Sia OP:

Sia OP: 「ぎりぎり Heartコネクション」 (Girigiri Heart Connection) by あおきさやか (Aoki Sayaka)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 (10.5MB, XviD)

With final exams coming up, Sia is worried about her studies, so Rin decides to help out. Although the pair isn’t able to initially get much studying done, they do get pretty close to each other as they’re looking something up together in the dictionary. Sia enjoys her time with him and remembers when they first met eight years ago. Back then, the two of them had played together and had taken refuge together under a broken umbrella when it started to rain. A very similar sequence of events unfolds after their exams when Rin walks her home under his umbrella. Sometime later, Sia invites Rin out on a date, and the two end up spending their time having fun around town. It is on that date that Rin takes the time to play with a lost child, and Sia realizes this is the Rin she likes. Rin doesn’t wanted to end their time together, so the two then go to school and admire the nighttime view from their classroom as they hold hands. After Sia and Rin’s experience at the beach together, her father starts the rumors that the couple was getting married. However, when Sia overhears Nerine confessing her feelings to Rin, she’s torn over what to do. On that same night, she brings Rin to school and says that she wants everyone to feel that she’s worthy of him when they get married. For now, she’s going love him more and more, and she hopes he chooses her out of all the girls.

Sia ED:

Sia ED: 「freedom」 by あおきさやか (Aoki Sayaka)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 (20.7MB, XviD)
The OP for Sia was really interesting to me because it showed a few things I don’t recognize or remember, like Sia’s birth and this. The ED, on the other hand, tells a mini-story of Sia going to look for Rin and eventually finding him back at her house studying with everyone.

Well this is the Sia episode with material from episodes 03, 08, 09, and 10. There’s actually there’s no mention of her other side yet – not even when they showed this part from episode 10. Like with the other episodes we’ve seen so far, I assume they’re keeping that until the second half. Next episode is definitely Primula, and then it’ll be interesting to see how they structure the second half of MEMORIES.


  1. Hmm, at least some new scenes. Sia’s mother looks so sad on that picture, however Show Spoiler ▼

    Well, one recap episode left, curious what’ll come after that. Lookig forward to next episode as Primula fan, however I like Sia as well^^

  2. I certainly hope they animate all those possible alternate endings as shown in the OPs!

    Not to nitpick, but shouldn’t the last OP image above have shown Sia’s twin (forgot her name) with protruding demon ears?

  3. This:!/SHUFFLE!%20MEMORIES%20-%20Sia%20OP%20-%20Large%2005.jpg
    The reason why Sia’s mother is crying is becasue Of Kikyio not being born.

    is Sia wiht magical powers. Sia does have magical powers but they are nowhere near as powerful as Narine’s. That’s why she tends to resort to hitting people wiht a chair.

  4. I disagree, I think Sia’s magical power is as powerful as Narine’s becase Show Spoiler ▼

  5. To counter your disagreement eschan.

    Sia is a demi-demon/god. meaning she is only half demon and half god. Now in the Shuffle world half-breeds are renown for having weaker magical powers than their full blooded relitives. With the exception of Asa, Sia and Mayumi’s powers are much weaker then Narine, Her father and Sia’s father’s magic. They still do have them but they are much weaker.

    Besides if Sia and/or Mayumi had the same power level as Narine, she and Mayumi wouldn’t have asked Narine to destroy the school. Sia’s power level as about enough to through a protective shield around herself as such in episode 15 when Primula’s power went crazy.

  6. Honestly Hudson, Sia is not half demon and half god, she has just the soul of Kikyou living in her (who is a demon, that’s the reason why she wasn’t born). I’ve played all three Navel games, Shuffle!, Tick! Tack! and Really? Really! and there was never sth about that Sia is only half a god.
    When it’s about her magic it’s hard to come to a conclusion, but I think Sia has strong magic as well, but a good reason to avoid to use it.

  7. Clarification:

    Sia is a pure God. Kikyou is a half-blood between God and Demon. That’s why she was not allowed to be born, only a pure blood is allowed to take the throan of Shinou.

  8. Acording to the offical Navel bio if Sia. Sia is half God and Half demon. the 2 magic powers she has in her nearly cancel each other out, thus the reason why she doesn’t have strong maigic and why she uses a Chair to attck with. Kikyio was the same way. But only one child is allowed to be born per birth in the God royal family.

  9. Navel’s official bio doesn’t say any more than her identity and her characteristics.

    Sia using chair has nothing to do with her magic being weak. It’s a form of communication between her and her father, nothing more.

    Also Nerine’s magic isn’t too much more powerful than Sia’s. It’s just that Nerine has hard time controlling her powers, which is why she LOOKS to be much more powerful than Sia. In the game, Sia manages to repeatedly fire energy balls that nearly kills Rin AND stop before she actually does.

    And no, one can’t have “2 magic powers” in her body (much less “cancel” each other). A magic circuit is exclusive per body, and Sia and Kikyou use the same body. It’s like how Lycoris’ magic circuit fused with Nerine’s.

  10. Actually, scrach that last part. I just remembered Rin took Sia’s virginity twice by having sex with her and Kikyou each. >_>

    Still though, magic circuits can’t “cancel” each other.


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