Following the worldwide terror acts, the terrorists have sent out a message demanding the complete disarmament and cessation of armed intervention by Celestial Being. They affirm that what they do isn’t evil and that they are the voice of the people and the apostles of justice rising against those who would oppress the world with military force. Lockon is particularly frustrated with all this and still harbors memories of a terrorist act from his own childhood that resulted in many deaths. All four pilots plus Ian meet with Sumeragi, Christina, and Felt onboard a boat, with the girls in swimsuits, waiting to hear from Wang Liu Mei’s agent. Wang Liu Mei meanwhile returns home and immediately gets to work with Hong Long monitoring the situation across the world. All of the major powers have been struck with acts of terrorism, and she thinks that there must be terrorist-supporting states at work here. Shortly thereafter, Sumeragi briefs the pilots on how the terrorists have multiple bases of activity, so the Gundams are being sent to certain places to wait for orders to attack before the terrorists move their bases.

Up in the Human Reform League’s Low Orbit Station, Sergei is getting a casualty report of the recent terrorist attack. Soma had thought that this didn’t have to do with them, but Sergei realizes that since the root cause of these attacks is Celestial Being, they could get involved. Marina meanwhile is in a hotel in the AEU’s Scotland and blames Celestial Being for the postponement of her meeting with the English foreign minister. Shirin reports to her that there was an incident in the Parliament the other day where the conservatives and the reformists started fighting. She thinks that it’s just a matter of time before this turns into a clash between the people, so this is probably Marina’s first and last trip. Over in Japan, Saji is on the phone checking up on Louise and learns that her mother wants her to return to Spain. He thinks that one trip back will make her mother feel better, but Louise knows that her mother was against the study abroad and thinks she’ll be kept there if she returns. Saji’s sister then comes home, exhausted from all the work she had to do because of the terrorist attacks, each country’s leaders’ official statements regarding them, and the demonstrations that followed against Celestial Being.

Saji comments to her on how he had thought of all this as someone else’s problem because they weren’t fighting here in Japan. It wasn’t until he was personally involved with the bus explosion that he realized he didn’t understand or know anything. His sister feels the same way because she had to cover the family of a victim, and these families blame Celestial Being. Saji feels that what Celestial Being is trying to do is unreasonable, and to his surprise, his sister suggests that the people in Celestial Being feel the same way. She suspects that there’s something behind their goal of eradicating war – a true objective that they want to accomplish. Saji then wonders what their father would think if he were alive, and his sister thinks that he’d be saddened like Saji. By now, the Gundams have arrived at various points around the world: the Virtue in some mountains in Australia, the Kyrios in a desert in the Human Reform League, the Dynames in a jungle in Union’s South America, and the Exia in Scotland. Sitting in his cockpit, Setsuna remembers a scene from his past where he tried to stop another boy from heading out to carry out his duty for God. The other boy had questioned if Setsuna was afraid of dying and called it a blasphemous act. Ali Al Sarshes had used this death to teach them about God inviting the soul of a person who lived and died for Him, but Setsuna now believes that there is no God.

Setsuna then gets a report of a terrorist act and heads out into the city on a motorbike. Apparently someone suspicious was seen leaving the site of the explosion in a brown-colored coupe, and Setsuna is tasked with going after this person. He quickly spots the car, pulls alongside, and tries to shoot it with his pistol, but the car does a sudden 180-degree turn and gets away from him. Unfortunately for Setsuna, he gets caught with his gun out by a local police officer before he can continue the pursuit. Right as the officer is demanding to see some ID however, a black car pulls up and a man in a suit comes out to claim that Setsuna is one of their companions. This turns out to be the same black car carrying Marina who was in the process of being moved to a different hotel and had seen what was going on. She thinks Setsuna is a fellow countryman, but in talking to him, she finds out that he’s actually from the Kurdis Republic. This catches her a little off guard, however she still introduces herself, and Setsuna replies with a fake name. When she asks if he’s sightseeing, he doesn’t answer and starts to walk away, but Marina still wants to talk more.

Marina proceeds to tell him all about her diplomacy efforts, including how Azadistan is split between the reformists and the conservatives. She feels that if she doesn’t stop both sides, then Celestial Being – which she considers to be a group of fanatics – will come. Although Marina understands that war isn’t good, she also knows that there are people on the receiving end of the armed intervention who die, and there are countries whose economies decline. She questions if the people of Celestial Being think of themselves as God, but Setsuna simply points out that people die when wars happen. Marina then tries to argue that the method of intervention is too one-sided without seeking a peaceful resolution, however Setsuna notes that more people would die while talks are held. He reinforces his point by citing how Azadistan destroyed the Kurdis Republic and how a lot of people died before a peaceful resolution could be reached. This causes Marina to realize that Setsuna might have fought in that war despite his young age, and when she tries to get him to confirm it, he reveals that he’s still fighting. Marina now becomes fearful that he’s going to kill her, but Setsuna believes that killing her wouldn’t change anything. Since she’s still addressing him by his fake name, Setsuna informs her of his Setsuna codename and explains that he’s a Gundam Meister for Celestial Being. Before walking back to his motorbike, he also warns her that if the strife continues, they come to Azadistan sooner or later.

Back at Wang Liu Mei’s place, Hong Long reports that they’ve traced the international terrorist network to an organization called La Idenda, but all of the group’s primary bases have already been vacated. Fortunately, it seems that information from various intelligence agencies such as the NRO, the DND, and the DGSE have made it onto the network. In particular, the AEU Intelligence Agency’s head did this because he felt it’s not easy for them to go after a terror cell in a different country. He recognizes that Celestial Being can, and so he let the information out this time because they had mutual interests. Knowing now that La Idenda has three bases of activity, the Gundams are split up to go to each location. The Virtue blows up the base on the Human Reform League’s Marshall Islands, the Dynames takes care of the one in Union’s South America, and the Exia destroys a tanker in the middle of the ocean. However, the Exia unexpectedly gets pulled underwater by an old mobile armor. Setsuna manages to free the Exia before the mobile armor fires off a volley of missiles at point-blank range, and though the missiles still hit the Exia, it survives and slices apart the mobile armor.

Marina meanwhile is onboard an airplane ignoring one of Shirin’s reports and thinking about what Setsuna said instead. Right as she’s wondering if he was telling the truth, she sees a Gundam flying alongside the plane. Though it’s only there for a brief moment, it’s enough to make an impression on her.


Despite the Marina and Setsuna focus this week, they’re developing a lot of different story angles, including Lockon’s past, Setsuna’s past, and Saji’s sister’s suspicion that Celestial Being has some hidden objective. I’ve criticized the series in the past for jumping around too much, and even though it still is, the story is beginning to feel a lot more coherent since nearly every scene this episode was related to the terrorism in some shape or form. Maybe I’m just finally getting used to this style of storytelling.

As for Setsuna, I see that he didn’t learn much from last time, seeing as how he so easily revealed his true identity to Marina. I still remain unconvinced that a pilot/princess relationship will happen here, but it isn’t out of the question, especially since Setsuna and the Exia made such an impression with the flyby on Marina’s airplane at the end of the episode. I tend to think of Wang Liu Mei as more of the princess character, but that might just be because she’s shown that she has a good dose of pink in her life (just like a certain other girl). Anyway, we probably won’t be going back to Marina and Setsuna again for a couple of episodes unless they really want to show how huge an impression he made on her. Next week looks to have Sergei and the Human Reform League going up against Celestial Being, and the shot of the Felt crying in the preview made me think Haro broke or something since she seems to have such an attachment to it.


  1.      r´⌒`ヽ
        ノノ ノ`ヘル
        ノ ル´_ゝ`)  < 分かってる…分かってるのよ、マイスターを危機に晒すなんて馬鹿らしいって
       ノ/   \      でも刹那は幼い頃から戦場を潜り抜けてきたセイエイ。テロリストなんてあっという間に―― 
       .ソ/    / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄/ 
      __(__ニつ/ ヴェーダ /___
          \/       / 


        ノノ ノ`ヘル
        ノ ( ゚д゚ )   …
       ノ/   \       
       .ソ/    / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄/ 
      __(__ニつ/ ヴェーダ /___
          \/       / 

  2. 無差別報復っていうから、ソレスタルビーイングがAEU、ユニオン、人革の軍事拠点を

  3. 世界から紛争を無くすために武力介入するっていうことに本編でも、何か裏があるってつっこまれてたけど、

  4. ここまでのあらすじ


  5. マリナ「余計な事をしたかしら」


  6. 本当に笑えない冗談のような回だった


  7. 迎撃したMAの中の人は凄いな

  8. しかし市街地に潜伏するって手をとらないテロリストって意味わかんねー。

  9.   ,j;;;;;j,. —一、 `  ―–‐、_ l;;;;;;
     {;;;;;;ゝ T辷iフ i    f’辷jァ  !i;;;;;   チャイナ巨乳はガチ……
      ヾ;;;ハ    ノ       .::!lリ;;r゙  そんなふうに考えていた時期が
       `Z;i   〈.,_..,.      ノ;;;;;;;;>  俺にもありました
       ,;ぇハ、 、_,.ー-、_’,.    ,f゙: Y;;f
       ~”戈ヽ   `二´    r’´:::. `!

  10. このアニメ、テロ特法延長支持を増やすために世論操作してるのか?

  11. さんざんキシュツとは思うが、オペレーター娘二人のDQNっぷりがひどすぐる…




  12.   /::::::::::::::::::::::::ヽ       |   機動戦士ガンダム00は
      |::::   ━ ━ |      |     ・SEEDよりは話が破綻しない
      |::  -・=, -・=      |    ・SEEDよりはキャラクターが支離滅裂な言動をしない
     (6::::  ⌒ ) ・・)’ ヽ    .<    . ・SEEDよりはエキセントリックじゃない
      |::::::::::::::::イ三):::::|      |    . ・SEEDよりは大ブームにはならない
       ヽ、:::::::、::::::::,::ノ      |  .   ・SEEDよりは最終回見て「俺なんでこのアニメ見てたんだろうorz」とはならない

  13. 刹那は最初見たときはただの無口クールかと思ったけどかなり感情的な人間なんだな。

  14. 今回のテロリスト掃討作戦、出来ればガンダムが生身のテロリストをトコトン虐殺する感じにして欲しかった。

  15. やっと本格的に「ネタアニメ」になってくれた。




  16. あの姫様は社民党みたいなこといってたでしょ

  17. マリナ様、同郷の年下の少年がピンチ








  18. 貧乏姫の墓穴堀まくりな会話が面白かった。






  19. Props for Sunrise for writing such an awful first meeting between Setsuna and Marina. Many others couldn’t write as badly no matter how hard they tried and Sunrise makes it seem so effortless.

    I think Tieria would have shot Setsuna three times over in this episode if he had been nearby.

    I wonder though CB is swimming in the dough and yet they can’t afford to give their agents something better than a cheap soft-air or whatever that toy is which Setsuna has.

  20. marina looks too old for him. a relationship between the two fo them would be gross.

    Fanservice, fanservice, fanservice. But really gundam, can you forget the fanboys and just tell the damn story? I think they’ll survive.

  21. Yeah, Finally!! ^_~

    I find it weird that Marina saw Setsuna even though he was speeding by her car, in the opposite direction, and was particularly interested in him enough to come back to save him AND invite him for a personal talk in the park.

    Looks like now we have one confusing and both really confused pair.

    I don’t get the point for the extra fanservice either, esp. for Sumeragi-san.

  22. @Liz
    I guess it’s all planned out with Code geass 2nd season in between,
    which is probably what I would do if I were Sunrise.
    I’m pretty sure this will end with another massive cliffhanger too.

  23. Chris and Felt get the FTW! award of the week. Sumeragi-san and China-tan always with the thumbs up.
    But aside that, this ep felt A LOT like FMP!, especially the Exia with its camouflage. SetsunaxMarina = HeeroxRelena. That and the fact that the Exia can use its beam sabers under water means omnious shadows of W.

  24. I am kind of glad Marina was the one to save Setsuna (in a sense) instead of the other way around (cause that would be too out of character).

    Also, I don’t think Setsuna even considered what Tiera said to him las episode. T_T

  25. You underestimated bulletproof mirror too much… Setsuna-kun…

    Thank God Marina-sama save you… (although you do not believe in God… Nee)

    Anyway, Halo is too cute in this chapter!!!!

  26. Stupid Setsuna to tell his secret identity to Marina, but maybe because that her country destroyed his country in the past. This is like the beginning of Hero and Relena that at first Hero want to kill Relena but cannot by something inside his heart.

  27. He likes mecha anime apparently.

    And besides that, this show has more depth than… I don’t know, Romance Drama X and Y?

    How much of a summary can you write about a guy accidentally falling on top of a girl or the girl’s tragic past and needs some loving?

  28. Hey, Freud would LOVE to talk to all of the Gundam show pilots. Outmost majority of them had tragic experiences which made them half a whacko. Makes you think there isn’t a lot of guys still sane in a Gundam world 😉

  29. well makall, in all fairness if you want to dumb down a romance you can do the same for gundams: guy with loner attitude and superhuman skill somehow gets a gundam, has inner struggles then proves he beat his own mind by beating the other empire’s best pilot. Oh and save for gundam 08th ms team, all gundams are indestructible to fire from any low ranking troops.

  30. -Well looks like folks are going paring crazy. I think it is too early to tell how things will work out. People built up false expectations with Sopranos ending and a lot of people were disappointed. Though I agree there will be a relationship between Setsuna and Mar, or more likely Marina and the Meisters. Which brings me to my second point.

    -It seems all over the net people assume Setsuna is the “Main” character, and oddly it seems that they want him to be. I don’t understand it myself. So far the show has been rather broad in its focus. Indeed towards the beginning it seemed like the direction of the show was that the GM’s were the force acting on the faux Main characters. That seems to be changing now though. Oh well.

    So far so good though.

  31. What the crap! I think it would have been better for Setsuna to meet Marina for another episode or 2 before revealing his name and occupation. Unless thinking back about the Kurdish war makes him say things on impulse. Hmm, kinda like Shinn -_-.

    Sora no Kaze
  32. Well this was expected… you just knew that once they left the CE time line they would return to one of the worst gundam series of all time (I should say the worst, but G-saviour would take that title, I guess we can give Wing the worst Anime G series). Hey at least we should be glad that it isn’t a total sausage fest this time. I mean Sumeragi and the girls are there to at least give us some interest.

    Jubei Himura

    “Yeah Kaze, you and your friends are bisexual which makes me gay.”


    gb2/y/ you homos.

    Marina might become a Reelena Peacecraft clone.

  34. @Jubei Himura

    Well, the worst would be GSD. Started with a copy (GS) of a copy (MSG). 1st 10 episodes were not bad, but totally crashed after that. And got worse every episode.

    At least this has space for improvement. At the very worst, it wouldn’t fall below the trash that GSD was. XD

  35. @Kl
    I would have to disagree on that, sure GSD had it’s bad moment with having Shin as the main guy for the first 30 eps but GSD had at least good fight scenes thanks to Kira and Athrun. it was already known it would follow somewhat the Zeta/ZZ in terms story. But didn’t happen to be so except for Shin’s story for a few episode… god given how they messed that up you would think Tomino deserves an Oscar for making Kamille one of the most huper angsty dude out there but still ended up being super cool in the end.

    As for Wing… we had 5 pretty much gay pilots, with the lead being a robot who’s only words tended to be “Relena I will kill you!”. The story didn’t even get interesting till Zech decided to become the main super bad guy with the wish to destory earth. It’s very hard to like a series were the bad guy ended up being the only interesting guy. I mean amongst the five I think only Duo had a character development from the beginning that you could appreciate. Even god damn Treize, was better in character then him, that just shows you how well their character development was worked on during the series.

  36. LOL Gundam 00 is trying to surpass even Gundam Wing in crappiness!

    Beware Wing! Someone is trying to steal the title of “Worst Gundam ever” from you! 😀

    And what’s the deal with always copying from Wing? It’s not like Wing was any good anyway. So why did they make a revival of the Relena+Heero First-Contact Scene?

    But it’s still good because i can laugh my ass off every episode (ep 08 was hilarious) LOL

    Wing is Back!
  37. Wow.. what a TERRIBLE episode in terms of writing. If I saw another Chinese guy in Europe speeding past me in the opposite direction on a bike, I don’t go back to chase him like a frickin stalker. Setsuna is secret agent of the day. Shoots a bulletproof car, gets off his bike and points out his gun even though the car has sped 1km away already. GJ SUNRISE.

  38. mobile suit gundam 00 i like gn-001 gundam exia get body setsuna f. seiei for JOEL PEREZ arika yumemiya love setsuna f. seiei going to gundam 00 and mai hime destiny love light side marina ismail become gundam 00 and mai hime destiny thanks you JOEL setsuna f. seiei you wellcome arika yumemiya and JOEL setsuna f. seiei

  39. @ Kaze and Renz the Retard

    Both of you should go on your private chat rooms and have gay internet sex without everyone knowning you guys are gay and meant for each other.

    sigh I wish my master will stop being a damn gay retard for once, move out of his parent’s basement because he a Dungeons and Dragons weeaboo, and an shounen-tard who watches anime on television like looser he is instead buy any anime DVD or downloads them because he to cheap and poor.

    Phantom Pilot also known Renz the Retard
  40. I feel sorry Phantom Pilot even though your the same troll. But I do agree with you that your master is moron and doesn’t want to move out of his parent’s basement. I’m also guessing he was gay the moment he watch Saiyuki because he is an shouen-tard and all the male characters are homos which were meant for gays and yaoi fangirls which he a homo as well.


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