Picking up right where we left off last week… wait, not yet. Looks to be some flashback of a girl that looks like Chikage, except she’s hanging out with a guy at some old library. Gee, I wonder who Beniyasha is?

As an extra note, I didn’t mention who Sakuya’s seiyuu was – it’s Matsuoka Yuki, the same wondress who brought us Tsuruya-san. No wonder she sounds so awesome… Nyoro~n

Anyways, Beniyasha shows that he has the antidote to Ayane’s spectacular itch, so Ikuto chases after him. Sakuya launches a barrage of missiles that would make Kira Yamato proud, and somehow only manages to make a small crater.

Back at the inn, the other girls are clueless about the battle that rages on. Instead, they’re talking about who can bag Ikuto, so they come up with this idea of each sleeping in their own room, and whoever Ikuto visits should be the one he likes the best. Naturally, Beniyasha is right outside listening to the whole thing, and gets some perverted look on his face/mask thing.

Machi’s room: sitting amongst the occult candles, plucking straws from her voodoo dolls. He’ll come for me. He’ll come for me not.
Rin’s room: combing her hair, making sure it doesn’t get in the way of showing off her spectacular cleavage.
Yukino’s room: she’s got Go, Shogi, Karuta, etc… ready to get it on with Ikuto!
Suzu’s room: sitting there by the window, the futon laid out… getting emo
Shinobu’s room: gets attacked by a suspicious looking massage chair in her room
Meimei’s room: getting deredere as usual… ahh what do I do what do I do if he comes in here ahhhh
Ayane’s room: she’s getting herself “ready” as usual… Ikuto walks in and starts feeling her up… except she’s dreaming

A sound comes from upstairs, and Ikuto rushes to the scene, followed by Sakuya and Chikage. It’s Meimei – she’s fallen asleep/unconscious on her futon with her boobs hanging out, a suspicious viscous white fluid sprinkled over her face and hair. Curse you Beniyasha!!! Anyways, turns out that white milky stuff is some love potion (wait, that’s what I was thinking originally…) that makes her horny for Ikuto (go on…)

Beniyasha hits up Yukino’s room next… mm sleeping loli, easy pickings. Ikuto busts in right as Beniyasha is about to squirt his love juice all over her, but Ikuto knocks it out of his hand with a deft swing of his wood sword (the OTHER wood sword). He chases Beniyasha outside…

On the way, Ikuto visits some of the other rooms. Machi is on her 394830th voodoo doll, still trying to hit the magic odd number of straws that would get her “he’ll come for me,” next door, Rin is getting molested by Mikoto, then Ikuto gets smacked around by the various pet characters, including a vicious uppercut by Kuma^2. Poor guy.

But what of Suzu? Ikuto walks in her room and tries to proposition her, and immediately she knows there’s something wrong. Another Ikuto walks in the room and brandishes his wood sword (same one as before) and chases Beniyasha out of his disguise. On to the roof they go, and after a brief exchange of unbalance, Beniyasha lobs out the antidote, which Ikuto catches and promptly falls couple of stories to the ground after a failed rescue attempt by our resident amputee android.

Beniyasha does some bunshin kite work and flies off. Well, he’s actually still on the roof, and Chikage confronts him. “Hi mom.” Whoop, didn’t see that one coming.

And the new chapter in the Beniyasha saga is complete. In stores now!


You know, that was actually a pretty good episode. The animation quality was great and the entire cast of main characters got some screen time. It’s a shame that the rest of the series couldn’t have been like this – I realize now that for me to truly enjoy a show in this genre, it’s got to either have some kind of plotline running through it, or just needs to ramp up the insanity as Seto no Hanayome has done (not to mention Seto has that just the right kind of loose plotline as well). With this exception of this and the previous episode, Nagasarete has fallen short in that aspect, and is probably the main reason for my less-than-spectacular sentiment towards it.

That said, however, it looks like I’ll be able to get through the entire series without much complaint, which is a lot more than I can say about some of the other shows I’ve tried to tackle.

Rounding the final corner of this 26 episode series – hopefully it can maintain this same level of quality!



  1. Oh Yay! I can’t wait till this comes out O.o well subbed because i can never find it raw anywhere =(
    But, there is alot of weird stuff going on in this episode and I hope ikuto puts on the mask and um hits something or yeah.

  2. Sailor Enlil
  3. I KNEW it was Chikages mother, that was just to obvious from the beginning..
    Hope they’ll concentrate on some major plot now the last 6 episodes and won’t jump to side stories constantly. Btw, is the manga still going on? Have never seen it.

  4. Of course she looks like a ninja – she was one. She is the twin sister of Mikoto’s mother, who is the current head of the “ninja branch” on the island. She decide to do studying instead of doing what ninja does early on.

    The thing that disappoints me about the anime compared to the manga is that Show Spoiler ▼

    No One Important
  5. The best part was “Ikuto assassin mode” confronting false Ikuto. My, Chikage’s mom needed some punches for (almost) molesting Suzu (Chikage have good genes…). I didn’t get why she used Beniyasha’s desguise at all… Something about her husbund?


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