Allen arrives at a deserted train station after having been assigned to search for General Cross by Komui. He finds only a street vendor nearby, but the man immediately recognizes the crest on his Black Order jacket. Although the vendor runs away at first, he soon returns with the rest of the villagers and ties Allen up. He and the other villagers inform Allen of a vampire named Baron Krory who lived in a castle on the outskirts of town. Normally, the villagers weren’t attacked as long as they stayed away, but one day recently, Krory killed a woman by sucking her dry. Since then, nine more people have fallen prey to Krory, and the villagers are ready to slay the vampire. They now want Allen to exterminate Krory and save them all. Allen, however, explains that he came to this village to search for someone and shows the villagers a drawing of Cross Marian. Surprisingly, they recognize Cross as someone who came to this village shortly before Krory started acting violent. Cross had spent three days at the castle and miraculously returned, only to then leave immediately on the next train. Before he left, he had told the villagers that if anything strange happened with Krory, they should inform someone who wears a uniform and a cross. Cross had said that these people would settle the case and would arrive eventually by train. Since everything Cross said had become true, the villagers now see Allen as their savior.

Since it’s getting late tonight, the villagers give Allen a place to stay for the night. But soon after Allen falls asleep, a man enters his room, transforms into an Akuma, and fires multiple shots into the bed. Allen had fortunately seen all this coming because of his eye and was ready, but then more Akuma attack. There’s even a level 2 Akuma in the group who has an acidic type weapon that burns Allen’s left eye so that he can’t see with it anymore. Suddenly, a giant hammer attacks the Akuma, marking the arrival of Lavi and Bookman. Allen is able to defend against the hail of Akuma bullets with his arm, but the Akuma then run away. Although the Exorcists attempt to chase, Bookman first notices that there’s a man who got buried under some rubble during the fighting, so they help him instead. The next day, Bookman takes care of the injured man and then takes a look at Allen’s eye. It’s been damaged by the Akuma’s ability, but Bookman thinks that it will regenerate just like last time. In any case, Allen and Lavi are going to be looking into the Krory matter because there must be a reason Cross left that message to the villagers. That night, the two Exorcists and a group of villagers head for Krory’s castle. Along the way, Allen asks Lavi why he and Bookman came to this village, but before Lavi can answer, they arrive at the imposing-looking castle gates.

Allen and Lavi soon discover that the Krory’s castle grounds are filled with demonic looking architecture and statues. It unnerves them both to the point where they have their weapons ready to go in case something happens. Suddenly, they sense something rapidly approaching. That something ignores the Exorcists and goes straight for the throat of one of the villagers. Both Allen and Lavi are shocked to find that Arystar Krory isn’t an Akuma, but instead a real vampire.


Well, that didn’t quite go how the manga did. I was looking forward to hearing all the Kevin Yeegar and Millennium Earl stuff, but that was cut in favor of just putting Allen in Krory’s town in search of Cross and having him get attacked so that his eye is put out of commission. So while the basic gist is still the same (going after the vampire Krory), they changed what led up to it and how Lavi arrived. Part of it may just have been so that they had a semi-credible reason for Allen not to be able to use his eye, since it wasn’t supposed to be healed yet.
Nevertheless, I was excited to see how this unfolded, especially since we get a glimpse of Eliade already in the opening moments of the episode. I thought they did a pretty good job with the mood of the episode since the vampire aspect gave me some creepy feelings and the over-the-top nature of the villagers remained pretty amusing. In any case, I expect that the story will mirror the manga a lot more (for better or worse) once Allen and Lavi actually get into the castle and things get really exciting.


  1. Hopefuly, they didn’t show the Kevin Yeegar stuff just because they want to group the story arcs together and not because they’re going insert more filler before the “Exorcist Hunt/Fallen” Arc. -_-;

  2. oh it seems like they finally (emphasize the finally) get back into the story. though as many of you say we’ll see how they explain the
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Too much filler for only 52 episodes so hopefully not more (didn’t even bother watching the last episode sorry u_u)

  3. It was nice of them to injury his eye in a way that wasn’t too lame… I had feared it would be a piece of wood splitten or something!

    I wouldn’t mind a episode with Kevin, it’s chance to see what he’s capable of as a general… In a way the anime is also adding to the story and filling some (minor) holes…


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