Hormones make you do the darndest things. Like, I dunno, form baseless teen relationships that don’t ever make sense. Then again, did anything during adolescence ever make sense?

Sorry, I’m writing this as I’m extremely drunk – in case you were wondering, I’m one of those crazy happy drunks… hey, I guess it’ll be just like a normal blog entry!

So we got lil’ miss prissy Hoshino-san, who still doesn’t know that the main guy and Mao-oneesan are childhood friends, so she’s still kinda wavering as to how to ask him about her. After all, him and Mao seem to be hanging out a lot, not to mention Mao is much hotter than her and much better at real life, so how is she to compete with that?

Elsewhere, we got Kazuki’s imouto and her froggy-love friend, and they are getting along splendidly as their ugly-ass frogs get their first kiss on. Could this be a foreshadowing of some future relationship developments between these two girls? Fat chance, but let’s keep the hope alive for now.

So, Nana-chan’s got this great idea – she’s planning a welcome back party for Mao-oneesan! These parties and get-togethers are always a great place to kick start some relationships, so I’m paying close attention. Of course, Mao agrees to come (Nana’s blushing, yearning face is irresistible on many levels), as do our main guy, Kazuki, and Nana’s lesbian frog friend. The cast is assembled!

Cut to a quick scene involving Kazuki and the frigid high-IQ bitch – and uh… that’s about it. She leaves him as quickly as he finds her, looking extremely bored as if he was just something to do to kill time. Naturally, Kazuki gets all emo on us, so we know that’s not the end of this storyline.

Back to our main dude and Hoshino – like every other quiet, good girl moe mode, she’s a volunteer at the library, which seems to be a prime place for our dude to try to mack on her, ie invite her on a date, ie invite her to karaoke. Apparently this is tough to do, since inviting a random girl at the library to karaoke with like 10 other people is a hard thing for adolescents to do these days. Man, back in my day we just walked up to a girl and asked her out, no questions asked. No? Try again tomorrow. Yes? Let the good times roll.

This is where I remember to save this document, in case I do something stupid like close without saving. Wowoooowoooooo

Eventually, our dude is able to invite Hoshino to the karaoke session (well, massive Mao-oneechan intervention involved). Skip directly to the karaoke get-together (nice!) and show a cute scene involving genki Mao-oneechan doing her trademark genki wink. She notices that Hoshino isn’t around and scopes her out in the restroom.

This is about when I really start hoping for some doujins involving Mao and any other random anime character. She’s really hot, and her personality is totally addictive. She’s got that carefree and sexually liberated feel to her, and it’s totally hot.

After some silly karaoke competition (our two lesbian imouto frog buddies sweep the floor), the party disbands. Wouldn’t you know it, Mao bumps into cold-manwhore Kai after she leaves, and the two chat up a generic storm for no apparent reason except to further the relationship.

We close with a silly scene involving our main dude and Hoshino getting deredere over each other. Silly.


I think I said this last week and I’ll probably say it every week until this show ends: each individual relationship got a little deeper, each individual path became a little more intertwined. Kinda. I swear, though… the two main guys are like the anti-Makoto… you know… they actually wanna get to KNOW girls, and TALK to them and stuff. What kind of twisted reality is this? Mao-oneechan, stay genki and keep winking so I don’t fall asleep!

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  1. It’s funny how every harem like anime blogged here since School Days episode 12 are referenced. I mean so far there’s an outgoing girl, a shy girl, a genius what’s next a romp fest?

  2. @Seek

    Granted most harem shows are kinda like that … you have stereotypes, in part is because it helps the audience to differentiate each girl but a lot is due to dating sims background were the player picks the type of girl he likes the most (same translates to anime were the viewer picks the girl type he likes the most and cheers for her).

    The same is somewhat true to shoujo, expect you have pretty much the same basic two steriotypes.

  3. Finally a romance show where the girls are NOT flocking around the male lead for a totally incomprehensible reason, and where they guys actually have to put some EFFORT into getting (to know) the girls. In modern animes, a radically new concept. After the really annoying batch of other current harems, a welcome change.

  4. yea..agree we dun see the childhood friends fawning over each other but still i would’t mind abit of thos.. makes things more intresting for the whole story plot but seriously…i dun really think kazuki should go for that “cool beauty” gwahha.. she too cool like freezing cool..

  5. I’m not gonna love a show just cuz it’s got nicer visuals or an interesting story. I love a show that clicks with me. If it doesn’t click, it can be the “best” anime/show in the world, CO-produced by EVERY big anime companies, voiced by ONLY the MOST respectable seiyuus, created with the CG technologies of ILM, and with a budget the size that you can only imagine UNLESS you were the one who stole every penny of it from Bill Gate’s bank to fund the show… I’m not gonna love it. I might go ooh, aah, lol, but I will never enjoy it as much as a show that clicks with me.

    That said, none of the shows this season has really clicked with me yet. Well, maybe moyashimon and mokke.. but otherwise, I’m still waiting for more episodes to come out for the 11 series I’m following.

  6. KyoAni divinity? I thought that was Haruhi?

    Anyway, it’s basically like what Jayars said. For some odd reason, Kimikiss just clicks with me more, meanwhile I’m only watching Clannad because I’m a KyoAni and Key fanboy, and that Tomoyo is made of win and gold.

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