Let’s try this a new way…

Quick Summary:

Ink’s class decides to put on a haunted house café during the school cultural festival. Ink devises a plan to be scared and trip on something, landing in Nao-kun’s arms… naturally, as with everything else in this episode, it fails horribly. Elsewhere, Nao’s sister is going seed mode in that cork shooting game where you try to knock the item you want off the shelf. Later, Alice-chan puts on a concert on the school grounds, but it turns out to be a ruse just to use her magic to put everyone to sleep. Ink and friends are sent into Alice’s dream world, where they have to diffuse the three traps in order to escape. The first trap? Sumi-chan shows up and calls Ink a fake, so the two engage in one of those “only the real one would know that fact” games, and realize that the Nao-kun following them is the actual fake. The next trap involves that otaku oji-san shooting out his yakisoba bondage rope; A-kun defeats him with a decisive peck between the eyes. The last trap – well, A-kun points out that Ink is in fact a fake, and goes through a long ass description while in the guise of Detective Duckonan of all the out-of-place things she did. Turns out Alice is some old lover of A-kun, but I don’t think that really matters.

Fanservice Segments:

  • Alice naked in her moonlit pond again. Except this time when she gets up, we’re privy to her entire frontside. Well, all the skin is there, but there’s no nipple to be seen. Sometimes, things are better left to the imagination…
  • Sumi wearing a nine tailed fox costume, similar to her cat pajamas. Ruriko-san points out that the fox is not a ghost, but rather a demon… OTL
  • Alice with her little skirt does her little dance on stage. Those in the front row probably have a good view of the goods, but we don’t.
  • Pastel Ink transformation sequence – nothing new here, move along…
  • Plenty of ass-cam shots throughout
  • Yakisoba bondage had the two girls tied up, suspended in the air, each leg at a slight angle, spread eagle. What was he planning to do with them?

  • Moetan Corner:

    “I can’t help buying figures of characters I don’t even like, just because I can see their breasts.”
    Yukarin you hentai~


    All kidding aside, the level of fanservice was near acceptable in this episode. I speculate that it had something to do with the unaired episode, as the extra week undoubtedly gave the studio and/or tv stations some more time to censor or delete any more scenes deemed inappropriate. That’s fine and all, but the problem is, there hasn’t been much comedic value to this show after the first episode, and it was being carried by the fanservice to at least provide some avenue of attraction. So now, we’re left with a show that’s no longer funny, no longer has enough fanservice, and the only English line used was the one in Moetan Corner. That shady guy in the trench coat didn’t show up, either.

    Mindless fun has become a mindless chore…

    At least there’s been increased interest in the DVD releases. But then again, it’s not like I’m going to expend bandwidth just to see what kind of extra raunchy shots we missed out on. Well, maybe.



    1. OMNI my friend I bet you are having some real hard time this season, because there´s simply ALOT of animes to watch….because you know……. I AM!!!!
      Taking off my psp and my ps3, I am watching more than 45 animes (without OVAs and MOVIES) and I have to work and I am finishing my graduation( computer science ) but I don´t have to blog stuff, because if i did it ( NO MORE LIFE FOR ME ) ;D
      But hey cheers dude at least you have all this spank monkers otakus along your side………….ahhhhhaaaaaa………FORGET IT´S OVER!! lol

      Tensai Otaku

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