One bright day in the middle of the nigh… oh wait, I already did that one. Anyways, Yukino is taking some nighttime stroll with kuma2 when a glowing ethereal feather falls in her hand – must be a feather from the mythical bird of good fortune.

The next morning, Yukino and Suzu go investigate the bird, but all they find is this black chicken lookin thing, and while chasing after it, fall into one of those pit-of-no-escapes. I think I saw something like this in Kanban Musume…

Anyways, IkuIku figures that something is wrong when Suzu doesn’t come back, so he goes out to look for her with the scent of the feather. It’s working out alright and he’s hot on the trail, but then it starts raining, which washes away all the scent. It’s uh-oh time… until the lucky bird shows up, and leads him to where Suzu and Yukino are holed up in.

Yea, that bird is the damn chicken that got everyone screwed in the first place. Finish episode with a tender moment between Ikuto and Suzu, where Ikuto says he’ll always protect Suzu cuz she’s “family.”


Wait, what? Family? Unless he’s into that brother x sister stuff, this can be considered a huge step in the wrong direction.

Some other notes:
– The animation quality was noticeably lower this episode than recent ones. Guess budget is better spent on the eps of random antics. Or maybe just non-Suzu eps. I’m not complaining.
– The point of this episode was to focus on how used to each other Ikuto and Suzu have become – it was extremely awkward for them to go about their daily lives without each other.
– Suzu kept her composure while in the death pit because her faith in Ikuto’s ability to find them never wavered.
– Suzu keeps about 50 ripe apples in her cleavage. Cmon… not like she’s Rin or something…
– It was actually a nice touch to have Suzu in tears at the end… all that suppressed fear and anxiety came out as she was in the safety of Ikuto’s… back.
– The family thing still bugs me. Unless he means wife. In which case, Suzu has some wife-duties to get going on, cuz there’s about 50 other women on the island who would gladly take her place.



  1. I know you hate this sort of “sappy love” stuff, jaalin, but I’ve been waiting for this episode for a while now. *shrugs* (I always remember seeing kids cartoons mention how everyone will go “eww” during the kiss (sappy) scene of an old (or even new) movie. I don’t blame ’em, but… *shrugs*)

  2. Exactly what I was thinking… If we could swap out Nagasumi for Makoto every female on the island would be knocked up by now*

    *Yes that includes the Kappa & pink elephant (although not the chicken oku san)

  3. You know whats better than this? SETO NO HANAYOME! LOL! Gotta love this show! Aww why didnt you guys blog it? It’s so dam hilarious! I found Nagasarete Airantou manga pretty good at first, but started watching the anime then it just went down the drain. However in Seto No Hanayome’s case, it ROCKS! All the dam characters are hilarious! Whether it be Nagasumi, San, Luna, Akeno, Mawari, Inchou, Masa, Gouzaburo, Kai, Saru, Ren, Terminator, and Nagasumi’s parents. Man such a show with very good laughs.

  4. I dunno, I see a lot Nagasumi and Ikuto in one another. IE, both of them feel into and are now surrounded by girls. San uses her ultrasonic voice she’s upset. Suzu gets scary when she’s upset. Luna is basically Ayane. Nagasumi has a shark after him that wants to eat him. Ikuto has Mikoto. There are the two token Kendo girls in each anime. Nagasumi has San’s both San’s and Luna’s father after his head. Ikuto has to worry about Machi and Chikage. Class rep is inlove with Nagasumi but is too shy to admit, yet she’s surprisingly beautiful behind the glasses. Can anyone say, “Mei Mei?”

    Nagasumi is prone to bleeding from head wounds or shatter ear drums. Ikuto is prone to bleeding from the nose. Nagasumi defies male logic by having a crush on Masa, despite not being Bi/Gay. Ikuto denies the existance of anything that defies the laws of physics. Nagasumi watches mermaid/fish porn. Ikuto has seen a naked killer whale and a naked Kappa/turtle. Nagasumi has friends who have animalistic traits or are animal. Ikuto talks to a pink elephant and a rooster on a daily basis. I like both shows respectively. Though I wish NA would have a bit more humor or a bit more solid story to it.

  5. i guess the episode focused on one point ikuto and suzu cant LIVE life with out the other also suzus innocent blushes shouldnt be taken lightly it might lead to a mistake kiss or a ZnT unintentional makeout followed by the island girls and their evil glares wishfull thinking on my part though ^^


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