Minami-ke ep 7 gives us some history into the origins of the “banchou” title – one that may surprise. As you remember, Kana was quite adamant in calling poor Fujioka by that name – which, by the way, means something along the lines of a “gang leader” (I guess for you cantos it would be “dai lo” in the most triad sense of the word). Well, it turns out he wasn’t the first in the school to be called that…

Minami Haruka. The legend arises from the fact that she was the class rep, one of those Lucky Star Ayano types that was always nice to everybody, but get on her bad side and she’ll rip your head off. The kind of girl you love with all your passion, cuz she’s so awesome like that. Rumors fly like they always do, and she is summoned to her teacher’s office, where he enlists her help in finding this supposed “banchou” that’s terrorizing the school. “I trust you, Minami – help me find this banchou! I hate violence!!”

Through some inexplicable series of events, Haruka smashes a vase on poor sensei’s head. The legend lives on.

The episode also covered the back end of the adventures of Mako-chan – turns out she ended up buying that pink number she was looking at in the mall before being felt up by Haruka – and well, Mako-chan <3

We also get a visit from Kanako-sensei and all her worldly wisdom, and that loser loner guy comes looking for companionship from the Minami sisters again. Except this time, they confirm that he is actually family. So they helped him out that last time without even knowing who he was? Where do I sign up!!


Mako-chan isn’t finished yet, words of wisdom from Kanako-sensei, another visit from loser idiot guy (who IS he, anyways?), and the legend of Minami Haruka – former BANCHOU

For such a laid back show with no plot, Minami-ke has some incredible momentum that just keeps it going and going.


I wonder if this is the last we’ve seen of Mako-chan? It was odd to me that they stuck in that part in the beginning (albeit much appreciated), which could suggest that we’re not going to see any more of him/her, just because they used up their repeat already. Then again, Mako-chan / Makoto could just end up being a recurring side character, and the eventual sexual confusion and endless blushing cheeks from all parties when the secret is finally revealed to Haruka is always something to wish for.

And how about that little Haruka history bit? Not only did we get to see a younger Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki, but we found out a bit more about her past and what kind of person she grew up into. These little past-tidbits seems like a pretty standard practice in this type of show (Lucky Star used it once or twice) as they are a good way to get a few laughs while seeming clever at the same time, and Minami-ke did a great job of playing it out effectively. Those little montages of Haruka laying the smackdown? Priceless.

Captions up


  1. NEED MORE TRAP. that nipple grab scream from last week was SUPER NUTTY!! and whas up with that little sun dress number?? that there boy be doing it “silence of the lambs” SAUSAGE TUCK STYLE!!!!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. best comedy this season 😀

    i just did some research on it and found out theres going to be another Minami-ke being released in January 2008 under the title Minami-ke Okawari by a different animation studio, Asread i think, the current one is Doumu. anyone know whether this is true?

  3. Troubled/Embarassed Haruka = OMG!!! KAWAIII!!!!!!!

    ‘t was soooo funny when we find out about the Legend of Haruka!! LOL! No wait, it’s OMGROFLLC (Omg Rolling on Floor Laughing Like Crazy)

  4. Anybody know when/if this episode will be released in HD? I need Densetsu Banchou Haruka-neesama on my Desktop, and the shot above, as gorgeous as it is native, is hideous at 24″.


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