With the message in the bottle comes a startling reply – Ikuto must find a way off the island now! But first, he must find a way to neutralize the Suzuitis that plagues his departure…



  1. so… what the reply?

    now he back to despo wanting to get off the island again?
    but i didnot know that u oso cant fly off the island cos there are tornade to stop u lol

    can see it funny haha lol

  2. lol this is base on the book more likely
    (but the order of the story is changed)
    and till now the “MANGA” somehow did not say ikuto want to leave the island yet lol

    but i just remember the grandma say ” u going to be in this island FOREVER”
    see ep 1 i think lol

  3. well the big whirlpools beyond the small ones extends to the bottom of the ocean floor so submarine is out of the question too….

    u know that place is completely cut off…i wonder what it really looks like O.O
    what kind of island has impenetrable whirlpools and ocean tornado? the background would be chaotic…but in the anime its nice and blue =/


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