To be completely honest, trying to blog this episode is an exercise in idiocy, ignorance, and absolute futility. So I’m just gonna give you the quick once-over, and insert a bit of my own thoughts for the rest of it.

The episode starts with the writers of the show, caricatured with animal heads, sit there discussing the direction of the show. Needless to say, they give a collective “f*ck it” and decide to wing the whole thing. So, what do we end up with?

About 20 minutes of fanservice. Trivialities such as “plot” have been removed entirely, energies shifted into the more important things like “flat chests,” “duckakke,” and “chichi yure.”

That’s it. That’s all this episode was. Two bath scenes and some transit scenes. Nothing more.

What’s this episode got that the previous ones didn’t have? A clear focus, a determined purpose. And to that end it was very successful. The problem? By placing their entire focus on “f*ck it,” the producers have thrown all legitimacy and rescue of their show out the window, relegating their stance on the tv series to it being one big advertisement for the best animated non-sex loli hentai DVD series of all time.

Here’s the weird thing though – by shifting their focus back onto the audience’s needs (cravings) rather than their weak attempts at creating a legitimate anime, Moetan has regenerated its high-octane energy and hilarious insanity that it showed in the first episode. It’s come back in a much more young and undeveloped (pun intended) form due to a lack of a plot and overall scene cohesion, but that similar type of “ROFLMAO” is back. Just be careful that when you roll on the floor that you land on your back, because you might break something if you land on the front side.

I don’t expect the rest of the episodes in this tragic series to continue like this, but if this ep is any indication, this is the end of the anime known as Moetan, and the beginning of the censored hentai known as Moetan.

Definitely one of the more interesting offerings of the summer season, just for its greasy nature and all the shady dealings surrounding it.

In conclusion, if you’re curious, go watch it. But don’t feel too bad if you don’t. The raw will do just fine, as you’ll miss very little even if you have zero background in Japanese. If you need a reason to watch it beyond the brutally obvious, try this one: it’s the moment that an entire animation studio said, in one unified voice, “F*CK IT.” It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion – really quite fascinating.



  1. Dandy changing his name to Dandy Kamen and using the V-Dandy-Max attack were both priceless moments. The new censorship strategy they’re trying it interesting though. I’m wondering if they’re going to keep it even after this episode.

  2. Shower, Naked, Shower, Panty Shot, Panty Shot, Panty Shot, Panty Shot, Panty Shot, Clothes Getting Ripped Off, Sumi Pins Kakun For A Tap Out, Hyper Bazooka, Nudity, More Nudity. This time I’m really confused about what this episode is about. I don’t even have the slightest. Looking forward to some sort of review and hopefully some subs to come out so I can catch up on the details.

  3. This is some high-level anime. I think my rank isn’t there yet.
    Are they just chucking story and english out of the window to make this the ‘how far can things be stretched’ anime? Looks like they’re balancing on the lines from the look of episode 6 fiasco.

  4. I’m starting to wonder if this was all planed from the beginning or if the people behind this show have really given up and said “okay let’s just do fan service because, hell, why not!” -_-;;

  5. Looking at the added thoughts, I’m lead to wonder if they were ever going to get a coherent anime out of this in the first place. Perhaps they made the right decision, but for the wrong reasons. Also I have to disagree it’s been a trainwreck in slow motion, it’s a pretty clear one, but those of us who are watching it probably don’t care, we know its plotless, we know it’s not trying to be anything brilliant, and I’m sure that a collective “Phew” went off around Japan when the writers got rid of the charade and said screw it, cause now people don’t have to pretend anymore. I guess it’s mostly going to be like Excel Saga now, only every episode is going to be like the final episode of that series. Despite all this I’m sure this move will inevitably make Moetan more popular and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of it so far, as even early on it made no pretentions about what it was. Turn off your brain, turn off you moral center, slip into something comfortable, grab a beer and watch 24 minutes of WTF?! As long as they don’t actually start advertising the DVD’s within the episodes, I’ll be able to enjoy this series on an Al Bundy level.

  6. god dammit… juz now while i watch tis anime.. i got scorned by my mum… she tot i was watching porn… =.=; man… tis is getting more and more perverted.. omg.. and unfortunatly I LOVE IT… COME ON MAN MORE PERVERTED!!!

  7. @nu – So that’s how it is? If some people don’t like it, automatically makes them gay? That’s the kind of flawed logic a 12 year old kid would say. I’m sure there are more intelligent anime fans out there better than you spouting out nonsense.

    Shinn Agami
  8. well i guess i’ll jump on the “F**k it” train and actually watch this, been wondering about this series and since reading the lovely summary … “f**k it” i’m gonna go grab it XD

  9. People you d0o know the kid is not being molested. The brunette is another girl taking off her underwear so she can go into hot-springs. She’s shy. People get your heads outta the gutter. other then that this one was funny. ^^


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