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ED: 「硝子の花」 (Garasu no Hana) by 衣織 (IORI)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (18.2MB, XviD)
There was no OP this first episode, just an ED. I didn’t really care much for the song, but the images of the characters they put up are significantly better quality than the episode itself was, along with being considerably more ecchi (i.e. how the nipples somehow poke through their clothes).

The first episode of Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny aired today on AT-X, and it was about what I had expected. I’ll say upfront that I don’t really have any intention of blogging this or even fully writing up this first entry, but there were a lot of people looking forward to this, so I thought I’d provide a glimpse of what the series looks like and the ecchi factor.

For starters, the character designs appeal to me a lot more then the original ones did (which I would probably attribute to the fact that Rin Shin is the character designer), but the animation quality was nothing really to call home about. There were a few well animated scenes, but more often than not I found it a bit lacking. Still, that’s in comparison to other shows I’m currently watching and not to the original Ikkitousen (which I think this is a tiny improvement over). Anyway, as expected, there were panty shots every fight scene and plenty of cleavage action. There was also shower/butt shot courtesy of Ryomou, but the real “nudity” came when Ryuubi lost her swimsuit in the pool. As you can see though, that shot was actually censored. I would assume that the white stuff will be removed in the DVDs given how there was nudity all over the place in the DVD promo that came out a couple of months ago. Actually, now that I think about it, I remembering seeing the AT-X version of that promo and all the nudity was censored out, so this shouldn’t have been a surprise for me.

All in all, the first episode didn’t particularly compel me to want to watch more of it. I’ve never been a huge fan of the show or its plot, so I was admittedly a bit biased against this coming in. And I think CODE GEASS alone these days is more than enough to fill the ecchi quota.


  1. Given that the manga it’s based on floats purly on ecchi I’m not expecting much from this one. The production studio doesn’t have much material to work on but hey! Everyone loves Boobies!!!

  2. Ikkitousen FTW!

    @UchihaItachi, Ikkitousen is a series that is loosely based on the Romance of Three Kingdoms. However, what makes Ikkitousen Ikkitousen is the amount of ecchi/fanservice and fight scenes.

    Didn’t see Sonsaku Hakufu in any of the screencaps though.. ;_;

  3. I can’t believe they made this into an anime! I dropped the manga last year ’cause I can’t get use to the over-ecchiness (though its pretty decent with lots of fighting scenes). And now look at the screenshots….I’ll rather go for some other animes that’s not so revealing…..

  4. Looks pretty much exactly what I was expecting, which is a good thing. I’m a bit disappointed that they’re censoring it, though. That said based off the caps, the AT-X broadcast is 4:3. Given that the promo material was 16:9 I’d theorise that one of the other broadcasters who start in a few weeks will do a proper widescreen broadcast and might even do it uncensored.

    Also, unlike practically everyone nowdays, I’m not ashamed to admit that I actually *like* a bit of ecchi now and then. It’s certainly more appealing than the stupid cockteasing that’s become so prevalent recently. It seems like half the internet nowdays has been replaced with puritans who go up in horror whenever they see a nipple or a flash of panty in their anime.

  5. Ecchi’s a good thing, but certainly not safe for younger audiences or those surfing this site while working. Perhaps the front page preview could feature less screenshots that are NSFW. 1 or 2 shots of pantsu/partial nudity are fine, but definitely not more than that.

  6. Hooray! Anime for the big boys!

    Chock full of full figured ladies fightin’ shounen fights. It may not be cerebral, but it looks like a heck of a lot of fun.

    Hetrosexual male oriented anime FTW!

  7. dammit, where the hell was Hakufu! please dont tell me there going to make the main character from last series just a sub character. She was the best character in the series last time. I’m not talking about big boobs and crap just her character in general, she was funny, and she wasnt scared to fight. All these new characters are mehhhh. For the 1st episode I was really disapointed they just wanted to introduce the characters and had a normal fight here and there blah . Fine do that in a pre special or something. Not the 1st episode. Seems there focusing this season on the tall chickee with long hair and spear.. Hakufu is like Ichigo and rukia to bleach this is basicly like starting a new bleach series and a major fight starts and ichigo and rukia are playing connect four somewhere. Just didnt make sence not to at least show her sitting down looking all cool. But I guess there going to spend episode 2 inroducing more characters.

  8. “dammit, where the hell was Hakufu! please dont tell me there going to make the main character from last series just a sub character.”

    well from what i saw, with a few alterations, they’re actually following the manga now. and about where they are (in the manga), Hakufu DOES pretty much become a sidecharacter for a while. around this part of the manga, focus shifted to the Seito girls, and even now, while Hakufu’s returned into the limelight, the manga pretty much spread the focus to include the Seito characters.

    which is fine for me cause Kanu was always the best character for me (but i guess you need the benefit of knowing the manga)

  9. I like it but not eveyone likes the same thing. I really liked the first season, but people say that it didn’t follow the manga and this season will alot more. I also like the character designs alot more then the first season. But being a girl i sometimes think the animaters my over do it with the fan service. Like how in the world can you loose a one piece bathing suit in a pool so easily? Anyways being a fan-girl I’m watching it due to mostly the guys, obviously. XD

  10. What? I seriously hope you’re joking that the ecchi factor in Code Geass measures up at all to an entire show that devotes itself to one.

    I don’t know. I always need shows like this just for the gratuity of it all (sex and violence). It looks good to me.

  11. Instead of ‘DO NOT CROSS’, it would be funnier to say ‘KEEP OUT!’ or ‘DO NOT ENTER’/’NO ENTRY’

    or one of those signs you might find on the road, ‘WRONG WAY, GO BACK’

  12. “Ikki tousen is two words”
    if you want to be picky, considering that hiragana/katakana/kanji to romanji translation isn’t really all that standardized (you’ll even find “official” dictionaries that use different conventions), and japanese doesn’t space out its characters so that originallyitwasequivilenttowritinglikethisanyway, you’ll find that whether its “ikki tousen”, or “ikkitousen”, or “ikki tosen” (usually with a bar over the “o” indicating its long”, but sometimes just assuming you know), or “ikkitosen” pretty much will vary depending on who you ask.

  13. hhehe, i’ve just saw the ending animation..and I have to tellyou that the ending animation was made by Kinji Yoshimoto and the lovely Satoshi Urushihara
    check at the minute 21:30 – 22:57 or so…
    so nice art…but the clothes look tatooed …

    keisuke Nonohara
  14. the end theme for this show is way way too revealing

    might as well call it some kind of extra extra strong ecchi i guess

    full of meaningless fighting of sorts with out of control out of proportioned characters

    how do they move around so fast?

    Kiminoharasuzaku V
  15. Wouldn’t be Ikkitousen without ridiculously large amounts of fanservice, including but not limited to panty and/or cleavage shots.
    Lots and Lots of Ryofu Shimei, it seems, and a bit of Kanu…I ain’t complaining. Love them two.

    Will be keeping an eye on this, yes I will!

  16. lol camel toe parade, no thx. so funny how it’s actually based on romance of the three kingdoms (respectable story) and turns into some perverted s*** almost looked like hentai to me. This IS one of those peverted shows that air ike 1 am in the morning in japan that people can watch paying more money through satellite, well the perverts

  17. I love Ikkitousen series I just don’t like AT-X they always use censorship into a anime thats pretty annoying [TV-Japan] is the only one with Dragon Destiny’s complete DVD version but its RAW bad enough I hope someone will sub the DVD version would be nice.


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