Quick Summary:

  • While hiding from Ayane for cleaning duty, Machi trips over a “cursed statue” that holds the spirit of a tanuki (raccoon, mythological master of mischief).
  • The tanuki has some serious harem no jutsu henge powers as he can turn into any one and anything, and wastes no time in terrorizing the town with his mischievous ways… Machi is especially victimized and especially pissed off.
  • Ikuto, Machi, Suzu chase down the tanuki to somewhere in the village, and bump into Yukino x Kuma2 – turns out Yukino is the fake.
  • Continuing on, they meet up with two Meimeis – Ikuto reveals the tanuki by tricking him/her into flashing his/her boobs at him – the ol’ Hey Mikuru You Have A Star Shaped Mole Right There trick.
  • Next, they see Rin, dressed strangely feminine. Machi strips her down (cuz real Rin would never dress like a chick!) – turns out it really is her. Hilarity ensues as Rin sits on the ground like she’s just been severely violated.
  • Tanuki lobs some projectile at Machi, which she counters with some paper chaff, which just turns the projectile to tofu. Machi gets more pissed.
  • Chikage tells Machi the tanuki is down the well – Machi jumps down, then realizes that Chikage was a fake too. Getting really pissed.
  • Ayane, still looking for Machi asked coerced tortured into helping them on the tanuki hunt.
  • While training, Shinobu meets copy of herself, crosses swords in a completely fair fight. Shinobu and fake Shinobu get all buddy-buddy and kage bunshin 4x each (4*2=8 shinobus = 16 D-cups).
  • Machi in trouble! – Ikuto goes to help, trips, pulls Shinobu’s pants down. Instant bunshin dispel… nice.
  • The tanuki hunt team eventually gives up. Suzu mentions to Ikuto that it’s probably “zettai muri” (impossible) to catch the guy, to which he nonchalantly gives a “meh.” Ikuto would never say that! Tanuki captured~
  • Tanuki sealed back into the statue. So where’s the real Ikuto? Knocked out in a ditch somewhere…
  • Machi and Ayane decide to take advantage of the weakened Ikuto by feeling him up, or tickling him, or something innocent like that. While making their charge at the helpless lad, Machi shoves Ayane aside with a huge facemask violation.
  • Ayane tumbles right into the statue. Whoop, unsealed tanuki again. Here we go again!

  • Thoughts

    Erm, that took a while to write, lol. The animation quality seemed to be better than usual this episode and there was a hint of additional excitement, probably due to the upbeat music playing in the background. As for material, there wasn’t anything special about this episode, but it was pretty fun to watch, probably because of those background elements providing the correct ambiance.

    Maybe I’m finally getting used to this show… oh well, it’s a weekly coloring book exercise that never lets up.



    1. @thenightsshadow
      well if u read the manga , karaage is the west lord the strongest 1 , if u wan to comfirm i think u can check wikipedia website or log on to airantou official website…..

    2. Ramp, I really don’t think there is a real main story. It’s just a giant collection of smaller, funnier stories with harem/ecchi elements thrown in. This reminds me of a 4koma, but not so much as Lucky Star.

      Shut up ~Desu.
    3. tis few caming episode is about the mystery of airantou, the four creature – blue bird , lobak (carrot but in white) which have life, raccon and the last 1 forget lioa ^^
      next episode will talk aBOUT THE BLUE BIRD WHICH LOOK phoenix


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