Ink and THE DUCK are watching a scary movie – perfect opportunity for some loli-hiding-head-under-pillow-with-ass-sticking-out moments. Dude, they even drew in the imprint from her pantsu through the pajamas.

The next day, after Ink gets a thorough teasing from her friends and Sumi, we switch over to a scene of Sumi asking Nao to join her at her summer crib for the weekend. As all anime-based summer trips go, naturally the clueless guy invites Ink and her two friends, and also his own sister, after much nagging encouragement.

Double take – let’s do that again. Itsuki invites Haruhi and her three other club members, and also Kyon’s sister, who came neatly packed and ready to go in a duffle bag. Huh? Nevermind, it’s late and I’m tired -_-

The night before the trip, Pastel Ink makes another house call to generic lead’s home – our gem of the week is something that flew right over my head: “TV stations get angry when deliveries are late.” Maybe DHL didn’t make good on their promise that morning or something. Anyways, Ink spends the rest of the session trying to coax some love talk out of Nao. Hard to tell – Nao gives one of those romantically depressing yet beneficial for his reputation answers that doesn’t really answer anything. Oh well, Ink still likes him.

Next morning, the gang has all gathered – with the exception of Sumi, who’s actually still sleeping… until her vicious maid gets a hold of her and manhandles her into the back of the limo. She’s still sleeping when they arrive at the school to pick the others up >.>

Once at the house (mansion, rather), the girls immediately shed their clothes and give us… well, less skin than those transformation sequences, that’s for sure. That’s the problem of giving it all up too early – there’s really nothing to look forward to or leave anything for the imagination. Reminds me of that one Gurren beach episode where the guys weren’t too ecstatic about Yoko’s swimsuit…

After the frolic in the pool (which involved a slight incident with something strange in the water), the group is treated to a huge turkey dinner with fillet mignon for appetizer. After dinner, Ink’s friends get a little scare from a ghost (one of those cutish ghosts like the one in Keroro), which gets written off by Ink as she heads off to the bath with Sumi.

If you didn’t think Ink and Sumi were loli enough, we’re given a flashback scene of Ink and Sumi the loli^2 edition, scrubbing each other in the bath. If they’re still parodying the loli aspect at this point, it’s really freakin hard to tell… these guys seem completely earnest in their desire to flaunt loli upon loli.

After the bath, which included some cat and duck peeking and subsequent counterattack, the girls are called upon to do some ghostbusting – cue the split screen nudie henshin sequence, while I whistle the DoubleMint theme song in the background… double your pleasure… double your fun… doubleloli~

On the way, a squad of flying pigs pass them (?? – does Mr. Burns need any more reasons to donate to charity?), and they eventually come upon a room with mountains of golden treasure. They set off a booby trap and are about to be turned into pancakeloli, until that traveling pervert guy saves them… and runs off with the policeman hot on his tail.

Wtf is going on??

Open another door, and now we have the vicious maid hitting her third bottle of sake and chatting it up with the ghost. Huh? Either way, they all head home the next day, and Ink goes right back to watching that scary movie… except this time, it’s with her new roommate, the cutie ghost.


Well, the first two episodes seemed much tighter in terms of layout and focus, but this third episode was all over the freakin place. Is this the point in which the show stops being a parody, and starts being a retarded mahou shoujo show with generic humor? I refuse to believe that Moetan could sell out like that, considering the strong showing in the first two episodes. Then again, Umisho completely tanked after its first episode… so something like that isn’t unprecedented…



  1. -what’s with the speedo fan service on nao? first lelouch, now him x.x
    -i could have sworn the english mentioned in this episode were slightly off-track or didn’t make sense grammatically…
    -sumi’s ahoge is very versatile. lol

  2. Or very much appreciate nude dual loli bath scenes w/ flashback for more nude dual loli scenes smoothly transitioning into split-screen nude dual loli henshin sequences…

    That duck is my hero.


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