The Pussymaster busts into Suzu’s bath with some startling news… the master of the eastern woods is on the move! Apparently the masters aren’t allowed to leave their own territory, but maybe there’s a good answer for this one.

Remember that unadmitingly cute panda with the short temper? He shows up at Meimei and the kappa’s house looking to start some sh*t – that is, until he sees Meimei and her amazing dress. First of all, let me point out that I completely understand why he would think that way – there’s something about anime chicks wearing Chinese dresses, as that silken fabric just seems to conform to every curve of their body. Every time I think about that, the picture of that younger twin in FMP Second Raid beating the hell out of Mao comes to mind – goddamn she looked fine in that dress! Secondly, let me point out that pandas are typically seen as stereotypically Chinese. So, the pairing makes complete sense, both from a sexual and cultural standpoint.

Kappa and Panda are about to smoke each other when Suzu’s master jumps in and smacks both of them. With his fearsome yet irresistibly sweet aura, he stares down Panda, causing him to flee… right into the paw of that big ass two-tailed cat, the “former” master of the woods they had to traverse to get to the big sakura tree in a previous episode.

Former master? So who’s the current one? Ex-mast points out… Meimei. Apparently in a previous meeting, Meimei had caused a boulder to fall on his head in her frenzy to run away from him. So, since she’s the new master, it’s time to go live in her confines forever.

Not if Ikuto can do anything about it. There he goes again, sticking up for every perfectly capable athletically superior female on the island. His strong resolve and long wood (sword) win over Meimei’s heart – Ikuto gets his ass kicked by the big cat for a few rounds, then actives his Gandalfr powers and chops the kitty square between the two tails – apparently the cat’s weak spot. Winner!

Of course, after the initial celebration, Suzu realizes that she just let another girl get close to Ikuto… again. Not to mention by the hottest chick on the island… jealousy erupts again. One can only matter how much longer she can hold it in…


Did this show get better, or is it just because all the new shows in this genre are so bad? Either way, I’m starting to appreciate Nagasarete a bit more these days… I just hope the imminent emo Suzu isn’t going to be an absolute bore. Maybe she can sprout her own Higurashi eyes and go on a rampage.



  1. About the genitals, it’s not the genitals but apparently the base of the tail is a very sensitive area for a cat. I’ve seen videos of cats being scratched by their owners in that area and they go kinda nuts. So I guess getting hit there would really hurt.

  2. o.O actually meimei in chinese means something like “younger sister” or “little sister”, like a pet name, not used as psrt of an actual name. If somebody actually has that kind of name she will get teased/bullied like nobody’s business.

  3. o.O meimei in chinese means little sister, younger sister, more like a pet name than anything. Arrgh why are chinese portrayed in such a cliche’d way. In olden times, women had their hair up in elaborate braids and buns, not..two buns at the side of the head. That is so weird.


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