CODE GEASS – Best Phrase Award

Lelouch’s line from the end of the first episode got the number one phrase (out of the first half of the series), but they gave special mention to Orange-kun. The highlight of it all is Milly and Shirley’s commentary. Milly is really funny – I love how her voice actress can pretend to be other characters. Extremely cheery C.C. was also amusing to hear, especially with how she coldly treats Lelouch.

Secret Note

Here they introduced various things you wouldn’t know by just watching the episodes, such as the fact that Lelouch’s favorite book is Shakespeare‘s Hamlet (the narrator even comments on how its meaningful) and why C.C. was in the pool in episode 10 (she can’t publicly go in and out of the clubhouse bathroom).

Sayoko’s Diary

This has Sayoko meeting Suzaku, the two introducing themselves to each other, and Sayoko falling in love with him. The subsequent LelouchXSuzaku misunderstanding is hilarious.

Lelouch’s Britannia History Course

Lelouch and Suzaku go over how a.t.b. = Ascension Throne Britannia and how the Britannia royal family started from a Celtic king who resisted Julius Caesar‘s invasion of Britannia.

Hangyaku Nikki on DVD Magazine

Hangyaku Nikki (Rebellion Diary) is a weekly internet radio program for GEASS featuring Sayoko’s voice actress Arai Satomi and Milly’s voice actress Oohara Sayaka. For this DVD episode, they had Lelouch’s voice actor Fukuyama Jun and Rivalz’s voice actor Sugiyama Noriaki together for a crazy round of a sugoroku game. Fukuyama Jun alone makes his worthwhile to watch because he’s an absolute riot on camera.

Sequel News

There’s also a 20 second teaser for the new series showing images of a new Knightmare that resembles the Lancelot and of Rollo. The text that flashes by suggests that he’s looking for his brother and that he’s got a naivete different from his brother. And oh yea, Rollo’s last name is Lamperouge. That evil look must run in the family…

Aside from those things, the DVD had a few more extras like special voiceovers for the previews of the first thirteen episodes and a bevy of commercials for other series. All together, there’s over an hour’s worth of entertainment on here, and most of it is really funny (especially Hangyaku Nikki on DVD Magazine). I believe some of it (at least the Britannia history lesson) has appeared elsewhere before, but regardless, this is definitely worth a watch if you’re a GEASS fan.


  1. Whoaaaaaa, I’m strangely attracted to this SD Code Geass. And the History lesson is an obvious take on the old Gunbuster Science lessons. Koichiro Ota was also voiced by Norio Wakamoto, so I wonder if the King of Britannia makes any references to that part.

  2. For some reason all these scans and videos I’m seeing is making me think that Lulu died/dissapeared and is replaced by Rollo as the new Zero.

    My Japanese is super amatuer-ish, but doesn’t the third last screenshot with Lulu says “the devil’s eyes dies” and saying “and so a new Zero appears” and from a magazine scan “Q: Is this Zero, Lulu?” “A: The man behind the mask is a secret.”

  3. @randomdude,
    It says something like “Lelouch, die with that devil eye of yours!” Lelouch is alive. That was confirmed in the latest issues of Newtype Romance and Asuka (not that it wasn’t obvious in the first place :P).

  4. Code Geass is already worse than Gundam Seed Destiny. Hell, the only thing that really sucked with GSD was the ending, and the fact that it recycled way too much from it’s predecessors. CG is just a pile of junk as far as writing goes.

  5. I too hope for more Pizza Hut sponsorship. The advertising was so shameless that it became somewhat of a running gag, and we were often disappointed when it didn’t appear in a few of the episodes.

  6. “Pohl at 5:12 am on December 22nd, 2007

    I bet that Rollo Lamperouge=Nunally XD”

    Nunally is so doing her best impersonation of Dilandau from Escaflowne, lets hope Nunallay/Rollo is as psycho as Dilandau xd

  7. @Venire

    I am sorry but no. GSD was a soap opera and disgrace to Gundam franchise. I could live with Seed as it did have some story line, instead of characters drooling around.

    As far as I am concerned COde Geass had a very good storywriting and plot-twists.

    Destiny had no plot-twist..hell Destiny had no story XD

    BUt, We can’t compare these two shows – different authors, although same company. (I am tahnkful that Fuckuda is not handling geass )

    Unknown Voice
  8. Jeez, and people complain about Anti-Kyoani trolls all the time? Sunrise trolling still appears where it’s at just because they dropped the ball on one series out of like 100 and it amazes me how negative people still are towards other Sunrise series that have aired since because of it.

    I’m one of the biggest Gundam fans I know of and I’ll admit that GSD was a horrible experience, but I’m not going to take it out on Code Geass for no good reason, especially since it’s been very solid so far.

    All of this prejudging a series for the better or worse before the last episode has had it’s day is starting to get on my nerves these days. People seem to go episode by episode and assume a series is either a masterpiece or an abomination based off of how one random episode in the middle of the series run played out. Also for some reason there rarely seems to be a healthy middle ground that involves people just watching the damn show and discussing it, like the people in Genshiken. That’s the internet for you I guess.

    Anyway, I have to say no to more Pizza Hut advertisement though. Even if it was worked in as a plot device for C.C, that kind of obvious product placement still makes my skin crawl. It was harmless to the plot in the end, but I still have an aversion to it. If it happens it happens though.

  9. @Kaioshin Sama

    Pizza hut ads were two-sided deals. While we could see Pizza-hut logos in Code Geass, Lelouch was smiling from the covers of Pizza Hut pizza in japan.

    Agreed on sunrise thing…

    Sunrise =/= Fukuda thus,
    Sunrise anime =/= GSD

    Unknown Voice
  10. “Pohl at 5:12 am on December 22nd, 2007
    I bet that Rollo Lamperouge=Nunally XD”

    LAWL. If they pulled a reverse Ackbar with Nunally/Rollo, that would own all. Seriously though, you just know Nunally’s hiding something…

  11. Agree with Pohl

    Rollo = Nunally; their eyes and hair colour are the same. (If you wonder when she ever open her eye, refer to scence where her mother got shot or at younger age).

    I dunno, may be she is not really blind but for some reason she pretended to be, so she could know for a long time about her brother as Zero.

  12. I think the director’s brain is going bad… Rollo? ooooh wow look at that evil smile, he’s so …. um gay ? ok well you tell me. It’s like a mix between a girl and an incomplete Lulu. I’d leave the evil scenes to Lulu like in episode 23 with the hahahahahahaha ya that was awesome. Can you imagine Rollo (what a retarded name, every time I write it it just feels like man this is so retarded) doing the same ? anyway, I hope we get more craziness from Lulu and hopefully Suzaku will actually do something useful this season … kind of disappointed because I was hoping they’d bring Nunnaly into the picture with her crazy nightmare from the Nunally of the Nightmare manga… oh well.

  13. Well, yay, not much else to say.
    Rollo…. maybe is Nunnaly but I doubt it. I think he looks a bit like V.V myself, they have exactly the same eye’s and how hard would it be to get a haircut+dye or just wearing a giant blonde wig?


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