After having a dream where Koko takes him behind the storage shed at school and tells him that she wants to make some memories, Yoshiyuki wakes up late and has to rush to meet with Koko so that they can walk to school together. Today is the athletic festival, and with Koko lamenting the limited amount of time she has to spend with him, Yoshiyuki promises that he’ll somehow find time. During the opening ceremonies, Wataru draws Yoshiyuki’s attention to Koko’s bloomers, but the two are caught for whispering and embarrassed in front of everyone by Otome. Once the events get started, Yoshiyuki and friends see Nanaka leading her class in cheering, but much to Yoshiyuki’s dismay, she notices him and calls out to him by his given name, and this once again attracts the ire of all the male students. Yoshiyuki’s first event is the four-legged race with Nanaka and Anzu, and after a little teasing from Anzu, the three get off to a horrible start where they immediately fall flat on their faces. Anzu ends up pushing Yoshiyuki into Koko as they try to get back up, and she keeps him down with his face in Koko’s chest.

Yoshiyuki gets to apologize to Koko later, but he doesn’t get to spend any time with her because Wataru soon drags him off to watch Yume and Minatsu participate in the borrowing competition. While Minatsu is quickly getting frustrated by how she keeps drawing papers asking her to find bananas, the one Yume gets causes her to run to Yoshiyuki and ask him to take off his clothes. It turns out that she needs his gym clothes, though this leads to an embarrassing scene where she takes his underwear too. Things return to normal by lunchtime, and Yoshiyuki finally gets a little quiet time with Koko and the lunch she made for him. Koko is just about to suggest something when the two are interrupted by all their friends, and the girls urge Koko to feed Yoshiyuki. The afternoon brings more athletic events, and this time it’s Suginami who pulls Yoshiyuki away from Koko to show him a contraption he has installed with the net obstacle course. Yoshiyuki pushing the remote control button causes the machine to turn on and vault the girls out from under it into some very compromising positions.

Suginami also tries to help Yoshiyuki in a 100m dash by installing rockets into the starting blocks, and this also ends poorly after Yoshiyuki gets launched into the air and crashes onto the ground. Helping him towards the infirmary, Koko notes how unusual it is for Yoshiyuki to get so chagrined about something like this, so he admits that it was because she was waiting for him, and this makes Koko quite happy. However, she then gets called away to attend to some committee stuff, and she hands him over to Yume. In the infirmary, Yume asks Yoshiyuki about his relationship with Koko, and he angers her by saying that it has nothing to do with her. Later, as the festival draws to a close and everyone is helping clean up, Koko brings Yoshiyuki to the storage shed and tells him that she wants to make some memories, just like she did in his dream. Yoshiyuki thinks that this means one thing, but in actuality, Koko just wants to take a get a picture taken with him. She sets the camera’s timer, and although this doesn’t initially work because they get interrupted again by their friends, Wataru does end up taking a picture of the two of them for them.


Ahh, I knew the whole wanting memory thing was too good to be true. It is, however, another reminder that Yoshiyuki’s dreams end up coming true, and that’s likely an ability granted to him by the sakura tree. Relationship-wise, this episode again draws Yoshiyuki and Koko closer together despite the constant interruptions. I said last week that I couldn’t rule out anyone just yet because of the possibilities that the sakura tree brings, but they’re making a pretty convincing case that Yoshiyuki will stick with Koko all series.

I think the only other girl who even remotely has a chance at this point is Yume, and that’s only because they show her act so angry with him in that special way that makes you think she could have feelings for him. Plus there are all those reminders that they’re brother and sister, and we all know what happened with Junichi and Nemu. For the time being though, I don’t expect that we’ll see anything but YoshiyukiXKoko, probably at least not until they get a kiss.


  1. Ahh, I knew the whole wanting memory thing was too good to be true. It is, however, another reminder that Yoshiyuki’s dreams end up coming true, and that’s likely an ability granted to him by the sakura tree

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Hayate thanks for pointing that out since i didnt play koko’s route in either DC II or spring celebration so I wouldnt have known. (Otome FTW! I only played her route and her spring celebration) If I have time and get around to it I was planning to play Nanaka’s route also (because Nanaka is love) 😛

    Overall Im getting more and more disappointed with the series the longer and longer he stays with Koko. Nobody likes Koko (Not that I know of but if any Koko fans are here, speak now so we know who to throw all the hate at. j/k)

  3. Hayate-sama:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And incidentally, I do like Koko, but it surprised me as much as anyone else that they chose to tell the story this way. That being said, the more they go on like this, the more I realize that it’s actually a pretty good way of being able to cover the entire game. As someone once told me, “it’s never about where you’re going, it’s how you get there”. :p

  4. come on….more shirakawa nanaka pls!!
    And I don’t really like Koko. No doubt I would prefer Nanaka over her, but I even like Otome/Yume better than her.
    If Yoshiyuki and Koko don’t break up soon, Da Capo II is gonna be one hell of a boring show.

  5. well For the sake of those who watch this for the first time… It is very important to know what the story is all about. Lets start from the original Da Capo since this story happened after 53 years the Da Capo original started. Junichi, Nemu and Sakura are the main charcters in Da Capo. In Da Capo II ,OTOME and YUME are the grandaughers of Junichi and Nemu. Yushiyuki is the son of Junichi and Sakura. Quite confusing ei…… Well Da Capo is really all about the magical SaKura Tree in this Island. It has the ability to grant anyones wishes. Junichi is actually created by the SAKURA tree because Sakura = the principal of the school, the girl with yellow hair who looks like a child but actually her age is contradicts her appearance and she is the person who called Yoshiyuki to bring an envelope during the 1st episode= wished for a child from Junichi. Therefore Yoshiyuki is a human created from Sakura’s wish. Every heroine in the show has there own unique powers because of the SaKUra Tree. It seems like the SAKURA Tree has malfunctioned thats why every heroine had their own powers in the show. Actually, the SAKURA tree in this show is just a prototype of the original SAKURA tree because the original Sakura Tree died in the 1st Da Capo. Because SAKURA still loves Junichi, she revived the magical SARURA tree so Yoshiyuki existed in this story and there it goes…

  6. Im sorry to say this but Yushiyuko will dissapear in the end and end up with no one=according to the game=.But I like it if they will change the ending and either OTOME/YUME/NANAKA will be married to him in the END……. T_T


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