Unaware that the Sablum Empire’s Gerot has sent an assassin named Selima to Wind Land, Priecia is shooting a promotional film for the Rosenberg Knight Training School. She draws the line when the director and school principal Kizarob puts her in lingerie, despite his noble recruitment goal for their school in the face of the Sablum threat. Priecia leaves after kicking his perverted face in order to get ready for today’s entrance ceremony. Selima meanwhile enters the city to infiltrate the school and decides to take on the name Bridget. She finds that all across the school are banners celebrating Priecia, and everyone is talking about how she’s a genius in both military arts and academics. Priecia herself gets embarrassed when she sees all these and tries her best to destroy them. It is here that she meets a boy wondering what this genius princess is like. Both of them are late for the ceremony, so he drags her with lightning-fast speed to ceremony hall and introduces himself as Hyaweh along the way. By the time the two of them arrive, they find Bridget on-stage after she had gotten mistaken for Priecia because of her braided hair and her inability to pronounce her own name.

Bridget has been asked to demonstrate her abilities in a mock battle against a bunch of small wood-men for the rest of the students, but she’s unable to handle herself against the onslaught. When Karin has to help her, Bridget finally clears up the misunderstanding over her identity, and she also starts to use her assassin skills to fight more effectively. The two of them nevertheless become overwhelmed by the wood-men, and it’s the real Priecia who ends up jumping in and saving them. However, Priecia doesn’t take kindly to someone using her name, so she turns her sword against Bridget. This causes Bridget to start panicking and apologizing, and to Priecia’s surprise, Hyaweh suddenly steps in and holds Priecia’s sword in place with only two fingers to stop her from doing anything. Priecia thinks that she has to kill Hyaweh now too for getting in her way, but Hyaweh grabs both her hands and tells her that she definitely can’t kill him because rapiers are swords for attacking the enemy. Feeling embarrassed and insulted, Priecia breaks free of his grasp and attacks him.

ED Sequence

ED: 「オペラファンタジア」 (Opera Fantasia) by momo-i
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3

Well this episode was better than the first one, but I’m still having a hard time getting into it and just basically don’t care for it. This episode serves as an introduction to Selima/Bridget, who is an anime original character, as well as showing how Hyaweh and Priecia met, however aside from the fact that Hyaweh is a lot more powerful than he looks (which I said last time but it bears repeating since this episode chronologically occurs before the first episode), there’s not much more to the story that interests me. I doubt I’ll be sticking around to watch any more of this.


  1. I’ve always held Omni’s opinion in high regard but all that fanservice in the screenshots is like a fishhook on your upper lip. Maybe after a third ep I can decide…

    Which would be a while since no fansubbing group is interested in this series, damn so many good shows out this October.


  2. This particular episode was rather pointless. Ninety percent of it was dedicated to trying to set up a plot for the next episode. I felt as if I just watched a DBZ episode on the Cartoon Network. I’m betting that in the next episode, we’ll get fifteen minutes of dialogue, three minutes of fighting, then eight minutes of another scene where someone is just talking pointlessly. Also, is it just me, or did the guy’s voice suddenly changed from a mature, deep voice to a juvenille, soft voice?

  3. Random DUDE: Because I don’t think Rental Magica is that great either. I enjoyed the OP and ED song as well as the Lelouch-redux, but the first and second episodes didn’t really make me want to watch more (particularly the second episode where the pacing felt really slow).

    Remy: His voice changed because this episode takes place chronically before the first one, so the idea is that he’s not as experienced/mature as his future counterpart.

  4. @Omni: That much was a given…but I didn’t think and he didn’t seem that much older in the first episode. If he’d been taller and had more ‘chiseled’ facial features, I could’ve accepted the voice changed without question.

  5. Well what do you expect since the beginning of this show all the character has chibi face already so dont think you can change much from a chibi face to a much more chibi face right? What worse is they add in fanservice

  6. Well, if Kamina is watching this… he will just shout “we will kick the plot to the curb and just watch the [insert your imagination]”. Perhaps Jaalin can pick up on this one?

  7. Is it me? Or is it ironic that the things that gamers dislike is the episode, is the things that got the non-gamers and first-timers hooked? ^^;

    Well, not that it’s too much of a bad thing I guess… ^^;

  8. If they continue this, then there is no Prism Ark anime.
    Let me put it this way: Compared to the Prism Ark anime, the LotRO movies were completely faithful adoptions of the original material without any stupid (throwing dwarves?) annoying (Glorfindel replaced, Faramir’s character drastically changed?!) nonsensical (Elves at the Hornburg?! Arwen send away?!) crap.

    Chaos2Frozen: If Front Line wants to make some anime loosely based on Prism Ark, and would call it like that as well, I wouldn’t be pissed off as much.
    However they call it “Prism Ark”, and this isn’t Kanon so I’ll doubt we’ll get KyoAni to produce a remake…

  9. If I’m not mistaken, Priecia and Hyaweh’s exchange near the end was a bit of a play on the Japanese words. Priecia tells Hyaweh that if he gets in her way, she’ll kill him – but her choice of expression, “kiru,” literally means “to cut.” Hyaweh upsets her by pointing out that she won’t have much luck at that, since her rapier is a thrusting sword…

  10. @Gloranor
    Calm down… ^^;

    Think of it as an alternate way of telling the story then. They change the little picture but the main plot generally remains the same… This happens to a few animes base on other media as well.


    Thumbs up to Hyaweh then 🙂

  11. Chaos2Frozen:
    Changing some things is normal, yes, but extremely and consistently changeing things for the worse is special.
    Well, it’s dead to me now anyway XD


    Just finished watching Blue Drop Ep 3 raw on niconico (should be soon available on Winny/Share) – definitely my favourite anime this season.

    Ep 3 spoiler, kinda, slightly
    Show Spoiler ▼

  12. For those that want to know~~~
    Show Spoiler ▼

  13. The first episode was bad and this anime keeps disappointing me ~_~ .. i will try to watch one more episode , if nothing change’s then i’m dropping this useless anime 🙂 .

    thanks for the blog ^^.

  14. I liked ep 1, then I thought ep 2 was decent, but ep 3 was HORRIBLE. No direction, no focus, horrible plot with tons of wasted airtime. I’m not surprised nobody is subbing it right now, who wants to sub all that pointless dialogue and boring action?


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