Having taken over the Fukuoka base in Kyuushuu, Sawasaki Atsushi of the old Japanese government – who had fled to the Chinese Federation – now declares the revival of Japan. Although the media questions the connection between this and the Black Knights, they have actually nothing to do with it. Reports state that the Chinese Federation is helping and that Chinese General Cao is calling this humanitarian aid. Lloyd, Cecile, Suzaku are all aboard the Avalon heading towards Kyuushuu, but Schneizel himself is back in Tokyo. Before he left, Suzaku had told Euphemia that he wasn’t qualified to be her Knight because he couldn’t forgive himself for disobeying orders. When Euphemia had asked if it was a burden for him to be appointed a Knight, Suzaku denied it and thanked her. He had also told her about how he had remembered he killed his father and how he wasn’t punished. Schneizel meanwhile is reassuring his men that martial law is unnecessary when Euphemia comes in asking if she can help in some way. He tells her that those feelings are enough, and then Darlton goes on to explain that Cornelia didn’t want Euphemia to do anything. Euphemia starts to wonder if this is because she decided on her Knight on her own, but Schneizel simply tells her that Cornelia doesn’t have the spare time right now.

Over at Ashford Academy, the student council is preparing for the school festival and discussing what Rivalz perceives as a war with the Chinese Federation. When Milly asks Nina about the outdoor booth that they’re borrowing from the art museum, Nina explains that she’ll be going through the formalities today, though she also mentions Lloyd and getting a present. As Rivalz then talks about how everyone is gone and Lelouch has changed, Shirley remembers how she had read in the note that she wrote about being surprised and confused that Lelouch was Zero. She had written back then that she’d confirm it when she saw him, and Shirley now wonders why she’s forgotten about all this. Onboard the Avalon, Cecile attaches the Lancelot’s new Float Unit and then asks Suzaku why he stopped being a Knight. He explains that he was troubling her, and he feels that she seems to dislike herself. At that time, Euphemia is at the art museum thinking about how she’s just a figurehead. She knew that from the beginning, but she still worked hard on the things she could do. Facing a painting of Clovis, Euphemia apologizes to her brother for meeting Zero and not capturing the enemy. She also hasn’t thought of a way to save Lelouch and Nunnally, and she admits that she doesn’t have the power Cornelia and Schneizel have. As she starts to cry, Euphemia explains that she had defied her sister in choosing a Knight, yet that symbol of knighthood had been returned to her.

In the waters somewhere aboard his submarine, Zero is telling the Black Knights that they won’t be joining Sawasaki because he believes that it’s a puppet government controlled by the Chinese Federation. He thinks that they should ignore that Japan, and when Diethard asks him to clarify their policy, Zero asserts that their goal is to establish an independent state in Tokyo. That answer gets Diethard quite excited, though everyone else is just surprised. When some start to protest because their enemy is a country that covers over a third of the world, Zero questions if they’re all going to wait for someone to come along and defeat Britannia. He feels that as long as they don’t personally do something, they’ll never get their chance. Back at the art museum, Nina has learned about Euphemia being there and she proceeds to jump out in front of the princess’s car. She’s immediately restrained by security guards, but Euphemia remembers who Nina is from the hotel hijacking incident and gets out of the car to claim Nina as her friend. By now, the Avalon has reached Kyuushuu and has come under a missile attack. The Avalon’s defenses manage to keep the ship safe so that Suzaku can launch in the Lancelot with its new Float Unit. Cecile, however, warns Suzaku that the Float Unit consumes a lot of energy, so he needs to pay special attention to the time.

As he’s flying towards the enemy, Suzaku gets a message from Lloyd explaining that they need to get Sawasaki Atsushi so that the Chinese Federation lose their excuse to intervene and would be forced to withdraw. Suzaku pilots the Lancelot to avoid the weapons fire from numerous attack aircraft and destroys them all before arriving at the enemy headquarters. Surprisingly, he then gets a communication from Sawasaki who knows he is the son of Kururugi. Meanwhile, Euphemia has brought Nina home and has given her a new dress to wear. When Nina explains how she saw Euphemia as a goddess for how she saved her at the hotel, Euphemia claims that she’s not such a splendid person, at least not compared with her sisters. Nina, however, doesn’t believe that’s true especially since she feels that she herself has no good points. Even when Euphemia calls her cute, Nina still feels that she’s no good. Euphemia realizes that Nina dislikes herself, but she then realizes that this also applies to her. After Nina reminds her of Suzaku too, Euphemia thanks Nina and says that she’s glad they met because she understands something now. At that moment, Suzaku is telling Sawasaki that this has nothing to do with his father and that he came to end this fight himself. When Sawasaki asks about the dream of an independent Japan, Suzaku says that the dream must be realized through the correct ways. He tries to deny Sawasaki’s accusations of an idea-less justice, but he then comes under heavy attack.

After losing his VARIS rifle and the Float Unit, Suzaku finds the Lancelot running very low on power. Sawasaki promises to treat him hospitably as the orphan of Prime Minister Kururugi Genbu, but that causes Suzaku to say that he can’t forgive them for using his father’s name here. Hearing that, Sawasaki comments on how Suzaku is stubborn just like his father. What Suzaku doesn’t know is that Euphemia is getting permission from her brother to privately communicate with him. Thus, he is surprised when Euphemia contacts him and asks him to fall in love with her. In exchange, she promises to fall in love with him. Then, after listing off all his qualities, Euphemia tells him not to hate himself. Suzaku responds to all this by noting how everything Euphemia does is so sudden, from the way they met to how she chose him as her Knight. More importantly though, Suzaku asks her not to hate herself no matter what happens to him. When that time comes, he wants her to completely erase his existence, and because he doesn’t want to trouble his friends, he asks her to make it a transfer out of school. Suzaku finally admits that the Lancelot’s energy has been used up, and he believes that he’s done for, so he sends his regards to Cecile, Lloyd, and Schneizel.

Realizing that Suzaku is ready to die, Euphemia tells him to live. This briefly triggers the after-effects of Lelouch’s GEASS instructions which said the same thing, but before anything else can happen, two giant red beams of destruction rain down from the sky and blow up all the enemy units around the Lancelot. Suzaku’s savior is the Gawain, piloted by none other than C.C. and Lelouch. Onboard the Avalon, Lloyd is completely shocked to see that the Gawain is able to focus the Hadron cannons since he was supposed to be the one to complete that weapon. He doesn’t know that Laksharta somehow did this through applying the Gefjun Disturber. However, Laksharta also recognizes that the development of the Float System is a loss for her, and she suspects that her opponent is the Pudding Earl. Back at the Fukuoka base, the Gawain lands and extends an Energy Filler towards the Lancelot. Zero explains that he’s going to strike at the enemy headquarters now, but Suzaku takes the energy pack and says that Zero’s wish won’t be fulfilled because he’ll do it first. Seeing the two Knightmares working together and blowing up his forces, Sawasaki tries to communicate with Zero, but Zero explains that the Black Knights are enemies of everyone who uses unjust violence. When Sawasaki claims that he’s doing this for Japan, Suzaku questions why Sawasaki ran away to the Chinese Federation. He thinks that Sawasaki should have stayed here for everyone’s sake.

Euphemia is happy to see that Suzaku and Lelouch are working together, though Cornelia, upon learning the news, wonders what Zero is thinking. Diethard recognizes that victory isn’t necessary in this battle since the Black Knights have participated, and rumors can now be spread so that their positions are told to the entire world. In the end, the Lancelot and the Gawain corner and capture Sawasaki together, though it’s Cornelia and the Britannia forces that take away Sawasaki the next day. Suzaku returns to Euphemia, but they are now embarrassed around each other and attempt to speak at the same time. This causes them both to laugh, and Euphemia finally says that she understands that the ideal nation or ideal moral cause are not such difficult things. She wants now to see smiles of the person she loves and the people she’s loved. When she asks Suzaku to help her, he takes her hand that’s holding the symbol of his knighthood and simply tells her “Yes, your highness.”


Well this was very much a SuzakuXEuphemia episode, though the ending leaves me a bit confused as to whether or not Euphemia and Suzaku truly love each other. At least for the time being, they don’t feel like they’ve quite reached the love love point. The whole confession – if you could call it that – part during the battle scene came off as seeming very odd to me even though I’ve known (and I’m sure everyone else has too) for a long time that they would probably end up together. Again, I’m just not feeling the love between them, at least not right now. Heck, I got more warm and fuzzy feelings from the friendship-through-mecha scene when the Gawain handed the Lancelot the Energy Filler.
Perhaps more interesting is the fact that Shirley’s note did indeed implicate Lelouch as Zero, and so Shirley does now technically know the truth again even though her memory is still gone. Here’s a shot of a note itself, though the words are a little hard to make out. I’m curious what the writers plan to do with her character, and I think it’s safe to say that she’ll have a fairly significant impact in the near future.
Other highlights in this episode for me include seeing C.C. in her flight suit. She’s incidentally wearing that for the cover of the second official soundtrack too. I was also amused by the fact that Laksharta called Lloyd the Pudding Earl. Maybe pudding was the favorite food that Lloyd used as a password in the Lancelot back in episode 17. As for next week, it looks like it’s finally time for the school festival. I hear big things are coming that have a lot to do with Show Spoiler ▼

Speaking of which, Pizza Hut had another appearance this week.


  1. I thought there will be NineXEuphemia thing. There are some good scenes as I see it. This episode disapoints me. At last Viletta will be back next episode. Call me crazy, but I like her very much.

  2. Lookie the picture up up!
    Why is Eupie Screeming!
    Did somthing bad happend!
    O and One more thing Look at these episode titels
    2007-03-15 21. School Festival Announcement
    2007-03-22 22. Bloodstained Euphie
    2007-03-29 23. At Least With Sorrow
    Look at episode 22!
    Men im scared is she going to die!

  3. OMG.. Nina seriously tried to get at Euphie^^;; /swt She’s so desperate.

    Anyway, why’s there so little Lelouch in this episode?!? T_T #SO SAD!#

    Anyway (again), it looks like Euphie is recieving proper character development at last. Maybe she will really be able to do something.

    Anyway (once again), I wonder if is it just me who is becoming less excited about Code Geass since about episode 12-13 onwards…

  4. Gawain in action, sweet! just look at its size compared to the Lancelot!!!
    If I were to guess the summary of this episode will go something like this:
    Euphie will be in peril with the Lancelot coming to her rescue, only to find that the Gawain(with C.C. in cute flight suit) rescued her.
    and I didn’t even watch this episode yet!!!XD
    @OMNI: there is no such thing as “the friendship-through-mecha scene” ever!!!(not in GS nor in code Geass)
    In memory of Lulu: ownage by hammer

  5. Freedomangel, couldn’t you have put that between spoiler tags? D:
    I don’t mind being spoilered (as a matter of fact, I do enjoy them very much, thank you) at all but other people might not follow the same train of thought at all. Also, you might be giving out big things here…

  6. I’m disappointed in this episode, not enough Lelouch, not enough C.C also the whole “confession” moment from Euphemia to Suzaku… the only good points are:
    1) C.C in her flight suit
    2) Gaiwann “God” mode

    everything else are so-so, and not to forget the Nina attempt to talk to Euphemia: omg -_-

  7. Interesting thing is the Gaiwann will be a peice of garbage eventually… after all it was called a prototype by Schneizel, and he seemed to care less that Zero took it. You just know something way more powerfull is comming along.

  8. ~_~ Here’s what I had so far from Shirley’s letter to Lelouch.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. @Neco: the reason why Schneizel seemed laidback about Gawain’s loss was because it was incomplete and still in the test stage. It’s not like at that moment it was a fully combat capable, reliable system – and till then, they were bashing their heads on the hadron cannon problem (the hadron stream was erratic as Lelouch discovered in the previous ep).

    And guess what? Laksharta implemented her Gefjun Disturber tech into the Gawain to control the hadron blasts and add a stealth mode, therefore beating Lloyd to the punch (which is what Lloyd was gnashing his teeth about…she resolved the problem first). The Gawain is now complete. Fully combat operational.

  10. @Chiu^2
    No friendship through mecha in GS? watch GS again out of the top of my head I can recall the escape from Orb scene were Justice was catching up to the ship and stretching it’s hand out to Freedom who was reaching for him then locked hands and pulled him on board. With the insert song in the background you could almost mistake it as a love scene between Freedom and Justice hahaha.

    on another note I laught so hard seeing Nina pinned to the ground for looking like a creepy groupie lol.

  11. Sorry My Bad Renegade334, i was just a little messed up from what i know of code geass Spiollers!
    And there is only 5 eps left and there is sooooooooooooo much story in this anime!
    Do you think they will make a season 2?

  12. 2nd season is already planned as stated in lates Newtype magazine.

    I just HOPE Gawain doens’t become overly powerful as Freedom was. I’m disaapoint that Kallen have less screen time.

  13. @ Celes-i was also quite disappointed at Kallen’s less screen time-for the most part, I had looked at her as one of the “main” characters (although C.C., another “main character” had very little screen time in the beginning of the series so i guess it evens out? hmmm)

    This was an interesting episode, to say the least… I am, however, quite shocked at Lelouch’s decision to

    Show Spoiler ▼

    laksharta’s nit picking on how her “inventions are still not complete” is getting quite comical for me xD

  14. this series, i consider to be one of my favorites. that is saying a lot since i own more anime than many people have seen. this show just has so many things that i like in it. the anticipation of the next episode always seems to makes me look forward to going through another weeks worth of accounting classes. well until i think about the dose of Suzaku that will come with it. yes i know its wrong and yes one day i will stop bashing on him. now that i put some thought into it, i dont have a good reason for not liking him its just that every time i see him on screen doing his, pwn all im so overpowered, thing or just talking with another character i just seem to hate him even more. take the last scene for example. when he was talking with Lacus (pauses for scilince cause i know no one laughed) i just wanted someone to cap his ass.

  15. This episode really doesn’t seem to bode well for Euphie. for every high, there must be an even greater low. having seen so many people say this was “GS-like” or they didn’t like it, I kept thinking “its the music. it’s gotta be the music.” near the end. o_0

    good episode, too bad the Chinese federation was worthless, and the actual animation of was more epic than I had imagined it could be. :p

  16. Can someone tell me what Euphie exactly said before Gawain showed up?(can i even ask that?) Mainly cause Suzaku’s eyes just lit up after what she said, so is it always gonna be like that in those situations? >=]

  17. That’s some team up

    Lelouch playing the part of a hero saving Suzaku at the last second.

    Poor Lloyd frustrated being upstaged by Lakshata in the tech dept.

    Euphie psyched that Suzaku and her brother Lelouch working together as a team.

  18. I’m really starting to dislike the whole SuzakuXEuphemia relationship.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    But I love the on/off relationship between Lelouch and C.C.

  19. I don’t have much to say about the episode itself, but Shirley has some really pretty handwriting even though it’s mostly just normal cursive. I especially love how “Black Knights” looks… okay, I’m done.

  20. @Omni

    “This briefly triggers the after-effects of Lelouch’s GEASS instructions”

    Just a comment — to me it looked more like the reflection of the Gawain’s weapon preparing to discharge in Suzaku’s eyes. I think if they wanted to refer to Geass they probably would have done so more overtly? by briefly flashing the Geass symbol in his eyes?

  21. The Geass symbol only flashes in the eye of the person who is using it. People affected by it gain a red rim around their eyes while under the effects. This has been shown many times in the past and again with the screenshot shown above. It was definitely Lelouch’s Geass effect forcing him to take action to save his life.

    Cluttered Mind
  22. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one not feeling the SuzakuXEuphemia love. I found the interaction between Lelouch and Euphemia much more heart warming than that between SuzakuxEuphemia, too bad they are related. I guess I just don’t like the way Euphemia came across, sounding quite desperate, and just the whole deal was extremely rushed, even if we knew it was bound to happen, it just disappointed me.

    Overall, an okay episode. Episode needed more Lelouch. The highlight for me was Lloyd’s surprised expression and the seemingly there rivalry between him and Laksharta. Bet it was quite a scene when the two of them worked together.

  23. It’s heart warming alright, but given the situation, it’s probably not in their best interests. Lelouch fits more with C.C. I wouldn’t want to depict the image, Show Spoiler ▼

  24. Oh, I know that and I’m not implying that I want Euphemia to be with Lelouch at all. LelouchXC.C. is my favorite Geass pairing, after all. I’m just saying that I wasn’t impressed or touched by the SuzakuXEuphemia pairing and by saying how I found myself feeling more warm and fuzzy by watching her interact with her half-brother rather than her knight, just speak volumes and shows how, in my opinion, the writers failed to develop their relationship in a way that appealed to me.

  25. Ok, for this episode I have to agree with Nigredo…there were no REALLY Good parts to this episode. Gawain and C.C.’s suit was all that was interesting, and if I take out C.C’s suit, it was one thing, although i did find the Nina thing pretty funny.
    Though, I agree, that communication to Suzaku from Euphie was pretty….yea…it’s getting annoying, and I’m sad,
    1) Too little C.C.
    2) Too little Lulu
    3) Where’s Orrange….and his new self…?
    4) Viletta…amnesia….still….? Is she planing to be Ogi’s wife…? LoL
    5) Kallen…where is she…?

    Well, good things were,
    1) Go Gawain~!
    2) Nina funny scene of being treated as a stalker or groupie of Euphie’s
    3) Pudding Earl….lol, I want to see if they’ll be developements with that…like the two scientists meet and something happens…

    Well, that’s it from me…:)

  26. One of the things I like about this show is that not everything’s black and white, and that many of the characters’ motivations and actions fall into the gray area too. The political overtones of Code Geass are interesting too. Where some shows become somewhat preachy in their anti-Americanism (or the West in the general) like Blood+ was, Code Geass mixes it up fairly well, though I’m always a bit wary in the back of my mind that the show will try to portray Japan in too much of a light playing the role of a poor victim of foreign imperalism.

    This is, of course, in stark contrast to what actually happened in our real world history, where Japan was the military aggressor back in WWII. Let’s hope Code Geass doesn’t whitewash the dangers of overzealous nationalism given the tenuous relationships Japan currently has with many of its Asian neighbors and the decades of US military presence in the Pacific region. So far, the show continues to impress me with how complicated the political background of Code Geass is.

    That said, how many cosplay outfits is this for C.C. so far? Like 20? 🙂

  27. Lol….pizza hut maniac. Anyway, does that mean Shirley might realise the truth again? I wanna see her remember Lelouch again for various reasons. Over the series, I sorta pity Lelouch though. It must be tough and lonely being Zero. Btw, its good to see Suzaku and Euphemia together. I still can’t get use to Euphemia’s hair though…

  28. WOW…. i read through all of the above think that.. Euphemia sama is very brave..and Suzaku was numbly replying “yes your highness ” to her first confession.. what a guy… sigh.. way to go man!

  29. Maybe I’m the only person who felt the Suzaku and Euphemia both just hit it off as a love at first sight type of deal at the beginning? Seriously, that’s how it came across to me and when I thought of it that way, I found I could reasonably understand it if I thought of it that way.

    I think though, the problem with EuphiexSuzaku is we don’t see the other times they interact. The story is about Lelouch, so we don’t really get to see any other interactions that SuzakuxEuphie get, and that kinda hurts how we precive the relationship. As I’m thinking there is probably more chances that they’ve had to interact then what we’re seeing.

  30. I wonder 50 episode is enough for this anime as a lot of things and details are left hanging there. Currently, i want to know Lulu’s father’s true intention, the truth of the death of Lulu’s mother, C.C’s true intention, Schneizel’s intention, the mysterious girl, the geass race?, the princess from Japan side, what happened between Lloyd and Laksharta. Hope that they can reveal more.

  31. I can understand Suzaku. In the world where caste system still alive, a commoner like him could not even think about love affair with princess and he is even lower than commoner. Even briefly touch ‘your highness’ hand might require a lot of courage.

    He is in love but he cannot and would not express.

  32. Thinking back, Mao should have killed Shirley. She’s a nuisance. If comparing to an RPG, she’s like that sidequest that has nothing to do with the main story, but has to be completed now.

  33. the bond between Euphie and Suzaku doesnt seen to interest me at all…
    hopin either Lulu or C.C. will confess to each other, only these two r interestin.
    Consider their behavior, the possibility is really low…
    But it is nice 2 c Lulu and C.C. in the knightmare, and how hot C.C. is in the outfit

  34. I have the feeling (and hope) that Euphie and Suzaku won’t be a couple. Euphie is too good for him. Besides, if he loves a certain someone else (dun misunderstand, I don’t say Godegayass), maybe he will be a bit of an interesting chair

  35. I admit it’s hard to see Euphemia and Suzaku’s relationship because the show is focused on Lelouch. How much they interact and what that entails isn’t clear because it’s not Suzaku’s show. Given time I think they could build a good relationship, maybe it just took Euphemia’s confession to get that started. Really wonder how things are going to turn out. Seems Euphemia wants change like Suzaku but that won’t be easy. Might even cause her to become a target by her family.

    Am I the only one that hoped the guards would drop a gun near Nina and say “she’s got a gun!” and take care of her? Can’t believe Schneizel using Suzaku to cause a distraction. Clearly the guy is evil and this is the second time he’s tried to get Suzaku to get himself killed. Go get him Lelouch!

  36. I really liked the confession scene, actually! I’ll admit it wasn’t heartwarming, but I laughed the whole way through.

    I bet Lelouch was happy to get that seat behind C.C. n.n; Speaking of which, I think this episode raises the question of how the Geass works. Does it respond to anyone with Lelouch’s blood? If anyone were to discover the Geass (though I doubt it), they could come up with some kind of evil plan to make use of the command. Well, it’s good to know the Shirley problem is solved! If ever Lulu wanted to shut her up, he can just tell her to forget again.

  37. @machan

    Lelouch’s Geass is a one time per person use. He can give a command only once.

    Also Geass differs for each person that is contracted as shown with Mao being a telepath.

  38. Yeah it’s not quite so simple. Lelouch can’t make Shirley forget again. That kind of command was a one time thing, if she re-learns the information there isn’t much he can do. It won’t be quite the same since she won’t have all the information and memories she used to have. With Suzaku his command is more long term. Since if he gets into a situation where he might die or if he is giving up it should start up. Since there will be many occurances where he might give up.

    The confession scene might’ve been better if we had more interactions between Suzaku and Euphemia. Since it’s Lelouch’s show we don’t get that much. But it was kind of funny. “Love me” “Yes…ehh” Lloyd made it funny as well since he looked like “oh come on now what’s happened”

  39. I wouldn’t be too sure. This episode implies that the command is simply dormant but still there, and it’s possible that the command Lulu gave Shirley (forget about me) is intact in the same way. Even though Shirley doesn’t have the same set of memories as she did before, a command like “forget about me” is still general enough to be applicable. As we can see, Suzaku’s “live” command isn’t always active, since he was clearly ready to die until Euphemia told him to live. I see it as a latent virus and the voice is simply an outside stimulus.

    Of course, I don’t expect the writers to take that course of action, BUT the option is there is all.

  40. the reason why euphie x suzaku has no chemistry is because suzaku is obviously meant for zero/lelouche. the warm fuzzies totally prove it. and then there’s euphie x nina.

  41. Because it would only make sense to carry an extra battery just in case. I think Lloyd will need to sit down and try to calm down. Thought he might have a heart attack up there.

  42. Gawain came in from some sort of ship or what not, so it had spares and it had time. Lancelot is fighting, it’s not like Suzaku can simply ask his enemies “Sorry, but my frame has run out of energy. Can you stop shooting at me while I put another one in to kick all your asses?” 🙂

  43. o_O.
    -> 1. No. But I guess pizza has been standardized to taste horrible at the major pizza chains (although Papa Johns is somewhat better).
    -> 2. Wait until they smile. They do need dental plans.

  44. Ya it was weird that the Lancelot didn’t carry a the spare batery since they all new the air frame attachement was going to put a heavy drain on his system. That pack was so small I couldn’t figure out why they just didn’t incorparate a seperate pack into the air frame itself, it didn’t need to have a self sustaining energy plant but more like an extension of the existing batery system to offset the drain problem… kind of like 2 bateries in paralell versus the 1.

    1 thing that I find prety funy was that all those Kira haters out there that fewmed that Kira was to good of a Gundam pilot with no experience is now staying quiet with how easy Lelouche and CC are piloting frames like veterans from the start. At least you can say that Suzaku being in the military had the opertunity to train on them before hand but just could not pilot one outside of training since he was an 11.

  45. Kira’s “coordinator” ability is even a little farfetched for me still. If you look at C.C., she’s very old despite her youthful appearance. She’s had ample opportunity to train with a variety of things, and it only begs the question about whether frames existed in her past, and what purposed they served back then. Lelouch is not exactly the one piloting the frame (at least from what I could see on screen) and I don’t expect him to. I believe this was the director’s loophole to give Lelouch a nice frame without having to have him pilot it (though I cannot for the life of me understand why they just now have two seater frames).

    And no one mentions Kira any more except as reference because he is a distant memory. This anime gives us something rather new to focus on.

  46. Lol @ Ninjikiran.

    I gotta admit, I was going WTF through that whole incident with the “I love you” while Suzaku was fighting. She was trying to kill him by distracting him! O_O;

  47. We already know Lelouch can aim; we saw that much in the Narita battle. As stated above, he doesn’t appear to be the one in charge of movement. (Interestingly, look at C.C., she has a small smile on her face like she’s enjoying this. Piloting a KnightMare == riding a bike?)

    And the preview shots are interesting. It doesn’t come out as much from the still, but C.C. looks very shocked/worried.

  48. That love confession…it was hilarious.
    Euphemia: “Please love me!”
    Suzaku: “Yes.”
    And it just had to be in the middle of battle too ^_^. Man, what a way to use the communication lines.
    Aside from that, the part where Zero offers Suzaku the energy filler reminded me of marriage proposal. C.C. and Zero in the cockpit is just awesome.

  49. here’s my two cents on it. Geass (just the power of it), in regards to its origin, is pretty much defined- you have people like C.C. and a contractee, and the power takes shape after the contractee’s personality, and if you overuse the power, you can’t shut it off, and it appears that the overusage of the geass power will drive one mad. I think the Shirley-related story (with her discovering the note and so on) can go either way. One can suspect that she’ll remember stuff, and then the story can explode from there, or she would just forget about the existence of that memo (like how she erased Lelouch’s face after drawing it in ep 18 or something) Maybe she’ll also do something that Suzaku does in ep 20 (with the command to survive and so on)

  50. Lol couple things of note… there was a point where you could actually kinda empathize with Nina. Kinda.

    More importantly though, when Euphemia told Suzaku to “live” his eyes glowed red, almost reactivating the Geass just with those words. This could confirm that, unlike Death Note and its time limitations, the Geass effects are permanent given the circumstances or something (I guess it depends on the command because obviously after reading the note Shirley has started remembering again). Could this show up in the future in case Suzaku really does get in danger?


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