ED, but it’s not that bad either.

Today’s recap covered the Nerine material from episodes four, five, nine, and ten. None of it was about Primula or Nerine’s past, which will likely be saved for the second part of her story. Unlike the two previous character recaps though, this one felt like it didn’t tie together as well, and it’s probably because they’re tying together all these parts of four episodes that didn’t have as common a thread as Kaede or Asa’s stories.
Next week is the first part of Sia’s story.


  1. We know they’re going through all the initial characters first, with Sia next week and probably Primula the week after. What they decide to do from episode seven and on is the question. They could throw in some new stuff right there, but I think that they might instead just go through the latter half of all the girls’ stories and save whatever new material for the very end.

  2. Hahaha, you want new material, then draw it yourself and make an anime out of it. The new stuff is probably a recap of the recap and the final episode is an recapped recap of the recap.

    Life is gruesome.

  3. Anyone else think that the studio behind this is a little ridiculous for creating an entire series partially made of recaps? Ahh who cares as long as get good character songs.
    Thanks for blogging this Omni, I still like to see a summary of this show.

    Does the opening work for anyone? It’s extrodinarily laggy on a Macintosh.

  4. There are two possiblities:
    1) the second half of the season will follow each girl’s path … novel and a win if decently animated.
    2) the second half of the season will serve up the remainder of footage from the first series hashed and pureed, with maybe a few seconds of new footage…. or just more still frames and thus prove that Navel’s animation partners are pretty much a lost cause.

    Right now, my expectations don’t even make the needle tick over … “director’s cut”, my ass. Has any other company ever pulled this stunt of just hashing an existing series?

  5. No wonder its called Shuffle! Memories…there’s so many recaps! I don’t really care though since I’ve forgotten most of the plot in the previous series. Now I suddenly have the urge to go dig up my Shuffle! episodes…now where did I keep ’em….

  6. I guess that’s the aggravating part, its more productive to just sit down and watch the original series since only the OP/ED contains anything new. Meh… mostly I’m just wasting the d/l bandwidth so no real loss, but it makes me wonder what their purpose is. Usually the purpose of anime is to pump merchandise and it seems they are going to try and sell DVDs of each girl’s episodes …. wow, talk about sucking a husk dry… they must have accountants in charge rather than “creative directors” now 🙂

  7. the disappointments of this series is when rin-sama was a marriage canadiate and he picked sai-chan and promise to protect her,and guess who comes out of nowhere asa-sempai
    a spoiled brat starts flirting with rin and now their together!it totally sets the whole damn series off balance for me!I need a season 2 if there is!


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