As Rin starts spending more time with Asa, Kaede’s mental situation gets worse and worse because of how much she devotes her life to him. The breaking point comes when Rin and Asa come home together, and Kaede assaults Asa in an attempt to get her to leave and give Rin back. Asa collapses because of this, and it leads to Rin spending even more time with her at the hospital. He comes home only to rest, and on one of these occasions, he tells Kaede all about Asa’s relationship with Ama. In response, Kaede comments on how Rin always only worried about people who were suffering, and she wonders if it would be better for herself to suffer more. Kaede then takes a shower and goes back to Rin’s room naked in order to convince him to stay with her. He runs out and doesn’t come back until the next day after he’s made up his mind to move out. Still reeling from this decision, Kaede goes out and happens to meet up with Asa. She admits that she had done some horrible things to Rin and wanted to devote her life to him as atonement, but she realized that she only wants to be with him. Since she can’t even forgive herself, Kaede finds it natural that Rin would choose Asa over her. Asa tries to apologize, but Kaede has decided that no matter what happens, she’ll continue to love Rin. She feels that Rin will be happier with Asa, though she still wants to be able to love him forever. After the two girls cry together, Kaede runs into Rin and tells him about the conversation she just had with Asa. Rin makes it clear that although he does love Asa, he like Kaede too, just not as a lover. Kaede ends up crying to Rin and admitting that she loves him.

The second half of Kaede’s story covers episodes 19, 20, and 21, but of course only the Kaede parts. I’m slightly disappointed by the fact that they showed the scene where Kaede was stirring something in a pot as she talked with Primula, but they didn’t add on the extra few seconds showing Primula later discovering it was empty. I think it adds a lot of emphasis to Kaede going crazy, but since they put so much Kaede material together, it might not really have been needed. Also, as was expected, all of Kaede’s nudity was censored out.
Four more episodes of recap until (hopefully) we get to some new stuff…


  1. @Kei
    That’s fu**** right! The reason for me to drop it! I’m very disappointed, honestly, for me this series is money making and nothing more. I have MUCH more from playing Really? Really! than watching this recap series..

  2. a) This series was advertised months ago as a recap of the original with a small amount of new footage. It’s being aired on different TV channels to the original so that people without access to the original can see it.

    b) It’s on TV, therefore it isn’t to make money, because it’s on free view TV channels.

    Mr Common Sense
  3. Avisch, according to the schedule, it doesn’t have to be after episode 12 that we get something new. Episode 11 is the second half of Primula’s story so theoretically/hopefully episode 12 will be something new.

  4. OH right! I keep on forgetting episode one isn’t dedicated to on of the heroines. I just accidentally assumed that “Kaede’s story part 1” is episode 1. I keep on forgetting to trust my instincts.

  5. @Mr Common Sense: True, but I already saw the advertisement of the first DVD volume in the Megami magazine, moreover the whole merchandising..
    The thing with the different channel is very interesting, but do a bloody recap series is still odd, very odd..

  6. well simple…just do the same as I did at first….
    I have ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of new series to watch and still watching too!! soooo…. F O R G E T I T !!!for me ghost hunt is MUCH better than watch old stuff ( and it´s trully an amazing anime ) = SILENT HILL complex 😀

  7. DUHHH!!! 😆
    ” why would they call it “memories” if it wasn’t for all the memories from the show… but still, i would like some new stuff too ”

    Of course if it were new you would not remember anything…..LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
    just kidding dude!!! 😛 the memories part from the tittle is to make all the otakus that loved the first one NEVEEERRRRRRRRRR forget that ASA is the winner…in other words:

    I love my philosophy…..
    PS: MAN you all must have loved this one because watch a series 2 times for me is just like
    that people that goes to the movie to watch the same shit 3 times because they haven´t understood the main plot from the story!!I mean just use your brains and you´ll see that you ARE wasting your ” PRECIOUSSSS ” time with something that will make Asa get laid with Rin again…..if it were a hentai….eheheheh….the story would have been ” DIFFERENT ” if you know what I MEAN (LOL ) 😛

  8. well… this certainly frees up time and hard drive space …. I only need to check out the last episode. Someone else mentioned that a lot of what this was about was that the original series was on a pay channel and this is being broadcast to the peasants (free channels) in hopes of revving up sluggish sales of product. The pay channel apparently had exclusivity rights which is why this puppy is hacked/edited and fogged up.
    Whatever…. in some ways it just highlights the mess that certain parts of the storyline had and it *really* shows how badly the art/animation varied from segment to segment.

    So much for hoping for something actually innovative (like a parallel gamepath anime adaptation or something).

  9. good thing about fake fog / yellow police tape is that they magically disappear for the dvd release…

    now why cant american dvd companies learn from that? i might buy a dvd or two if there was some “extra” content

  10. Damn it, damn it, now I’m mad as hell again. Any guy that does this in real life to a girl should just die. The oblivious ignorant bastard called the main character of this show completely uses Kaede and throws her away like thrash.

    Once again that’s the only thing I can think that’s happy about it, now she can throw that freeloading ass out of her house, that her father completely trusted, fire his boat out in the rain and say f*** you and find a guy or girl that will treat her right.

    Damn, man, I’ve never felt like this to a character in the hundreds and hundreds of anime I’ve seen. If I was her I’d seriously tell the God and Demon king to kill him for being such a useless idiot.

    Actually, I’d probably want to keep him alive and make his life hell that would be more fun. Anyway, this ep is perfect example of what never to do.

    If you’re in a similar situation and there’s even the slightest clue that the girl likes you as more then a friend you should tell her instantly that there is no chance. Just stringing her along until it’s convenient for you to drop them is what assholes do.

    Okay, I’m done ranting, I really hate that guy, oh and just as a final point. If a girl makes you food eat it, don’t let her throw it in the garage. F***, show a little heart in the kindness and good will bestowed upon you.

    All, I can think of is this guy is the perfect definition of a jerk. Damn Kaede, I fell sorry for all the time invested and wasted on such an ass. It would seem your statement when you were kids for him to just be dead isn’t to far off the mark. Women’s intuition is a scary thing.

    Okay, I’m really done. Sorry about all that and please don’t delete my comment. Edit it if you have to. Thank you.


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