When Kanaru secretly asks Takurou to meet her in front of the school’s camphor tree to hand him a note, Takurou looks at the meeting place and falls backward in shock at his situation. Meanwhile, during breakfast time at the Kanzaki home, Jun walks downstairs to see Ryou reading the newspaper with a pile of their Kurobe pictures spread across the table. Ryou asks Jun to put the pictures away. As Jun begins to organize the stack, he has a flashback of their Persona event in Kurobe. Jun begins to ask Ryou about the picture but switches the topic half way through. Back at school, Takurou begins to tell Kanaru that he is happy about her feelings but that he already liked Megumi. Shin walks into the conversation, and Takurou tells Shin that he should be more aware of the surrounding mood. They are then interrupted by a new student, Yamazaki Mayuri, who asks the boys directions to the teacher’s lounge. Kanaru recognizes the girl and drops the note in her hand – revealing Takurou’s failed test score.

Later on that morning Inui tells Takurou that since Kanaru picked to meet by the camphor tree, it was understandable for him to mistaken her intensions. Inui then teased Shin saying that the new transfer student must be good looking since Shin has been daydreaming all day. Shin then sighed and said that it seems as though he has met Mayuri somewhere before.

Meanwhile Megumi and Kanaru decide to show Mayumi around the school. While Megumi talks nonstop about their school’s science lab, Kanaru drags behind silent. As the girls continue on their tour, they run into Jun, and Megumi introduces him to Mayuri. As they exchange greetings, Jun asks her if they have met before.

Later during PE Shin keeps his attention on Mayumi throughout Takurou’s conversation about girls. As he contemplates on where he has seen Mayumi from before, he gets up and walks over to the camphor tree. When he sees that the branches are twisted together, he asks Takurou if the tree has always been that way. Just as Takurou said that he didn’t know, they both noticed Takurou’s test buried in between the trunk of the tree. Takurou tries to yank out his test, while Shin wonders how the test ended up that way. After school Kanaru invites Mayuri over to her house. Mayuri becomes weak and kneels on the ground. As Kanaru runs over to help, Mayumi stops her and says that she would go over to her house some other time.

The next morning at school Shin walks into the classroom that has been literally turned upside down. Shin looked around as pipes were twisted and cacti were embedded in chairs. Takurou and Megumi were both mortified when Takurou mysteriously found Megumi’s PE shirt stuffed in his desk. Later that evening, Shin talks about the school’s events with Jun. Jun said that the kids at school think that the weird events were either caused by aliens or ghosts since the school used to be a graveyard. Shin rests his head on the table at the thought of ghosts. Jun laughs and tells him that he thinks that it is weird that Shin’s afraid of ghosts since he is good with the Personas.

Chaos occurs the next day at school when the students find all of the anatomy dummies half embedded in the walls. As the students gather to talk about what is happening, a couple of girls begin to gossip about Mayuri as she walks away. After school, Shin tells Takurou, Megumi, and Kanaru that he and Jun believes that it is a Persona that has been causing the weird happenings at school. Kanaru then suggested that they go to school at night to investigate the situation. Takurou agrees with Kanaru and says that if it is a ghost they can take a picture of it and close the matter.

Later that night Shin prepares for the ghost hunting and grabs a charm to protect him before he heads out to the school. Shortly after Shin, Takurou, Megumi, and Kanaru meet up in front of the school and when Megumi turns the boys run to her in fear as they see something in the shadows – only to find out that it was Jun coming to help them out. The group decides to break off into pairs with Megumi and Takurou in one group and Shin, Jun, and Kanaru in another. As they wander through the hallway, Shin asks Kanaru how long she has known Mayuri. Just as she tells him that they have been friends since they were four years old, Jun turns and said that something was coming. They begin to run when the lights begin to flicker, twist together, and break above them. While Jun runs he sees an outline of a Persona outside the window. Shin and Kanaru hide in a corner and sees someone passed out on the floor. Kanaru goes to investigate with her flashlight and finds that it is Mayuri. Meanwhile Jun goes outside to the camphor tree and touches the trunk while a Persona appears behind him. As Jun turns around, the Persona screams out in pain and strikes the tree with its fist. While Jun is dealing with the Persona outside, the group gathers together and attempts to wake Mayuri up. Takurou tries to call the police with his cell but can’t since there is no reception. They hear a loud scream and turn towards the window. Takurou then asks Shin where Jun was and they realize that he was separated from them. Shin, Takurou, and Megumi decide to go out to find Jun while Kanaru stays with Mayuri. Shin then hands Kanaru his charm and says that it will protect her.

Meanwhile outside Jun approaches the angry Persona and says that he knows that it is lonely. Jun tells the Persona that there was only one thing that he could do for it and awakens his Persona. As Jun reaches out his hand, his Persona mimics the action and touches the other Persona. Just as that happens, Mayuri wakes up from her coma. A short while later, Shin, Takurou, and Megumi find Jun as they wander the hallway. When they ask him where he was, he replied that the events should be over, and their cell phones immediately began to ring.

The next day at school Mayuri finds Kanaru and returns the charm that she had in her hands. Kanaru asks Mayuri if she was ok and she said yes but that she didn’t remember what happened the day before. As Mayuri walks away she walks past Jun. He turns towards her and tells her that he hopes she finds the person that she is looking for and holds on to them because if she didn’t, then it would be dangerous. Later that evening, Toma meets Mayuri on a rooftop and tells her that it is dangerous for her to have her Persona out in public. As he throws a bottle of pills to her, he asks if Kanaru has changed since they were friends and tells her that she was probably sick yesterday because she took too many of them. Mayuri tells him that Kanaru is of no threat and then thinks about Jun. She tells him that she may have found what she has been looking for and decides to play school for a little longer.


This was definitely a much more interesting episode than the last two. I was quite entertained by the whole ghost thing, and I laughed out loud when Takurou thought that Kanaru was confessing her love. So let’s take a look back now on all of the major characters – what do we know about them and their Personas? Not much other than the fact that Jun is becoming more like a healer than anything else. Like I said before, I am quite fascinated with his character, but I still think that the writers are doing a poor job building substance on their characters. I would like to have them embellish a little bit more on the Jun/Yuki pairing before they ventured off into his new abilities.

I’m glad to see that they brought Toma back, and I actually like Mayuri as a villain, but I can see where this is going from a mile away. Also, what happened to Saki and Yuuji? Why would the writers introduce a new villain when we don’t know what has happened to the other villains – again I feel like this show is really unorganized. There are just too many things that are left unanswered, and my fear is that towards the end of the show, the writers will jam everything to make up for lost time. This will just make it tasking to watch – what do you guys think?



  1. First comment YATTA! agreed that terrible dog episode was really a waste of time, and if they are going to take it easy theres going to be alot of stuff jammed into the last few episodes

  2. 26 eps? cool. last time i checked ANN it said 13; what’s up with that?

    if that’s true i’m glad, because there is a lot of stuff for them to get through. i’m also glad to see a bit of romance creep in, as that was something i liked in the game.

    as far as Jun’s powers go: in the game there was a character who specialised in sensing stuff going on, but had no combat power. It could be something like that.

    despite the fact that everyone seems down on it, i’m enjoying this series. I like the art and the characters, and while there’s plenty i’d change, there’s also plenty worse out there. at least there are no multi-episode fights with people standing around expositing at each other!

    panda monium
  3. I’ve been discussing this with other internet peeps; Mayuri is just Saki in disguise, we think. I don’t really like it because Saki is just so old-looking to me (like, 25?) and Mayuri is apparently around 17, but yeah, that’s the conclusion we came to.

    In all honesty I’m sticking to this simply because of Jun and Yuki. And to see who Phone Guy is. And to see if Ryou and Eiko end up together. XD

  4. Actually, not think. I was sure she was Saki from the moment I saw her, but still, the age thing is a bit off-putting. XD

    We have a decent amount of episodes left if there are twenty-six to be broadcast, so that’s alright.

  5. OH MY GAWD~~~ for PERSONA 3 fans!!! dont drop the showwww!!!
    You’ll be surprised to see SOMEONE in episode 14…!!!!!!!
    That mysterious guy on the phone is…. AKIHIKO SANADA…..!!!!!!!! >XDDDDDD kyaaaaa~~!!!!!


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