Primula OP:

Primula OP: 「pureness」 by ひと美 (Hitomi)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 (22.2MB, XviD)

When Rin first meets Primula, it’s at an arcade in front of a UFO catcher. She seems to have been coincidentally searching for him, and he has no choice but to bring her home after she effectively attaches herself to him by wrapping her arms around him. The two of them are seen by Itsuki and then Ama, and the latter seems to recognize Primula even though she doesn’t reveal anything. At home, Rin finds everyone waiting for him to show up for a tea party. Since Nerine and Forbesii recognize her and question why she’s here, Primula admits that she came to meet Rin. Forbesii wants to send her back to the Realm of Devils, but when Primula insists on staying, Rin and Kaede agree to let her live with them. However, life with them is uneventful for Primula because both Rin and Kaede have to go to school. She spends her time channel surfing and playing with her stuffed cat, but one day, the seam under the cat’s arm breaks and stuffing starts falling out. This is a very important stuffed cat to Primula because it had been given to her a long time ago by a girl who called it a memory of her first and last love. After Primula visits Rin at school and shows it to him, Kaede promises to sew the cat back up when she gets home. Primula then heads home, but the rain clouds forming outside cause Rin to excuse himself from class later to go search for her. Rin finds her waiting out the rain outside a convenience store and apologizes for earlier. More importantly, he notices that her clothes are soaked through and she’s not wearing a bra. Thus, the next day, Rin and his friends go searching for some underwear for Primula. While the girls take care of her, Rin goes off on his own to get a gift for her: another stuffed cat. Primula loves it and smiles for the first time as a result.

Primula ED:

Primula ED: 「まじかる☆パワーステーション」 (Magical*Power Station) by ひと美 (Hitomi)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 (26.4MB, XviD)
The ending sequence this week was really cute because it featured Primula’s version of Alice in Wonderland. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind if they animated an entire episode of something like that – it’d be newer than all of the stuff so far.

I think the end of this episode, where Primula is voicing over what happened at the beach, is the most I’ve ever heard her speak in one go. It felt kind of odd… In any case, this episode is a compilation of Primula cuteness from episodes 02, 06, and 09. I thought they should have just ended it with episode six because the episode nine beach stuff didn’t have much to do with Primula except for showing her sand castles being destroyed by the waves.
Now that the first half of the series is over, we technically have a chance to see some new stuff, but the outlook seems grim. Next week is going to be the second half of Kaede’s story and then the week after will the second half of Asa’s. At this point, I’m going to guess that we won’t see anything new until episode 13, if even then.


  1. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks like that… but I’ve this feeling as if Shuffle! Memories turns out to be the anime version of the hentai pc game. We know that every female lead character gets 2 episodes… maybe in the second part they all are going to be together with Rin? I mean… in every Op sequence are scenes from the pc game…

    And I’ve to admit… whoa… Primula looks good together with Rin. xDDD
    Never thought about her in that way… really. ^^°

  2. Primula is one of my favourites characters, but I still wish for sth better than just recap with a few new scenes. If episode 7 doesn’t bring any new stuff I’ll drop Shuffle! Memories. Would be very disappointed then, so I hope for the best..

  3. Now we find out if the second half of the season is going to contain new material or yet another poorly edited pile of “memory” footage with a few eyecatches to hook the hopelessly easily-pleased.

    Some folks are hoping the second eps are “game path” parallel realities for each girl. My optimism for that outcome is withering away.

    Another theory is that the last episode may be new…. if anyone is still watching at that point — who would care?

  4. The fact that the series is called “SHUFFLE! MEMORIES” (as in old memories) should be a good indicator that there will likey be nothing new at all, or perhaps at most a new final episode showing what they’re all up to 1 year on something with them remembering all this repeated stuff they’re showing.
    In short don’t get your hopes up expecting ANYTHING new until the final episode!

  5. so everything up till now is still recap of last season?
    i dunno coz i’ve been downloading and saving it to watch them all in one go when it’s complete…
    what if they made episode 13 an OVA? now wouldnt that suck… LOL!

  6. Well since maybe like a month ago i watched the original [my friend made me] theirs no point in me watching the remake…unless theirs something new, which so far their isn’t…maybe if their something new eventually {MAYBE!} I will watch it >

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  7. Actually, Primula speaks a lot in the first Shuffle! game if you select her path. But it sounds weird though, since her voice becomes more livelier. Too bad I couldn’t play her path first, since it’s necessary to complete Nerine’s path first.


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