Yoriko and Aoi are on traffic patrol duty, as they hand a parking ticket to a man who parked his fancy sports car outside the neighborhood park. As the man apologizes and leaves the scene, the two female (well, Aoi is technically a guy) police officers notice a high school-aged girl in considerable distress. She appears to be looking for something, but because the girl wouldn’t respond to their inquiry, Yoriko suggests that they should leave her alone.

The police car heads for their next patrol location, although the two start to panic at *something* that is lurking inside the car. The officer in charge of communications back at the Bokuto Station catches the screams of Yoriko and Aoi – she requests them to respond. The two-way radio catches further shrieks, although Yoriko is able to squeal in the word “monster.” Worried at what might possibly be going on, several officers of the Bokuto Station make their way outside, as Yoriko and Aoi’s patrol car screeches to a halt before them. Natsumi opens the door, as the two run out.

The culprit of all this chaos…turns out to be a giant iguana, Aya-rin (Aya-rin? Should a pet lizard be called that?). The high school girl that appeared earlier emerges from a taxicab that tracked down Yoriko and Aoi’s police car, and heads straight for her scaly friend. As Yoriko and Aoi apologizes to Kachou for their unprofessional conduct that day, Natsumi and Miyuki brings the girl back home, with her precious Aya-rin. The girl here introduces herself as Yuka-pon (she introduces herself with her pet name; she’s really named Yukari), and brings NatsuMiyu to her apartment.

Yuka-pon’s apartment is full of reptilian creatures roaming around – Natsumi is in awe, although Miyuki is scared for her life. She tries to take her mind off from the collection of cold-blooded critters by reading a field guide on snakes, but loses her cool yet again as Yuka-pon’s pet snake, Shou-kun, approaches and makes physical contact. Natsumi and Yuka-pon turn a blind eye to Natsumi’s suffering as they discuss the wonderful qualities of snakes – like their ability to sense movement by detecting heat.

The pair finally leave Yuka-pon’s place, and Miyuki notices that their patrol car seems to be moving sluggishly. She decides to repair it, but not before Yoriko mentions Miyuki’s encounter with Shou-kun (while Nakajima-kun eavesdrops and completely misunderstood Shou-kun for a human).

With Miyuki in the garage of the Bokuto Station, Natsumi and Nakajima-kun hear a woman screaming. They head back inside the building, as Yuka-pon also barges in – Shou-kun seems to have snuck into the police station somehow. Natsumi requests for the entire station to enter a lockdown, as a hectic search for the lost snake takes place. The snake continues to elude them despite their efforts (including Natsumi’s rash decision to topple over rows of equipment shelves in the storage room).

It starts to rain, so Miyuki – who is still in the garage – closes the only garage door she kept open, noting that the garage door doesn’t seem to be functioning well either. Back at the Bokuto Station, Yoriko finds Shou-kun’s shedded skin right before Miyuki’s locker. Yuka-pon suggests that Shou-kun may have followed Miyuki, so the crew rushes downstairs.

As expected, Shou-kun indeed appears before Miyuki inside the garage. She gives out a large kyaaaaa, and tries to open the garage door, but it won’t budge. Nakajima-kun tries to help his damsel in distress, but fails miserably, so Natsumi forces the door open instead. What they see before them is Miyuki squealing, as Shou-kun is wrapped around her, its tongue trying to slither into her face.

A few days later, NatsuMiyu have a laugh over the case with the giant snake, as they serve as receptionists for a discussion meeting for the Traffic Section of the police station. Yuka-pon enters the building, and runs to greet them. She brought a large bag with her, and she opens it to reveal…Shou-kun. Nakajima-kun runs forward to protect Miyuki, but instead faints as the snake’s tongue dabs at his face. Nakajima-kun, at least you tried. 🙁


This season of Taiho Shichauzo was severely lacking in the comedy department, so this episode was a total hoot, and an entertaining one at that too. Seeing and hearing Miyuki screech at the top of her lungs as Shou-kun comes close to her is priceless. It did bother me, though, that the animation quality – especially the character drawings – took a brutal beating this time around. Yoriko and Aoi, especially, were drawn off-center and their faces looked asymmetrical for what felt like half of the episode. I really do hope it won’t get any worse.

Next time: Something about babies, cars and locks. Or car locks. Or cars and rock, even. It’s too bad Japanese syllables do not differentiate between r and l


  1. ive got an official warning for this download!!
    After the complete download i get an warning by my virusshild that this one is infectet with some kind of exploit virus!
    there was no probs for my shild to clean the mess up but iam afraid that some of you guys let this little monster on your systems so please be carefull.
    by the way this was the very first time that ive got an virus warning ever in the downloads here on (Naked Xlation)fansub.
    That was from Taiho Shichauzo Full Throttle 1,2 and 3.
    be carefull

  2. @Broolkyn Otaku:
    Yes they do/did, including a few terrorists and underworld types (their biggest highlight was in the movie). But like real Japanese police, much of their dealings are more mudane stuff like illegaly parked cars, speeders, or other traffic violations, after all they are with the Traffic Division.

    Sailor Enlil
  3. Is this only 13 episodes? I hope they don’t deal much with relationships this season. I think I got my fill of Miyuki and Natsumi love life in the previous 2 seasons and mini specials etc etc.

  4. Apart from childhood nostalgia, is this show really worthwile? It lacks depth, strong storylines and is trivial.

    Theres some attachment to it for those who grew up watching season 1 and 2 but this really is lacking in ‘oomph’ and depth.

  5. oohhh! my BAD!! i didnt even notice. they are in fact traffic cops! hahahahah BORING!!
    BUT i will check out the movie, as those usually have the most action and production value “thanks for the up”

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. @polar bear

    or they can blog whatever they want on their site, and you just don’t read what they blog of shows you don’t like. afterall, its their blog and their time to waste blogging whatever they want to blog.
    if you want a blog of only shows you want blogged, then make your own, and then you can be in 100% agreement with it forever

  7. @Makall
    It is not their priority to blogg for people to read. I am sure they are doing this for their own intrest, so they can pick any materials they want to blog. Beside, how do you konw there are noone else interested in this show?

    @polar bear
    Saying “hey what you are doing is a waste of time, because I dont like it!” is just plan rude. It wasnt a polite suggestion, it sounded more like bitching. If you dont like the show, then dont read the blog. Its just simple as that.

  8. @Invoky and @Anonymous

    I am just SUGGESTING.It’s not i rudely ask to change to another anime.Everyone is entitle to their own opinion here,and that is my opinion.You dont have to get so emo over this.I am big fan of Taiho Shichauzo,and i am disappointed that this show does not seem as good as the previous series.So dude,chill out

    polar bear
  9. I seriously think this season for You’re under arrest is only gonna focus on miyuki and natsumi. Nakajima seems so useless in all of the ep I think (personal thoughts). But I do enjoy seeing Miyuki and Natsumi solving case together.

  10. this anime provides some good ol fun which one is hard-pressed to find in more ‘modern’ animes that are heavily plot-oriented. it is hence pointless to compare this to other such animes since they fulfill different niches.

    @gil & polar bear: if u did read wat mewmew wrote, surely u would have seen that he (she?) is actually starting to enjoy this series from this ep onwards, so its kinda rude to suggest that he/she drop it now isnt it.


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