The day after Hiromi told him that Noe saw right through her, Shinichirou still doesn’t quite understand what she meant. At school, he finds a packet of red berries in his shoe locker, and there’s another one in his desk. A third is in the locker where he keeps his books, and when Nobuse picks it up, Shinichirou tries to keep his friend from seeing what’s inside, but he only succeeds in tackling Nobuse. Shinichirou thus has to tell Nobuse about how Noe’s been leaving these for him, and Nobuse suggests that it’s love. After class, Shinichirou wants to complain to Noe about all this, but she runs out of school and meets up with an older looking guy who has a motorcycle. Shinichirou is surprised to see this and finds himself sighing on his way to Aiko’s store. When he gets there, he walks in on Aiko feeding Nobuse like they’re a couple, but Aiko claims that she was just letting Nobuse taste the food she’s making. To show that it was nothing special, she offers to feed Shinichirou a bite too, however she accidentally drops it with her chopsticks after telling him to get closer so that she can reach him. Nobuse ends up eating it straight off the counter, and he declares that he’d eat something Aiko cooked even if it were dropped on the floor.

Shinichirou then tells Nobuse about Noe having a boyfriend already, and he thinks that she merely made him the replacement for Raigomaru. From this, Nobuse figures out that Noe had been trying to feed Shinichirou with all the red berries, and he kids Shinichirou about being a fed chicken. A little later, as Aiko and Shinichirou are headed to the community center together, she asks him about what happened with Hiromi. After he tells her about how Hiromi said that she wanted to be Noe’s friend even though she didn’t really want to, Aiko comments on how she thinks that she understands why Hiromi did that. Aiko initially refuses to tell him the reason, but she eventually explains that people want to get closer to the person they love. When they’re unable to do that, they go with someone who’s already close to that person. As she says this, Aiko comes to a realization, and when Shinichirou tries to ask her about it, she kicks him in the leg and stomps off, saying that any girl who falls in love with a guy like him will have a lot of trouble.

Going by what Aiko stated, Shinichirou reasons that Hiromi was trying to get closer to someone by becoming Noe’s friend. He starts to think that this person is him, and this puts him in a really good mood. At home, he finds his mother giving Hiromi the task of delivering some sake even though it’s already so late. Since his mother insists on getting this done tonight, Shinichirou decides to do it himself, and Hiromi follows him. His father thinks that his mother should have just asked Shinichirou and questions why she asked Hiromi instead. He considers Hiromi to be one of their children now, but Shinichirou’s mother refuses to accept this. Shinichirou and Hiromi meanwhile take the path that passes by the waterfront, and he tells her that she doesn’t need to be try to be so nice with them because she’s not their employee or servant. He then recalls that they’ve gone down this road before back during a festival when they were young, and Hiromi had gotten separated from everyone and had cried. Hiromi claims not to remember, and when Shinichirou tries to turn to the topic to what she meant when she said that Noe saw through her, Hiromi just thanks him and reveals that she was scared of this road.

As it turns out, all those years ago, a young Hiromi had been by herself and had thought that Shinichirou had left her behind. He had jumped out at her from inside a patch of bamboo and had laughed at her, but after seeing her crying and missing a shoe, he felt guilty and decided to go find it. Hiromi, however, stopped him from leaving her side, and they instead walked hand-in-hand towards the festival, with him also taking off a shoe. These are all memories that Hiromi had decided to seal away when she moved in with Shinichirou’s family, but she can still recall the feeling of not wanting to be left behind. Not knowing that Hiromi actually does remember, Shinichirou meanwhile decides that he made progress just by walking with her. When he gets home, he begins drawing a story about himself reaching out to catch her and seeing a red snow falling. The snow turns out to be red berries though, and Shinichirou realizes they taste bad after he tries to eat one. He then notices a white chicken jumping around, and it is at that point that he wakes from his dream after having fallen asleep while drawing at his desk.

At school, Shinichirou is alerted to the fact that there’s a trail of red berries leading out from his classroom. He follows it all the way outside to the tree that Noe likes to climb and tells her that he doesn’t need those berries, but she feels that it’s not for him to decide. Shinichirou then suggests that she shouldn’t be involved with him because she already has a boyfriend, and he walks away angrily, ignoring Noe asking to wait because she can’t get down from the tree. Since Shinichirou tells Noe to get down on her own, Noe unexpectedly does what he says and jumps. When Shinichirou runs back to check on her, she makes him carry her on his back. Noe ends up directing him towards the gymnasium where their boys’ basketball team is currently playing the team from a rival school, and everyone is shocked to see Shinichirou carrying her. That attention doesn’t last long though, because the player of the rival school with the number 4 on his jersey makes an impressive fadeaway shot. Shinichirou recognizes this guy as the same person that Noe had been with before, but he’s surprised to hear her call out to him as her brother.

After the game, Shinichirou tells Nobuse that Noe having a boyfriend or not has nothing to do with him, but Nobuse observes that Shinichirou is relieved. Nobuse also suggests that Shinichirou come up with an explanation for why he was carrying Noe because Hiromi saw them and will misunderstand. Shinichirou tries to think up something, but as he’s walking around school, he accidentally overhears Hiromi talking to her friend about how she actually likes the number 4 boy from the rival school. What makes it even more awkward is that Hiromi runs into Shinichirou shortly after saying this, and she realizes that he might have heard what she said.


Well, I finally got around to watching this, and I have to say that I regret not doing so earlier. I wrote previously that I likely wouldn’t follow this in favor of blogging Shigofumi instead, but after seeing this episode, I don’t think I can ignore this either. The first episode was okay and the second one was a little better, but this third episode was what really grabbed my attention. There’s just so much stuff going on in the story, whether it’s from Aiko’s angle or about Shinichirou’s mother not accepting Hiromi or about Hiromi appearing to lie (either consciously or to herself) about liking Noe’s brother and the great cliffhanger ending of running into him right afterwards. It’s not clear whether Hiromi realizes that it’s Noe’s brother either (has someone tried drawing a relationship chart yet?). Add to all that a layer of consistently good animation and a really superb soundtrack, and it’s safe to say that true tears is now living up to the potential that I originally thought it had.

The only question now is to figure out how to balance this with Shigofumi on Saturdays since I really want to continue both. I think I’m probably going to have to drop something else to free up time elsewhere…


  1. After episode 1 and 2 i was still undecided if i could find the time to continue watching this series but WOW episode 3 has me hooked and i cannot WAIT for the next eps. What a painfull week for cliffhangers !! ( Shakugan no shana / H20 / GUNDAM / True Tears )

  2. its the media’s way to attract you especially in a series or a drama or anime to end with a cliff hangers they do it in korean PV now these days watch SGwannabe
    but i think this series is more of a drama
    like in a anime they could point out better or much clearer then a drama can

    Because it has a /_\ relationship at the opening and they started the ” let´s screw with the main character from the begining ” mexican drama( LOL ) starting right from this episode !!!

    SUZUKA CHAN´s replacement is here for you randomc lovers!!Let´s all sing together:
    in japanese mode:
    oni, su, suri(T_T):

    PS: I am impressed in how Nazuka Kaori acts with characters that NEVER…I mean NEVER gets with nobody!!!her lately female characters like to dispatch all male characters…see for yourself as an example…let´s see….OVERDRIVE…and I am feeling this one won´t be different!!!

    ABOUT NAZUKA KAORI : I say her many times on youtube and I love her cheeks…I REALLY WANT TO GO TO JAPAN JUST TO NIBBLE HER CHEEKS!!! 😀

    Tensai Otaku
  4. awebo this serie is really more cool and more dramatic than other how H20, please follow blog this serie, thanks ann grettings from Mexico. saludos paisano (jejeje no creo que lo puse en ingles)

  5. Glad to see you’re still blogging this Omni… even if you didn’t blog this I was hoping you continue to watch it as it’s really turning out to be a good series.

    As for a way to blog both this and Shigofumi, why not hold one over for sunday or monday (like you did right now?). Mondays you only seem to blog one show… you could add one or the other of these two 🙂

  6. I was hooked from the first episode. For once there is no telling which of the three girls (if any) the main character will end up with. Also plenty of room for character development and revelations from all the cast. Too my suprise, each week I find myself looking forward to True Tears with almost as much anticipation as Clannad.

  7. drop shigofumi. I saw all episodes of both so far, and true tears is SO MUCH better!
    Shigofumi is one of these every-episode-with-different-story anime. I find it kinda annoying…
    so far, true tears (leaving aside the annoying 3d’s in the backgrounds) is heading to kanon’s direction, which is in a different level than a normal anime.

  8. And here is my anime list:
    BAD:* NICE:*******

    •.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet
    •.hack//Liminality [OVA] (complete)***
    •.hack//Roots (complete)*****
    •.hack//Sign (complete)****

    •2×2=Shinobuden (aka Ninja Nonsense)

    •3×3 Eyes [OVA]

    •5 Centimeters Per Second [Movie]

    •Ah! My Goddess
    •Ai Yori Aoshi
    •Air (complete)****
    •Air Gear
    •Air in Summer [OVA]
    •Air Master
    •Aishiteruze Baby
    •Ajimu – Kaigan Monogatari [ONA]
    •Akazukin Cha Cha
    •Akira (complete)*****
    •Alice Academy (Gakuen Alice)
    •Alien Nine [OVA]
    •Amaenaideyo Katsu (in progress)***
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    •Animatrix [OVA]
    •Appleseed [Movie] [Dub]
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    •Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee [OVA]
    •Area 88
    •Armitage III [OVA]
    •Asatte No Houkou
    •Ashita No Nadja
    •Astro Boy (1980)
    •Avatar: The Last Airbender (in progress)******* 3×14
    •Ayakashi(03)****** sub?
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    •Baki the Grappler
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    •Comedy (aka Kigeki) [OVA]
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    •D. Gray Man (in progress)**** 5
    •Da Capo(complete)*****
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    •Da Capo II(in progress) ***** 13 end (sub?)
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    •Death Note (complete)*******
    •Defenders of Space (1985) [Movie]
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    •Ef – a tale of memories(in progress)***** 3
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    •YuYu Hakusho [Dub]
    •Yuyu Hakusho: The Abridged Series – Updated!

    •Zatch Bell! (Aka Konjiki No Gash Bell!)
    •Zero No Tsukaima ( complete)****
    •Zero No Tsukaima II (complete)****
    •Zoids Chaotic Century and Guardian Force
    •Zoids Fuzors
    •Zoids Genesis
    •Zoids Zero (Zoids New Century Zero)
    •Zone Of The Enders: Dolores,i

  9. I really liked this episode. Great cliffhanger ending. It’s pretty easy to see that Hiromi was BS’ing her friend about liking Noes brother who she JUST MET!

    That aside, it’s not like he’s not trying to get close to her again, but she keeps pulling away. This will just make him go towards Noe more.

    Personally I like all 3 girls really, but true to my tsundere tastes I like Ai more. I really hope that in ep4 she can get into the mix with the others or Noe will just steal the show away.

  10. WOW !! NOW THATS A CLIFFHANGER!!!they don’t make em like that anymore! BRING BACK THE POLL!! I’M READY TO VOTE!!! screw that semi-blind bastards other show. this is nice! HIROMI!! what are u gonna do now!!!! u know u dun fu@ked up girl!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  11. *Torukojin
    I for the long I live doesn´t know anyone that have watched more animes than TENSAI OTAKU SAMA….DE….ORE JIANAI DESUKA!!….OH..OH..OHOHOH!!!( NAGA MODE ON )


    Tensai Otaku
  12. @Marilori

    Ai-chan is the tsundere in the group and I always go with the tsundere chick. It’s a personality thing I like.

    Yes, at this point it doesn’t look like she’s got any chance at all. But Hiromi just shot herself in the foot and the preview for ep4 shows more Ai-chan, though it’s going to be mostly a Noe episode.

    We’ll have to see how it goes.

  13. “Just admit it, you love the show for the cockroach song. =D”

    well it was funny really! she’s singing “there’s a cockroack on your back” when she RIDES your back!! XDXD


  15. I gave a quick love chart in the Gunslinger Girl comments, but it’s basically what that scan Julius linked shows.

    Miyokichi (likes)⇒ Aiko (likes)⇒ Shin’ichirou

    Noe ⇐(unknown)⇒ Shin’ichirou ⇐(likes)⇒ Hiromi

    Noe seems to be the catalyst that gets everything going, so it’ll be interesting to see how her and Shin’ichirou’s relationship turns out with Hiromi and Aiko around.

  16. yay thanks for blogging this again! I wouldn’t have picked it up unless you started to write about it. Made me a bit disappointed when u said you’d stop blogging it. It’s really going up there with some quality drama

  17. tisk tisk tisk Shin (for short :P)

    Shesh, 3 girls like him, and he’s just not confident enough @@. Right now though, the person to win Shin’s heart would be Noe or Hiromi.

    Interesting end to ep3. I wonder if she was just annoyed and jealous and jsut blurted out player #4 to get her friend to stop annoying her. And then O shit, he just heard the wrong thing, he misunderstood classic -_-

    Sora no Kaze
  18. Actually, i’m not sure if Hiromi is lying. That’s because it all fits too nicely with what has happened. Hiromi was unusually cheerful when she told Shin she was going to the basketball match. When Shin came with Noe, she watched them for several seconds, but her gaze was drawn to Noe’s brother in the end.

    And it also fits with how she was trying to get close to Noe. Not to get closer to Shin, but to Noe’s brother. She’s living with Shin in ONE house for crying out loud. She wouldn’t need Noe to get closer to Shin. Especially since Shin has a soft spot for her.

    And last, Hiromi herself stated she sealed those memories from the past. If she really tried to get close to Shin, i see no reason why she would do that. It makes no sense to me.

    Her sealing her memories puzzles me, though. It does point towards Hiromi having complex emotions about Shin. But what kind of emotions, that’s a mystery.

  19. Not sure if someone mentioned it before (don’t feel like reading 3 pages of comments, gomen), but as Aiko mentioned, if someone can’t get near the person they like, they will try to get closer to the person near the one they like. That was probably intended to mislead the viewer to suspect she meant Shinichirou but by the end of the episode you’re supposed to realize she may have meant #4. Meaning, she knew Noe was #4’s sister.

  20. @jonat3:

    Hiromi may be compelled to put aside her memories from the past because she sees herself as Shin’ichirou’s sister now more than anything else. In her mind, she might be thinking that it would be weird if she still saw Shin’ichirou in that way. There has to be a reason why she’s quiet at home (after being adopted) and so outgoing at school. (It could be that she feels like she’s intruding on Shin’ichirou’s family by being adopted and doesn’t want to change the way they live… perhaps…)

    Also, it makes sense for Hiromi to want to talk to Noe if she thinks something might be happening between her and Shin’ichirou, given how little she talks to Shin’ichirou directly. Girls talk about everything after all (and much more easily). We can just compare how Hiromi talked to Noe for the first time and how she talks to Shin’ichirou (even now).

    Regardless of what the reason is at this point, personally, I still think Hiromi has feelings for Shin’ichirou. I guess it’ll all be clear next episode when we find out if Hiromi even knew that was Jun–Noe’s brother. I’m thinking she didn’t at this point based on the fact that Tomoyo didn’t even know about him and Hiromi’s reaction after seeing Shin’ichirou around the corner, but if she did know, then you might be on to something. 🙂

    Anyway, the fact that there’s so much to speculate about at this point and that we’re bothering to talk about it just proves that this show is definitely worth watching!

  21. I thought Hiromi was quiet at home because of the way Shinichirou and his family interacted. There’s a tense atmosphere whenever they have dinner together and Hiromi probably senses that she’s unwelcome to Shin’s mother.

    The expression she had at the end of the episode might be her thinking: “Oh shit, I’ve made things worse. Now living at his house is going to be even more awkward.”

  22. Carrying out some shopping and observed your internet site appears a little messed up in my K-meleon world wide web browser. But fortunately hardly anyone uses it any lengthier but you may possibly need to appear into it.


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