Wilhelmina continues to train Yuuji by attacking him with her ribbons, and on this one occasion, he’s actually able to block them. However, he also loses his balance and falls off the roof, though he finds that thanks to his power of existence strengthening his body, he suffers no injuries and feels no pain. Afterwards, he inquires about Shana not coming, but all Wilhelmina can say is that the training is inconvenient for her. Wilhelmina then returns home and heats some cup ramen for herself and Shana, but Shana is too engrossed in thought to eat and heads off into the bath instead. As Shana is recalling her earlier conversation with Yuuji before she had angrily left him, Wilhelmina comes in and lectures her for leaving her dirty clothes strewn on the bathroom floor. Wilhelmina also wonders how long Shana intends to leave Yuuji’s training to her, but Shana claims that she just doesn’t want to go and gets so irritated that she lashes out by calling Wilhelmina too pesky. She quickly realizes what she’s saying is hurtful, however the damage has been done and Wilhelmina walks away without saying another word.

The next morning, Yuuji heads to Konoe’s house to pick her up and learns from her butler that she’s running a bit late. The butler invites Yuuji inside the mansion, and once in, Yuuji notices a couple of large rooms furnished only with a single desk and a single chair. After Konoe finishes getting ready and heads to school with him, Yuuji compliments her on how luxurious her home is, though he understands that it might be normal for her. The two of them run into Shana along the way, but when she sees them together, she scoffs and then runs off by herself. Yuuji is inclined to chase after her, but Konoe stops him by holding onto his shirt sleeve. In class, Yuuji helps Konoe with taking out her books, and when his teacher notes how he’s constantly attending to her, Yuuji points out that Kazumi is helping too. However, their teacher realizes that Kazumi lives in the opposite direction as Konoe and thinks that this inconveniences her, so he assigns Ogata to help Yuuji with Konoe instead.

During lunchtime, Shana and Kazumi once again don’t join the group to eat together, so Eita asks Yuuji about it. Yuuji isn’t sure, and Ogata suggests that they can’t be fighting with him since they’re still bringing him lunches every day. Recognizing that the problem is Konoe, Ike talks to Yuuji privately about it, but Yuuji feels that he can’t leave Konoe alone. Ike, however, just wants Yuuji to pay more attention to those around him. Wilhelmina meanwhile heads to the supermarket and is faced with the prospect of buying more cheap cup ramen. However, she stops herself from doing so and is instead drawn towards the vegetable shop next door. She’s eyeing a cabbage when Yuuji’s mother walks by, and after Wilhelmina buys it, the two walk together. Yuuji’s mother recognizes that Wilhelmina is worried about Shana, and after they start talking about cooking, she invites Wilhelmina over to her house.

That afternoon, as everyone is preparing to leave school, Eita tries to invite Ogata to walk home together, but she turns him down because of her duty to help Yuuji with Konoe. Both Shana and Kazumi are watching from the classroom window as Yuuji walks out with Konoe and Ogata, and Kazumi feels a great pain in her heart whereas Shana is feeling frustrated and irritated at this. After dropping Konoe off at home, Ogata tells Yuuji that the mansion Konoe is living in couldn’t attract buyers and was vacant for a long time. When Yuuji recalls that there were a lot of empty rooms inside, Ogata reasons that Konoe and her butler wouldn’t use all of them, but Yuuji still feels a bit bothered by it. The two then run into Eita who clearly wants some time alone with Ogata, so he walks her home the rest of the way, though the two aren’t able to find the courage to hold hands like they want to.

Later that night, Shana returns home to find smoke in the apartment, but it turns out to be just Wilhelmina cooking. Wilhelmina has made a large stuffed cabbage and hopes that Shana can cheer up by eating it. Although it is bitter and somewhat tasteless, Shana continues eating it and claims that it’s still delicious because Wilhelmina made it. Yuuji meanwhile comes home to find his mother cleaning up a huge mess in the kitchen, and he later thinks about Shana being angry and about talking with her tomorrow.


Well, the story feels like it’s slowed down considerably, mainly because there’s been a relative lack of action these past two weeks. That’s not to say that action is everything, but there just wasn’t much progress this episode. At the very least though, we now know that Konoe lives in a large mansion with a butler who wears a bracelet similar to hers. That plus the fact that the mansion was unoccupied for a long time up until she moved in all but confirms that Konoe is Hecate in some form (as if there were still any doubt). I just hope that Shana and Kazumi get over their stupor soon and do something about this rather than letting Konoe have her way with Yuuji. Something big probably won’t happen until that bracelet comes off though, and I fear that won’t be for a while since the preview for next week makes no indication of it.


  1. While some people might complain about how the story slows down whenever the ‘real life’ aspects of Shana’s universe is focused on, I don’t find it too bad. It grounds the story in a way, and shows that, battles between Flame Hazes and Denizens aside, the world still turns for the people who have don’t know of the conflict.

    Myssa Rei
  2. I also like the way the story is getting build up around Shakugan no Shana II. It really makes it more exciting to find out why they want us to know all this.

    I’m positive we can expect alot of changes coming up in the world of Shana =).

  3. People, Shana is based on light novels. In the ones I’ve read (not including the short story anthologies), a lot of the pages are given over to buildup. So yes, ‘normal’ life does make up quite a bit of Shana, intersped with encounters with the Tomogara.

    Myssa Rei
  4. GrimaH at 10:08 pm on November 1st, 2007
    It’s……too slow.
    I feel like I’m now watching a harem anime without the fanservice.

    -My mind explodes at such a concept
    now take your hand out of your pants

    asdas 3.0
  5. It’s really not THAT slow given it’s only 2 episodes without “actions” that people want. They’re already having the group study session in the next episode (vol. 8 of the original novel, which is the true “intermission” volume between the battle of Tantankyukyu and F****), so some unsettling signs should begin soon.

  6. A mansion that has been vacant for a long time and wouldn’t sell. Hmm… very suspicious. The bracelets are also under scrutiny. I wonder if that winged Tomogara that Bel Peor was talking to in Episode 3 might be the butler in disguise. I wonder if Wilhelmina even has any good mothering potential. With the type of person she is, no wonder Merihim didn’t have any feelings for her.

    Bitter and tasteless… might describe how Shana sees life at the moment due to Yuji being around Konoe a bit too often.

  7. At least Yuji isnt the useless ignorant male lead right now. He’s at least training, and its good that he did notice something was odd about how the house was being unused. We all know deep inside he’s for loli-love hence why he goes after shana and hecate/konoe. Kazumi is just there cause shana cant cook yet, plus what guy declines a free lunch ^_^

  8. CapoExecutor, I got your message. Just talk to any one of the storyboard writers and they’ll only tell you on who’s going to meet their end in this season’s installment.

    Enigmatic Retribution
  9. slow,slow,slow and also yuji is getting more and more annoying and unreliable. I mean what is this BS? just because Konoe/Hecate is so useless he has to be with her every single second doing everything for her?. He is also taking everyone for granted, specially shana and kazumi. and latter on he is asking why they seem upset with him. Well shit sherlock why do you think? maybe is because your ignoring your friends and giving preferential treatment to the little princess


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