Before he leaves for the school trip, Yoshiyuki is given a pendant by Sakura and told never to take it off. The trip itself starts with a boat ride and then a train ride to Nara, and Akane gives Koko a chance to sit with Yoshiyuki. He is tired because of the history lecture Otome gave him the previous night, though he doesn’t remember any of it and thinks that Koko probably knows more. She agrees to act as a guide and hopes to make some good memories, and the two then get teased by Wataru for acting like this is a honeymoon rather than a school trip. The first day of sightseeing has Yoshiyuki spending a lot of time with Wataru and the other guys though, and even when he does get some time alone with Koko while feeding the deer, he talks about how Minatsu likes animals too. This makes Koko have doubts about if they’re actually dating since she had thought that being lovers would be more special.

After a bath at the hotel that night, Akane and Anzu plan to sneak to the guys’ room with Koko, but the class representative Maya stops them. Fortunately, the guys had decided to visit the girls’ room and forcibly bring Yoshiyuki with them. Koko is happy to see him, but she gets embarrassed and slaps him after she accidentally drops all of her underwear in front of his face. Wataru then suggests some alone time for the couple, however it never happens because a Mu robot comes by the room first to bring someone a cell phone they had left in the bath. Maya doesn’t like robots and thinks that they’d be better without them, but this gets Yoshiyuki angry. When he questions what she has against robots, Maya angrily says that it has nothing to do with him and storms out of the room. The following day has the group visiting Houryuuji, and Yoshiyuki notices Maya giving him an angry glare when she sees him. Even when Koko takes him to see the large Buddha statue, Yoshiyuki’s thoughts remain on the Mu and why they can’t be respected even though they’re man-made like the statue is.

Yoshiyuki’s preoccupation with robots and Minatsu makes Koko feel lonely, and it doesn’t help either that he pays no attention when she shows him a set of deer figures she picked out at a gift shop. When they get back to the hotel, she asks to speak with him and suggests that they go to the Kasuga Shrine together tomorrow during their free time. She wants to write their names on heart-shaped ema because she believes it will allow them to stay together forever. Though initially surprised, Yoshiyuki agrees to go and pinky-swears it as a promise. His attitude, however, changes when he learns of something disturbing over the phone later from his sister.


So even on vacation, Koko gets neglected, and since they made it a point to pinky-swear for the promise to go to the shrine together, you just know that promise is going to get broken, especially considering Yoshiyuki looked so serious after whatever his sister told him over the phone at the end of the episode. It’s probably something about Minatsu since there’s been so much buildup with this robot storyline. If something happened to her, I could easily see Yoshiyuki rushing back home and leaving Koko behind. This episode served to emphasis how distant he can be to her (and how she still likes him regardless), and all this might very well be one of the main conflicts at the end of the series. The pendant that Sakura gave Yoshiyuki was also featured too prominently not to play a part, and I suspect that angle is how the magical sakura tree will come into play. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what will happen in these final four episodes, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t stick with a Koko ending.


  1. ok this is getting annoying now! what do freaking scriptwriters have about the childhood friend role? I freaking hope I am wrong, I want Koko to end with yoshiyuki, i thought it was a given, but the signs are there. Damn i am hope I dead wrong about this, it seems I am cursed to support failing pairings. The last pairing i supported that came through was from Kiminozo.

  2. Yeah…I have a feeling the Koko fans are going to futon-maki me and throw me off a bridge for saying this…but…I think the main reason why I don’t like Koko as much is because she’s too shy. It was cute at first…but now it’s just getting annoying.

    As for my favorite character, I’d have to say Nanaka. However I still think Yoshiyuki should stay with Koko unless he have a better reason to break off with her, otherwise he’d just be a jerk. 😛

  3. Yes, Koko isnt that bad but she’s too boring and too shy for nothing. Of course, Nanaka is the best ;D. I feel so bad for her, hum whatever.
    Yah, I wanna him to break up for a good reason and hook up with someone else because now its godamn boring.

  4. While koko seem nice, i don’t want her to win simply because she is winning since the first episode and hasn’t face any real challenger yet. At this point, I am rooting for the banana eating robot to win since no one else has any real chance. sigh, touch choice: a human girl that like you or a robot? This series is not savable with only 3 episodes left. Koko going to win unless the writer pull a canvas2. Btw, When is canvas3 going to come out? It is about time already.

  5. yoshi x koko is perfect

    they’re both boring feckless wonders!

    it took them til episode 5 to go on a date and they were dating since the end of episode 1 and then some tune comes on and a big deal about them holding hands. deadbeat koko friend B(the one with the kazuki string around her ankles + jugs) came out with the best one when she though koko and yoshi had kissed becuase of all the blushing and all they did was hold hands. She let out some serious sigh! Da Capo in a nutshell! next week yoshi pus his arm around koko and they blush!

    p.s i hate yoshi but he’s still a long way behind my most hated harem character(aoba out of tokemeki memorial)either way he should get on all fours and become mario’s mount!

    i’ll never understand jap love/confessions/relationships!

    ark noir
  6. is it me or every week less and less people post comments for this show. I guess people are leaving the show. compared to shows like Kimikiss, Myself,yourself, Clannad and E-F memories the enthusiasm for Decapo is very low.

  7. Well, I’ll say it now and probably(most likely) say it again at the end of the series, summing up this show in two words would be: WASTED POTENTIAL.

    Interest on Da Capo is low, primarily because the writers have chosen to focus most of the episodes on (personally I think) the TWO LEAST INTERESTING CHARACTERS in the show. Before the season came out people were anticipating it to focus on the Asakura sisters and Nanaka, and that’s exactly NOT what we got. Instead we got a blushfest on a girl who is coupled with the guy but is too shy to do anything else and an angsty robot. C’mon, when you’re going out with someone your’re supposed to be comfortable with the person, not turn red and go “eeeehhhhh!” at the slightest contact. Someone said it before, it was cute at the start but eight episodes later it’s still the case? Sheesh.

    As for Minatsu, her attitude just annoyed me ever since she came out in ep 2. The explanation for her hatred for humans came too late and by then I just did’nt care at all.

    I’m saying this and I’m apparently one of the few people who enjoyed the first two seasons. As much as I liked Kotori, I was able to accept Nemu because her development with Junichi was well portrayed in the first season. Going from siblings to lovers was shown in a believable way, and I did’nt really consider Kotori as a contender until season2. I recognized the faults of the writers in season2 but more or less I was still able to appreciate what we got. Also, I was expecting the writers to redeem themselves this time but apparently I was expecting too much. Yoshiyuki was’nt taken at the very start and eventually ending up with Nanaka with have been a way for them to make it up for how they broke Kotori’s heart (not to mention her fans’ hearts) in season2.

    Season1 was about Nemu vs. Sakura, while season2 was about Aishia vs Sakura (in terms of ideals about magic) with Junichi, Nemu, Kotori and everyone else caught in the crossfire.

    Da CapoII? It’s about a girl who is coupled with the guy but is too shy to do anything else and an angsty robot.

    They need to fire the writers… Fanfics are better than the crap they’ve given us.

  8. I haven’t played the game, so I don’t know how it’s going to go, but I read some abstracts of each heroine’s individual routes (yes I spoiled myself) and I think I have a pretty good idea on how it’s going to go. IF the writers are gonna give Otome and Yume some love, that is….and provided that the writers aren’t gonna finish it up in 12 episodes. 14 episodes would be a bit more tolerable, given how much problems the anime is facing when pacing is concerned.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. I don’t mind Koko, what I don’t understand is why there seems to be some much focus on this whole robot thing? I personally don’t think it makes much of a storyline, there wasn’t this much focus on the other robot girl in the other Da capo she was just there for comic releif which I liked!
    I like Nanaka but I did think she was getting too close to him before.
    Anyway I can’t wait for the next episode who knows maybe Koko actually finds the courage to get her worries across to Yoshiyuki or even breaks up with him. Personally I would break up with and go back to being frineds because they don’t seem to going out any and they only had one date throughout their whole relationship!

  10. If only they went the nanaka route or even otomes/yume route, the whole situation could be reversed.
    I swear this koko/yoshi thing is pissing the hell out of me, especially when there is not conflict for hells sake.
    Not having anywhere near the amount of attention on nanaka, otome and yume (and having much of it on the least favourable characters) automatically spells fail to me


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