• It was announced on the official site today (and in the June issue of Newtype magazine) that there will be some special premiere screenings of CODE GEASS episodes 24 and 25. Three events are going to be held – one in Osaka on July 21st and two in Tokyo on July 22nd – that will last approximately 90 minutes each and will feature as guests Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch’s voice actor), Yukana (C.C.), Sakurai Takahiro (Suzaku), and Koshimizu Ami (Kallen). This is a limited screening, so they are taking applications for people to be chosen at random. Unfortunately, there’s still no word of when the television broadcast for these episodes is.
  • Speaking of the June issue of Newtype magazine, it featured some interesting (minor) spoilers.
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    1. To clarify:
      Like A·N said, the entire event will be 90 minutes. Each episode will probably still be the standard ~24 minutes and the rest will be filled with the chat with the voice actors.

    2. I can’t imagine how Suzaku will feel when he learned who Zero is…this sort of reminds me of Gundam Seed though…friends fighting against each other….its pretty sad, really.

    3. Could the cover showing Kallen holding Suzaku’s shoulder imply a future pairing? It’s possible since Euphie is out of the picture… Reminds me of the concept of Gundam Seed Destiny wherein Lunamaria at first liked Athrun but switched to Shinn after Stellar died.

      I do hope that C.C and Lulu pairing will happen…

    4. Wow! I really like the Newtype cover. Everyone looks so pretty especially Kallen. She can be a real beauty when she isn’t trying to knife somebody….

      Talking of beauty lulu and suzu are look mighty fine in that pic too. So happy and peaceful…It almost makes it a pity that the next time we see them there gonna spend the better part of there time running around looking all crazy and pissed >:D

      Man!…Do I wanna see the next eps so bad…..oh well as they say good things come to those that wait…

    5. “Hmm, could that cover be alluding to a Kallen/Suzaku pairing? Please God no.”

      Lol my sentiments exactly. It already got on my nerves when people start talking of a pairing because they spend an ep on a deserted island due to circumstances beyond their control or that they concern and/or compassion for the opposite sex.

      So is there word on when episode 24 and 25 will air on TV? because damn 23 left us in such a huge cliff hanger, those sunrise bastards are really working the fans lol.

    6. So thats they trying to delay. I think they come up some quick changes for the episode 24 and 25, there strategy is to attract attention of the fans to watch the special screening is to make some funds for making the 2nd season, this is only my guess.

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