CODE GEASS – Best Phrase Award

Of the second half, the best phrase was from the end of episode 23 when Lelouch talks about how he doesn’t care if he has to face Suzaku and welcomes it because they are friends. I was more amused by the fact that they chose Orange-kun’s “Ohayou Gozaimashita” for the number 3 spot – the way he says that line makes me smile every time.
Secret Note

Details revealed this time include the steak in warm milk dish that Cecil cooked in episode 14, how Ougi kept Viletta under house arrest because he didn’t want to let someone who knew Zero’s secret go, how the Black Knights organization restructuring led to Diethard rising through the ranks, how Suzaku started suspected that Lelouch was Zero in episode 18, and how C.C. actually talks to different people each time she appears to be talking to someone who’s not there.
Sayoko’s Diary

This was about how Diethard introduced Sayoko to the Black Knights as S.S. and how C.C. was the one who ultimately let her in. It wasn’t quite as funny as the first one, though I did laugh at the manko (vagina) joke during the quiz game.

Lelouch’s Britannia History Course

Lelouch and Suzaku go over how Alwyn the First was the person who started it all during the time of Roman Emperor Augustus, though there is no concrete evidence of Alwyn’s existence. The current Britannia started with Ricardo van Britannia in 1813.
Hangyaku Nikki on DVD Magazine

I didn’t think they could make it any better after the first half of this on the first DVD was such a riot, but they did. The highlights here are Lelouch’s voice actor Fukuyama Jun arm wrestling Sayoko’s voice actress Arai Satomi (and losing when the girls gang up and tickle him), Rivalz’s voice actor Sugiyama Noriaki pretending to be Lelouch, and (the best of all) Fukuyama Jun pretending to be the Emperor of Britannia. I couldn’t stop laughing at the latter because Fukuyama’s Jun’s impression of Wakamoto Norio is absolutely hilarious.

Sequel Trailer

Watch the trailer! Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3

Of course, the main draw of this DVD has to be the trailer for R2 even though it clocks in at less than 30 seconds long. In order, the trailer shows: the Guren Nishiki, a Gekka jumping out of a transport, a bunch of Sutherlands crashing into a building, the Lancelot cutting through another Knightmare, a list of all the Black Knights arrested, bunny costume Kallen doing some crazy kick against a burly looking dude, Rollo taking off a helmet, Rivalz, Milly, Shirley and Rivalz cooking, bunny costume Kallen talking to someone who looks like Lelouch, Suzaku, Marianne, the Emperor, the guy from the Chinese Federation, naked C.C. floating through GEASS space, Lelouch holding a chess piece, and a new Knightmare frame.

Overall, this DVD has a lot of fun stuff on it, and like the first one, it’s definitely worth watching if you’re a GEASS fan. The trailer does a good job piquing my interest (Why is Kallen in a bunny costume? Who’s the Chinese guy?), but I’m trying not to get too excited since there’s still over two more months until the spring season. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 starts in April in the new Sunday, 5PM slot.


  1. Yeah! Finally!
    LELOUCH DOESN’T DIE! AND THERE IS EVEN C.C TOO! Yeah, Lelouch, kick Suzaku’s ass! Where can I watch this trailer!? Where! Things seem to get more and more interesting!!!!!!!!!!
    I think Karen finally manages to accept the fact that Lelouch is Zero.
    Is Marianne still alive?

  2. @m-san – I believe that is a Queen, not a King.

    If this helps. Everything takes place Show Spoiler ▼

    Which could explain why everything is so peaceful.

    There are tons of spoilers in the web that really answer a lot of questions. It makes all these incoherent set of events into perspective. Although I will not mention it because that would take of the fun of the enigma. 😉

  3. HAHA The new guy looks like Lelouch’s and Suzaku’s love child. He has Lelouch’s eyes and Suzaku’s hair. I think the creators are emphasizing on the LelouchxSuzaku yaoi pairing to appease the rabid fan girls…

    Full Metal Otaku
  4. Hmm . . . doesn’t seem like Lelouch is dead! Yay! And bunny suit!Kallen looks so cute . . . and, somehow, Lelouch and Kallen’s relationship seems intact (assuming that really is Lelouch . . .hmmm)

    @m-san – Gasp! It’s a white piece! How come i didn’t notice that >

  5. Trailer grabbed my attention.
    I.E. what this?
    If it’s that I really wonder what happened in that time. They actualy did put a spoiler in the trailer with showing C.C., means she isn’t dead (which doesn’t mean she won’t die).

    Now the question, who do you think will die in Season2?
    My bets are on C.C. and Lelouch and “maybe” Suzaku, but I’m not sure there.

  6. what if lelouch is dead and rollo impersonates him with dyed hair and all, that would explain why there’s no geass in the shot or it could simply be a flashback from the time before geass

  7. Well, Code Geass won’t be Code Geass without lelouch, he’s basically the pillar of the show. Kallen might be the one that save lelouch during the last straw of the 1st season (the faceoff between suzaku and lulu)…

    the only wish right now is that the 2nd season to be non-stop action pack code-geass.

  8. @mutio – I wonder too….

    There are some speculation out there that Show Spoiler ▼

    Imagine R2’s ending is Marianne vs Emperor. Title: “The S&(*storm” 😀

    Also: Kallen still has the key to the MkII. It’s between her breasts. [-.-]

  9. I don’t think he was arrested. There are probably only three categories. It would say Arrested like Ougi, Wanted like Rakshata, or X meaning eliminated, destroyed, something of that sort.

  10. Ok to clear thins uP:

    Theres big RED X on Zero – that means he s DEAD as far as Britannia is concerned

    Theres “WANTED” on Diethard and Laksharta – that means they are on the run or hiding

    Ougi and Todou – “ARRESTED” – they have been captured.

    C.C. spoiler may be true as in her scene we see that kiss (from 24-25) in background.

    And i really doubt they had forgotten – that would make NO sense at all. The more I think it was something like Show Spoiler ▼

    Unknown Voice
  11. and for white/black pieces :

    remember the chess rules – blacks always start second, thus they are on defensive for quite some time. Whites always are first, thus on offensive. So maybe Lulu will just play more “active” game this time, without being in defensive position?

    Unknown Voice
  12. Well the second season made me a bit depress… I really don’t want Kallen to be with Lelouch…It will be too… happy ending for me and too cute and too stupid -_- Code geass is a pretty good series and I’m afraid season 2 will make me hate it -_- I always like the relationship Lelouch got with C.C because she is different from the other female character and they’re relation is more than a simple romantic relation. Well at my point this trailer is a way too peacefull for the vision I got of Code geass (especially when Kallen look at Lelouch with sweet eyes I mean…no Lelouch in my head is not that kind of ”sweetie I love you my dear” guy) stupid too sweet romantic things in anime….grrrr -_-

  13. Did Anyone notice about Lelouch Sister, I mean seriously no one’s talking about her or showing her in the Trailer =.=…. Does ANYONE Care about her… But still i still wonder what happen to her…?

  14. Yes!!! Code Geass!!…the suspense is killing me and I have to wait ’till April DAMN!!! I a bit worried that Lulu might be just a recap of memories from different people (you know – Rivalz about Lulu’s genuis in chess, Milly about costume party,etc. etc. etc.)Still, I am holding my breath that he is still alive. Anyway, I haven’t felt this excitement for a show since last year.

  15. It’s funny to see how people claim things from the trailer which maybe shows stuff from the first two episodes of season 2.
    Also, alternative story, come on! What nonsense! You seriously don’t think they’d end season 1 on such a big cliffhangar to give us an alternate story lol.
    As for the permanent Geass being gone I’m sure if you look really deep into the 1st season, that there can be different reasons for that. I may be also just a flashback used as metapher for something.
    In the end, some people really have it going and claim some VERY vague stuff.
    Drink some tea, watch the other shows around and just wait till R2 starts lol 😛

    I’m around for 6 years now in the anime scene, and I can tell you: Before each bigger series’ season 2 there were discussions after discussions and theories and whatever – in the end most of the things people said didn’t happen. So don’t take to much from these speculations.

  16. First I thought that the chess thing would be a flashback from episode 1, but then I remembered (and I checked it also) that Lelouch played as black. So he can’t be holding the white king. But it would be a reference to some other chess match of course…

    And about the speculations… I have followed anime/manga for 3 years, but I have just two times made exactly correct speculations ^^ Few have been so so, but most have been so to the woods as you can get them 😀 (

  17. ten bucks nunnally became this dude man (, i mean if you look at some pics like… (
    i mean… that guy that lulu is hugging looks… girlish… i mean… you know… who knows… i mean… what is nunnally gets geass powers and can like transform or something…? or it could be a lost brother/cousin of sorts. but ten bucks it’s friggen nunnally, it’s smells of girly girl.

  18. Okay, now to debunk some myths and add some info:

    1. NUNNALLY IS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT ROLLO LAMEROUGE/Mr. Moe child molester’s wet dream boy. However, there is something “mysterious” about him, quote the creators.
    2. Zero may not actually be Lelouch from before.
    3. Suzaku now serves as a “Knight of the Round”, directly under Mr. I’ve got a weird hairdoo Emperor.
    4. It is hinted at that Nunnally knew all along why Empress Marianne was killed and/or who she was killed by.
    5. Season two wil be on a global scale, the action not limited only to operations in Japan.
    6. Lelouch’s geass is “deactivated”. Hinted at by the creator, not sure what they mean yet.
    7. the “LIVE!” geass command given to Suzaku will make him do something he will want to die for. Of course though, he can’t.
    8. Rollo is a psychopathic freak of nature. (okay, I added, but still). Apparantly, he’s got the same “one moment nice one moment BWUAHAHAHA” disorder/genius as Lelouch.
    9. Villeta will be a teacher at Ashford. God knows why they hired her.
    10. For Season two, the black knights will be more keen on showing their teamwork, etc, getting out of sticky situations and working together as an organiztion. I have no idea what the writers are planning.
    11. New characters, Knights of the Round (including Suzaku, who has joined their ranks), will be much better looking that most.
    12. Rollo Lamperouge and Lelouch will both be students at Ashford.
    13. something weird is up with Nunnally, she hasn’t become a man though. We’re going to have to sit on this for a while…O_O…
    14. Oh yeah, and remember in the first season, there was a brief, I dunno, 3 second scene where you see a long-haired chinese man standing in a pagoda up in the mountains? Yeah, he’s in the trailer too, from the Chinese Federation, evidently stirring up some trouble with the Brittanian guards.

    That’s all for now, I’m going to go and browse other

  19. …whoa….this trailer looks promising…I wonder what will the story be really like in R2… I guess that some of the questions which remained unsolved in Season 1 will be answered in Season 2….and that Chinese guy….his hair reminds me Sejiro Hito of Samurai X….I wonder what happened to nunnally and V.V.? And I’m guessing that new Knightframe will be for Lelouch….LOL

    hiro nakamura
  20. @Go!

    indeed, it’s a queen.

    compare this:

    to this:

    I’m really wondering what happened to Lelouch. No Geass? No Nunnally? And sure he’s in Ashford uniform but we never see him together with his friends, Rivalz-tachi.

    And am I the only one who thinks that R2 means “RR”? Sort of like CC [read as C2] and VV [read as V2]? lol. 2 more effing months. boo!


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