One normal evening, while sitting down for dinner with his overly possessive virgin roommate, Ikuto almost gets shot in the head by an arrow. Had this been something unrealistic like Naruto, it would have been aimed straight between the eyes, with him snagging it out of the air, but his face just goes blue as Suzu plucks it from the drawer behind him. Wussssss

The letter attached to it is from Mikoto, calling for an “omiai” – one of those traditional arranged marriage interview things. It’s for her sister Shinobu, who’s coming back from her lengthy training excursion.

Just to clear things up, Shinobu is Mikoto’s actual sister; the crazy lesbo just calls Rin her onee-sama cuz she’s crazy like that.

Anyways, Suzu isn’t too happy about all this, and makes one of those puuu~ faces.

The next morning, the two are out plucking vegetables when they come upon a collapsed girl on the street. Wouldn’t you know it – it’s Shinobu, looking very much in pain, clutching at her throat and stomach as if she just guzzled a half gallon of bleach. “I-I-I’m so h-h-h-hungryyyyy” she bleats out. Figures.

After eating all of Suzu’s food, Shinobu gets up and makes her declaration: I challenge you to a sword duel! Ikuto is left flustered (he thought he was gonna get another big-boobed chick attached to him) while Suzu is relieved that Shinobu only wants to engage in recreation rather than procreation.

Why Ikuto? Well, Shinobu has been pretty isolated during her training, but heard of a new guy in town that was wiping the floor with all the powerful masters of the island. Rumors were flying around and eventually were twisted to the point where Ikuto was known to have chopped a tree into 100 bear-figures with one slash of his sword. Sugeeee

Ikuto ignores her challenge and heads inside for lunch. The rest of the day, Shinobu pesters him minute after minute to duel her, even jumping into bed with him and whispering duel me duel me duel me in his sleep. Suzu finds the two intertwined on the futon the next morning, and gets pissed off. Oh Suzu, you’re so easy to read. Why can’t all girls be as simple as you…

The pestering continues as they head out fishing – Suzu catches a huge eel and handles it gingerly with a big smile on her face (oh yes, that does look delicious doesn’t it), but Ikuto is too busy with turning down Shinobu that he doesn’t notice her. That night, Shinobu jumps in the bath with him and restrains him with her boobie guillotine – naturally, Suzu walks in – and goes apeshit. Woohoo.

Suzu forces Ikuto to agree to the duel, so the next day they head out with a nicely packed bento. Shinobu meets them out by the big tree, wearing some goth loli getup that Chikage supplied her with… and um… it looks pretty nice -_- The two get in their triple threat positions and get ready to strike… but get all self-conscious as there seems to be a gathering of picnic-goers that have come to witness the epic duel.

No matter, let’s get going! Shinobu clearly has the advantage of speed, but Ikuto’s technique has improved greatly since his fight with the big ass two-tailed cat, so he’s able to keep up. However, he’s unable to hit her due to her ninja-like speed. Cmon only man on the island, you can’t lose to a chick, no matter how moe she is or how hot her clothes are! Shinobu ups the ante by going kage bunshin and surrounding Ikuto, then inexplicably attacks him one bunshin at a time (what’s the point??) – Ikuto is able to defend against every attack, then dodges what is supposed to be Shinobu’s deathblow. Oh hoh, I can see her attacks now, says Ikuto as he readies his defensive stance.

Thrown off by his sudden increase in awareness, Shinobu takes a step back and then lunges forward for her final strike! Ikuto gets ready for the attack… until Shinobu’s ankle (hot) gives out. Ikuto, being the hero that he is, tosses his sword to catch her fall, and conveniently gets two handfuls of Shinoboobs.

“Gasp! What was that attack!? With just his bare hands, Ikuto was able to completely defeat my attack and send a shockwave of euphoria throughout my body. What a powerful strike!” At this point, Meimei is blushing brighter than a tomato, being the only girl who’s ever seen a guy. Anyways, Shinobu admits defeat.

So now that she’s back in town, where’s Shinobu gonna live? Rin helps her put up her new house… about 50 yards from Suzu’s place. Ikuto-sama, please make me your disciple! Please make me your disciple! Please make me your disciple! Please make me your disciple! Please make me your disciple!

Fun days ahead.


It’s a cheap tactic to keep introducing new characters to keep the show fresh, but at this point, I don’t think anybody cares any more. There’s no plot, not even a sub plot, but the sub sub sub plot that’s been becoming more apparent in recent episodes is Suzu’s increased awareness of the other girls that may have their own reasons for getting close to Ikuto. Suzu has become more willing to show her disapproval for such frivolous activities, and continues to immaturely keep Ikuto to herself.

I’ve always held this question at the back of my mind – what happens when the chase is over? Johnny Bravo, what are you gonna do when you finally get the girl? What’s Wile E. Coyote planning to do with the Roadrunner? Family Guy answered the question of the Elmer Fudd x Bugs Bunny issue; so how about Suzu? When Ikuto finally says, ok Suzu, I’m never going to get close to any other girl ever again, what’s she gonna do? Smile and serve him tea?

On the flip side, Ikuto is a curious case. He’s able to maintain all of his chauvinist morals, and yet remains polite and courteous to all the girls that throw themselves at him. The man should defend the girl! The man should be the one doing the hard work! The man wears the pants in the house! Oh look, you’re naked and rubbing ur D cups all over me, please cover up because you’ll make me nosebleed!

Yes, I realize that’s the whole point of this show, but no, I’m never going to stop complaining. Iku-to, Iku-to, Iku-to ganbatte !!



  1. I never noticed something like that from episode 3.

    But yes, she is Rin’s sister.

    I am not sure if the anime explained it but in the manga, it says that modern objects flow to the island just like Ikuto did.

  2. “Where did she get that goth costume? I thought they’re stuck in the Meiji Period or something. Oh well… suspension of disbelief seems to be key here.”

    You forgot the plot device where new things are constantly washed up to the island. Remember the ep where they were sad learning that you need electricity for microwave?

  3. @Wererat42
    Goth costume provided by our favorite cosplayer, Chikage

    The arrow nearly hitting Ikuto and containing the usual challenge to him was from Mikoto, but it’s Shinobu (Mikoto’s sister) who shows up (you can see the difference between Mikoto and Shinobu by the length of their hair)

    Sailor Enlil
  4. To quote Sailor Enlil: (you can see the difference between Mikoto and Shinobu by the length of their hair)

    In addition to that, Shinobu has much larger breasts, whereas Mikoto is quite the loli. Also, Mikoto is shorter than Ikuto, and Shinobu is at least as tall as him.

  5. Everyone, even fansubbers can make mistakes. This:


    is not correct. Suzu says “imouto-deshii” which means more like apprentice. Remember that people can call each other brother or sister in Japanese without actually being related.

    Rin is a single child. Mikoto and Shinobu are two of three children. Mikoto is the youngest, Shinobu is the middle child, and Kunai (who hasn’t shown up yet) is the oldest.

  6. you know how they say in the previous episode everytime when a storm hits airantou u can find some new things beside the seaside?
    ^^; chikage probably pick up a luggage of new cloths from there XD

    but then seriously i really like that goth loli set up 😛

  7. It’s kinda out of subject, but I heard that Wile E. Coyote actually caught Roadrunner in one episode, touch him and let him go – they were actually playing tag all this time XD

    So, maybe they’ll simply start all over again the chase once one of them got what he/she wanted 😉

  8. So… this is like an homage to Motoko of Love Hina right down the gothy meido schtick.

    That’s actually one of the charming things about the show — every girl is a winkandanod to some famous character.

  9. as far as the manga go there should be another girl appear.
    the next episode seem to be about the hot spring mystery i wonder how the series is going to end now 6 more episode left and the manga is not finish yet

  10. Yeah, Mikoto and Shinobu are a family of ninjas. I wonder if they’ll show the entire family like the manga does. (They have an eldest sister and a mom too.) Shinobu is a bit of the oddball, being a samurai then a ninja. BTW, it’s Chikane and Mikoto’s family that runs the school and teaches the people in the island.

    Also, Chikane and Shinobu are very close friends. It’s because of Shinobu’s family influence that Chikane knows some ninja skills.

    BTW, they still haven’t introduced Ayane/Machi’s mom yet right?

  11. @Newprimus
    well how u noe the story so well unless u had read the manga,
    as far in noe, the manga is translated till vol 4 only…
    anywhere is seem the another new character is coming out (hanyou – half human , half demon)

  12. Ummmmm…


    Shinobu looks….

    Oh cruel world, why must this character be imaginary?!!? WHY?!?! *sob*

    On another note, how the hell is she related to Mikoto the lesbian!? Those two being sisters seems a bit too unlikely.

  13. @furinyue

    I know because I have up to the second-to-last chapter of the manga raws, and because the author conveniently puts hiragana next to his kanji so I have an easier time understanding what’s going on.

    Oh and I am not 100% sure, but I believe Mikoto and Chikage’s mothers are actually twin sisters, or at least sisters. I’ll have to go back and re-read to make sure, but I believe that’s how it is. Chikage knows some ninja skills cause of her mother. Both families are shinobi families, but Chikage’s mom went more towards a quiet, bookworm type of lifestyle whilst Shinobu and Mikoto’s mother stuck more with the shinobi stuff.


    Show Spoiler ▼

  14. short answer: i dont have the japanese language skills to understand zetsubou without subtitles

    not to mention shows like nagasarete are much “easier on the eyes” when speaking of screencaps

  15. “tsundere who fites wit sword an hates the main char but ends up likekin him in the end hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds like the sword girl makoto from love hina”

    ‘cept she doesn’t actually act anything like MOTOKO from Love Hina.
    and really Shinobu wasn’t all that particularly tsundere. she didn’t come off hating Ikuto at all. she just really really wanted to face him in a duel.

  16. Shinobu is not a tsundere character. None of the characters in Airantou are tsundereee actually.

    Shinobu never hates Ikuto. He’s this supposedly legendary swordsman and she just wants to honor of fighting him. She loses and is sufficiently impressed to beg him to take her in as an apprentice.

    Shinobu is fully “on Ikuto’s side” I assure you.

  17. And despite what many of you may think, Shinobu is even more naive about men than Suzu is. At least it was that way in the manga (volume 8 to be specific). Here in the anime it looks like they “softened” her up a bit.

  18. dun care noeing who sister is she.
    but look like she interested in ikuto in a funny way
    and think she the only 1 to slp with him too(other den suzu but not sharing the same)

    the way of defeating is … erm…..
    how to say it?

    what the meaning of saying

    “Gasp! What was that attack!? With just his bare hands, Ikuto was able to completely defeat my attack and send a shockwave of euphoria throughout my body. What a powerful strike!”

    the shockwave of euphoria is erm…

    rly how to say it -.-

  19. @ newprimus
    in other words, u are trying to say shinobu develops feeling for ikuto is much faster than other girls in the island including mei mei from outside world??
    of yes , she might stand a higher chances to win ikuto hearts !!

  20. YES! Someone who usn’t Suzu that might have a chance to capture Ikuto’s heart.
    I was honestly getting very annoyed of Suzu. The whole nice & friendly & non-self-centered thing was getting really old. Plus, she IS annoying, always going around saying ” Ikuto! Ikuto this, Ikuto that” and that expression of hers! “^____^”

    The Shinobu is much more interesting.


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