After watching Nanaka turn down another popular guy – this time the soccer club’s Hayashi -Yoshiyuki asks Koko why Nanaka always rejects them, but she isn’t sure. Rumors spread quickly about this latest rejection, and when Yoshiyuki catches a group of girls angrily confronting Nanaka about it, he steps in to protect her as her friend. The girls get scared off after Mayuki and Otome show up, and Nanaka privately thanks Yoshiyuki for doing all this. Because he wonders why she didn’t stand up for herself, Nanaka explains that she didn’t think that doing so would change anyone’s minds. Those who distrust her would still distrust her and those who believe her would believe her even without an excuse. She thinks that Yoshiyuki believes her, and she’s happy with that. Unbeknownst to them, someone is watching from the bushes and takes some pictures of them getting close, and Koko later finds those photos along with a warning to be careful in her shoe locker. Koko, however, trusts her close friend and her boyfriend.

When she finds out about all this, Nanaka feels bad about causing trouble for Koko because she realizes she was getting too close to Yoshiyuki, but he points out that being cold towards friends would be weird too. He suggests that she can just stay as she is, and that makes her so happy that she hugs him. At band practice that afternoon, Koko and Wataru are running late because of cleaning duty, so Yoshiyuki and Nanaka get some time to practice with only each other. Afterwards, she gets him to look into her eyes and asks him if likes her singing, though she words it in a way that makes him initially think that she’s asking if he likes her. Koko and Wataru eventually arrive, and the group starts practicing, but Nanaka messes up during a song. She looks at Yoshiyuki in a way that makes him think it’s his fault, but she gets embarrassed and tries to take responsibility of it. The next day marks the arrival of a big storm, and although the group has called off practice, Nanaka decides to practice independently. Unfortunately, the music room is occupied, so she has to go to the roof. Soon after, however, the winds start blowing violently and close the door to the roof, locking Nanaka out there in the middle of a storm.

By chance, Yoshiyuki discovers that he left his notebook at school and weathers the rain to go get it. It is there that he hears a cell phone ringing, and he finds it in Nanaka’s bag in one of the classrooms. The person calling turns out to be a worried Koko who informs Yoshiyuki that Nanaka never came home, but the call gets cut off because of a low battery right after Yoshiyuki tells Koko that he’s at school. Yoshiyuki goes looking for Nanaka, and when he doesn’t find her in the music room, he thinks to check the roof. Right as a drenched Nanaka is thinking about him, Yoshiyuki arrives and charges his way through the door. Once he gets her back inside, Yoshiyuki gives Nanaka his jacket to warm her and scolds her for going out there even though she knew a typhoon was coming. She was doing this because she didn’t do well at band practice yesterday, and she admits that the reason for that was because she couldn’t concentrate.

Nanaka is really happy that Yoshiyuki came to save her even though he claims it was a coincidence. When he suggests that they go home because she’ll catch a cold here, she calls him kind and surprises him by hugging him from behind. She seems ready to say something, but Yoshiyuki touches her hand, and this makes her realize that that he was only really concerned about her as a friend. Because of this, she backs off and notes that he’s kind to everyone. And while being nice is fine, she tells him to remember that there is someone who will get hurt by it and asks him to cherish Koko. The two then head back downstairs and see Koko running around looking for them outside because she was worried. Nanaka pushes Yoshiyuki towards his girlfriend and then happily runs towards the two of them herself.

This episode had such a great cold open with Nanaka hugging Yoshiyuki from behind and looking like she’s about to confess. That got my hopes up, but I knew deep down that the chance of this succeeding hovered somewhere around 0% given how they’ve built up the relationship with Koko. As much as I would have liked to see some Sakura vs. Nemu type stuff between two best friends, it was unlikely to happen with Nanaka, particularly since we’ve long since been shown that the Shirakawa character is too nice and never wins in the anime version. And unfortunately, when they got to that point again by the end of the episode – with even an insert song playing – Nanaka didn’t confess to Yoshiyuki. While that made this episode very frustrating and emotionally unsatisfying to watch, I’d still say this was easily the most exciting one so far. I doubt any of the future episodes will get close to being as interesting as this was unless Yume or Otome somehow get into the mix, and that’s looking less and less likely to happen with every passing week.


  1. ah! I really hope that he stays with Koko, not because I like the pairing very much, but because I am hoping a childhood friend gets the guy this season. 6 more episodes to go, 2 girls out of the competition.

  2. I dont know what to say anymore. Da Capo isnt feeling like Da Capo at all. At this point I’ve given up on him breaking up with Koko. I think the the producers are planning to… Show Spoiler ▼

    With Nanaka out of the race, basically Koko is the only one since they havent put any development in anyone else besides Nanaka and Koko

    If there is an Anime God, please please pull a Canvas 2 on us. Da Capo II desperately needs one.

  3. They can’t do a “Canvas 2 ending” because Canvas 2 was not a surprise. It was planned all along and the hints were very much there (at least, if you didn’t catch it the first time, you can catch it on a re-watch). In this anime, there are hints being dropped, but it’s not about Yoshiyuki getting involved with anyone other than Koko.

  4. “seven episodes and nothing important… ”

    I’m confused… This is pretty much the way they all romantic dramas work… character introductions, minor things happen to develop/flesh out the characters, build up and climax, and finale. Not to mention, this is exactly how Canvas 2 worked as well.

    Is this just translation for “I don’t like the chosen girl”?

  5. @relentlessflame
    I congratulate you for being one of the probably 10 people in the world that were not surprised and chocked by the Canvas2. All anime drop those “hints” and they are not special but the pairings were already decided by the end, the guy just had a change of heart at the last minute.

  6. @gothlin
    Well, I guess that’s a discussion for another topic. It wasn’t a change of heart, though, rather a realization of what he’d been keeping repressed (since he couldn’t let go of the past). Even if you want to see it as a “change of heart”, though, I don’t see any parallels in this show.

  7. “And unfortunately, when they get to that point again by the end of the episode, Nanaka realized that Yoshiyuki was only really concerned about her as a friend and didn’t return her feelings, so she didn’t confess to him.”

    Oh damn…DAMN THAT GUY! No…it hasnt been the first time but like the 3rd times that I’m going to be frustrate! Da capo, Second Season and now Da capo II. When I just saw all those pictures…I had my hope…

    Whatever, at least its the best episode so far…and most the most frustating until now…

  8. I haven’t watched the sixth or seventh episode yet, but I’m going to as soon as I’ve got time (too much RahXephon going on right now). Hopefully, they’ll break up in episode nine or ten, then the remaining three are of Nanaka dealing with the fact that she likes her best friend’s ex, and then ultimately ending up with him. If that doesn’t work, then I’m really pulling for Otome to get a later arc, since she hasn’t had one yet (although I’m sure she will). In harems, it’s normally the girl with the last arc who wins, and since Koko’s is kind of out of the way, that should be a good sign.

    Ah, who am I kidding? This is Da Capo we’re talking about. So, yeah. Just please, Yoshiyuki, don’t pick Koko or Yume. Please!

    Simple Conundrum
  9. Da Capo, Da Capo Second Season, and now Da Capo II are all the same they keep showing the main character getting close to different girl but in the end he is pretty much set with who he want to be with from the start. I feel like wasting my time seening this series when no matter what the writers goner do, how the story keep showing him with different girls, the ending is in plain sight and no point in keep watching if watching episode 1 already tell us what the ending is goner be like.
    If the writer don’t plan on setting him up with a different girl than Koko in the end than stop wasting our time with anyone else, just show us Yoshiyuki and Koko relationships progress like how To Hearts does it with each episode and not mass with anymore girls that basically have no chance in the end.

  10. aaahh putangnang buset na palabas to. >:(

    i keep on watching da capo and i keep on getting burned. sheesshhh.

    really, with their consistency with all the 3 seasons, i’m starting to think that all-in-all, the studio will NEVER choose the popular girl. i think it’s their way of making fans “feel” the pain of unrequited love, since their choice won’t win. and later on, they’ll end up buying tons of merchandise, most especially to buy the games so that they can finally control the ending. they will also end up watching da capo sequels in the hopes of finally getting the story they want, which will actually never come, lest they stop watching and buying stuff. =\

  11. “If the writer don’t plan on setting him up with a different girl than Koko in the end than stop wasting our time with anyone else, just show us Yoshiyuki and Koko relationships progress like how To Hearts does it with each episode and not mass with anymore girls that basically have no chance in the end.”

    Actually, it’s funny you mention that, since I was just thinking about that the other day. You should probably re-watch ToHeart (the original). In terms of the flow of the anime, it and Da Capo II are very very similar to this point. The main character starts with the main girl, spends most of the episodes interacting with the other cast members (while still slowly getting closer to the main girl), and ends with the main girl. All in all, D.C. II has probably been a bit more successful at joining all the stories together, but that’s partly inherent to the way the game was written (with a lot of interconnections and the common element of the tree).

    I really don’t see why people would believe that Yoshiyuki’s going to change his mind anymore. (But then again, I still don’t quite understand why people watch anime hoping to see their “favourite girl win”, as if they’re some sort of sports team to cheer for… ^^; )

  12. “it is strange how there is only one person who supports the show greatly and the others seem to act as though there hopes where somewhat shot to death.”

    It’s been this way since D.C.S.S. I’m used to it by now. Contrary to what I presume people are thinking, it’s not because I dislike the Shirakawas, or because I’ll just accept just anything. I just have a soft spot for the bittersweet way the D.C. anime series portray unrequited love (probably due to personal experience), whereas a lot of people just seem upset that their favourite girl isn’t “chosen”. I thought this was a great Nanaka episode in a lot of ways.

  13. Hooo man..i’m so happy that Yoshiyuki is not a playboy…yukata,ureshi naa xD

    Pity for Shirakawa family,after Kotori failed to attract Junichi in DC and DCSS,now its Nanaka’s turn for her inability to attract Yoshiyuki.I guess every guy member in Asakura’s family has a strong immunity against Shirakawa family’s pretty face attack.

    Without doubt,ep 7 is the best so far…

  14. I know the canvas 2 ending was impossible / slim to none. Its just wishful thinking.

    And yes I know that to some people the canvas 2 ending wasnt special since to a few it was obvious who Hiroki would end up with. But I didnt catch the hints (or I disregarded it as only signs of sibling affection) on the first run through the series, which was why the ending had such an impact on me. The hints only stood out after I watched it over knowing which girl would be the winner.

    Also some people argue the hints for Elise are there, well the hints for Kiri were there too, albeit slightly more blatant and used to cover up the hints towards Elise. From an audience’s point of view first time watching the series and NOT knowing how the end would turn out, you would assume that it was just sibling love, and slightly disregard it. Its the same as reading a book, events and actions in a story sometimes don’t really stand out or don’t hold as much importance until you finish the story which you then go “Ahhhh!!!! I see”. Its much easier to fit together pieces of a puzzle when you’ve seen what the final result is.

    To me the Canvas 2 ending was special because of that “OMG, WTF just happened?!” feeling I had the last few minutes of the last episode, without the bitter taste of “WHY!? Why did the producers have to do this” that occurs with less liked series. I had this because I wasn’t expecting that kind of ending. For the other people who were, you probably wouldn’t have had that feeling.

    Now when I say I was hoping for a canvas 2 ending, I’m hoping for something different that will leave my jaw hanging since I’m getting that “WHY!?” bitter taste right now. To start with Koko and to end with Koko and not have anything happen is just boring. If they resolve the series without changing anything, it will be like DC Second season and how it left that “Why?!” taste in my mouth.

    @relentlessflame – Well not all of us are watching this series so seriously. If fact most of us are probably just watching it to see more screen time of our favorite girl. Deep down we all have a favorite character who we think should win. Its just that some people are more open about it than others. I, for one, have given up on him changing girls (after episode 3). But we can always hope. Only time will tell ^_^

    I would say OTOME FTW!, but at this point in time….
    I dont care, even the white haired loli will do. Anyone else but Koko. To put it bluntly, I hate Koko. Then again this is all my personal opinion

  15. I agreed with Knowngni. We just watching it to see our favorite girl. Also the last comment, I was joking.

    Da capo is was my very first Harem anime. Thanks to this anime I was able to know this site and Im kinda stuck in this anime too. Dont ask me why.

    I don’t hate Koko, but the fact that is getting nowhere and the relationship is going ok. It’s getting less interesting and more “boring” if u wanna put it that way.

    Yah…anyone else but koko…

  16. I wasn’t trying to make fun of you or anything like that, its just interesting to note how you can be very positive in this kind of situation.
    I just find the romance that is carrying on right now to be a little dull due to how slow things are being told.
    Though i must confess though, if a movie or a second season were to be made, i hope they don’t go down the same path as this season or the last.

  17. my opinion but i think this site getting a little inactive
    like there are days when there’s no post i mean it’s good for you to have a life and all
    but for some of us were just sitting here waiting for a Miscellaneous at the least
    but oh well my problem for not having a life

    and than finally on topic this show is starting to remind me of school days but
    i hope not… since that’ll be some scary shit than

  18. (an opinion) considering how many people like nanaka and are not liking the current state of events and how in the previous season that many people got there hopes dashed (i note that kotori fans in that area will out number a nemu fan 20 to one (could be even more considering the last episode blog), i guess most of those people wouldn’t want to watch an anime where a Shirakawa lost (again, somethings never change).
    Even now, the same sort of holds true here (considering that there is a lack of koko fans so to speak).

  19. can someone just email me in which episode she breaks up with koko?

    ok just joking.

    well not really joking but seriously,, its not that koko is ugly, i just don’t like her, for some unknown reason. The only reason im continuing on to watch this show was bcoz of
    nanaka. xp

    It really sucks when the pairing is set already,, and you follow the course of the show thinking that things will change, when it doesn’t. even if they do imply something, its just candy for the viewers to think that something will change, like a certain show. cough;;DCSS;cough;

    I really like this show anyways, but the summary of all the things i said is really.
    “Anyone but koko”

    i know somewhere there, a god exists.

    we need you help. xp

  20. I don’t really mind Koko, hell, I like her, and I’m supporting the couple.

    But I hate to see girls fawn over and love a clueless main character incredibly deeply for the lamest reasons ever. And I thought we’d be free of that this season and have a good romance without sillyness like that. But it’s my fault for expecting any better I guess.

  21. Just to go back to the Canvas2 subject, I absolutely disagree with the idea that the twist ending was hinted at. If you had to watch a second time to find “hints” instead of noticing the first time then those “hints” are actually neutral events, not hints.

  22. Like I said before, I already give up on hoping for a different girl than Koko, since this studio’s really known for their consistency will all the Da Capos so far.

    My only real problem with the series is not really that I hate Koko, it’s that the Koko x Yoshiyuki issue seems a bit “forced”. =(

    In DC 1 and DCSS, even though I prefer Kotori, the Juniichi x Nemu pair is believable, and well-grounded.

    In DC 2’s first episode, I can see how much Koko likes Yoshiyuki, but I don’t get that same impression from him. It’s as if he just said “yes” to Koko half-heartedly, maybe even out of curiosity only (at worst out of pity).

    If they later develop Yoshiyuki x Nanaka, that for me is a bit more believable because you get to see Yoshiyuki blushing during his first encounters with Nanaka. You get to see how he defends and cares for her. You see how and why she likes him.

    If they will really push through with Koko x Yoshiyuki, then I hope they show flashbacks that will provide more foundation to their relationship.

    Because to sum it all up, here’s my impression of Koko x Yoshiyuki:

    1. Yoshiyuki just said yes half-heartedly, maybe to avoid Koko from getting hurt with a rejection of her confession.
    2. Yoshiyuki is absent-minded most of the time on how to be a good boyfriend because he really isn’t passionate about Koko. It’s more of just reacting to what Koko feels or thinks. Or more on just following what he “should” do as a bf, rather than what he wants to do as a bf.

    This is what bugs me. Not Koko herself. =(

  23. I agree that Koko x Yoshiyuki is a bit forced. To further what reekon mentioned — if you recall the first episode in which Koko confesses, Yoshiyuki seemed to question his feelings for her initially, and acquiesced only after Koko began to cry. That scene really did seem to me as though he was giving in as a sort of favor to her.

    Though they seem to be progressing with their relationship, I highly doubt that Koko x Yoshiyuki will last for much longer. That’s partly my gut reaction from watching so many of these sorts of series, as well as my reaction towards some hints from this series itself (the latest I believe being the photos of Nanaka w/ Yoshiyuki from this ep).


  25. Niou, I understand your frustration, but I don’t know… I think the Koko/Nanaka friendship/rivalry angle is important, which is why I didn’t consider them exploring this aspect with her character a “fawnfest”, or even unnecessary (I suspect you’ll see why later). It definitely felt more justified than just some random encounter that has her falling in love with him for no reason. If they do something similar with all the other girls, then I might agree with your accusation… But I personally felt it was justified here — your mileage may/will vary, I’m sure.

  26. Hmm… the fawnfest I don’t really think of anymore. It’s somehow a given with harem shows. At least this one’s a bit more acceptable.

    No offense to others, but the worst fawnfest I saw was the one in Love Hina. The protagonist there was so spineless, the fawnfest was really forced. (Although in fairness, I love “Love Hina” for the comedy. ;))

  27. Well, relentlessflame, the end of this episode looked pretty conclusive to me…might be just my (wrong?) impression of it though.

    And, uh, well…sure he did something nice for her but to me it felt like all of sudden she loved him really deeply for such a small thing, so I didn’t think of her feelings as justified or realistic. I think the scene was well directed, and using her power for it was clever, but I really don’t like the plot element of it. I felt it was weak and forced.

    Say, I hate comparisons, but I don’t really mind how the girls like Sana in M;Y, because they’ve been developing Asami’s feelings for a while, and there’s hints of Aoi falling for him too. But the whole “girl of the week then I love you” thing is something I am not fond of. At all.

    Ah well, it’s been good so far and it’s the first ep I have any real complaints about. If as you said I’ll see later why it was not unnecessary, and there is a point to it (other than selling Nanaka’s character, but that’s an understandable reason considering who it’s aimed at, as in, game players or potential ones), then I’ll be glad there was a reason, even if I didn’t like how they set it up at the start. If not…oh well? I don’t have to like everything about a show to enjoy it I guess, but it did feel like a slap in the face to me, since I was viewing things differently. So to be fair, it was more like I headbutted their hand.

  28. Well, I’ll certainly grant that this episode has the unfortunate problem of being rushed, due to the 13-episode time crunch. But there’s a secondary reason for that, and that was that Nanaka’s feelings for Yoshiyuki aren’t going to be a major part of the show going forward. As of the end of the episode, she gave up on him completely. From this point forward, Nanaka will be a friend and support to Yoshiyuki and Koko (as was made obvious by the ending). It’s sort of like “clearing the air” (episode titles for 7 and 8 completely relevant here). As for why it’s important down the road… well, that’s not to say there weren’t other ways they could have accomplished the same thing, but it serves it’s purpose (which is to further shore up Koko and Yoshiyuki’s relationship, and establish his close ties to all the main heroines).

    It’s probably worth noting that, in the game (relevant to what’s been shown so far only)…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Anyway, does any of this change the fact that it’s still “girl of the week then I love you”… maybe, maybe not. What’s important here isn’t that Nanaka loves Yoshiyuki all of a sudden, but rather that she gave up on him when she realized that Yoshiyuki, though a nice guy, doesn’t feel the same way. From this point on, she’s going to support Koko even more strongly than before.

  29. Is anyone out there that still believe that yoshiyuki and Koko will break up? I don’t think so, the only reason I support Koko is because she is the childhood friend and I want to see for once a childhood friend get the guy this year.

  30. AH DAMNIT!!!! NANAKA, WHY?! I’m sorry but I was freaking hoping that she would say “I love you” or something…though for some reason what came into my head was school days…omfg I SWEAR school days refrences all over the place next time we should all say if something bads going to happen: “Oh shit there pulling a school days”. Anyways damnit I was such a bloody fan of Nanaka after last weeks episode she looked like Kotori! Gawd DAMNIT DX oh well shes a sweet girl and I salute her for that =D. I had to watch the raw and then read this to know what was going on…though from the first 6 screenshots I wanted to get the raw right away. Damn well worth it, good (and somewhat disappointingly good) episode.

  31. wow what ever happened to “she’s pulling a Kaede” She’s getting shafted so bad with this naisu bouto!

    Anyway i’m actualy glad nanaka didnt confess. Cause I actualy want for koko and yushiyuki to be together till the end.

    +1 Koko fan here

  32. this show better not turn out to be like da capo season 1 where the pink haired girl gets rejected and the orange haired girl gets the guy. i really hope they make another show that has romance/gore/sex(ofcourse not showing it) cus that’s the show i like the most. typical romance got tired already

  33. well as shown in the first ep and noted by the others, it seems that yoshiyuki isnt really in love in koko… his yes was halfheartedly spoken and his face showed no “i love you too” reaction. In a normal love story, the course of things shud be that they would break-up, but since this is da capo….

  34. This was the best episode, but I’m so disappointed by the ending. If this season ends with Koko and the main character together, I’m NEVER watching a da capo series again. What the heck…both Shirakawa characters are such a better pairing.


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