OP Sequence

OP: 「れっつ!おひめさまだっこ」 (Rettsu! Ohime-sama Dakko) by 喜多村英梨, 真堂圭, 門脇舞以 (Kitamura Eri, Shindou Kei, Kadowaki Mai)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1, Mirror 2

It’s Aoki-sensei’s first day as a teacher at an elementary school. Like most ignorant, overly optimistic, inexperienced teachers, Aoki wants to be that “cool onii-san teacher” that all the students look up to. That’s going fine and dandy, until he walks into his classroom… full of topless third grade girls. Damn, gym class so early in the morning? Nice pantsu, Rin. Aoki gets the class under control and goes about his teacher routine – he notices that Mimi hasn’t been coming to class! More on this later. Throughout the course of the day, besides getting his finger sucked on by Rin, called a lolicon by Kuro, and overall jumping headfirst into a killerloli-infested pool, everything goes quite smoothly. After school, he finds out that the previous teacher wasn’t quite liked, and did some nasty stuff to his students… with Mimi taking it the hardest. He decides to go pay a visit to Mimi’s house, and eventually gets her to break out of her trauma shell. So far so good – the next day, Rin climbs a tree to save a cat, except the branch breaks and she’s about to die – until Aoki saves the day! Do-it-all super utility player, this guy. As a reward for saving Rin, the three girls give him an eyeful. Just another day in the life.

ED Sequence

ED: 「ハナマル☆センセイション」 (Hanamaru * Sensation) by Little Non
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2

Crazy dancing, ass shaking, Rin eating fruit. You know what I wanna see is a show about these kids in high school. Lucky*Jikan: almost legal but still jailbait



The censoring kills me. I’ve watched enough of this stuff that I’m totally desensitized to it, so when a big ass spinning “no” character is popping up and covering half the screen every couple minutes, it sticks out quite obnoxiously. It was funny the first two times, but three onwards has been… infuriating. Not to mention that’s not the only thing being censored, as some of their dialogue has been drowned out by ringtones and such.

It’s a disturbing approach. Understandably the themes in this show should deserve little delicacy and tact, but to see the producers of the show actually move forward with such brutishness (ala South Park) is quite odd to me. Especially when it all has to get censored to hell – at least in Hayate, we get some comedic effect. The censoring here? It’s even more unpleasant than what happened in Dokuro, and altogether not that really necessary. Pantsu? Big freakin deal, seen it all before. Unless that upskirt scene at the end had no pantsu, in which I would make one of those O_O faces and clam shut.

It seems like the tv series is proceeding in a notably darker direction than the overall happiness of the OVA. And frankly, I’m not sure I like it, as I thought the OVA was really well done – had a good balance of all the elements that made the manga successful – but this first episode just seemed… weak. As an anime, it just doesn’t have much to offer over the manga, which I believe is always the killer when it comes to these anime adaptations.

But I guess only time can tell. For those who follow the manga, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And for those who don’t and think this is just Moetan deux, well, is it really? Just cuz there’s little girls in skirts running around – it’s not like the camera is zooming in on their little bits, as was frequently done in Moetan. Watch the show for what it is, not what you think it is!

Or just don’t watch it. At this point, I don’t blame you, considering half the time we’re staring at a big spinning “no.”


What do you all think about the picture captions? Keep? Discard? Rather have more information or more unfunny and irrelevant comments?


  1. Looks like we gonna wait for the DVD release of this anime when it ends for limit-break right now I’m also in deep slumber good thing G.Nin-kun is around for me to crave upon.

  2. OOOoooooH yeess yeesss SUCK my finger, OOoooH YEEAH ooooH Looky Look, LOOK AT ALL THE little girls oooh so many!! OOHH YES!!! wait till i fall asleep yes yes like that, and then ooh and then give me a kiss OOOOOooh, we’ll eat ice cream tommorow SOOFFTT SERVE!!

    *hand fall’s from keyboard*. . *pull’s out revolver from drawer*
    *procedes to blow brains out thus silencing the voices*

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. Noooo !!! we can t go to the darkside… dispite the fact that this is a controversial anime, there are some serious problem who are exposed here.I guess this is sadly 🙁 the reflect of some deviant behavior of the japanese society and some our modern society as well like priest behaviour and teacher too, got plenty exemple is news every month…
    Are far as i read the manga (chapter 30) the story doesnt go to the darkside but it s still edgier… If u want to read the manga u need to take it at the second degree… u ll see it s somehow really funny ^^

  4. Actually, I prefer this to the OVA – less fanservice, less comedy (though still a healthy amount), more focus on the plot and characters. They already foreshadow [spoiler]what happened to Aki[/spoiler]. Censorship is annoying, but we’ll have DVDs for that XD (though censoring the like-a-cat scene was stupid, since its rather important to the plot).

    Now I just hope they don’t trip and succumb to the idea of adding more and more fanservice while ignoring the story.

    No, lolis are innocent little creatures~!!!!! XD 😉

  5. This is the scariest most disturbing show i’ve ever seen.. it’s like encouraging the pedo-side of potential pedo’s to come out… and it’s telling kids that it’s alright to show their panties and sexify themselves and suck on their teacher’s fingers.. whoever enjoys watching this should be locked up.

  6. Just read the manga…
    and dont say its to lolicon… if you watch this series you should be somehow interested in lolicon so you should read the manga because it has more ecchi content

  7. @ascella:

    It should become clear in an episode or two that Rin’s behavior is chastised by nearly every character in the series (except for Mimi, who is simply too naive to know the difference). The teacher, other teachers, her guardian, Kuro, etc. No one approves of the way Rin acts.

    There’s a lesson to be learned here. Children should act like children. The question is why Rin acts that way.

  8. If people who enjoy this show should go to jail, then lock me up, baby, and have me shanked XDDDD. There are parts so ridiculous (You wanna girlfriend? You already saw me nekkid, damon!”) that had me wiping the spittle off the laptop screen. But as it’s been hinted, there are deeper issues at stake that will keep this lolicon-in-denial intrigued.


    Back to the point. Censorship here drives me crazy. I’ll wait until uncensored DVD release.

    ‘they censored my nakadashi kibou!’
    This is only a third o it all.
    Censored voices (with ringtones etc) and upskirt scenes.
    This takes all of the fun destroying the show.
    What? Don’t tell me that this show is dedicated for kids and thus is censored … ?!?

    Anyway, Manga is as good as anime and it has all the mood and it’s fun to read.
    You can’t really understand anime before reading at least few chapters of manga.

    Later in the manga is a big turn around of the story.
    Teacher seeks the source of behavior of Kokonoe Rin. He thinks that maybe it is her (lolicon?) guardian. But the source of her behavior is the teacher himself (because he reacts in certain way encouraging her to do it even more). I want to say that people are blind to see themselves as not what they want to see.

    The manga and probably anime in future episodes touches very sensitive point. All the people that sees this title as inappropriate material for certain people are this kind of people themselves!

    I’ll explain this more. DO NOT mix sexual preference with criminal activity of mentally ill people! Priests, murderers, rapists and other people that are using their privileges and power (not only physical). It is the same way as Animal Predator seeks weakest animal as their prey. So don’t merge two different things up into one.

    I’m just angry at some people here (and not only here).
    You don’t like it? … don’t watch it, don’t read it, don’t look at it, etc. It’s not Live Action Movie!!! Enjoy it the way it is!
    The cultural differences are so big that we can’t really understand each other well.

  10. does any1 know where i can find chapter 31 translated english cus i really like the story other than the funny reactions of the characters, but also the person’s emotions developed towards another person.

    but my problem is that they seemed to change the voice over,opening and ending theme’s from the ova and the series. censorship in here is okay for a tv series cus it promotes getting more sales on the dvd version.

    CAPITALIZISM Drives people to improve their thinking for making money.

  11. The show is finally here XD i been waiting for it quite abit of time.
    i think i read up to volume 3 (or 4? well something like that:P)
    also for those who say loli is evil ur prob right….but what is the point of saying it here.Your comment will be too bias because the moment u set ur eye on the show instead of trying to find out the good aspect of the show e.g story. you try to find how much ecchi the show is so in reality those who complain may very well be the one with the twist mind….

  12. ascella:
    “it’s telling kids that it’s alright to show their panties and sexify themselves and suck on their teacher’s fingers..”

    Um, it shouldn’t be able to tell “kids” anything. “Kids” shouldn’t be watching anime at 1:30 in the morning *lol*

    “it’s like encouraging the pedo-side of potential pedo’s to come out…”

    Um, no. Take note of how Aoki reacts to Rin’s advances. In fact, the manga makes it clear frequently that if Aoki would “give in”, it would be GAME OVER for him. Not exactly what I’d call “encouraging”.
    And for that matter, neither is Rin’s behaviour considered “allright” or encouraged by the other characters or the narrative. Quite the oposite.

    “whoever enjoys watching this should be locked up.”

    You’re the cancer that is killing liberty, doubleplusgood!

    f(_)ck: Wait until it is released in japan. Then wait another week.

  13. Always find it funny when people go “OMG This encouraging pedophilia and it’s gonna turn everyone who watches this will into pedophiles blah blah.” Nothing wrong with educating yourself on what it is before going all crazy and labeling others because they read the manga or anime of KnJ. *shrug*

    I’ve read up to chapter 30, the story is quite well constructed if you just overlook the fanservice and the girls are just plain cute. Go female mangaka Kaworu Watashiya!!

    That aside, that ending sequence is infectiously CUTE!! >.

  14. Once again, the censoring doesn’t kill me so much. Good story is all I care. Beside, I expected it would end up liked this as a TV show. Just makes the series worth buying on the DVD now.

  15. I suggest that the captions for the images be displayed another way — they’re amusing, but some browsers have the (unconventional?) tendency to not show the alt text when you put your mouse over the image. (The text is supposed to be displayed when the image is unavailable… the rest is technically extra, I think.)

    Besides, It’d be nice to get an overview of the per-image comments without having to stop over each one.

    As for the show itself… ^^” It could go anywhere, so I won’t say anything yet.

    Just my two cents.

  16. Ugh… this looks disgusting. I have no clue why people like lolis. I mean, sure lolis are okay when they aren’t… grade 2, and if the just look loli but are old… But this is sickening. Lolicons = Pedophiles. The word Lolicon is a reference to a Russian guy’s book called “lolita” about a guy that got obsessed over a 12 year old girl.

  17. “Once again, the censoring doesn’t kill me so much. Good story is all I care.”

    The issue is the censoring kills the jokes because most of the jokes are the type of smut humor and are playwords.

    Considering the manga have been faithful translated to the last released chapter and STILL we do not have much of a “arc” (it is starting to have one) I am afraid this end up being a slice-of-life with some “censored” jokes (too hot for 1.00 AM) … I always have doubts about the timing of adapting this so we get neither a story or the humor …

    I will pass.

  18. so the lolicon fantasy show is more important than Juushin Enbu:(
    i am an avid reader of your blog, but i don’t think i will be following it this fall. i respect the fact that this is your taste in anime, but you’re not really blogging anything anyone wants to watch. (except for gundam)

    see you in spring.

  19. the site should have a blogging style like half fanservice and half robots,romance,fantasy.

    cus i’m one of those people that like fanservice but not alot of romance/fantasy anime shows. most of the time the shows that is totally popular like claymore for example will most likely to come to north america in tv so i don’t bother to watch it much.

  20. Finalnight: You realize that these are artistic works, whether you personally approve of them or not? I don’t want to explicitly defend KnJ because I’m not a huge fan of it, but there are a lot of people who will say that this has some serious psychological drama, and I respect that. If jaalin likes this or Moetan enough to keep blogging, then that’s his prerogative. I stand behind my writers on things like this.

    raijin-oh: Please pay attention to the fact that there are multiple writers on this site even though I do the majority of it. I hardly think that none of us are “blogging anything anyone wants to watch.” That sounds more like a statement of what you personally prefer to watch than anything else. Shana II, Dragonaut, Clannad, and Myself; Yourself are just a few examples of shows that I am blogging that have developed large followings.

  21. “you’re not really blogging anything anyone wants to watch. (except for gundam)”

    Don’t project your own preferences on others (especially not on any/everyone), it makes you look ridiculous.

    For that matter, with Blue Drop, Shana II, Clannad, Mokke, Myself;Yourself and Dragonaut there are plenty enough “popular” anime, so your anyone can’t even be assumed to be in the majority – not that it should matter anyhow.

    BTW, since we have quite a few people who go “OMG, there are lolis on my Random Curiosity!” :rolleyes:, maybe it would be best if the preview screens (the ones you can see from the main page) of the Kodomo no Jikan posts weren’t risque – that way those who don’t like theese things can avoid them just by not entering the posts.
    Maybe that will also make them less likely to bi- I mean, comment on how evil we all are 😀 😉

  22. As another manga reader I’m also quite disappointed by this adaptation so far. The OVA was better. This episode just fails completely in capturing the manga’s mood.

    Anyway, some of the comments here are hilarious. Please try to gain a mediocum of understanding of a subject matter before voicing your thoughts (is that an euphemism?) on it.

  23. Omni, I appreciate your response, I hadn’t expected it. Yes, I understand that these are artistic works, my views are based in the cultural and legal mores of the USA.

    But, I don’t mind the depicition of loli/etc when the show itself is good (remember the siblings in Shana I), but Moetan was not good, it even had an episode where the writers completely threw it down the drain. This show appears to be similarly weak in plot. Therefore, I identify them as crap. I was under the impression that you disliked shows that were fanservicey or deviant just as a gimick, thats why I expressed my surprise at more of these shows being blogged here.

  24. @Drakron

    Yes, it’s hurts the humor. I just watched the raw and didn’t seems so bad – better I expected. Censoring went quckly for me. There’s always the DVD version to watch than this.

  25. erf…censored kill everything u_u…except the ova was uncensored i think? 🙂
    I think manga will be better that anime soo looking forward for DVD’s and manga 🙂

    Ps:Anyone know when the Dvd coming out 😛 even if it’s soo soon ._.?

  26. Sorry Finalnight but if it is like the manga, its not … this is not some silly fanservice and it touches some serious issues.

    Rin teases Aoki, she acts in a way above her age but really … you think we have sexuality locked until the state declares you are no longer a minor? the real issue people have is this utter destroy their image of how children are and its realistic about it but I pointed out the manga is still developing a plot and since its one chapter per month I fear this ends up as Claymore and countless of other ongoing manga adaptations.

  27. Dito Ravage, let’s just wait for the DVD subs. I didn’t even bother to watch this when I saw the censoring marks… if this continues, we have a reason to be afraid of the anime future. A show airing at half past one in the morning gets mutilated by censorship again? Panties and even written sentences are offensive now? Dokuro-chan, School Days, Higurashi, Kodomo no Jikan; what’s next? I thought only the retarded TV stations here in germany were cruel enough to turn good shows into unwatchable garbage through censoring, dubbing and stupid ad placement. Now Japan hops on the same train. Where is the point in running a series when major plot elements become unclear?

    And btw, what happened to the comments here? People trying to tell us that everyone who watches this will most probably turn into a pedo and should be locked up… It’s the same with the politicians, they tell us that pc gamers are potential rampaging mass murderers etc etc etc… Why think about something when you can just throw in some utter bullshit to attract attention? Ascella, are you just narrowminded enough to really believe in the words you wrote or did you just post them to start an argument?

    And one thing many here seem to forget about: THIS IS FICTION! It’s a freaking anime show, dammit. If you can’t distinguish fiction from reality you have a major problem and should consult a specialist instead of blaming a piece of animated art. Freaking sheep.

  28. @Finalnight
    Quote1: ‘I am really starting to wonder about why Omni lets this kind of crap on his blog. First Moetan, now this?’

    What is your problem? Don’t think that your values are better than every one else in the world.

    Quote2: ‘my views are based in the cultural and legal mores of the USA’

    Are you serious? USA is big and each state has its own law. USA and Japan are not the only ones in the world.

    Quote3: ‘I identify them as crap’

    And what is *not crap* by your thinking?

    Summary: You selfish self-centered %?#!&@*

    ‘but you’re not really blogging anything anyone wants to watch. (except for gundam)’

    Speak for yourself! Do you think you know everyones preferences? I dislike mecha animes and I don’t want to see any but I do not post stupid comments in gundam section like YOU do here.

    Quote1: ‘I have no clue why people like lolis.’
    this is called ignorance, btw. Some people like s/f, some comedy, some homosexual like yaoi or yuri and some loli. your comment means that you are limited in thinking.

    Quote2: ‘The word Lolicon is a reference to a Russian guy’s book called “lolita”’
    Book adopted to movie in 1962 but it is not the point here.

    RoRiKoN (lolicon) is short of LOLIta COMplex. Japanese phonetic system lacks ‘m’ sound and it’s raplaced by ‘n’ sound.

    well, I think you are short in knowledge AND limited in thinking. You make a bad image of yourself. Elementary schooler, maybe?

    I respect other peoples’ preferences and I won’t say ‘they are this and that because they watch this and that’


    OMNI-SAMA, you are the GOD here!
    Keep up with this good work!

  29. Lol@ fake
    First Quote towards me: “You selfish self-centered %?#!&@*”

    Second Quote towards Feylin: “You make a bad image of yourself. Elementary schooler, maybe?”

    Try acting at least like a middle schooler before you call someone an elementary schooler.

    And yes, the US has 50 states with their own laws, but there is an overriding federal code. Refer to 18 U.S.C. 1466A(a)(1) and 18 U.S.C. 2252(a)(2) for more details.

    I didn’t call anyone any names and was having a polite discussion before you interjected your boorish commentary.

  30. Rightie Finalnight, follow the laws of the “country of god” and don’t let your own narrowminded brain do the thinking for you. Why bother trying to explain things when there’s some idiot doing the thing for you, right? Opinion, free will; who needs that?

    You, dear sir – and I’m sorry to say that – are a perfect example of why americans are hated throughout most parts of the world. Of course that’s only a stereotypical box-thinking picture, but that’s how many people see it, and you just fit in perfectly. But hey, go and make the world a better place with your moralized one-way thinking. Btw, I couldn’t agree more with fake, guys like you just make you wanna smash your head against a wall and worry about how humanity is going to be able to survive. Don’t take it personally, just leave other people alone with your ridiculous “cultural and legal mores” – we can think by ourselves. Thank you.

  31. @Finalnight
    I checked 18 U.S.C. 1466A(a)(1) and 18 U.S.C. 2252(a)(2) but where in KnJ did you see actual sexual intercourse?

    To see naked kid alone is against the law?
    Then all parents in the world should go behind the bars because they see their child naked.
    There are places where you can see naked kids, a beach for example.

    Imagine situation
    even if you don’t want to, you are near naked child on the beach. So about 200 people should go to jail because they seen that child?
    I don’t know, maybe in US it’s against the law. Many times I read articles about parents who took photos during a vacation and ended up in police station just because on one or some photos were THEIR naked children. If future you won’t be able to touch your own child if things go that way.

    I see that you switched to defense mode and you are protecting yourself with US law.
    I wonder if you are that lawful… Then go to police and report yourself because you DID see a KnJ screencap with drawn half-naked kid on main page!

    KnJ is fictional drawing not Live Action Movie!
    Pencil and paper are hurt! Go to police and report printing company! Copy machines should be destroyed! Internet should be totally blocked! US is right, rest of the world is wrong!

    If you want to see real pedos then go to Thailand. There are plenty of them.

  32. Finalnight:
    Unless you have read/watched/at least somewhat INFORMED yourself about an anime (or manga, or any other subject) you shouldn’t don’t say “it’s crap” (or things like that efect) unless it is clear that you refer to your own enjoyment.
    Instead, say that it looks to you like crap (based on what you know, which is some screencaps and a summary, and maybe a raw ep) or so far it looks kind alike Moetan/you can’t see the difference to moetan so far/etc. – my reaction to that would be “each to his own”, or “if they follow the manga, that will change due to a, b and c”.
    Without qualifications (and especially when coupled with things like banning/not allowing it etc.) it looks like a.) you think your own values/opinion is the only valid one and b.) you’re trying to force your own values down the throats of others. And we got enough of that already.

    If anyone wants to actually debate wether the KnJ anime has the potential for a great story (or if the manga is more than just fanservice, or whatever) – do some research (read the manga, or MANY reviews (note: Answerman’s rant doesn’t count, as he did even worse than you did – he didn’t even read what he was having an outrage about :rolleyes: ) and be civil 🙂
    Or just state this is not your cup of tea and move on. No problem there either. What gets on my (and I’m pretty sure most others) nerves is the selfrighteousness here (and you are one of the smallest offenders there – at least you didn’t think we’re thoughtcriminals and should go to jail :rolleyes:).

    Also, let me say again (as someone who doesn’t particular enjoys lolicon fanservice – I went into Moetan expecting witty english/japanese wordplays and when it utterly failed to deliver on that I dropped it after 3 or so episodes): The Kodomo no Jikan manga has a deep plot dealing with loss, overcoming problems through friendship, struggling with the past and, yes, abnormal sexual behaviour of a 9yearold (and the abnormal is very important, it’s not like the othere characters/the narrative consider it ok or endorses anything like that – Rin is clearly shown to be deeply disturbed.) as well as comedy and loli fanservice – and if the anime is somewhat faithful to the spirit of the manga, it won’t become a second Moetan.

    Oh, and the nation of the 700 club is also the nation of the ACLU. 😉

  33. hehehe “country of god”. When I instantly new what country people were talking about….thats’ kind of sad actually. Here in Canada it is illegal to have material identified as child pornography EVEN if it is animated or virtual. I believe that law only applies to cases where a person is already in possession of real child pornography and is used to compound the charges against a person. Basically your odds of being charged for posession of lolicon material are infinitely lower than that of being charged with possesion of real child pornography. However, since Kodomo No Jikan is not pornography, none of us should have to worry, and none of us should be engaging in posession of child pornography real or otherwise anyway, since we’re hopefully all law abiding citizens. End of story.

  34. I would like to go back to the main point of these comments for a little while and THANK GOD (http://haruhiism.com/) that this amazing manga finally has an anime. It looks great, even better than the ova, and I think it captures the dark moods a lot better than I expected. The voice acting is good too, especially Rin.

    Regarding the criticism of the series by some people here, I would recommend you actually watch it or, even better, read the manga (note: READ, not look at) and then voice your opinion. Otherwise, you opinions sound just plain silly.

    This series has nothing to do with lolis and sex with minors really, but actually has more serious issues (self scarification by small children comes to mind, among many others) going on. Actually, if I want to read/see a hentai series/doujinshi/manga with lolis, I will do just that. This is different. I’m really sorry for all the people who think otherwise, but if you allow me a selfish comment (like the ones you usually make) you are wrong. This is a VERY serious series, and I highly recommend it to everyone. BTW, the series IS for adults. And not only because of the sex. (what sex? :O)

  35. This isn’t fucking lolicon anymore..the moment they censor it, it’s screwed. Chocosis was ruined the exact same way; I loved it’s manga, just as I love KnJ’s manga. What’s wrong with nudity of little girls in anime; the ONLY reason it’s bad in the real world is because it harms actual living beings. In anime, no one is hurt, it’s a fucking drawing dammit. The media must congeal people’s brains into a mass of burnt-out cells, seriously…

    Producers need to just grow some balls and do what they know is right, not censor the shit out of it so “everyone” can view it. Right when they picked up this idea, they already KNEW some bleeding heart faggots would be opposed to it; they should just take it all the way through, because nothing they do will satisfy the retarded masses.

  36. I SAID J ! WTF ?! THIS…….IS…………SAD……….I mean clearly the teacher wouldnt accept her cause she is like totally flat chest,tch ! i mean COME ON !!!! FFS !!!!!!!!!! WE NEED SOME NORMAL HANDSOME GUY & BEAUTIFUL GIRL STUFF !! Not some little 5 year old who wants a 20+ guy or some alien lover shi- !

  37. For those who said this doesn’t look interesting…

    It actually is. Even in this first episode we get some decent drama that aren’t seen in many anime.

    Look past the loli and check it out.

  38. Im not gonna reveal anything but ryo007 is right it does start to get complicated and honestly the manga left me real sad. read the manga get a laugh the feel the sadness of waiting a month for the next chapter


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