With the ruckus of the kidnappers and the highway chase over, Miyuki and Natsumi return to the Bokuto Station, only to be reprimanded (naturally) by their section chief, Kachou. The duo present their case, emphasizing the fact that the kidnappers were armed and showed no hesitation in firing, but are told that while their decision to protect Randy was appropriate, how they achieved the act remained questionable.

With the tense conversation over, the pair brings Randy along and stops by at a local family restaurant, the “Royal Roast,” for dinner. Miyuki and Natsumi talk over the day’s events over coffee and a hefty amount of food (mainly for Natsumi). Natsumi introduces herself to Randy at this point, who still insists on calling her ninja lady. All kidding aside, Miyuki discusses the complex problem facing Randy, as he faces several requests from various relatives who are intent on being his guardian (and thus become one step closer to the family fortune he is the beneficiary of). They go over the option of having Randy being taken care of his by his maternal grandfather and return home to their apartment.

Miyuki watches over Randy sleep, while Natsumi takes a quick shower. She also weighs herself on the dreaded scale, and it turns out that she did gain weight (unlike most anime females, Natsumi heartily laughs it off though with an “I don’t mind~” :D). She goes off to chug down beer under the full moon as she notices that Miyuki has also fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Early next morning, Miyuki takes Randy on a walk around the local park; they have a heartfelt conversation, and she encourages him to meet his grandfather. They meet up with Natsumi back at the Bokuto Station, with Natsumi joking around about getting the help of the investigation bureau of the police to locate Randy’s ojiichan. This is interrupted, however, by members of the Hammond Group who express their interest to bring Randy immediately back to the States. Such request is expressly denied by Miyuki, who reminds them of legal proceedings and how Randy is currently under the care and jurisdiction of the police until a proper guardian shows up. Kachou decides to give Randy the option of what he wants to do – Randy answering that he would like to meet his grandfather – and allows Randy’s request.

After this “conference,” Nakajima-kun brings the young boy to medieval Japanese castles in the area, while Miyuki and Natsumi are entrusted with the task to locate Randy’s grandfather, Ikari Toranosuke. They enter his old-fashioned mansion, and temporarily separate to look for the man. Natsumi encounters him first (comparing him to someone from the Edo period), and tries to encourage him to meet and talk with his grandson. The stubborn old man tries to resist, claiming that he has broken all ties with his daughter and her child – something Miyuki points out is not true, as she has just walked past an altar that in fact commemorated Toranosuke’s only daughter. Natsumi forcibly brings the old man into their car to go and reunite with his grandson; several miles away, Nakajima-kun and Randy, who arrived and are viewing one of the Japanese castles, have a rather cheesy but important conversation about strength and conviction.

NatsuMiyu and Toranosuke arrive at the destination spot, and encounter Nakajima-kun having a round of (light) kendo sparring with Randy by the beach. Even with Nakajima-kun not playing seriously, he is still able to overcome the young child; despite this, Randy does not give up, and this sparks some understanding and compassion into the ojiisan. The Hammond Group representatives pop up again, but Toranosuke shows no interest in handing Randy over to them, and assumes full responsibility for his grandson. Back at the Bokuto Station after another long day, a brief Nakajima-kun x Miyuki scene takes place, as Nakajima-kun officially welcomes a blushing Miyuki back into the police force.


Thoughts: Not a whole lot of action this episode, which is quite rare for Taiho Shichauzo, although for now the whole case with Randy and the Hammonds is laid to rest. A lot of syrupy dialogue does take place this episode courtesy of Randy and Nakajima-kun, but I suppose I can tolerate this since it surely can’t happen every episode, right? On a lesser note – one of the more interesting points of Taiho Shichauzo is that the characters often mention police-related jargon or current laws in their conversation. It was a nice touch for me, therefore, that Miyuki talks about child protection laws and procedures this ep in relation to Randy.

Next time: The show makes a return to its familiar (and fun) routine of NatsuMiyu on their classic quest for “this week’s arrest.” I hope I’m not the only one looking forward to Natsumi kicking some serious criminal behind. xD


  1. Well, I wonder if they are going to go heavy in Romance or just go with arrest of the week this season considering is supposed to be only 13 episodes. Will Miyuki and Ken finally get married?

  2. this is actually a sequel for you’re under arrest? wow, does that mean i have to watch the first 2 series? this sure looks kinda interesting and a good way to burn time 😀

  3. @ golthin: it’s really hard to tell since we are only on the second episode, but i somehow doubt we will see Miyuki and Nakajima-kun tie the knot. They had this “eternal couple that never marries” vibe for quite a while now… (we can always be surprised tho).

    @psychohare: it is not exactly necessary to watch the first 2 seasons, since this series was always pretty easy to follow and *usually* maintains an episodic format. it’s up to you if you want to watch them ^^ (you should note the fact that the first season aired around a decade ago, so it’s pretty old).

  4. @mewmew-didn’t they become an official couple at the end season 2? I have not watched season 2 because it has not become available in the USA and never was able to found the episodes for download. I heard he was going to give her an engagement ring but somehow it got lost and he was not able to propose and then Miyuki left for LA thus cooling down the romance. Feel free to correct me if I got that wrong.

  5. wish i had a faster internet connection. can’t wait to watch this episode!
    Seriously, they should take Nakajima outta the picture, and blow what Miyuki said in the first episode of the first season (just before the red mini appeared) outta context… Miyuki + Nastumi!! Rabu rabu!

  6. YEAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can belive it!!!! T_T if this is a dream the its the best one…. have anyone seen the first and second season, the movie and the ova?? just like me =P NATSUMI IS THE BEST!!!!

  7. GOD I MISS BLACK LAGOON. one of the girls in this remind me of remy “just the face and hair” all similaritys end there.. i thought this show was gonna be a little HARDER. ya know with all that cop and criminal stuff going on. but these charecters are so goody goody..heh i shoulda known ,,,i mean “your under arrest!” DUH!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. First episode was great for me, cuz it’s been so long since I first watched the series. So I guess that feeling of aweness that I got while watching it was not due to the episode itself, but what was lingering from season 1 and 2.

    Having watched episode 2, I’m realy really disappointed. Things seemed to have been toned down a LOT compared to the previous seasons. Not as whacky, but a whole lot of melancholy… looking up at the moon? looking at the sky… heck, even the music lacks energy (seems to be taking on a minor scale most of the time)…

    While s3 seems to be taking a different approach from the previous seasons, for me, it’s the whackiness of these characters from the previous seasons that made it for me. And now it’s gone. Heck, it seems like they’ve even cut out a HECK of a lot of the stand in characters. Everything seems to be revolving (a little too strongly) only around miyuki and natsumi at the moment… Even some of the funnier momments in this episode just weren’t funny. Nakajima too… WTF was he thinking…

    This episode was bland… really REALY bland. I hope it’ll change in the future eps…

  9. ive got an official warning for this download!!
    after the complete download i get an warning by my virusshild that this one is infectet with some kind of exploit virus!
    there was no probs for my shild to clean the mess up but iam afraid that some of you guys let this little monster on your systems so please be carefull.
    by the way this was the very first time that ive got an virus warning ever in the downloads here on (Naked Xlation)fansub.

    be carefull


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