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In the aftermath of the festival, everyone helps clean up, and with the exception of Shana and friends, they’ve all forgotten about Konoe because her power of existence has disappeared. In Seireiden, Hecate and Fecor report back to Bel Peol that they weren’t able to destroy Yuuji so that they could transfer the Reiji Maigo. Bel Peol isn’t too worried though, and Hecate then uses her power to bring the silver armor in their lab to life. Back at the school, Keisaku tells the group that Margery wants to speak with them tonight. He notices that Kazumi in particular is looking worried, and though she doesn’t admit it, the reason why is because of the cross-shaped Hougu that Pheles gave her. The Hougu’s function is to summon Pheles, but it does so at the cost of the power of existence of the summoner, effectively killing them. Pheles had felt that Kazumi was the right person for it because Kazumi disappearing wouldn’t inconvenience anyone, and she had told Kazumi to use it if Yuuji was in trouble

That night, everyone heads to Keisaku’s house to discuss everything that had happened. Alastor thinks that Konoe was watching over the Reiji Maigo, and that makes everyone unsure of what to make of all the happy times they spent with her. Margery eventually finishes studying Yuuji and announces that a seal that’s like a transmitter has been put on the Reiji Maigo. As for the Silver, Margery theorizes that Pheles summoned it when she tried to wake Johan. Johan’s own appearance came about from using the unrestricted method that Margery had used on Yuuji. Margery concludes by saying that the Bal Masqué is still after the Reiji Maigo, and Wilhelmina correctly guesses they want to transfer it by destroying Yuuji now that the seal is there. At the end of all this, Alastor brings up how there have been so many special people who have come to Misaki City, making him think that the city might be the Tousou no Uzu (Vortex of Strife) which attracts both Flame Hazes and Tomogara.

The following day, Yuuji, Shana, and Kazumi see off Yuuji’s father who is leaving again. Afterwards, Shana and Yuuji go to see Wilhelmina, and Kazumi is left to head home on her own. As Kazumi thinks about how she wants to stand on the same level as Yuuji and Shana, she admits to herself that she’s jealous of Shana for that. By chance, she happens to run into Ogata, and when the two walk together past a certain park that reminds Kazumi of Konoe, she asks if Ogata really doesn’t remember who Konoe is. Ogata, however, truly doesn’t know, so Kazumi drops the topic. Wilhelmina meanwhile assigns Yuuji and Shana to organize the various documents she’s gotten from Outlaw, and as they work, Yuuji tells Shana that he wants to borrow Blutsauger. Alastor and Shana agree to let him, and they go out that evening to practice with it. Kazumi happens to see them there, and she had earlier been thinking about how she’d disappear if she used the Hougu that Pheles gave her. She had almost thrown the Hougu away, but she had stopped when Shana had activated a fuuzetsu for Yuuji’s training. Kazumi now thinks of how she wants to be in the same place as Yuuji, and she recalls how Pheles had told her to use the Hougu if she truly wanted that.

ED Sequence

ED: 「Sociometry」 by KOTOKO
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Both songs are by KOTOKO and both are pretty good, though neither really stand out for me. The actual OP animation, on the other hand, was really exciting to watch and gets me really pumped up about the rest of the series. Never mind Sabrac – I can’t wait to see more of Yuuji + Blutsauger.


For an episode that’s clearly building up to the next arc and lacking any major action scenes, this was pretty good. That may be partially due to the excitement from seeing the new OP and ED, but now that Konoe is gone and the Bal Masqué has reappeared, it also feels like there’s a renewed sense of direction for the series. In particular, I like how they’re involving Kazumi in all this by giving her a life-and-death choice. It seems likely that she’ll use it to summon Pheles sometime in the near future, but I bet that she’ll somehow not die or will get brought back to life.

Production-wise, this episode’s animation quality was all over the place, ranging from the really good (all the scenes with Bel Peol) to the not-so-great and everything in between. Given how some of the past episodes have looked, I’m somewhat impressed that they even managed a few good scenes, and I’m hoping it’s a good sign for the rest of the series. Unfortunately, next week doesn’t look that exciting from the preview, but it does appear that they will be developing the Eita storyline that they’ve been building up ever since Margery almost killed Ogata.


  1. Yea we finally get to see Yuji use Blutsauger eventhough he’s suppose to use it much earlier, the OP is nice with some spoiler like https://randomc.net/image/Shakugan%20no%20Shana/Shakugan%20no%20Shana%20II%20-%20OP2%20-%20Large%2006.jpg or https://randomc.net/image/Shakugan%20no%20Shana/Shakugan%20no%20Shana%20II%20-%20OP2%20-%20Large%2007.jpg (fighting him that is) is it me or Yuji suddenly like suck in using Blutsauger when in the last season he seem like he master it (maybe cause it’s an original arc)

  2. Yuji & Blutsauger!
    I can imagine Keisaku getting green like a fresh cabbage once he sees that 😉
    Still i can understand that battle hougu don’t lie on the ground but such a sadistic weapon doesn’t seem to fit Yuji’s personality that well, doesn’t it?

  3. Music like, new op and ed aren’t of my liking, but the animated sequences are good.

    Pheles must be sadistic to give Kazumi such a Hougu knowing that it could kill her.
    And Yuuji will upgrade to Saito Hiraga’s Gundarlf mode, even the voice. (Satoshi Hino galore)
    And the Bal Masque will burn if they play with THAT kind of flame…

  4. well, the only thing that interests me this episode is the new OP/ED

    and the first time I saw the new ones I kind of had doubts about it, but the 2nd time I watched the new OP/ED I start liking it more, and am now repeating it for the 10th time xD

    ok, it’s a little bit different from the normal Shana OPs/EDs but it still fits the serie quite well…

    and damn, why did they had to let Yuuji hold the sword like that in this part

    it would be so much better if he had the sword on the ground or something, now it only looks stupid to me xD

  5. The second set of op/ed I like definitely more this time than I did in the 1st season. Especialy the op is growing on me as I like trance and it has a nice beat. Furthermore the animated sequences are pretty good in the op.

    It’s nice to see Yuji getting an own weapon and finaly start to kick some asses. If I don’t like one thing it’s this cliche of a strong heroine protecting the weak man she loves and who struggles cause of that. Definitely a big difference to the 1st season.

    “As it turns out, the cross-shaped Hougu that Pheles gave to Kazumi summons Pheles, but at the cost of the power of existence of the person who used it, thereby killing them”
    That definitely sounds like there’ll be a big drama at the end. Maybe the person summoning Pheles will still survive due Yuji’s power though. I just can’t think of any person they could kill off so easily..

  6. Hmm, I didn’t notice Pheles in the OP. I sure hope they don’t kill her off to solve the “Monster” issue. Well I guess if anyone is going to die by summoning Pheles, it would be Kazumi. I guess everyone else dying could resolve all the love issues so that its just Shana x Yuji. I mean they just killed off Konoe (i think?), so we are already 1/3 there.

    Hope it doesn’t turn out that way as I like Konoe and Pheles :'(

  7. There should be a guy who would want something with shana.. I mean now kazumi has joined the gang and yuji is still the main guy who the girls want ..and theres no competition for him :(…Ne who I agree w/ everyone I dont like the OP or the ED songs.

  8. I know it’s probably just wishful thinking, but I really hope the Sabrac fight will last the lenght of a full episode. The Pheles/Shana/Wilhelmina/Margery brawl was a little too short, even if was good.

    I’d really like some extended action scenes.

    And for people who aren’t spoiled already, whether from reading light novels or wikipedia or somewhere else, I really, really suggest you stay away from spoiler materials.

  9. Wow~ Yet another unconventional OP here. I have to applaud J.C for their boldness in putting this up for the series, considering that people with mainstream preferences probably wouldn’t like hearing this too much. I quite like it, though. Must be something to do with my penchant for stranger things. XD

    Anyway, this episode looks like another set-up, and perhaps an explanatory one to the few scenes which left us with questions to be answered.

    Owaranai Destiny
  10. Ugh, damn those stupid voices of yours KOTOKO -_- But at least the OP animation is nice, and it’s actually the first one which doesn’t have Shana looking weak infront of Yuuji XD I mean, from the previous 3, she falls into his arms in one of them, and drops on her knees infront of him in the other 2… So yeah, nice change for once :p

  11. I actually gigled the first time I heard the first words of the new opening. But…
    The animation of the opening is great and the moment when Shana’s hair burns with flames the music doesn’t sound too bad in that point. It’s little different but I suppose we will be fine with it.

    By looking at the opening I’m actually very worried an wonder what will happen to Shana and Konoe. They are in bad pain.
    And Yuuchi is going to use that huge sword. OoO

  12. Was Blutsauger that big?

    I don’t think so…*Spoiler* the novel hinted that, Kazumi will become a Flame Haze after using that. The side effect of used up one’s power of existence, is also the precondition of becoming a Flame Haze.

    Yuji WILL transform into something else…But I wonder if they will cover this in season 2.

  13. Well, I’m hoping they end the season at a highpoint with the defeat of Sabrac. Afterwards, then all hell breaks loose which would coincide with the shattered glass scene when Shana and Yuuji are reaching for one another.

  14. Yuji can finally stop screaming and start being of some use xD At last!!! I’ve waited for this moment to come!
    The op sounded really weird at first but now I can’t stop watching it

  15. It would be nice if they could conclude the entire Shana story within this season, but odds are that we’ll have a cliffhanger ending, or, it’ll end after Sabrac’s defeat, as mentioned.

    Though it would really drive the fans nuts if they ended with Yuji’s “power up”

  16. I think the animation is better on the OP and the ED song is better then again just my view
    I think they ARE going to end after Sabrac fight the chance of that is like 99.99%-_-”
    but aside that maybe we can have another season to conclude the entire story.
    I mean i would 100% dont want them to finish the entire story like this cause they will rush thing and that is no good good anime have to last longer 😛
    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. A comment on the 2nd season ending with Sabrac fight. Aren’t their too many episodes for that? That’s a lot of filler materials to put in. It’s a shame they’re not put it to good use though, like actually animating the Mathilda backstory. 🙁 🙁

  18. Mutio: The novels aren’t finished, but there are signs that the end is on the horizon. Also Show Spoiler ▼

    means that at the very least, we’re heading for a major confrontation between the series antagonists and the rest of the Tomogara-hunting Flame Hazes.

    Myssa Rei
  19. the op took a bit to warm up with, but I like the ed
    This ep served as a good way to warm things up for the things to come, but it seems the next one will focus on the hardy boys…

  20. Fight scene animations for OP surely is an eye candy. But whether the producer can keep up with this kind of quality for fight scenes in future episodes I do not know.

    First season of SnS did mix the novels up together (Margery arc is supposed to be independent and after Friagne arc, and apperance of Alastor had actually already happened near the end of first novel i.e. Friagne arc), therefore there are more fight scenes being put together. Some people in Animesuki forum have read the novels and they commented that the second season follows the chronological order of the novels a bit more closely, therefore we get a lot of setups and such in this season.

    Only roughly 9 episodes left. Let’s see how JC Staff will put this together. Hopefully they won’t disappoint us too much, but again I don’t know.

  21. From the looks it I think Yugi’s father knows more than he is letting on..or I guess I’m just speculating a little too much..Also I wonder if Kazumi’s Hougu can be summoned by using someone else’s existance meaning she could use someone else as a sacrifice to bring Pheles back. Also, that knight they are making seems like they will use it with Yugi in some way… This is all getting pretty good. I can’t wait to see how this goes out!


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