Three years ago, Raina had worked with Jin’s father piloting shuttles for the ISDA and had asked why Jin’s father was flying routes between the moon and the Earth. Jin’s father had been the first man to land on Mars, and Raina had felt that someone with his skills should have been taking important space exploration missions, but Jin’s father had answered that he had things he wanted to protect. Back in the present, reporters who want to know about the ISDA and the D-Project are swarming Kiril, and Sakaki is hurrying along the preparations of the Avenir. Jin is meanwhile watching over Gio’s recovery when Raina comes looking for him because he wants to know what Jin intends to do now. Jin answers without hesitation that he’s going to bring Toa back, and this leads to Raina asking if Jin and Toa are going to run away together again after that. Raina knows how important Toa is and doesn’t want to put Jin in any more danger, so he and Howlingstar offer Jin the chance to become a Dragonaut. Jin, however, doesn’t think he can do that because he wants to rescue Toa and because he doesn’t think he could defend the Earth from Thanatos.

When Raina points out that Jin had already accomplished that with Ostolm, Jin protests because it was Gio who actually did it, so Raina tells him to believe in his own strength. Howlingstar agrees, explaining that no matter how much power the dragons have, that power by itself is useless because they need a master to draw it out, and Howlingstar talking about the view from space reminds Jin of his own father. In any case, Raina doesn’t expect an answer right away and gives Jin some time to think about it. Before they part ways, Jin asks why Raina became a Dragonaut and learns that Raina wanted to test his own potential. Elsewhere on the ISDA base, Nozaki reveals to Yuuri that she had been the first one to find him when he crashed onto the planet after the shuttle accident. That was when the Resonance occurred between them. Nozaki felt responsible for the deaths of so many people from the shuttle, and he couldn’t accomplish his mission of bringing back the Earth-born dragons without atoning for his crime, so he severed contact with Thanatos and chose the path of living together with humans. He knows that Thanatos frowns upon humans changing Dragons, but he feels differently. His mission right now is to let the remaining eggs hatch safely, and he feels that Yuuri changed him.

Elsewhere in the city, Akira is trying to figure out what to do when Amadeus arrives with Sieglinde. After Amadeus explains how the Avenir is being prepared to launch, Sieglinde tries to get Akira to say that she’ll come back so that they can fight alongside each other again. Akira, however, has decided to go with Jin because she wants to see for herself the potential of humans and dragons. She offers Sieglinde the chance to come with them, but Sieglinde refuses to betray her friends. Their conversation is cut short by a broadcast from the ISDA to all its members about the Avenir taking off in two hours time and asking everyone to get ready. Akira ends up apologizing and saying good-bye, and she leaves Sieglinde angry and crying. A little while later, as the Avenir is about to launch, Raina remembers how Jin had asked him why he became a Dragonaut, and he thinks back to the conversation he had with Jin’s father about them and the D-Project. It had been Jin’s father who had recommended Raina for the D-Project because he felt that Raina was still young, and he was the one who asked Raina to test his potential. He had stressed being honest to oneself and going with what he believed in. After the shuttle accident, Raina had promised that he’d do it and believed in his own potential.

Akira and Machina are meanwhile watching the Avenir get ready to take off when Jin and a healed Gio fly in. They’re determined to go to Mars for Toa and want Akira and Machina’s help, and since the two are willing, Gio and Machina change into their dragon forms, and the four head for space. Before the dragons can fly away from the ISDA launching area though, Gio comes under attack from Widow. Kazuki is back again, and he’s as angry as ever. Unfortunately, when Gio dodges an energy blast from Widow, the blast ends up hitting the catapult that the Avenir is now accelerating on. Since Gio is occupied by Widow and can’t go to save the Avenir, Machina takes his place by holding up the collapsed part of the catapult with her body. This allows the Avenir to successfully clear the catapult and launch into space. Kazuki doesn’t care much about this and just wants to kill Jin, but fortunately Machina flies in to save him. Because Kazuki gets distracted, Jin has Gio knock Kazuki’s cockpit off Widow, and both Kazuki and Widow are quickly engulfed in a massive explosion. Jin initially feels bad about this, but he soon gets over it and has Gio fly up into space along with Akira and Machina.

The Avenir is also in space by now, and Howlingstar messages Akira to tell her to find a new connection between dragons and humans. At the same time, Raina passes along to Jin what his father had said about going with what he believed in, and Jin promises to return after saving Toa. No longer feeling alone, Jin then directs Gio towards Mars. Unbeknownst to him, something is at this moment awakening on Thanatos.

ED Sequence

ED: 「FIGHT OR FLIGHT」 by 小林ゆう (Kobayashi Yuu)
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Unlike the first ED, the new one is a lot faster paced, though it’s still growing on me. More interesting were all the new shots in the animation sequence, particularly with their laughable portrayal of breasts.


This episode was proceeding along fine until Kazuki’s entrance, which I thought was random and really stupid. I don’t have any respect for Kazuki as a character, so every time he appears, I think of him as like filler between more important story points, used to take up time with pointless fighting. The only remotely surprising thing about that part was that Kazuki was engulfed in flames and is now theoretically dead. I hope he stays dead, but I highly doubt that’s going to happen. I bet he’ll have a nice cross-shaped scar or something on his forehead when he returns.

Most of this episode was devoted to developing Akira and Raina further as support characters, and if you think about it, the only really major event that happened in this episode was the Avenir launching into space. I can’t help but feel that more could have happened if they didn’t spend a quarter of the episode on the fight with Kazuki. Hopefully next week will be better in that regard because it won’t have pointless Kazuki scenes (can you tell how much I hate his character?). Oh and I almost forgot: according to the latest Newtype spoilers, we’re in for a one-year jump in the near future.


  1. great new ED (well alteast its hell of alot better then the old one) and i hope kazuki stays dead as well but like you say he proberly will show up again but atleast widow should be dead i cant see her coming back.

  2. Sadly Kazuki won’t die.. He doesn’t even know the mean of it.. And why does that image provided by Annie remind me of a character with a mask in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.. hmm. 0-0?

    Silver Mine
  3. Kazuki needs to stay dead to start off and secondly Toa and Jin need to hit it off before the series ends plus the need to speed up this show’s pace for anything actually exciting to happen it since it’s only a 25 episode series and the way they pace it now makes it seem like it’s a 50 episode run instead. I don’t have anything else to say other than that their pacing for it so far is really bad, and that barely any of the plot has actually been revealed other than that toa was sent to retrieve the “children” and that earth wants to destroy thanatos (keep forgetting its correct spelling), which kind-of annoys me personally. The manga so far seems a lot better except for the personality changes in which Jin is now a “badass” and Toa is now a “goofball” which I’m not fond of since I like Toa’s personality in the anime better than the manga’s version. Other than that I really don’t have much to say other than what other people have said before me about the the new ending sequence.

  4. “-Kazuki’s entrance in this episode was so random and stupid. I hope he stays dead. Too bad he’s not likely to… I bet he’ll have a cross-shaped scar or something on his forehead when he returns too.”

    I lol’d when I read this. I totally agree. His entrance was sooooooo random and then he apparently gets killed. Dragonauts’ sense of direction story-wise is pretty questionable at times, but I’ll continue watching nonetheless.

  5. So i haven’t seen this episode yet o.o…so um what exactly happens with Kazuki? Does he just like…bust out of nowhere….then die like all “Oh my god bitch Kazuki up in here!!! BAM /dead/ o.o because if so that’s like the coolest thing that’s ever happened in this anime o.o xD

  6. “I don’t think tits are suppose to look like that o.o………like…>> what the hell o.o its kinda creapy and im curios as too what kind of breasts the people who make the show have seen? O.o”

    What kind of breasts’ they’ve seen? You mean IF they’ve seen any breasts or even references to breasts at all, period.

  7. That GAY character should be dead!!!
    NOOOOOOOOOO…..don´t bring that fagged back again!!!!
    DIE!!!! you GIO´s cock sucker!!!If this character dies here this anime is going to be just perfect till the end!!!

    Tensai Otaku
  8. Things are getting pretty wrapped up. The rumble begins. Screw Kazuki, Garnet and Asim!

    Hope that Jin will reunite with Toa.

    Everybody are getting stronger than before. I believe later in the series Jin will become a Dragonaut. Maybe again he may be the key of defeating useless Thanatos.

    Just wondering that when Thanatos will show ‘her’ true shape….. Is ‘she someone’ that bears the original dragons ‘in her body’ or something? Who knows? 0_0

  9. You ah people not nice to use not nice words….. You are welcome to post/voice but please don’t use some words that may be sensitive/touchy to some people of some cultures. I say this not because I am 100% correct. I say this because I care about everybody. I don’t want everybody to end up like me, a screwed person in real life. You guys are different.

    I believe everybody change and become different after watching their favorite animes. ^^

  10. Wow, I don’t think the show has really accomplished much at this point to justify a one year time lapse. I find that a time lapse is only justified if the show accomplishes something partially and then the characters are faced with it again in the future.

    However, currently we have way too many loose ends IMHO:
    1.) Itsuki’s younger brother Yuuya presumably dead
    2.) ToA missing/captured
    3.) Kazuki and Widow presumably dead
    4.) Nozaki revealed to be an original dragon (I guess this is as far as this one gets…)
    5.) Austrum presumably dead
    6.) Akira and Machina leaving the Dragonauts team
    7.) Jin asked to join the Dragonauts team
    8.) Dragonauts heading towards Thanatos

    I think we need to conclude at least some of these before time lapsing the series. I guess the only suitable time to do so is after the attack on Thanatos (assuming it doesn’t quite turn out the way they were expecting).

  11. Damnit, how did it get cut off?

    Anyways, as I was saying, I know Toa is all in love with Jin. But at the end of the day she’s not human. So it seems to me that they’re slowlly pushing Akira and Jin together. Her helping him so much and even leaving her ISDA “friends” behind to go with him gives me that sorta vibe.

    If this is the case then I feel that somehow Toa won’t make it in the end. But although this will be a bittersweet ending if it happens, Jin won’t be “alone” even then cuz they will have placed Akira with him and so on.

  12. Nozaki is a traitor! I can’t wait to see he being punished by Thanatos. I know I am cheering for the wrong side, but I am actually on the side of the dragons. Hopefully this time they actually send a stronger dragon that can kick Gio’s ass. Let them burn ! I am hoping for an eveangelion type of end where Humanity burn… burn…! Muahahaha!

    Not really, this show needs to have a bad ending for it to become a classic!

  13. I seriously hate the boob stuff, they seriously need to throw in like a 5 minute scene where they get breast reductions for whatever reason, so they don’t kill people when they swing them.

    And perhaps the animators just threw it in there to make it seem like kazuki died because they know its what we all wanna see, so far its the highlight of the series 😀

    Too bad he’ll be back… >_>

  14. I get why Widow would feel sorry for Kazuki and kind of take care of him….but I don’t get why she would let him use her as a tool to get his whiny revenge or whatever…I was so happy when he exploded. That and the music at then end (not the ED) where the 2 best parts of the episode for me.

  15. Well, not much happening in this episode, in a sense. You could summarize the more important/interesting spots of this episode like this:
    – For what it’s worth, it’s more or less confirmed that Jin’ll become a Dragonaut after Toa is saved.
    – Nozaki goes into more detail as for why he has abandoned his original mission
    – Kakuzi is temporarily out of the game
    – For all it’s worth, most of the cast has moved out into space.
    – We know more about Jin’s father and what kind of relationship he had with Raina
    – We got a hint about a possibly future new antagonist (the dragon at the end)
    – Itsuki and Otohime are apparently there (I was wondering what’d happen to them, to be honest. I half expected they’d get left behind or something like that – restarting the Vritra Unit or the like, but it appears they’re coming along)
    – We got a new ED that was rather nice – better than I expected, actually 😀

    … and that’s about it. Hmm, a timeskip, huh? could be nteresting… :3

  16. I really, really hope Kazuki is really dead and stays dead. He (and the completely ridiculous) breasts are the only things that sometimes make me question why I’m watching this show. Sadly, the moment he “died” I instantly thought, “Well, we didn’t actually see him die, so he’ll probably come back at a the time when him being alive is least convenient for for Jin and Gio.” Kinda put a damper on my celebration…

  17. Wow, people getting worked up over a pair of animated tits.
    Next on the list: oversized eyes?

    Anyway, nice to see a bit of character development on Liner’s side of things- he’s not quite as inscrutable and enigmatic as he appeared to be.
    And hopefully (assuming he’s not dead) Kazuki won’t show up for a good few episodes.

  18. I personally, I have a thing for big-breasted anime character(no such thing as breasts too big) so this anime’s pure bliss for me. Although, I understand why some people would get annoyed it is really worth complain now? it’s not like they can just change the character design and the character that have big breasts don’t even get a lot of screen time

  19. The new ED is all boobs. One of them being badly mishapen. ROFL.

    Yay! That fucker Kazuki is dead! Or not? I don’t know. And I agree his entrance is totally random.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  20. Ya know… I really do wonder why Miss Hirano have to work on a bomb like this… well I don’t think she’ll be complaining about fans being all about her voice work… and also seeing boobs move like that isn’t hot; just creepy.

  21. I find the whole Kazuki thing absolutely hilarious. I cannot stop literally laughing whenever he appears throughout the series and this episode in particular took the cake. Such genius.

    I find it terribly amusing as well how much hatred people have for him, and rightfully so. I hate him so much that I actually find him funny. God, I need to stop watching anime, it’s bad for my health.


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