Today on Kodomo no Jikan, Mimi’s boobs! My entire argument that this show has worthwhile psychological drama just went kaput.

The first scene? Girls changing in the classroom, most of them with their tops off. This is where I try to salvage any dignity by claiming that the scene is symbolic of something like the “naked truth.” Well, maybe it’s not that bad. On one side of the classroom, Rin is sending topless pics of herself to Aoki-sensei. I take that back, this is a travesty. Rin presses the send button much to Kuro’s horror, so Kuro busts out the classroom in her skivvies and tries to intercept the message, fearing that the pictures might… I dunno, corrupt Aoki’s obviously innocent mind.

Course, much of the allure of this show, and subsequently Aoki’s attitude towards his more “engaging” students lays somewhere in the mind, with nostrils flaring and ready to jump out at the first sign of any indication of exposure. Reiji’s reaction in the OVA episode is more “normal” I would imagine (didn’t flinch when he saw all 3 of them naked).

Naturally, Kuro gets there in time, but Aoki had already deleted it, thinking it was spam. Still, he sees her in her underwear (if you can even call it that), so she gives him a resounding kick worthy of Captain Tsubasa right in the crotch. Later on in PE class, Mimi gets her thin white shirt drenched in a conspicuously placed puddle, cueing Kuro to throw a conspicuously placed medicine ball right into his nuts.

While I’m on the subject, let me point out that as an avid basketball player, I have been the recipient of countless bad passes and strays that drift about a foot too low – and really, it doesn’t hurt. Your nuts are under you, not in front, and unless you’re walking around imaging what those hot cheerleaders looked like when they were in 3rd grade, your pole isn’t going to feel it either. What’s bad is a stray bounce pass that goes awry, cuz that one’s going straight for the jewels.

Later, Aoki is trippin about how he’s gonna tell Mimi to go buy a bra, as it’s not something a 23 year old teacher who’s physically attracted to his well-endowed third grade student typically does. Hoin-sensei (which I’ll take a wild stab and say is a play on “boin” – the Japanese slang word for boob) mistakes his rambling (well, not really) and goes into a standing coma as she’s frozen stiff on the spot. Meanwhile, I’ve also gone stiff while staring at her enormous cans.

The fun doesn’t stop. Next we get a scene where Rin is sucking away on a juice box of strawberry milk, then offers it to Kuro. Cue the sappy bloom effect as Kuro gets all hot for the “indirect kiss” with Rin she’s about to get. But never mind that, as Aoki intercepts the imminent transfer and downs the milk himself, soon resulting in a kick to the balls so hard, it gives new meaning to “Aoki Densetsu Shoot.”

There’s some stupid scene involving her giving him candy, which segues into the next day.

Then Mimi and Boin-sensei have a chat about how milk makes your boobs grow, so Mimi refuses to drink milk at lunch. Five years later she hears about how food makes you fat, so she immediately runs to the bathroom and sticks a finger down her throat.

At home, Kuro is daydreaming about Rin, as everything around her seems to remind her of her one love. Abraham “Rin”coln. Doing the “Rin”bo (limbo) dance.

Around this time, the producers remember that the point of this episode is to flaunt Mimi’s tits, so they get right back into it. Mimi goes to the mall to buy a bra, which she conveniently covers up with her see-through shirt the next day at school, which the boys keenly scope out within seconds. Which immediately gets them a beatdown from Rin and Kuro. Ah, role reversal in elementary school, when physical differences have no relation to inconveniences like gender.

Anyways, it turns out that Mimi’s bra is much too small for her size, so Kuro suggests that they go buy another – but using what money? Kuro goes to one of those shops that pay little girls for their used little girl things (like bras) where they’re then inserted into one of those special vending machines that sell special things.

So with thousands of yen in hand, they go to one of those upscale lingerie shops to buy their third grade friend a bra that fits her. By “fit,” I mean sizewise, cuz they sure aren’t getting anything inconspicuous in a store like that. Remember when the Shuffle girls took Primula for her underwear, and they ended up buying that red lacey stocking getup? Yea, something like that. This probably won’t end well.

Well, it actually did. No drama there. Instead, Rin goes back to hang out with Aoki, and tells him that the bra situation has been resolved. They get some huggy huggy action going on, which is supposed to look cute and sexually inappropriate at the same time. Oh, the confusion.

The next day, Aoki walks into a classroom full of 3rd graders changing, and he immediately blushes like hell. I’d also like to point out that when I was in 4th grade, I went to a school that had all of us change in the classroom as well – boys and girls together. I don’t think anybody cared. These Japanese are growing up way too quickly methinks!



Understandably from an episode that is based around 3rd grade boobs and buying bras to cover them up, there was a ton of censoring. Which is kinda funny, cuz I was talking to someone about this episode and was saying how it wasn’t half bad, to which he replied “and the other half was censored.” Snap.

Anyways, like I said before, I’ve been completely desensitized to this sort of stuff, so I really don’t think it’s a big deal. Which also means those censor things are really annoying and basically ruins a scene by drawing all the attention to itself, which isn’t funny at all after the 1st time. And the 1st time happened 3 weeks ago.

But yes, this ep was actually kinda entertaining, probably in more ways than I actually mean. Which brings me to my other point of how this show kinda provides a lot of different angles from which to appreciate it – whether you like the “service,” the drama, the suggestive themes, or just the humor, there’s a good amount of all that throughout, put together in a package that altogether doesn’t suck. Which is rare, considering we have stuff like Moetan which completely fell apart after the first episode.

Whatever, you know why you watch this show, you don’t need me to tell you. And if you don’t watch it because of the lolis, there’s no way you’re gonna start watching, and I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise, cuz frankly that’s what this show is about, or at least a big chunk of it. Enjoy!

Captions up



    Great ep. Voice acting is very good and Background music is just unbeatable.

    Kuro-chan’s Ball-Cracking was the best! ROFLMAO

    Kagami Kuro, the very first ball-cracking anti-lolicon force. Go for it! We need to turn the world into yuri world!

    There is really a ‘Japanese’ pedobear in the show (O_O’)
    it appears in the last seconds of OVA opening and in censor screens as smoking thingy…

    next episode preview: BIG Battle! Aoki vs Reiji
    I’m looking forward to see it.

  2. Help support Teacher Protection Services (TPS……………reports filed by Tuesday going out with new cover papers now. Sorry couldn’t resist) To help protect defenseless teachers from exploitation by overbearing lolis. Join the fight today and help those who can’t help themselves.

  3. I think they should censor this anime how they censor Hayate-in a funny way, instead of just a plain irritating way, where one time in this episode almost a full conversation was censored, or the full screen is censored for like 20 seconds…

  4. I will say I’m enjoying the mouse-over captions here as much as the anime adaptation.
    I’m kind of meh on the anime adaptation itself as it is a lot more blunt and simple-minded than the manga coupled with some characterization shifts.

    So far its gets about a C+ for the screenplay writing … it is kind of fun watching Hoin-sensei’s travails with clueless Aoki and the teacher banter.

    The “first bra” escapade was a bit lame in the manga too — basically a bit of filler derail, mostly good for all the Kuro aggressive angst.


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