The Ashford Academy student council is having a male and female reversal festival where all the girls have dressed up as guys and all the guys have dressed up as girls. Nunnally is having a lot of fun like this, but Kallen isn’t so sure that the guys are managing so well, and Milly goes to check on them. Although Suzaku, Rivalz, and Lelouch have all finished getting dressed, Lelouch doesn’t want the girls to see him yet because he needs to prepare his heart. Suzaku meanwhile isn’t embarrassed and after telling Lelouch that he’s really beautiful, Suzaku starts lifting his skirt up and down to give himself some air. Lelouch tells him to stop doing that because it’s vulgar, but Suzaku feels that it’s okay because he’s a guy. Milly and the other girls then barge into the room and are astonished by how good Lelouch looks in his dress. When Nunnally gets disappointed that she’s the only one unable to see a beautiful Lelouch, an awkward mood sets over everyone and Milly has to snap them out of it.

Milly then remembers that for a true reversal festival, they have to change not only their appearances, but also how they are on the inside as well. Thus, she starts speaking in a deep voice as if she was a guy, and the others follow suit. Kallen comments on how Suzaku is used to doing this, so he explains that he had to do it as an entertainment act in the military. When Sayako then starts calling Lelouch “Luluko,” she has to explain to him that there are a lot of girl names in Japan that end with “ko.” Using this name, Milly claims that she’s liked Luluko for a long time, and Shirley says that she has too. After Shirley interprets Kallen’s snide remark about Luluko being popular as a sign that Kallen wants him too, Milly tells him that he’ll have to set things straight today about which of the three of them he likes. With all of this reverse gender craziness around him and with even Suzaku saying that three-timing isn’t good, Lelouch finally loses it and yells for them to stop.

Usually the picture dramas offer small tidbits of background information along with humorous stuff, but I think this was just pure fun. I couldn’t stop laughing at how natural Suzaku seemed to be as a girl, and the whole Luluko concept was simply hilarious. The only thing that this really made me wonder is if Milly actually has feelings for Lelouch since we know that despite the gender reversal, Shirley and Kallen actually do like Lelouch/Zero, and Rivalz definitely has a crush on Milly. Or maybe she was just teasing him, in which case she succeeded quite well in getting him riled up.

Two more days until the final two episodes…


  1. christ man, have you noticed how many of these C.G DVD especials you have in your blog? i think more than enough! i don’t see the point of posting any of them to be honest.

  2. @you

    Then what’s the fucking point in commenting in his Blog if we can’t say what we think of his entries? Get a clue, I never ordered him to do anything. If you read my comment (assuming that you’re capable of reading) I said “I think” which means “in My Opinion…”.

    Understood or do I have to make my self more clear?

  3. Pretty confident that Millay does like Lelouch. It’s pretty subtle and well-understated thus far, but we’ve got quite a few clues to point in that direction. Too bad their best moments are in supplemental materials instead of the anime proper, though. I’m hoping that’ll change in the second season.

  4. xDD i loved it! ^^ <3 luluko looked awesome! and suzaku..xDD lmao! freaken hilarious!
    and i agree that milly has feelings for lulu..ive suspected that since season 1 but i became more sure of it from the cupid event for millys graduation event in r2 when…she orders everyone to get her lulus hat. then when sayoko says something like..”maybe you were serious about it..” milly says “yeah maybe”
    and of course thank you so much for the post! ^^

  5. The Cupid’s Day event, in Turn 12 of Code Geass R2, did prove that Milly wanted Lelouch as her love interest. Or at least to acknowlege her feelings to him. It seems that the production staff had wanted to develop Milly’s relationship with Lelouch beyond what we had seen thus far. However, they dropped that development in favor of Shirley, who was killed off in the following episode. I have always wanted to know more about Milly’s character background and her family’s relationship with Marianne. Not to mention, why the Ashfords had lost their Nobility in the first place. But they left that important piece on information out of the story of Code Geass R2. Milly could have provided an important link into Lelouch’s character that he has never revealed to anyone else.

  6. This is hilarious! I can’t stop myself from grinning everytime I look at these. Looks like they’re having a little too much fun with this. You have to admit though…Lelouch does look pretty.


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