Watch the commercial! Mirror 1, Mirror 2

At the end of last night’s episode of Nanatsuiro Drops on MBS, there was a commercial broadcast for the CODE GEASS Stage 24 & 25 Special with some very interesting shots.

  • It looks to me like the Black Knights will be taking over the school, and neither Arthur nor Nina will like it.
  • A pissed off Nina appears to have finished her modifications to the Ganymede-type Knightmare and is probably going to try to kill as many Black Knights as she can on a rampage towards Zero.
  • Sayoko appears to be setting off an explosion of some sort. Is it something Diethard had her set up?
  • Viletta’s eyes makes it look like she’s regained her memory, though it seems that she’s been captured by the Black Knights.
  • Suzaku appears to have hit Lloyd, probably because Lloyd was trying to stop him from piloting the Lancelot in that state (i.e. the aftermath of this). Regardless, it’s not very Suzaku-ish to hit someone who’s not his enemy, especially a superior like Lloyd, so that should say something about how he’s feeling.
  • Marianne is going to show up (in a flashback probably), and it looks like she’s with Cornelia. If she does indeed get lines, I wonder who her voice actress is.
  • There’s just three more weeks until July 28th…


    1. @Quina: That’s probably Cornelia. There were character design pictures leaked out before and Cornelia was wearing something akin to that getup.

      Gah! Is that my C.C. in that InGeass-like screencap?! -screams- NOOOO! Something better not happen to her >.Well, there was a magazine scan implying she might get hurt a lot in the last two episodes.

    2. w00t! Can’t wait! I don’t think any of the core characters will die in these last two eps, but in season2, it’s anyones guess. Hell, they killed off a princess, so it’s only right for the other side to lose a few people also. I’d hate for it to be too one sided on the death count. War is never really like that anyways, and although this is anime, it’d still be nice if we don’t totally throw out logic and have characters living through things when you know they should be dead.

    3. I feel good about this cm. fortunately thats not something important to show. & thnx for telling me that Marianne scene is a flashback(if not im going crazy….but i quite freak out by Nina looks @_@

    4. wait…if there is only 2 more episodes then will that mean we will not see the end of the war or lelouch’s elaborate plans etc. i can’t see how they would fit a proper ending in 2 eps just when it really got started

    5. Hmm, my guess is the last two episodes is for the Code Geass 1.

      There are still a lot of plot that did not progressed such as Lelouch father
      scheme to conquer the world by using geass power.

      Will Lelouch be successful on his revenge for his father?
      Will he succeed or not? If yes, how will he do it? Since his father is far
      away from Japan (His father is in Britain).

      Anyway, I have a strong feeling that season 2 will be a reality for Code Geass.
      I think it will not fit as an ending for only 2 episodes. ^_^

      But I guess, we have to wait for the show. ^_^ Can’t wait!


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