Lelouch and Nunnally are enjoying a delicious dinner that Lelouch cooked when Nunnally reminds Lelouch of their past with Suzaku. After Lelouch recalls how that was the only fun time when everything else was sad, Nunnally notes that he hasn’t come over recently. Lelouch tells her that Suzaku has been busy with his military work, but it turns out that Nunnally was actually talking about C.C. Surprised, Lelouch tells his sister that C.C. isn’t his girlfriend, but he panics when trying to think of what to call her instead. He can’t say that she’s an accomplice, but he can’t call her a friend either because a girl who visits alone that late at night can’t be just a friend. Lelouch then thinks about calling her his teacher, but he can’t do that when C.C. had told Nunnally earlier that they were connected by a promise of the future. He finally considers calling her a boy who hasn’t matured to a deep voice yet since Nunnally hasn’t actually seen C.C.’s appearance. Luckily for Lelouch, Sayoko returns home and interrupts this conversation. Since Sayoko is employed by the Ashford family and just came from there, Nunnally asks about Milly’s marriage interview. Sayoko explains that, as always, Milly ruined it herself, and although Milly doesn’t show it, she’s surprisingly shy. The maid then gives Nunnally a package containing the second of the Thousand Origami Cranes Series. It seems that Nunnally had heard that there was another charm that granted wishes. Lelouch is shocked, however, to see that Sayoko has brought back a straw doll and several long metal nails.

Well that was hilarious to watch, especially when Lelouch started panicking about what to call C.C. I think this also may be the most I’ve heard Sayoko speak, so I wasn’t quite used to her voice. I look forward to seeing more of her when GEASS continues. In that sense, this really makes me miss watching GEASS, though I do still need to go listen to the drama CD that just came out (which I’ve heard is pretty funny too).


  1. Because Lelouch has been spending so much time away from Nunally, Sayako probably bought that as some kind of revenge thing for Nunally, probably…

    I thought that Sayako’s job was specifically to be w/ Nunally and their grandfather pays for her wages under the table. Having an Ashford maid also take care of Nunally can raise a lot of suspicions from other people. Nunally treats her w/ quite a bit of reverence, I wonder if the other Ashfords do the same.

  2. I’m glad they’re throwing in stuff like the picture and CD dramas. they’re either halarious (like this) or add some really nice extra character work to the series proper. (Why is everything Toudou does awesome?)

    well, the wait to 24+25 continues…


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