As many of you may know, a Negima live-action drama has been in the works for several months now. Well, this past weekend, there was an unveiling of sorts in Tokyo with all of the girls and Negi, who is being played by 13-year-old Kashiwa Yukina. Also there were Takamichi (played by Hiroshi), Minamoto Shizuna (played by Oikawa Nao who I believe used to be an AV star), and the school headmaster (played by Satou Gajirou). I’ll let the pictures from Mainichi’s coverage of the event do most the talking, as the actresses seem to have all been put in the costuming and makeup that they’ll be in for the actual show (unlike the official site’s original class listing).

Frankly, I couldn’t stop laughing when I looked at some of those images, and it’ll be really interesting to see how bad the drama is what the drama is like. The official site now also has a look into classroom 3-A with some more images of the students, and they’ve announced the OP and ED too. I really hope Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna’s actresses have some singing ability. Anyway, the Negima drama is set to premiere on TV Tokyo on October 3rd at 25:20, and it’s slated for 26 episodes. I wonder how many episodes I’ll be able to last – probably only one…


  1. Negi, Shizuna-sensei, and Takahata-sensei don’t look bad (Takahata looks BADASS). The rest of the cast… 25% looks good, the rest is crap.

    As for the 26 episode thing, I hope it’s not just character-story after character-story, cuz that’s really boring (and the whole TV filler thing); though being an hour long per episode, they might just be able to squeeze in everyone and have some sort of over-plot.

  2. I’d still sleep with about 40% of the cast. I’d also trade that 40% in just for Oikawa Nao.

    wait a second. that’s a really tough quandary. I actually feel the need to think about this.

    Phil Collins
  3. So, how will this adaptation utilize the young, magical-boy, Harry Potter-like appeal of the original? Furthermore, how does a pretext based on a pre-pubescent middle school teacher with aforementioned secret magical powers, which he often uses to strip, undress, or otherwise lewdly disrobe his teenaged students, translate into a live action series?

    Moreover, how does this concoction succeed in continuously being remade? The original story is nothing special, and subsequent renderings have done nothing to actively improve that status, to say the least. But at the pace studios crank these winners out, they’d have us believe “Negima” was some sort of modern day classic.

    My prediction: This show is primed and ready to blow up in our faces and anyone else sorry enough that happens to be within the viewing blast radius. I expect some serious collateral damage.

  4. I’m willing to overlook the hair color, the height issues, and overall appearance of the cast. What I con’t overlook are the fact that they type cast the two characters that we know, for a f’ing fact, that’re foreigners with Japanese actresses: Eva and Negi!

  5. I seem to recall that the windows for the class were on the left.Well at least in the manga it was.Oh well, at least I dont have problems picking out Chachamaru from the cast!Poor girl…LOL I’d shoot myself if I was made to wear that horrible cosplay.

  6. Question, why the hell are they trying to play someone who was suppost to have english/european background played by an asian? Nothing against the person playing negi but I cant see it working. Then again looking at the rest of the cast I had a hard time trying to figure who is who. As much as it is cool for a manga to get this popular that it gets the chance to try and pull something like this off I think they need to take a step back and think “Will this work?”

    Nope, Ill pass on this and leave my Negima experience as untainted as possible by stupidity

  7. Woah, Shizuna’s hawt as hell! And yar, Oikawa Nao is an AV Idol, I found some NSFW pics off everyone’s favorite search engine, so be warned. But lol, funny how a porn star is in a supposedly children’s show, pretty ironic isn’t it?

  8. You know what negima should just start an anime series all over again (yes a third time) to try and make similar to their original manga. This live action is starting to scar me with Negi being a female actress.

  9. Come on guys. Dont be so mean on them. Im only gonna watch it for the laugh factor. As for the Pactio scenes, girl on girl with one being an AV idol, hmmm it will be interesting.

    Give them a chance people.

  10. Ow. I mean, honestly, I really liked the Sailor Moon live-action, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to like this. I hope I’ll at least find SOME kind of silliness to enjoy in it.

  11. FAIL!!!!!! FAIL!!!!!! FAIL!!!!!! FAIL!!!!!! FAIL!!!!!! THIS SHOW WILL FAIL!!!!!! God this is the worst thing I’ve ever heard of or seen. It’s even worse than the Sailor Moon Live Action series! This thing won’t make it past episode 4 before it gets canned!

    I say again this thing FAILS!!!!!!

  12. quick followup: …. I notice Sayoko still lacks white hair or red contacts … and Evangeline I can’t spot since they don’t have her in goth-lolita or with blonde hair.
    Meh on the rest though I’ll grant the two sensei’s look decent and I suppose that’s about as good as it might get for a headmaster.
    The classroom set looks *really* cheap but I almost get the impression they’re consciously shooting for a cartoonish look.

  13. I can’t even stand to look at the pictures… *cringe cringe cringe* Even if the general consensus is that this drama is somehow, miraculously, a better adaptation than the anime series, I still refuse to watch this.

    Neo Horizon
  14. Haha… but other than the PGSM comment, his comment DOES make sense. I found PGSM to be mildly entertaining, but I will agree that shows that have magic and other such unrealistic things shouldn’t be made into live dramas.

  15. Hmm… from the looks of it (the sceenies from this blog and the official sitey)… I guess I’m with you guys to agree that this live drama adaptation will suck big time. I just don’t quite get the selection of some actresses portraying great characters (especially the one as Asuna… I got goosebumps just to look at her. Well, there are some actresses who look like the manga/anime counterparts.

    Of course not all live drama/action adaptations from anime/manga suck. It’s just that some live drama projects are being overlooked due to its popularity which tends to get messed up even if such project just got started. But… judjing from the on-the-scene pics from the official sitey from shooting session to outtakes, the actresses seemed to have fun. And that atmosphere alone makes the entire set liven up and makes them portray their roles well. Maybe it’s just me, but that surely gave me a little bit of a doubt. Who knows? Maybe it’ll turn out well, or maybe not. We’ll see. 😀

    Now that I looked at the 30 “2-A/3-A students” cast of Negima, here’s my list of characters whose the actresses looked like them:
    1) Kazumi (I don’t know that actress’s name, but she DOES look like Kazumi!)
    2) Konoka Konoe (a bit of a hit and miss)
    3) Setsuna Sakurazaki (I wonder if that actress can put up a stern face like Secchan does)
    4) Narutaki sisters: Fuuka and Fumika (they’re both kawaii, but I like Fumika better 😀 )

    That’s it, others except from what I mentioned above are all from below average to overall scary (like Asuna, as what I mentioned way above). Oh well, I’ll have to wait for the first ep and see what happens.

    edit: sorry for the double post, but my entire post got cut in half… i wionder why, lol 😀

  16. Negi is a girl??!!! How in the world will they do Patio?????????? It’s true its gonna suck..Asuna is cute…how old is she? anyone knows? I can’t read jap on their main site..welll 🙁

  17. I am looking at the comments here and I am thinking- Guys! Cute girls. Dressed up as schoolgirls! In plaid! Who cares if the show sucks- we have cute girls dressed up as schoolgirls with plaid skirts! (And some in thigh highs!)

  18. I can recognise who some of them are meant to be from their hair styles, though Saito and Chachamaru are the most obvious (because of the diferent uniform, and… well there’s no need to mention why Chachamaru sticks out.)
    I sure hope this turns out better than it looks. At least mabye the comedy in it will be good…

  19. tv tokyo has a HORRIBLE rep when it comes to drama x,x maybe if it was on fuji tv, ntv, or tbs/mbs i can take it more seriously but…

    on the other hand, it might turn out to be one of those shows you watch because its so painfully awful. lol.

    I, an official Negima fan says this:
    1. They should have used a real brit actor like in harry potter, sice negima is inspired by hp anyway!
    2. foreingers 4 foreigners!
    I hope that they do make it looks like Mahora Academy….

  21. BTW, I still going watch it anyway despite it going to fail. If anyone starts to blog this series, I will rant and b*tch about it just like with Negima!? because I’m Shinobu’s Lover.

  22. Oh god cringeworthyness,what in god’s holy name was that thing growing under the ‘Takahata-sensei’ actor’s chin. I know he has a beard but it never was that far along! I really wish they’d just stop trying with Negima! If they couldn’t do it well as a cartoon, how in stars’ name are they going to do it as a live action?

  23. I’ve learned to reserve judgment until the show starts since I watched PGSM, which I really liked and enjoyed, notwithstanding some changes they made that I didn’t take too quite well. I love the Negima manga, and whether this turns out good or not, at least there’s still the manga to enjoy. Although, I’m having some high hopes for this show. Hopefully it would “miraculously” satisfy more fans. 🙂

  24. Yeah, a couple of the people who are supposed to be foreigners aren’t… which is about as surprising as using cheesy special effects instead of real magic. And for some of the same reasons.

    Leaving asside the obvious stupidity of whining over that… Casting in Japan is often a joke. Why? Because they insist on padding out movies with random models and other non-actors, to capitalise on the very short shelf-life of their fame.

    The first episode was actually quite amusing. Don’t take it more seriously than it was meant to be, relax and enjoy the silliness.


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