Rin and friends have arrived in the god world and are aboard a large ship along with Eustoma and Forbesii. It is here that the two fathers tell the group about a special fish that can grant any wish to the person who catches it. Itsuki and Mayumi are quite gung-ho about getting their wish, so they put their all into fishing, but Rin decides to go for a walk instead. Two hours later, Nerine notices that he’s missing and goes to look for him. When Nerine also doesn’t come back, the girls think that something must have happened, and they start to search for the two. Inside the ship, they manage to find Rin’s shirt and shorts, but Rin himself is nowhere to be seen. The girls are also shocked to find that around the corner from Rin’s clothes are Nerine’s clothes. A worried Kaede wonders what the two could be doing naked without their clothes and starts to think that Rin must have chosen Nerine because she’s got a huge chest. However, Sia then discovers Mayumi’s clothes, and that leads Kaede to think that Rin also likes small chests. She decides to stop looking for Rin and instead heads to the kitchen where she gets to work beheading eels with a cleaver.

When Asa approaches her later, Kaede accuses Asa of knowing where Rin is and thinks that everyone is playing a joke on her. With cleaver in hand, Kaede chases Asa back to her room, and right as Asa is hoping that someone comes to save her, a bright light flashes. Asa’s scream causes Kaede to return to her normal self, and when she opens the door, she finds only Asa’s clothes on the ground. However, that same light envelopes Kaede, and she wakes up to find Rin and the other girls in front of her. It seems that they’ve all been shrunk down to a tiny size thanks to a flying mirror that Rin found earlier in a display full of Eustoma’s special collection. Since Sia is still big, they decide to try to get her help, and Rin climbs up the side of a railing. When Sia comes looking for him, he jumps at her and manages to land right between her breasts. She eventually pulls him out, but before she can do anything, the mirror turns her small too. Luckily for all of them, Primula happens to open a door and smacks the mirror, breaking it. This causes everyone to return to their normal size, but they’re all nude again. In the aftermath, everyone is able to enjoy the evening fireworks, and although Primula manages to catch a fish, she throws it back into the water.

Final ED:

ED: 「natural tone」 by 橋本みゆき (Hashimoto Miyuki)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1, Mirror 2 (19.2MB, XviD)
The ending sequence was done similarly to the ending of the very first episode of SHUFFLE! with the backwards replay of the episode during a Hashimoto Miyuki song.

Was it worth watching 11 recaps for just this? No, probably not.
Was this a good episode? Yes, definitely – it was a lot of fun even if it was basically a fanservice filler. I laughed through the entire evil-Kaede segment (Gotou Yuuko voices that part so well), and the animation quality was pretty good. Maybe that’s just the nostalgia talking, but I enjoyed it.

Final Thoughts: Well, that was basically a wasted timeslot that probably could have been put to better use, but I’m not going to complain too much. SHUFFLE! MEMORIES is one of those few shows I wouldn’t recommend to anyone because you’re better off just watching the original series. The only things worth watching are this final extra episode and all the special openings and endings they made, but otherwise, just skip the recaps.


  1. well… pretty much what I thought…
    1) Looks a lot of mindless fun much like the earlier part of the original series.
    2) omake/filler/fanservice fun…. animated art doesn’t look toooo bad.
    3) Its pretty clear Asa only won in name only — Rin seems to have this stalking herd of gorgeous women that will be with him forever … and ever … and ever…
    4) Rin is clearly a eunuch ….. whose only emotion is embarrassment.

    Two inch deep plot … lots of skin … Asa is lead femme in a harem whether she wants it or not, however Rin has been emasculated in some horrible experiment by the gods and demons (rofl…). Whatever… 🙂

  2. WTFH!!! Best episode ever!!!! Why the hell did they leave this one out of the original series for!!!!????? This would have made a killing! seriously! so many guys would have died of over bleeding from their noses!!!!!

  3. They “left it out” so that the hapless otaku would have to spend more money 🙂

    There’s a gag running around that this is the best episode of the series….. since it really is the *only* episode of the series (the rest just being haphazard reslashes of events from the first series). Personally, I think they’d gotten a LOT more positive mileage out of an OVA-budget version of this episode with the OP/EDs of the other episodes just woven into an extended set of music video tracks on the OVA DVD release.

    Oh well….

  4. Itsuki would die if this ever happened to him! And this is why i don’t like Kaede all that much. She’s calm a cute one minute and a psychological serial killer the next.

  5. This face expression.. unique*-*!/SHUFFLE!%20MEMORIES%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2032.jpg

    Well, there isn’t much to say, the only things worth to watch of this series are the special OP and ED and this final episode.

    I’m looking forward to Navel’s next game which will be probably Marriage Royale or Oretsuba.
    Unfortunately there won’t be any new Shuffle! related visual novels:

  6. I loved the episode, but it should have been an OVA or a special episode attached to the original episode . . . . I do believe every girl’s chest got bigger with the exception of Mayumi’s . . . . LOL

  7. I’d say that based on the screenshots alone, that this is an awesome episode. The fact that Kaede goes crazy with a cleaver only serves to fortify my claim that crazy psycho girls DO have more fun. lol

  8. It’s not a waste of production money. They just milked rest of the juice out of Shuffle! with this recap season without too much effort. It’s evident that it was successful the way you all watched 11 episodes of recaps for this one little new fanservice episode that they announced before the series even began.

  9. Well….it looks like they left this episode out of the original series so that we would waste 11 episodes worth of time in our lives… kind of sad how we all fell for it though don’t you think…? XD

  10. The real profit is that some fans are actually buying the DVDs to this recap series. They’re selling one to two thousand copies per 2 eps according to stats….. of course, compare that to …. oh, Negima!? selling 10-12000 copies per dvd (closest ‘harem-esque’ series I could find…. Code Geass is selling 40-50000 copies per dvd).

  11. I have been holding off on downloading this series due to many disappointments (most notably Soul Link and Lovedols or whatever it was called). This is the only episode worth downloading, right?


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