As I was watching this video, it occurred to me that I haven’t seen one of Rie fu’s PVs since I Wanna Go To A Place…, and that was over two years ago. That’s not to say that she hasn’t put out any good songs in that period, but rather that I find myself paying much less attention to music and PVs than I have in years past. In any case, I’ve listened to this song quite a bit since I first heard the TV-size version at the end of the first episode of Darker than BLACK. I like it more than the opening song HOWLING (I have seen that PV too, but didn’t have time to blog it). This PV, which was apparently filmed in Kyuushuu according to her blog, shows a lot of shots of daily life until Rie fu steps through a portal and arrives at a moonlit field by the ocean where she does some painting. It’s not a terribly exciting video, but then again, this song doesn’t lend itself to be like that, and I enjoyed hearing the full length version.

Rie fu’s Tsukiakari single is due out May 23rd, 2007.


  1. Thanks to you now I love the song ^^
    Rie Fu is really good at singing although like you I haven’t seen one of her PV since “I wanna go to a place…” (2 years already!)
    It’s good to see you blogging something else that anime from time to time Omni ^^

  2. It’s my policy not to provide downloads for music videos because I don’t want to incur the attention or any legal action of the RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan). That being said, if you know where to look (like the Community Links on the side), then it’s not hard to find the downloads for this.

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