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OP: 「Pink Generation」 by Mahora School 3-A
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ED: 「つよくなーれ」 (Tsuyoku Naare) by 若月さら, 松永裕子, and 市川春樹 (Wakatsuki Sara, Matsunaga Hiroko, and Ichikawa Haruki)
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
The start of this song sounds like the three girls were singing karaoke, and they decided it was good enough to be the ED. The chorus is slightly better, but not by much.

-Words fail me. This is, as anticipated, one of the worst travesties I have ever watched – maybe even worse than PGSM.
-The acting is horrid. Negi in particular, but everyone had their bad points (see the entire scene with Ayaka). Heck, I think they might have hired Asuna’s actress just because she can kick high.
-The first episode roughly follows the first two chapters of the manga, but the way they did it lacked any kind of flow.
-Kamo is a 3D animated patch sewn on the inside of Negi’s coat.
-Well, I watched this to see how bad it was, and I’ve gotten my fill of it. I can’t imagine how the rest of the series will go, but I’m not sticking around to find out.


  1. lol I’m going to watch it for kicks and laughs. Hayate is not going to be enough and there aren’t really many comedy series that I plan on watching except for Kodomo no Jikan. So I’m definetely going to stick to this one. I wished they could have made it similar to the Death Note Live Action though so that they could animate Kamo better

  2. I watched the trailer for this awhile back. I got so embarrassed watching it I couldn’t even finish the trailer. I don’t think I could bare to watch an entire episode. My hats off to you for blogging this. You have guts sir.

  3. omg this sucks when will negima have a faithful adaptation that doesn’t suck seriously and when will Ken akumutsu stop taking breaks from negima every two weeks gathering materials my ass

  4. Can’t Negima get a least one adaptation? We’ve already had 1 poor anime series, 1 spin-off and now a live action that made me die inside. Is this too much to ask?

    Akimoto Michiyo
  5. Actually, PGSM was quite good, once you get past the first couple of episodes and accept that it was gonna ignore the anime and manga and go its own way.

    But this show… why the hell is this so dark?! Instead of action romance comedy, they make it look like horror.

  6. Negima! needs a third anime adaptation. KA needs to think which studio should do the production and animation for it instead p.

    Heres some list of possible studios that could production and animation for the possible third adaptation.

    Kyoto Animation
    Studio Deen
    Production I.G.
    J.C. Staff

  7. >Well, I watched this to see how bad it was, and I’ve gotten my fill of it. I can’t imagine how the rest of the series will go, but I’m not sticking around to find out.
    Noooooo!!! I’m gonna watch this for lulz, but I need your summaries!!!

  8. ahaha hahaha what the fu#$#@ is this this is so ugr and stupide. hahahahaThis looks just to bad, please stop or I’ll die from laughing, and not to good looking on the show

  9. I think the underlying goal here was for Ken A. to haunt the set and hang out with 30 pretty girls in schoolgirl outfits and cosplay. He’s happy with it (hahahahahahahahaha!!!)

    Just goes to show the creator of a franchise doesn’t necessarily have a fscking clue what makes his little darling story so popular.

  10. I think Vexx hit the nail on the head. KA just wanted to hang around a bunch of pretty girls and a pr0n star.

    We may be sad, but so long as the checks cash, KA is happy. (And I bet his child bride is even happier. >_>)

    It’s too bad MST3K is no more… imagine what they’d do with this. XD

    I say keep blogging it– everyone loves a big wreck– millions of NASCAR fans prove my point.

  11. To his prverted-ness, Don Hudson the “Shinobu-lover”


    moondoggiebuiscuit final thesis mode
  12. eep. two ppl above me mentioned it, but this really did turn out to be considerably worse than PGSM ^^;

    there aren’t too many shows that makes me, the viewer, feel painfully embarassed, but this definitely took the spot.

  13. Clearly some people doesn’t know how to look real at acting…
    F – Flawed Acting
    A – A far-cry from the manga and the anime series
    I – Indefinitly grusome to continue watching it
    L – Lost appetite…
    ! – !?! WTF!

    moondoggiebuiscuit final thesis mode
  14. I don’t know why, but I think this shit will be sucess in Japan… I just can’t understand this…
    Anyway, Akamatsu says on his diary that, for 2008, he’ll have another announcement… probably(I SAID PROBABLY) a third series (this time, based on manga, since we’ve got around 200 chapters now): he says something about “a development that, since the start, already been decided, because the constituition of the series”. I’ll be waiting for that.

  15. @vexx: “I think the underlying goal here was for Ken A. to haunt the set and hang out with 30 pretty girls in schoolgirl outfits and cosplay. He’s happy with it…”

    Now that I think of it, yeah, I think that’s true. I think he hasn’t had enough with his cosplayer wife!

  16. The show kinds creeps me out, especially Negi’s hair (which looks so unnatural, even though it actually is). Also, why are the colors so dark? Everything seems like a flashback or something.

  17. Yeah, I’ve never seen good acting From Japanese Youth Actors. Super Sentai, Horror, you name it, they’ll get up on the screen and overact it into the camera. This looks like a good show to MST3K with a couple of friends on the couch with some pizza and pop, kind of like Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

  18. @ Kiron

    Caucasian? Yeah… With hazel hair. And so is Evangeline. Ku-fei and Chao Rin is all Chinese.

    Like I said: 4eigners 4 4eigners…

    The set is crappy and cramp as well as dark. And it’s fucking GREEN. NEGIMA!? got it right, and so did NEGIMA! so why not this one eh?

    And Negi is not a trap… except that part in manga where he wore a fox girl costume…

    moondoggiebuiscuit thesis mode
  19. Okay, I just watched this myself. And I honestly think everyone is criticizing it too much, including you Omni. It wasn’t as bad as you made it out to be. I went in thinking it was going to be complete shit from your reaction, but I was actually surprised at how enjoyable it was to a degree. I agree, the flow wasn’t very good, but it was the FIRST EPISODE. The only other thing that bothered me was Chamo, but I’m sure I won’t mind him in due time. At least he isn’t a fucking stuffed animal.

    The effects are Hollywood-mind blowing, but they aren’t as shitty as most Japanese live actions out there. They’re tolerable, to say at least. And I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, but if you thought this was worse than PGSM then… wow.

    I’m going to keep watching. It wasn’t as bad as anticipated, and people are criticizing it too much when it was only the first episode. It doesn’t matter what form of entertainment you’re looking at– judging something from the first few episodes or chapters is just stupid.

  20. >Madhouse
    >Kyoto Animation
    >Studio Deen
    >Production I.G.
    >J.C. Staff

    Why not use Shaft again? They did a fantastic job animating the Negima!? tv series with art that captured the essence of Akamatsu’s style (in recent episodes the art is a little sketchy, but look at the OVAs and the first six eps)

  21. @Plaid_Knight: Negima!? is more like a spin-off than following the manga though the spring ova following the last chapters from volume 7. Plus Shaft is mostly doing comedy series.

  22. The theme of this series look like a cheap AV or Horror movie!!

    Isn’t Evangeline a Western vampire!? Anyway, the actress is ultra cute!!

    I wonder if they can change the story to let her be the heroin instead!!

  23. “Negima!? is more like a spin-off than following the manga though the spring ova following the last chapters from volume 7. Plus Shaft is mostly doing comedy series.”

    Negima! was not a spin off it was a rip off, it was a straight sailor moon story using the Negima characters, it was so unariginal and character damaging that it was painfull to watch. The anime was solely made in the hopes to milk a popular anime and make a fast buck. If the story was original and completely diferent then the manga I would have enjoyed the series.

    Mind you that way less damaging then trying to adapt any anime series to a live action show… it just can’t be done… or should I say it shouldn’t be done!

  24. I didn’t even see this but I can already tell it sucks…
    Firstly, why Chachamaru and Takahata are the only ones that actually have they’re true hair color??? (Im not including those that they’re hair in the manga is black.)

  25. @01-02: SHAFT doesn’t limit itself to comedy series. Negima!? was simply directed by Shinbou Akiyuki, who usually puts comedy in all the series he works on.

    @Neko: The fuck are you talking about? Sailor Moon? And the story for Negima!? WAS different from the manga faggot.

  26. LMAO…..This is the one drama I agree with you on. It was REAL bad….but the sad part is that like the crappy live action PGSM, this one might get a following too. I watched the first episode for this, and OMG…I cringed through it. Tsk…tsk…tsk….Hana Kimi was better then this crap!

  27. Not that bad. Based on all the comments here I thought that it would be waste of HDD space and bandwidth but it’s pretty good at times and on top of everything lesbian action YEY! Wanna see more of it.

  28. @Anonymous: Before you open that filthy mouth of yours again go watch a few eps of Sailor Moon S then you’ll see how much they plagiarized that series to make it.

    I don’t mind writers rewriting exiting animes into new versions, but honestly it just seemed all they wanted to do was make a quick turn around anime based on a popular series. Make it original, give it a new twist, give the viewers something they can shout about.

  29. @Neko: Sailor Moon? Are you serious? I don’t care how much they ripped off or whatever Sailor Moon is gay.

    After all this time I’m gonna post here just to express my outrage on how well massacred Negima one of the most creative series out there. Sure on the surface it looks like a harem on steroids but Ken Akamatsu managed to generate 31 different character designs and personalities. That’s a pretty commendable feat.

  30. @Neko: Before you open that ignorant mouth of yours again, no thanks. Seen it once, don’t need to see it again. Negima!? and Sailor Moon has absolutely nothing in common. They’re COMPLETELY DIFFERENT genres. Give me some damn examples of this so-called “Sailor Moon rip-off” and maybe I’ll see what you mean.

  31. @Anonymous

    I’m not saying that Negima!? is a “Sailor Moon” rip-off, but they are not completely different genres. Negima!? was a magical girl show, its got alot of magical girl elements in it; girl gains power though contact with magical animal, in this case a 10 year old boy, but the talking ermine does make the circle, magical transformations, and from what I saw before I stopped watching the series a “monster of the week” thing.

  32. I knew that this would turn out horrid since when I saw the trailer and Negi…it was just horrible. Negi looks more of a perv here in a sense.

    I have the Negima Mangas and the storyline is great but the adaptations are just plain BAD. It’s either; lack of character designs, storyline, and POOR Acting and Actors. Can’t they just make a decent adaptation?


  33. I am willing to accept the limitations of budget and casting pool live action TV seems to be subject to in Japan (sorry, you are not going to find ten-year-old white kids fluent in Japanese), however this is… quite… painfully amaturish.


    H. Torrance Griffin
  34. @H. Torrance Griffin
    Well said!

    And to all of you discriminating LA Negima, DO NOT compare it to manga and anime this much! Besides Negima actress don’t expect talking animals either. Enjoy it the way it is. I know that special effects sucks but do it better if you can. Hollywood effects are short and seems 5 minutes in whole movie and they have high budget for that.

    I gone through all episodes [200] and movies of Sailor Moon and I see nothing in common with Live Action Negima.

  35. @fake 1st of all
    I agree with you. Take it as it is and DO NOT EVER compare as an adaptation. Treat it as another part of the Negima universe.

    i am a huge as fan of kurumi. i have not seen the kurumi pure series and after hearing about how bad it was from all over the net I have yet to see one person at all explain why it was so bad. if someone can come up with the perfect explaination as to why it sucks so bad i would not watch that LA version

    Remember how people used to say how it would be really bad at someone making Transformers Live Action. They made it and it was awesome as it did not follow any part of the series. So treat the nice people who created the LA Negima with respect as they put their time and effort into making this for you to watch.

    If you dont like it then dont watch it and dont complain about it.

    Now my rant is over for now!!

  36. I should watch one episode (as I have done this with the two anime series), but honestly, with my schedule, I’d have a really hard time attempting to watch it. Of all the students, only Ayaka looks the most decent to be nice here, but even then, she doesn’t look like her that much and I’m not even talking about the hair color. Negi, Takamichi and Shizuna look fine, but only Iinchou looks okay to me of all the students.

    Oguri Shun-kun would have been a convincing Negi if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s too old. I don’t know. I’m stuck on Cloud Nine to not think straight here.

    I should say this. I am not the biggest “Negima” fan out there, but I really wanted this drama to be tolerable. At this point, I have the feeling that I can’t stomach watching the first episode. A friend of mine doesn’t want me to watch this, but rather the live “Honey” instead. Towards the end of the month, I’ll take aim.

    To those that need a remedy for the live dorama, go to the radio sessions if you haven’t done so. I find “Negimaho Radio” more entertaining than the manga. You’ll love the sessions of Kanda Akemi-san (Asuna’s seiyuu if you don’t know) and Nonaka Ai-san/Ai-pon (Konoka).

    Is it wrong to call this Negi “moe”?

    It is not wrong to call the actress of Negi “moe”. I hope that helps? I feel so dirty now.

    >Kyoto Animation
    >Studio Deen
    >Production I.G.
    >J.C. Staff

    If I remember correctly, Xebec is connected with I.G. In that case, I don’t want I.G. to make a new “Negima” anime because they did nothing for me. I’d most likely want J.C. Staff to tackle this situation.

  37. Well, I saw it (as I didn’t want to wait another two weeks to do so) and yes, it’s that horrible. As I mentioned earlier, only Ayaka looks tolerable of all the students (and I’m being nice here). In terms of how I was able to stand one episode, you’d have to be some sort of god. There’s that or have the sturdiness to do so.

    To whoever is translating this, you all have guts. I’d have a hard time translating this series or even editing the scripts for that matter. Ha ha ha!

    omg!!! what have they done to my Nadoka!!!

    I know. They killed Nodoka. Picture Noto Mamiko-san in a Mahora seifuku. Oh, that won’t make you feel better. I’m mean. I’m so sorry. =P

  38. ever since i heard rumors of this, i though it would be bad. really bad. Super Friends-bad. and it exceeded my expectations by a mile. everything about it was just so off, its like when Ken Akamatsu tried to advise them, they locked him in a closet. i think its all a trick to see if fans will watch anything called Negima. or maybe it’ll start lame but get really good later. who knows, though i kinda think its the former.

  39. Actually I think it isn’t that bad. I agree the first episode is horror, even after watching 2 and 3 and restart with ep 1 it is sooooo bad, sooo wrong. But I think the other eps are quite enjoyable. I mean look it the male way. Girls, sometimes underwear and squeeky voices. If you expect something usefull and serious, you are completely satisfied. And yeah most of them look pretty dumb, like what they have done to my Zazie -.- but you can’t find actors that look 100% like the girls in the anime, so tough Zazie is dumbed, I love Setsuna, because she is choosen very well and looks great. Don’t be serious about that serious just enjoy it and wheather it is commerce or not, you don’t live in Japan so it is quite unusual for you to watch it at all 😛

  40. Lucky for you that you didn’t continue watching this crap, because they actually made him like a wimp where he can’t defeat Setsuna in ep.4. In the manga, Negima knows a lot of magic that could outstand her, but he lost in 15 sec. This is the worst drama ever.

  41. Hello ^_^
    oh my god! its sooo kawaii
    i mean i love it when they make live action anime’s its so kwool
    i mean pretend ur sitting in ur room and the nxt min
    u think of well… omg Negima! and ur lyk hey i feel lyk staring in my own
    movie and being my fav charater 4 ex:asuna kagurazaka
    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll goody gwood! 😛
    so i give a 9/10 mmk

  42. Heh, I was actually expecting Shinobu_Lover to have posted some sort of semi-long rant about Wagawa, Miyu or something… He’s done it several times on his former forum…

  43. ummm, why the fuck is negi Japanese? he’s fucking british! and asuna’s hair is brown….and makie is too old, and it’s all wrong. THIS IS AN INSULT TO THE GREAT KEN AKAMATSU

  44. omg…….This is too fucking funny,I sware to god it’s fucked up.Ok,I can deal with a female,I can bare with that.But japanese????They couldn’t get a dam english kid,and just over lay his voice or something?Negi is fucking english,ENGLISH.


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