Risa doesn’t recognize the guy who suddenly hugged her on the street, so he introduces himself as Fukagawa Haruka. Only after he reminds her that he lived next to her when they went to elementary school does she remember how he had been bullied and saved by her back then. Seeing Risa and Haruka happily catching up after all these years, Ootani goes home by himself. A few days later, it’s time for hatsumode, and Risa wishes for a boyfriend. She also notices that Ootani’s ex-girlfriend Kanzaki is at the same shrine, so she makes him go over to talk. Risa and Ootani, however, have to vehemently deny that they’re dating like Kanzaki thinks they are. In any case, Kanzaki takes this chance to tell Ootani that she didn’t choose because of height – she just likes taller guys and didn’t dislike Ootani because he was short. After Kanzaki leaves to rejoin her tall boyfriend, Risa apologizes to Ootani for butting into his business, but he actually thanks her.

The days pass by and soon it’s time for Valentines. Risa’s friends think that she could give chocolates to Ootani, but she can’t imagine herself doing so. It doesn’t help either that Ootani makes fun of any chocolate that she would make. However, when Risa starts thinking that she’ll die before being able to give someone chocolate, Ootani says that he’d take it and specifies that he likes chocolate cake. Relations between Risa and Ootani improve again, and they promise to go to the CD store together. At the school gate, however, Risa finds Haruka waiting for her. Haruka almost picks a fight with Ootani by saying that he’s small, but what surprises everyone is when Haruka starts calling Risa his hero. The following day, Haruka shows up again to give Risa a bento that he made for her. Before Ootani and Haruka can start fighting, Risa drags Haruka off, leaving Ootani to hear his classmates talk about how she and Haruka look like models since they’re both so tall.

When Valentine’s Day finally comes around, Risa presents Ootani with a chocolate cake that she made, but he says that he doesn’t want it since she has Haruka to give chocolate to now. The two of them then get spotted by their classmates who assume correctly that Risa is giving Ootani chocolates. Since she denies it, Risa has no choice but to say in front of everyone that she’s giving these to Haruka. She ends up doing just that, and because Ootani is still on her mind, she goes out with Haruka to have some fun. After a trip to the arcade, Risa complains to Haruka about being known as the comedy duo with Ootani, so Haruka questions what Ootani is relationship-wise to her. Since Risa claims that there’s nothing between them, Haruka insists that she’s too attractive to be with Ootani. Risa then finds herself defending Ootani’s good points like how he tries hard at basketball and how he helps her when she’s in need. Because of this, Haruka starts thinking that Risa likes Ootani and refuses to lose to him. He explains that his dream is for Risa to be his girlfriend, and he tells her that he’ll be confessing to her before long, so he wants her to think of her answer. The next day, Ootani apologizes to Risa for what he did, and she accepts because it was obligation chocolate anyway.


I felt roughly the same about this episode as I did last week’s. In short, it’s an okay episode, but I just wasn’t as entertained or interested as I was by the first episode. I’ve always thought Haruka was more an annoying character than anything else. Truthfully, the main reason I watched and blogged this episode is because I think next week could be pretty amusing with Seiko. We’ll see how it turns out, but unless it’s really good, I think I’ll be dropping this series.


  1. Yay for Seiko-chan next episode! XD
    God, I can’t wait until around episode 6-8. It’s pretty easy to guess where they’re going to be based on the pace. I’m especially looking forward to the episode 12 timeframe.

  2. ohh! you gonna drop this?? come on man TALL GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO, ohh well… long is the manga anyway,, cuz i read to about chap 20, and the thing cant possibly make it another 10 chaps.. i mean figure out how to do it with a big girl already otani!!!

    brooklyn otaku
  3. you dropped this series

    of course that guy was annoying, he’s complicating things between amazon and midget.

    I think this is a real fun unpretentious show. And i really like the way their eyes light up.

  4. oracion
    se colocan 3 velas en agua con azucar , se reza a lo angeles gabiel, miguel y rafael y se pide por un milagro o lo qe usted dese, esto se publica al tercer dia y se cumple .

    mmmm i love much te lovely complex mmm more the episode 5


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