Hayate is in shock after having been sold by Nagi to Isumi and thinks that his time working for her was a like a dream. Noticing him so out of it, Isumi gives him a push to cheer him up, and her concern makes him feel better. Meanwhile, Maria has arrived at Wataru’s video store and suggests that Hayate is crying now because what Nagi did to him is similar to what his parents did. With Nagi crying and thinking that Hayate hates her, Wataru and Maria decide to go to Isumi’s house to fix things. Maria’s plan is to tell Hayate that Nagi wants him to go back, but when they arrive at Isumi’s house, Hayate tells them that it’s hopeless for him. Maria, however, asks him if doesn’t want to go back and if he has any lingering affections. Back at the video store, Nagi’s relative Gilbert arrives and proposes that Nagi test Hayate’s love if she’s worried. Gilbert’s idea is to kidnap Nagi to see if Hayate comes to save her, and Nagi eventually agrees to it, so Gilbert brings her to a cavern underground where he has a giant robot waiting. This giant robot was actually created by Shiori with Eight’s body, but, unbeknownst to Gilbert, she accidentally forgot to include the control chip in it.

Right as Nagi is wondering if Hayate will come save her, Sakuya shows up because Gilbert is her brother. When Nagi tries to explain what’s going on and how Hayate was supposedly playing with both Sakuya and Isumi, Sakuya figures out that Nagi is misinterpreting the word “play” to mean the wrong thing. She makes Nagi realize that Hayate actually did nothing wrong, though that just makes Nagi think even more about how Hayate won’t come to save her. Shortly after this though, Gilbert’s giant robot suddenly starts moving on its own and expresses its desire to kill Nagi and Hayate. However, it only recognizes Nagi as a twin-tailed, golden-haired girl, so Sakuya takes off Nagi’s hair bands. As they try to escape, Saki calls up Wataru because she’s worried, and as she’s trying to explain what’s going on, the giant robot yells that it’s going to kill Nagi. After finding out what’s going on from Wataru, Hayate immediately leaves to go save Nagi, though it’s her bodyguards who arrive on the scene first and decide to give Saki the twin-tails hairstyle so that the giant robot chases her instead. Fortunately for Saki, Wataru saves her from being killed after having gotten here quickly because the cavern is directly under Isumi’s house.

Nagi then puts back on her hair bands and attracts the giant robot’s attention back to herself. She intends to make herself its opponent, but her confidence is gone as soon as Wataru questions why Hayate isn’t here yet even though he left earlier. Nagi goes back to thinking that Hayate isn’t coming, but with the giant robot’s hand about to smash into her, she yells his name. And just like that, Hayate appears and sweeps her of her feet. He came because she called his name, and he now channels his anger against the robot. Since Hayate already thinks that it was Gilbert who kidnapped Nagi for the inheritance, Gilbert decides to try to fulfill the condition for getting the inheritance after all. Hayate meanwhile brings Nagi to safety and declares that if anyone wants the inheritance, they’ll have to defeat him first. What’s more, he feels that even if Nagi hates him, his own feelings for her won’t change. Hayate then engages in battle with the robot by pulling out a machine gun and quickly finishes it off. In the aftermath, Nagi wants to apologize, but Hayate tells her that it might be dangerous to be by her side because of how he changed the inheritance condition to include defeating him first. Nevertheless, he recognizes that he’s still a butler for Isumi, but since he neglected his job, he might be fired, so he’d need a cute girl who can get him a job for his debt. Hearing this, Nagi asks Hayate to be her butler again, and he happily agrees.


This was pretty much the same as the end of volume three and the beginning of volume four of the manga with some minor edits. One particular line I noticed that they cut was the one where Wataru pointed out that Himegami left because Nagi did something horrible to him too. The only reasons I can think of for doing that are either they were really short on time or they wanted to save any further information on Himegami until a later date.

In any case, this is going to be the last episode of Hayate that I blog. There wasn’t anything in particular in this episode that I disliked, but I felt it was really average. I’ve felt that way for most of the episodes of this animated version, which is why I haven’t been able to really get interested in it. This might again be the effect of having read the manga and knowing what to expect since jokes just aren’t as funny the second time around, especially those of the parody variety. However, even the anime original episodes didn’t offer too much in terms of laughs or plot advancement, with the only exception to that being the Gotou Yuuko episode. In short, I just can’t bring myself to continue with this show for another half a year given how unspectacularly the first half has gone, and there are several more interesting looking Saturday shows in store for next season (though I’m still in the process of writing up a fall preview).


  1. Some may not know this but the real reason why Isumi bought Hayate of Nagi was not because she is clueless or feels sorry for him or both, It is because Isumi has feeling for Hayate and bought him off her because of that, If you don´t get what I´m saying then you haven´t bin paying attention to some of the episodes because Isumi Is always positive around Hayate and blushes to the edge when he Is talking softly to her 😛

  2. Well, the problem with reading any manga first is that the anime adaptation is almost surely not going to be as funny or as satisfying (there are rare exceptions). For comedy titles, the reverse is also true. I read the first volume of School Rumble and laughed my butt off. So I went and picked up the anime adaptation. I didn’t laugh at the same jokes in the anime, but once the anime got beyond volume 1, I started laughing and the anime went up a few notches. Since then, the manga hasn’t made me laugh beyond a chuckle, though I still enjoy reading it.

    For me, I’ve enjoyed the heck out of Hayate no Gotoku (I haven’t read the manga, so no issues there), which is why I’ll continue to blog it. ^_^

    Still, I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews of the series while you did them. Thanks for the work.

  3. Ah, thought this anime would have 26 episodes, but now I read 52 on ANN lol.
    Anyways, I completely understand that you drop this series Omni, however after “25” episodes is a bit, hmm, lets say funny to me lol.
    And manga? No scanlation group working on it q.q

  4. Yeah for comedy i tried not read the manga first , for action shows it okay but comedy it kill the show in few way . Thanks for work so far plus new season looks like some great shows coming up.

  5. looks like an interesting episode, but they need a real plot or something…its just about their school life and a few strange problems…its funny, but yeah…lol. theres need to be a love triangle sorta thing with hayate maybe?

  6. I had actually stopped watching after episode 4. I thought the way events were differing from the manga was disappointing and the anime original stuff didn’t help. I had been waiting for the scenes in this episode to be adapted from the manga….but they screwed that up aswell.

  7. Plot advancement? I didn’t know that there was plot in this anime. Take a BS premise, a poor teenaged boy with unnatural abilities, toss him with a rich young teen girl and all her rich friends, and mix. Comedy ensues. Sure, not every episode is a gut buster, but I’ve enjoyed the whole series, the wacky characters, and their adventures. A real “plot” would just muddy the waters and make this somewhat tedious IMO. I don’t watch this series for plot and never have from episode 1.

    As for jokes getting old, one could make a case for that I suppose.

    I’ve also enjoyed researching the different references. Some people here would make some rather unspecific remarks as to references, but that would be a starting point. The trouble is that unless you watch some amazing number of anime titles going back to the 70’s, you aren’t likely to get all of the parody references. ^_^;

    Well, everyone has different tastes. ^_^

    @Anon — I’ll be still blogging it. Click my name to get to my blog.

  8. Hayate no Gotoku was a good show at beginning than it got bore, while Seto no Hanayome is weird in beginning now is getting so good that the last few episode many veiwers almost die laughing. If anyone wanna get a laugh they really should check out Seto no Hanayome .

  9. I’ll keep an eye on the series then with Eclipse. Thanks for letting us know Onmi.

    Good jokes on this episode, an one parody I really like was the explosion ala EVANGELION. So then, no more Hayate no Gotoku!

    Good bye

    Syaoran Li
  10. It’s probably because the Anime is jumping all over the place that it seems to be losing it’s plot relevance. If you read the manga, you’re feel more assured that it’s heading somewhere.

    Sora no Kaze

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