With Krory still getting used to living and eating at the Black Order, Allen is sent on a mission to deliver a suitcase to General Yeegar in Holland. After Allen leaves, Bookman wonders why Allen was sent, so Komui reveals that Yeegar wanted to meet the boy prophesied as the Destroyer of Time. On the topic of Allen’s left eye, Rabi tells the others that he had thought it was a useful thing, but he now knows that the world Allen sees is Hell. Allen meanwhile arrives at his destination and is greeted by a Finder named Thierry who reveals that Yeegar isn’t there anymore because he went to Belgium as a result of an Innocence discovery. While waiting for the train to Belgium, Allen asks Thierry about Yeegar, and the Finder says that he’s really a kind person. Allen finds this surprising because of his own bad experiences with General Cross, so Thierry uses a butterfly as an example of something that Yeegar taught them about.

The two eventually arrive in Belgium to a dark and gloomy town. Allen notices that there are frightened people here and realizes that there must be an Akuma around, so he asks Thierry to contact Yeegar through the wireless golems. Thierry, however, explains that Yeegar’s golem broke and that the suitcase Allen brought is actually the replacement golem. Allen’s left eye then detects something, and in the distance, a carriage is chasing a level 2 Akuma who is carrying an Innocence. After the carriage corners the Akuma, General Yeegar steps out and tries to get the Innocence back. In response, the Akuma summons a sky full of level 1 Akuma and Yeegar pulls out his chain weapons. Yeegar seems to have no problem fighting a level 1 Akuma, but when all of them head toward him at once, Allen steps in to help. The two Exorcists are thus able to destroy all of the level 1s, and Allen uses his gun arm to take out the level 2.

Yeegar then returns to town and apologizes to the people for not coming quicker, but they’re thankful that the rest of them are still alive. Afterwards, Yeegar and Allen return to the General’s carriage for some dinner. While Yeegar cooks, he talks with Allen about Cross’s strong feelings for wiping Akuma out. Yeegar explains that the five generals carry multiple Innocence because they’re searching for compatible people – Yeegar himself has eight Innocence right now including the one he just got. He then urges Allen to eat up, but the meal isn’t thanks for Allen helping him earlier, it’s thanks for Allen becoming an Exorcist. Seeing how kind Yeegar is, Allen comments on Yeegar being like a good teacher, but Yeegar feels that he wasn’t a good teacher at all because he wasn’t able to save his students. 40 years ago, he had been a teacher at a school where a student suddenly died from illness. One of the girls had hit so hard by the death that the Millennium Earl was able to take advantage of her. The Akuma version of the girl killed her classmates and had to be taken down by an Exorcist with a bow weapon. That Exorcist brought Yeegar back to the Black Order, and Yeegar became an Exorcist since he was compatible.

In discussing his own past with Yeegar, Allen explains that he became an Exorcist initially to make up for making Mana into an Akuma. But now, Allen fights for the sake of living. Placing his hand on Allen’s shoulder, Yeegar understands that Allen’s feelings and that Allen wants to save more souls. Since this is how he truly feels, Allen starts crying. The next day, he leaves on a train back to the Black Order after having completed his mission. Kanda meanwhile is finishing off an Akuma, but that Akuma laughs in its final breaths because it feels that the Exorcists have no future. The Millennium Earl then briefly appears in the night sky to deliver a message about how the 7000 year prologue is over and the play is finally here. He considers the Exorcists the actors for this play. Sometime later, Yeegar’s carriage is passing through an area that Road and Tyki Mikk are watching. Road in particular is singing a song about searching for an important heart and how they’re going to check to see if Yeegar is a hit.


I’ve got mixed feelings about this since it wasn’t a particularly good or bad episode. They got the point across that Yeegar really is a kind person while keeping some elements of the manga the same (like how Yeegar has 8 Innocence). But I felt that there was just much conversation in the second half of the episode, so it kind of dragged on. I would really rather them to pick up the pace of the story to like what I felt the manga had at this point. Hopefully Road and Tyki Mikk will make next week’s episode plenty interesting. Next week should also be the start of the second opening song by Tamaki Nami and the third ending song by surface.


  1. freaky deaky lady with the brown hair with the small pupils… O_o;;
    lol, im scared for how krory’s first meet with kanda is gonna be like… and wut his reaction to kanda will be. lol

  2. lol, do I spot mountains in the background where it’s supposed to be the Netherlands?? (the pic with the finder and the butterfly) The Netherlands are as flat as a pancake.
    This episode sounded like a boring filler to me.

  3. The first part was rather good, okay maybe ‘well done’ would be more exact, but the second half was pretty draggy, imo they shouldn’t have Yeegar spill out his past so soon… But I liked the ending where the Akuma gave Kanda the message and Road’s singing, that was a nice touch.

    And what do you wish to start? If I’m not wrong, this is going to lead to the ‘Exorcist Hunt’ so what are you complaining this time?

    @The Crappinometer
    Quite the opposite, it’s better that they show more about him rather than what the manga did. After all, the anime is still following the manga’s story, but using different means to get there.

    Oh well, some people are afraid of changes, can’t blame them…

  4. yay for new songs, and hopefully new OP and ED

    now this series is becoming long no? if they keep making these pseudo-fillers it may take them quite some time to catch up with the manga

    Is there any word in the planned number of episodes?

  5. @pach

    Perhaps around 52 episodes, thats from the last time I’ve checked.

    @Like MJ-chan

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll probably have to say it a hundred more times again for every one of you kind.
    And please explain why DGM is messed up? Cause if I’m not wrong, they still preserved the essence of the story.

    But like the many before you, your only reason is because it’s different than the manga, I’ll refer you to the other sentence I preach to your kind.

    As a final note: Please be brave, don’t be afraid of changes…

  6. I think th robot is funny, thanks for the summary, and does anyone know how many eps DG has? Also if the OST available to be downloaded online? Looking forward to the new ending, don’t really like the second one that much!!!

  7. @Chaos2Frozen
    I agree with you; the anime added more character development to the minor characters. Since Allen has a personal relationship with Yeegar, Show Spoiler ▼

    The OST is not available for download yet.

    I went to TV Tokyo’s DGM website ( – click on 3/16 new and use babelfish) and they mentioned that starting next week, the episodes will be aired in a widescreen format.

  8. What the hell is Krory wearing? He looks gay. XD Anyways I’m disapointed, Tyki don’t have a big part. Why are the directors dragging his character out? I didn’t read the manga so is his character suppost to be somewhat dragged out?

  9. Mmmm… i guess there is nothing wrong with Yeegar having more participation, what I just didn’t like is that DGM tells us that the generals have waaay more powerful innocences which earns them there status. Dunno those chains didn’t look so powerful to me at all.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    As for tikki it’s essential they show
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Finally i just loved road’s song… it kinda creeps u out and is also sad cause u know what lies ahead.

  10. @Chavenz
    The Komurin robot is funny! 🙂 Buy yeah, they shouldn’t over use it ^^;;

    52 episodes if I’m not wrong, I like this ending better so hopefully they’ll keep up the trend and make the next one even better =)

    Ticky only had 1 role at this point, and doesn’t show up much until they got closer to the end, so what they’re doing now is nothing wrong…

    Agree, I was expecting much more explosions, especially since he’s the general that’s usually fighting on the frontlines…

    Or maybe he’s holding back? ^^;;

  11. Someone tell me what happened to Rabi’s nose in the second row. : (
    Ah. More fillers? ;____; Not anything against them, and I do agree with Chaos2Frozen’s reasoning, but I’m still more familiar with the original plotline ~ Can’t wait for when the next arc gets moving! :]

  12. Okay, thanks RIKI, they need these fillers this show is like 52 episodes, and I think some are pretty funny, but then again I’m not a huge critic, at least this isn’t like Bleach *(don’t bash me)…that has plenty of fillers…I want some AllenxLenalee episodes!!!

  13. @Shii
    Ehehe… We’re bound to get ‘animation wtf’ moments I guess ^^;;

    But on the bright-side, they’ll probably start the ‘main’ plot in episode 27, that’s when we get the new change in OP(finally) and ED.

    But I won’t be surprised if they manage to squeeze in an episode or two about what Kanda’s team is up to atm…


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