Having been kicked out of his own village for being a monster, Krory joins Allen and Lavi on the journey back to the Black Order headquarters. Since there’s still time before the train departs, Krory gets to look around town, but he almost immediately gets swindled until Lavi catches the dishonest store owner. Once they get on the train, Krory disappears for three hours, so Allen and Lavi go looking for him. They eventually find him in a back car after having lost all his clothes betting in a game of poker. In order to get Krory’s clothes back, Allen bets his own coat and ends up winning every hand because he cheats. Although he wins all of his opponent’s clothes, Allen gives those back when they reach the station that his opponents get off at. As the train pulls away, the shaggy-haired leader of the group throws Allen the pack of playing cards. He then gets a phone call and has to part ways with his friends because he just got a different job. That job turns out to be with the Millennium Earl and the man turns out to be none other than Tyki Mikk.

When Krory arrives at the Black Order headquarters, the gate detects Eliade’s Akuma blood inside Krory. In response, Komui and Komurin IV arrive on the scene, and even though Komui recognizes Allen and Lavi, his robot still attacks since it can’t be stopped until the enemy is defeated. This version of the robot can not only handle Allen and Lavi’s weapons, it can also cook, as it demonstrates with Lavi. Fortunately, Lenalee comes out and knocks some sense into her brother and uses her leg powers to destroy the robot. Once inside the Black Order, Krory gets to spend some quality time with Komui and Hevlaska, and he then finds a party being thrown for him. Krory is in tears over how everyone welcomes him home, but he then spills his drink on the mini form of Komurin IV that’s still running around. As a result, the robot misinterprets Komui’s orders and applies makeup on everyone instead of cleaning the room until Lenalee literally kicks it out of headquarters. Unbeknownst to all of them, the Millennium Earl has gathered the Noah family for a meal and is announcing that it’s their turn, so things will become fun from now on.


Well it would seem like the anime is going to take its own interpretations of the sequence of events from now on. Aside from the new and relatively forgettable stuff about Krory arriving at the Black Order, they kept in all the train events from the manga. That is, with the exception of the part where the young boy accompanying Tyki Mikk tries to give Allen a certain item. This change made more sense once I saw that the preview showed that next episode will be all about Kevin Yeegar and is titled “General’s Chain.” It would appear that the anime will explore his character further and so the aforementioned item has yet to appear… I guess we’ll see next week.


  1. This anime started with a promising story and had a fantastic Manga to support its plot. Then after 10 episodes it went to filler arc for some reasons, and now it’s going in a completely different direction than most of us have hoped for. This was the last D.G.M episode I watched. Pity, it could have been an excellent Anime but it’s too late now.

  2. I tend to not care if an anime follows the manga or not, but in this case… starting off following it close, giving us “filler” and now breaking off… I dunno what to think 🙁

  3. @ Lissa… i guess the good thing about the anime in this case is that they will develop on the issue u mention. I always wondered how he
    Show Spoiler ▼

    though honestly they keep milking the cow with that komurin. Just too much and now the make up part >

  4. @God
    It’s still following the main story, it’s just taking a different path to it.

    They’re taking the time to actually cover what the manga left out, and to add so spice into it. There’s nothing wrong with a little originality.

    And did you really hoped it to follow the manga to the letter? Don’t delude yourself. How is it so different now? They still found Krory, they still had Allen evolve his eye.They still preserve the essence of ‘D.Gray-man’.

    Or are you that afriad of a little change?

    If you had paid attention, you realised that it’s not ‘breaking off’ from the story, they’re just taking more time to develop other parts of the story that the manga left out in favor to ‘get to the point’.

    After all, name one thing that throws the plot they have set up out the window in this episode? (Komui doesn’t count, it’s just wrong in many ways…Heh)

  5. this particular deviation from the main story in the manga is making me intrigued. Hmmm… Allen in makeup. Heh… Fun.

    Another one of Komui’s stupid inventions though, wish they’d be more thoughtful about what they add to the story.

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