UVERworld’s latest song endscape is featured as the opening of the series Terra e… which I actually ended up watching only two episodes of (and blogged just the first). Despite that, I remember how much I liked the small bits of it played in the promos and how the TV-size version didn’t quite appeal to me as much. I’m not sure if its a factor of time elapsed since the season started or just the full version being better, but I like endscape a lot more now that I’ve had a chance to listen to the entire length of the song. I still prefer Colors of the Heart overall, but this is nevertheless a good song that’s quite catchy. The PV also looks like there’s a pretty high level of production quality even though it features mostly TAKUYA∞ singing and the band playing against different backgrounds with shots of floating globes, one of which contains the sun.

UVERworld’s seventh single endscape is set to be released on May 30th, 2007.


  1. UVERworld’s latest album is made of pure win. I loved it so much that I ended up importing it over for collection purposes (nope, I haven’t even taken off the plastic sealing).

    They just get better and better. I’m hoping to hear them do another opening for another anime. 😀

  2. Well.. to be honest, there’s nothing too interesting to watch in this new PV. But, the songs just Great! For fanz who always follow their PV’s, they knew that this could be Done so much Better. Like the previous ones did.. Maybe they didn’t pay too much attention on this PV better than Zero no Kotae.

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