Hiromi and Jun are riding along a snow-lined road on Jun’s motorcycle when a rabbit suddenly darts across the road. Swerving to avoid it, Jun ends up crashing into the snow bank. Both he and Hiromi are thrown into the snow and are relatively unhurt, but the motorcycle catches on fire, and Jun comments on how he’s still paying the loan for it. After he tells Hiromi that the gasoline won’t explode like it does in the movies, he asks her if she has fare for a taxi, and although she does, they both know that it’ll be hard to find a taxi. Coincidentally, a taxi arrives on the scene moments later, and Shinichirou and Noe emerge from it. Unlike Noe who rushes to her brother’s side, Shinichirou approaches Hiromi a lot more slowly, and after she tells him that she’s not hurt, he shocks everyone by hugging her. He is just glad that she’s okay, and all of this causes Hiromi to apologize and to start crying. When the taxi brings them back home, they find that the police are already there, and Shinichirou’s father runs out to meet them.

Shinichirou’s mother immediately grabs Hiromi and pulls her inside, and though Shinichirou’s instinct is to protect Hiromi, his father stops him because he thinks that it’s better for women to deal with other women. Shinichirou objects because he knows his mother has been acting weird, but when he raises the topic of Hiromi being his sister, his father slaps him to calm him down and asserts that that’s not possible. Inside Hiromi’s room, Shinichirou’s mother insists on helping her change clothes, and as she does so, she also tells Hiromi that it’s impossible, though she’s not clear about what she’s referring to. Hiromi doesn’t get to ask her about it because Shinichirou comes looking for her and his mother. By claiming that she’s tired and by starting to take off her clothes, Hiromi gets him to leave, but afterwards, she doesn’t continue to speak with Shinichirou’s mother and instead just momentarily makes eye contact with her before continuing to change clothes. Shinichirou meanwhile thinks about the rest of Raigomaru’s story and feels that he personally isn’t able to fly after all.

At school the next day, rumors swirl about what happened, and the faculty decides to suspend Hiromi. The teachers won’t let Hiromi practice basketball today even though the suspension doesn’t start till tomorrow, so Tomoyo decides to take time off too, but Hiromi is already gone by the time Tomoyo tries looking for her. Nobuse meanwhile asks Shinichirou about what happened and starts to say something, but decides against it. When two other boys also come to ask Shinichirou about what happened, Nobuse scares them off because he sees Shinichirou as his best friend. Later that afternoon, a still dazed Noe goes out to where Shinichirou spelled out with rocks that he liked her, but the snow has long since covered that, and she cuts her finger while trying to dig through it. The following day, when Shinichirou leaves for school, Hiromi stays in bed and cries to herself. Shinichirou ends up getting into a fight at school with one of the guys from yesterday, and it’s only after Noe shows up and stands over both of them disapprovingly that they stop.

After getting a band-aid for his scrapes, Shinichirou finds Noe at the chicken coop and learns that Jun’s been suspended for an entire week. On the topic of the fight that Shinichirou was just in, Noe asks if it was for Hiromi’s sake, and Shinichirou admits that it was. Meanwhile, Shinichirou’s parents bring Hiromi to school to talk with the principal, and Shinichirou’s mother declares that Hiromi is their child and that she’s raising her responsibly. Meanwhile, Shinichirou shows Noe the rest of his picture book, and the two talk about Raigomaru having hard time flying. Shinichirou thinks that Raigomaru was afraid of realizing that he was just a chicken and had known that he couldn’t fly from the very beginning. Noe suggests that this applies to Shinichirou as well, and she proceeds to touch him on the nose where his band-aid is. He grimaces in pain the first time, but upon seeing her face, he lets her do it again. After holding her finger there for a moment, Noe tells Shinichirou that he can fly – he just doesn’t know it. However, she also feels that the place where he flies is not here. Noe then runs off by herself, and Shinichirou doesn’t chase after her.

When Shinichirou returns home, he finds Hiromi working at the computer, and she tells him about coming back from school with his parents. He’s surprised to hear that she bought ice cream with his mother and that she calls herself foolish. As it turns out, Shinichirou’s mother had earlier revealed to Hiromi that what she said about Hiromi being her husband’s child was a lie. She had apologized and conceded that she had treated Hiromi harshly, and she knew that it was wishful thinking to ask Hiromi to forget everything that had happened up to that point. The two had then made a connection via the music CDs on Hiromi’s desk, and Hiromi now feels better about her relationship with Shinichirou’s mother and is listening to music as she works. Unbeknownst to them, Noe is meanwhile buried under the sheets on her bed while feeling down.


So it turns out that Hiromi taking off her clothes in the preview from last week was indeed a red herring, and what Shinichirou’s mother said was indeed a lie after all. Thus, neither of those came as huge surprises, though the siblings thing got debunked a little earlier than I expected. Because of that, I see two possible paths right now: the first one being that Shinichirou ends up with Hiromi but succeeds in helping Noe get her tears back. The other one is that Hiromi and Shinichirou might get a little closer, but the series will ultimately have enough time to swing back to him and Noe. It could go either way, however the more I think about it, the more I feel that Noe has a slight edge (mainly because she started the series off feeling like the “destined” girl to me). With four more episodes left, a lot can still happen – especially in a plot twist heavy series like this. The only one I’m really counting out at this point is Aiko who I still think will end up with Nobuse. The preview shows her meeting with him, so maybe something will finally get going there.

On a semi-unrelated note, I found this true tears/300 parody really funny.


  1. Haha, what a coincidence. I just saw that True Tears/300 parody on nico about an hour ago 😀

    On topic though… HiromixShin is alive!!! Shin’s mom did a complete 180 this episode too. It was kinda nice actually.

    Mighty Mouse

    Many people are now talking about a NobusexAiko reconciliation because of this Aiko’s face is not one of being nervous, it seems that the NobusexAiko Fake relation is going to come to an end. Lets see If I keep it with my strike of predictions coming true. Only thing I have been wrong in this show was about the police car being there, I thought they were the one that picked up Hiromi.

    Fear the previews! I was one of the people that said that the persons that said last week that the person next to Hiromi was not Jun. I also called for the accident, though the reason that the police was in the house was not for the accident but due to hiromi going missing.

  3. In my opinion this is bad news. Because the Hiromi x Shin is happening too early. If this had happened in episode 11 or 12 then yeah I’d be more on board. However, I’m worried because there’s too much time left for them to easily get together.

    Obstacles? I can only see 3. Them admitting their feelings which isn’t that big. Jun interferring or actually having feelings for Hiromi, the bastard. And Shin’s leftover feelings for Noe.

    My worst fear is that Shin will realize he’s come to love Noe. A couple episodes back Noe was crying and mentioned she was afraid of changing. Jun comforted her and said it was okay. This is when all the warning signs went up for me. It basically told me everyone’s gonna have to let go of their past feelings and change. For Aiko this means her crush on Shin. The same for Hiromi and Shin’s feelings for each other. Also whatever bad blood was between Hiromi’s mom and Shin’s mom will probably get resolved. Finally Jun and Noe changing by falling for Hiromi and Shin respectively. This is what I’m worried about.

    Also, wtf Shin? How could you not beat the shit out of that guy for talking smack about Hiromi? It seemed too even. If someone talked shit about my friend/girl like that I’d…

    Also is Hiromi leaving or something? Where did Shin’s parents take her all dressed up? Why does Shin’s mom hate Hiromi’s mom?

    White Star
  4. @White Star

    There are still many unanswered questions that use the time left between episode 10 and episode 13 but I agree with you, Hiromi x Shin is happening too early… I like all the three girls but I’m seriously hoping for Hiromi x Shin.

    And there is still that other theme: Noe’s tears, which I would call “forgotten tears” since there are few or none mentions about it in each episode (I even forgot about that, only to remember it later when Noe mentions it…)

    I don’t know much about educational systems other than Europe but from what the screens and the some users talked about, and the same happening in other anime, Japan as some strange standards (or not)… I mean, personal occurrences such bike crashes (maybe, I have not seen the episode yet) and love hotels (Myself; yourself), does this really concern the school director? Different beliefs, I guess…

  5. I agree. The Hiromi x Shin seems to be moving very quickly, and it’s actually following the scenario I have in my head for a Shin x Noe ending. I think that in order for a Shin x Noe ending to take place, Shin has to resolve his romantic feelings for Hiromi. Since the largest obstacle of the sibling relationship has been removed, and it seems like Noe may be stepping away and also removing herself as an obstacle, this leaves four episodes which is ample time for Shin to potentially resolve his feelings for Hiromi and get back together with Noe in the final episode.

  6. Guys, many of you wishing for a Noe X Shin ending are missing most of what the show is/has done all this time. If the bit about who would end up with Shin was totally open from the start we would NEVER have gotten all this Hiromi “half-sister” drama bit that has been THE MAIN plot for these 9 episodes. If we weren’t going to be getting Shin x Hiromi at the end then all this build up would’ve been for nothing, and this isn’t Canvas 2 here (even though that show also has much the same thing going on but to a lesser extent).

    The thing is, there is really no Noe x Shin going on. The guy doesn’t love her, he’s gotten to “like” her a bit more but any love is simply one sided from Noes part. Much the same with Aiko. You have to understand that Shin more or less forced himself to go out with Noe as a way to try and forget about Hiromi.

  7. Argh! The wait for episode 9 was horrible! now the wait for episode 10 to find out what Aiko talk to Nobuse about is going to be hell! The face she has is the same face she had in the shrine. So I think She is going to end it even though she knows she has not chance with Shin. She never liked Nobuse as a boyfriend and with Shin not going to the store anymore his usefulness is over. It is the right thinbg to do, if she is going to forget about Shin she has to get rid herself of Nobuse.

  8. You have to remember that Hiromi is Shin’s main motivation. Jun first asked Shin to go out with Noe at the end of episode 4. He resisted until episode 7. The main reason he finally accepted was because he thought it was for Hiromi’s sake since he mistakenly thought that Hiromi liked Jun. So he went out with Noe in return for Jun to go out with Hiromi as part of that “deal”. That was after Jun ‘threatened’ to stop going out with Hiromi earlier in episode 7.

  9. I’m not really a Hiromi fan but I really don’t have a preference. I may lean a little to Ai-Chan just to throw a wrench into the coming Hiromi tidal wave of emotions from the majority, but anyone of the 3 whom Shin-chan ends up would be a remarkable series nevertheless.

    I also picture Shin chan having to choose between the 3 in person with all 3 asking him at the same time who he prefers in the final episode. Maybe he’ll kill himself so he wouldn;t answer LOL.

  10. well, I think that with this episode Shin reveal that he still like hirome and worried for her, poor Noe she have a deception but I think that her brother jun will stop the relation of Shin/hirome x you little sister, I will wait the next cap


  11. I don’t think Hiromi story end just yet because we only solved 1 problem that Hiromi is not actually Shin’s sister. However we still didn’t solve the problem that Shin still think Hiromi like Jun. So I think there will be enough time for Hiromi to start showing her real feeling for Shin. Also Shin can now show his feeling as well since Hiromi will open her heart more by talking to him a lot more.

    From the preview I think Jun might just go and talk to Hiromi because Noe sad over Shin real feeling for Hiromi might start coming back again so I think Jun would know next episode that Hiromi doesn’t like him at all.

    PS. I don’t like that many people judge that this series is not good because the girl they supporting didn’t end up with the main guy.

  12. “Give them nothing, but take from them… EVERYTHING!!!” True Tears > 300

    On a different note, this episode was not bad. Still kinda confused about Shin’s mom’s actions though. But nonetheless, ’twas a fun episode.

  13. I personally hope Noe and Shin’ichiro still make it through. The series name is True Tears, and Now is somewhat the basis of the title, not really just Hiromi. Noe is in search for her “true tears,” as she mentioned earlier in the series.

    And as for Shin’ichiro’s motivation, it isn’t just Hiromi, but also Noe that is giving him motivation. these past few episodes he was able to get along a bit with his life thanks to Noe. And it seems that he is developing feelings for Noe, but is in conflict thanks to Hiromi.

    Well we have only a few more episodes to go so I hope the series wont end in disappointment. NOE FTW!!! I support you all the way haha!

  14. Hmm, I try not to comment too much in Omni’s true tears blogs due to their ridiculous popularity as of late, but I thought I’d add that episode 11’s title is 「あなたが好きなのは私じゃない」, “Anata ga Suki na no wa Watashi Janai”. i.e. “The One You Like Isn’t Me”, which is undoubtedly a line from Noe.

    From episode 9, it seems like Noe already realizes that Shin’ichirou has some sort of feelings for Hiromi. Based on her facial expression, the hug after the bike crash spoke volumes to her. To me, it seemed pretty natural for Shin’ichirou to end up with Hiromi from the very beginning. Don’t take this as a “I know it all along boast” though, as I personally hate people who love doing that, but it’s just that I haven’t seen many romance/comedy dramas with a shocking ending in terms of who the main protagonist ends up with. In fact, the only one I can think of off the top of my head is SHUFFLE!.

    Anyway, as for the “Noe tears theme”, one potential ending is that she’ll cry tears of sadness again after things end with her and Shin’ichirou. Remember that Noe is quite pure and innocent and this is probably the first time she’s dealt with emotions of jealousy. It’s pretty evident she doesn’t know how to handle them properly at this point. Because of that, I can see the series concluding with Noe simply being content she’s retrieved her tears and seeing Shin’ichirou “fly” (metaphorically speaking) once he’s with Hiromi.

  15. After rewatching the episode, I should rephrase part of what I said earlier. Noe’s not even jealous at all. It’s more like she’s already admitted defeat and is painfully accepting the fact that Shin’ichirou actually likes Hiromi and not her.

  16. As divine|s stated…The hug showed how both Shin and Hiromi really care for each other. It is all in the actions and expressions they showed, and that just furthermore confirms Noe on where she stands between herself and Shin and same goes on how Jun stand out between himself and Hiromi. The “I knew it all along” boast kinda reminded me of the anime called EF – A Tale of Memories. Where you basically knew who is gonna end up with who from the beginning. It is not mainly about who ends up with who…it is how they end up together that makes it matter, but that’s just how I see it. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  17. It’s kinda sad to watch all the Noe fans getting mad about the turn of events when the show was full of signs. Not even hidden ones either. And as I said in my first post if we weren’t going for a Shin x Hiromi ending then what was the point of all of this Hiromi “drama”? To have Shin just switch back to Noe in the last episode would be to make all this stuff with him and Hiromi pointless.

    People holding on to some sort of hope that Shin X Noe can happen because we have 4 episodes left is, sorry to say, a bit silly. The thing is, we have a lot of things that need to be resolved also, this episode only got rid of the sibling problem nothing else. Shin and Hiromi still aren’t together yet, or have they said how they really feel about each other yet. We have things with Aiko to finish up, things with Jun, Shin and Hiromi have to get together all the way, and finally we have to see Noe cry.

    I beleave with all these things 4 eps is just right to cover it all in a unrushed manner. And i’ve been thinking that the way to get Noes tears back would be out of sadness from not being with the guy she likes, just like Aiko at this point.

  18. Wow this was a plot twister. Now finding out that Hiromi has no relation to Shin’ichiro may set things up for something later on maybe? haha.

    Seems like there is some debate over Hiromi and Noe getting with Shin’ichiro. I don’t have a particular preference right now since its still early to tell. Here is my take on the topic;

    Actually, 4 episodes is enough for some kind of plot twist for a short series like this. Hiromi and Shin’Ichiro getting closer starting at this point may seem like it may be those two but we may never know. For all the Hirmoi likers, it maybe a blessing if it comes true in the end. In the preview, it seems a flashback is shown and either Hiromi or Shin’ichiro is remembering it. We could get either the two getting together or the two jsut acting “like actual brother and sister.” Right now though, it seems Hiromi is not really showing any kind of those romantic interests for shin’ichiro but it is still a tad early to say until we get up to episode 12. For Noe likers, don’t bring your hopes down. There are still some hints that it maybe Noe and Shin’ichiro may get together. The past few episodes have been more of a bonding time for both Noe and Shin’ichiro adn the creators have something in mind for the end. In 4 episodes, a lot can happen, since this is a short series. Until we get to episode 12 or something, I’m keeping an open mind.

  19. Odds for the ending pairings anyone? (I.M.H.O.)

    Shin’ichirou x Hiriomi 35% – Shin’ichirou x Noe 35%

    Too close to call at the moment with good arguments on both sides. I see the possibility for a last minute switch as a result of the forthcoming festival (Noe asked Shin’ichirou to do something special during his dance which could tip the balance one way or the other).

    Shin’ichirou x Aiko 15%

    Much as I like Aiko I can’t give her good odds at the moment. For Shin’ichirou to ‘look at her’ would need significant plot developments that would leave gaps in resolving the Hiromi and Noe storylines.

    Shin’ichirou x Nobody at all 10%

    In an Anime that tries to be this close to reality such an ending is not unreasonable. With “your place to fly isn’t here” Shin’ichirou leaving to pursue his career as an artist in Tokyo with none of the girls in tow is quite possible.

    Tragic Ending 5%

    Least likely ending of either the violent (SD) or accident/illness kind in spite of some early predictions. Either way this would also be the least satisfactory ending to a great series.

    NB My personal favourite pairing is Shin’ichirou x Noe but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  20. well last week u can throw my theory’s out the window obviously they were wrong and i cant wait till next week, but my surprise is that hiromi and shin arent siblings which i guess is a good thing or bad but we just have to wait

    t0ny g
  21. Guys, it’s hard to try and make people understand, but many of you have just tossed out the story and rooted yourselfs in a “fanboy’ish” mode for one character or the other.

    It’s clear that many have missed what this show has been doing from episode 1 because they really really want to see Noe and Shin get together. I think when it’s all said and done you need to rewatch the show in one sitting and pay attention to the story to see why it’s about Hiromi and Shin from the start.

  22. great episode great show. However I still don’t see the point of Aiko, she seems so distant from the actual tension from the show. Hopefully she’ll have some relevance as she’s gonna have some time next episode. I really like Noe, so sincere and strong, really hurts to see her so down. Hiromi is just so plain, indifferent, and unattached. I don’t see what Shin sees in her.

  23. By the way, does anyone get the feeling that Hiromi might still be related to Shin’ichirou? While the relationship “barrier” between Shin’ichirou and Hiromi is supposedly gone now, I can’t help but wonder if they actually are related. Shin’ichirou’s mom may have finally decided to not dwell on that issue anymore and simply accept her as their child now, seeing as Hiromi was so emotionally hurt by her in the previous episode, ran away from home, and could’ve died in a bike accident.

    The other signs are:
    – Shin’ichirou’s mom stood up for Hiromi when talking to the school principal and clearly stated that Hiromi is their child and that she takes responsibility for her. Afterwards, Shin’ichirou’s dad commended Shin’ichirou’s mom, saying she was splendid when talking to the principal. Based on her facial expression, it seems like it wasn’t a completely easy thing for her to say.
    – When Shin’ichirou’s mom talks to Hiromi and says she’s not her husband’s child, she tightly clutches her bag, which makes you wonder if it’s a white lie to patch things up between her and Hiromi (something that Shin’ichirou’s dad has been wanting).
    – Shin’ichirou’s dad seems like a really “together” kind of individual, so if he did somehow have a fling with Hiromi’s mom, I can see him letting his wife know and taking responsibility for it (assuming it was a mistake). It also may have happened before they were married too, so who knows.

    Anyway, it seems like the parents have decided not to dwindle in the past and live together now as a family, so even if they are still related, we may never really know for sure. The story will simply progress on as them not being related, just as the Nakagamis have decided to do.

    In retrospect, I find this subject still pretty open-ended and I can see the writers having done this on purpose. It’s a great way to make viewers wonder and interpret the story in slightly different ways, without changing the outcome of the overall story.

  24. When an anime like this gives you a relatively “happy ending” at the end of an episode you know that the end of the world is not far away. It’s School Days 2.0 people! 0_o

  25. GP I think you’re being pretty hypocritical and disrespectful by assuming that your interpretation of the show is the only correct one and that the people who are hoping for a Noe x Shin ending, and still see the possibility in the cards, are just being “fanboyish” and haven’t been paying attention, because I think that shows a pretty narrow view of things, not to mention several logical fallacies.

    First, that all the Noe x Shin shippers haven’t seen Hiromi x Shin written in the stars, and that’s why they’re angry that it’s going to come about. I’ve been shipping Noe x Shin pretty hard ever since Ai-chan was most definitely out of the running, and yet I knew that Hiromi x Shin was always in the cards, and that it might very well been destined. As such, if that’s the case as you assume it is, then I, and no doubt many Noe fans, are pissed because Shin may very well turn out to be as horrible as we feared he might be when he first confessed to Noe and we worried(or I worried) that he was being insincere and would break her heart and leave her without a moment’s thought the minute Hiromi finally broke.

    The situation is now before us, and I don’t know how Shin will react, and thus if he just dumps Noe outright and runs straight into Hiromi’s arms without a second thought his actions are unforgivable, at least in my eyes, and that’s why I will be disappointed to see a Hiromi x Shin ending if that’s the way it’s going to play out. Such actions put him barely above Makoto.

    But the very possibility leads me to your second logical fallacy. You say that Hiromi x Shin ending is the only possibility ending, or else what was the point of all the Hiromi drama. But that discounts all the other stuff that’s happened. This show has had alot of things happen, and not all of them(or even a 50%+ majority of them) have been in direct connection to Hiromi. An ending where Shin just runs straight to Hiromi makes one wonder what all the Noe drama was about. Why go through all that confession with Noe, and all that various stuff, just to leave her broken hearted at the end? For the tears, or because their relationship was necessary to awaken Hiromi’s jealousy? A possibility to be sure, but I could come up with equal reasons for all the Hiromi drama in a Noe x Shin ending. It’s a serious fallacy to assume that Hiromi’s story would mean nothing if she’s not the endgirl. Or, of course, we could both be assuming the writers wouldn’t just make up drama for drama’s sake and leave us with story elements that ultimately had no point, and yet until Ai-chan’s story gets resolved that’s exactly what her character has been. Of course, the writers may prove both our assumptions correct and resolve Ai-chan’s story perfectly, but till then the possibility remains.

    And that brings me to another of your fallacies. You assume that obviously the story has been about Hiromi and Shin from the beginning, and yet assuming that’s true the story isn’t JUST about Hiromi and Shin, and hasn’t been from the beginning. There have been significant amounts of the story that didn’t focus on Hiromi, or even really connected with Hiromi. There are other themes and stories going on above and beyond just whoever Shin ends up with. Others have keyed into those themes, or tried too, and while they may be speculating as much as you are, their views and interpretations are perfectly valid until we have the full story. We’re all speculating at this point, but I happen to agree with those who think the theme of this show could very well possibly be about letting go of your first love, and finding happiness where you didn’t expect it, and that doesn’t rule out a Noe x Shin ending at all, in fact it kind of reinforces it. This could be wrong of course, but the only people who really know how this ends are the writers. Everyone else is just guessing, educated guesses or not, and those guesses depend on your interpretation of the story this far and where it’s headed, and until we know exactly whose interpretation has been correct we won’t really know which ending to expect, and we may find out both at the same time.

    The way I see it, it can still go both ways, and again that depends on what story we’re actually in. Either way though, especially if Shin isn’t going to be the biggest jerk since Makoto, he’s going to have to face the girl he doesn’t end with and resolve his feelings completely. Whoever the endgirl is, and for the record I think a Hiromi ending is still very likely as much as I wish for a Noe ending, it would be unfair to end with one without resolving his feelings for the other, and in that sense this turn of events was bound to happen regardless of who he ultimately ends up with. Everything must be brought out into the open at last if the final couple has any hope of truly moving on and developing, and for that Hiromi is definitely going to have to come clean one way or the other.

    Even so, I’m still hoping for a Noe x Shin ending, but it all depends on what story the writers decide they want to tell. Not on the story we think we’ve been watching.

  26. Well Durian, I just spent 5 minutes to read ur comment. LOL. I don’t mind whoever he ends up with. Well its between Noe and Hiromi now. True, I don’t mind who he ends up with but I was more on the side of Hiromi. Until this episode when I saw Noe being down. I felt sad for her. I’m not going far like Durian comparing Makoto to Shinichirou, but I agreed that he will have to resolve his feelinsg and not leave Noe heartbroken just to retrieve her tears.
    Anyway, I’m fine with any paths. It’s been a while I didn’t enjoy a show that much! x)

  27. Dirina has a really good point. GP, you are just being as hypocritical as the other fans by siding with Hiromi. The story didn’t just start with Hiromi as the main focus. It also started with Noe as a focus. So there is still enough time to show which girl Shin will choose in the end out of the two. Whether it be Hiromi or Noe, we won’t know til the end. Like I said, a lot can happen in 4 episodes. You can’t set something straight at this point because of the “not related” twist. For all we know, that may not change a thing. I say just wait til we see the end before saying things.

  28. Too obvious this will be a Noe ending…She told her dead grandmother she had met someone special…Raigomaru’s story is unfinished…her Tears must be reclaimed and I believe they will be brought about by happiness and not sadness..all of that screentime for her was not all lies…HiromiXShin is the simple and expected ending…Chicken girl will prevail.

  29. The love between Shin and Hiromi is like Kenshin and Tomoe (Rurouni Kenshin). It’s a quiet, tranquil, gentle yet strong love. Their love may not be fierce and passionate and sparky like a large, bright and shiny firework, so what? Kenshin and Tomoe are enjoying their love life as a pair of quiet peasant lovers. They live in the countryside, having fun with peasant childs, yet there is a quiet and strong love between them.

  30. I do agree with the last several replies that this entire story seems to be pointing towards a Shin x Noe. Now I’m not saying this as some fanboy or jumping onto some ship with the rest of you, but after reading other people’s thoughts including GP’s and looking back at the previous nine episodes, it does seem to be that Shinichiro will end up with Noe.

    The build up of having Shin and Noe together and the entire story arc up to this point would all seem like a waste of time by viewers. It just doesn’t seem logically possible to throw this out seeing the amount of effort put into it. Noe is still a variable here as well as Horomi, but looking at Noe’s reaction upon seeing Shin hugging Horomi and all she has said about Shin, it would not seem right to throw her feelings out the window. There are still four episodes left to go to resolve this, however.

    I do agree that Shin’s confession to Noe in the previous episode seems as if it was forced because of the deal he made with Jin, but looking back at Episode 1 and onward, it does show Shin having interest in Noe and that his feeling grew from there. He’s grown up as a sibling to Horomi, but has started to realize prior to the start of the anime that he does like her as well as Horomi to Shin, which is rather obvious in her reactions.

    It is up to Shin now to decide where his heart truly lies. We’ve gotten enough build up to now of Shin and Noe, and I don’t think the authors given how the story has developed so far in its twists and turns will throw out the possibility of Noe ending up with Shin. Like Shuffle, it would be unexpected to have the main male character to fall for one of the females in the supporting cast. With Shin meeting Noe and getting to know her and talk to her, it seems she fills that supporting role and may bring about an unexpected ending. Horomi would probably come to realize and courageous enough to confront Shin about her feelings, and Shin as well. Most likely it will end up Horomi seeing that Shin may have liked her, but she saw him at his happiest with Noe. Shin would then confess honestly to Noe how he truly feels about her. And, that’s how I see it ending.

  31. @Dirian

    What? *sigh* See, this is what I mean about not following the story and just thinking it’s open for any girl to be with any guy. That’s just not the case. The premise of the show seems to be lost on you and many who seem to think that somehow Noe x Shin can happen. This is why I suggested people rewatch the whole show when it’s done in one sitting so you don’t forget what happend due to having to wait a week for a new episode.

    As for me being hypocritical and disrespectful you have to when people only see what they want to see. It’s a shame that major parts of the story are dissregarded because people have strong feelings for Noe or whoever. Go back rewatch episode one figure out what the premise of the story is then come back and we can talk about this over.

  32. You know, it just amuses me seeing Noe. On one hand, she’s so perceptive of other people’s thoughts and feelings. She saw through Hiromi, understood Shin’s feelings and supported him. And yet it’s hard to believe that she didn’t notice her own feelings. She didn’t realize the feelings she has for Shin is love until being pointed out. These conflicting traits of her makes me wonder if this signifies anything about Noe herself.

    My theory is that she’s a bright girl after all. Before her granny died, she probably is perceptive with BOTH others’ as well as her own feelings. Yet the lost of her granny was so great that the only way to cope with that is through conceal the feelings. So psychologically, in the process of repressing the sadness, she turned deaf towards her own feelings, so much that she no longer knows how to cry, and become imperceptive of her own feelings.

    If this is the case, though, then I believe this series won’t be just about other characters being open/frank with their own feelings through Noe’s help. Rather, the “real” main act of “opening up” will probably come from Noe gaining courage to accept/become perceptive of her own feelings once again. So by the end of the series, I suspect that she’ll finally realize it’s okay to experience painful feelings, and that there’s no need to conceal the real situations with symbolic thinking about tears and flying anymore. And as she got over the two saddest events in her life (losing her granny, and breaking up with her first love) and stop repressing herself, she’ll learn how to cry again.

  33. @GP, @b0nyb0y, I think you’ve got it.

    I don’t understand how people think that Noe’s going to “get her tears back” without having her heart broken. I thought that was a given assumption. But maybe more importantly, I feel like some people are missing a freaking awesome show that’s really well-written, even though they’re watching it. Not directing this at Dirian, since you seem to be using your noodle at least.

    Fans are getting moe wires all crossed when Noe comes on screen, and spend all your time hating on a really great character who’s more complicated and thoroughly written than four Clannad girls put together, not to mention just kind of ignoring the story itself.

    For me, that has nothing to do with speculating on whether the end will be AxB or AxC, or whether signs point to one or another, it’s about enjoying the show instead of blindly going “I want AxB to happen because I think B is omgkawaii.”

    The only thing I think we can count on (or at least that I hope), it’s not going to be simple and no matter what, it’s probably not going to be exactly what any of us expect at the moment.

  34. @GP

    Me and others HAVE rewatched the series, some of us several times. We still think the ending offers the possibility, and all I’m saying is that both our perceptions and yours are very dependent on what we think the story is about, and that NONE of us knows what the story is REALLY about until the writers tell us what it’s about. Afterall, whatever we think, their opinion is the one that matters because they’re the ones telling the story.

    “What? *sigh* See, this is what I mean about not following the story and just thinking it’s open for any girl to be with any guy. That’s just not the case. The premise of the show seems to be lost on you and many who seem to think that somehow Noe x Shin can happen. This is why I suggested people rewatch the whole show when it’s done in one sitting so you don’t forget what happend due to having to wait a week for a new episode.”

    And this is what I mean about your focus being too narrow in your focus and disregarding significant portions of the story yourself because you’re already completely sure that you know what the story is about, and that knowledge is based only on your perceptions and might or might not be based on the facts. I have my own preconceptions about what the story is about, but I’m keeping open the possibility that it can still go either way. To keep that possibility open isn’t to disregard the story or to have the premise of the show lost on me, but rather to stay open to the fact that the story might not be what I think it’s about, and until the story is told we still won’t know. Some stories broadcast what they’re about from the very beginning. True Tears still has way too many things going on to pin it down yet, and any assumption the other way is just stupid ignorance.

    “It’s a shame that major parts of the story are dissregarded because people have strong feelings for Noe or whoever.”

    What’s sad is that you’re railing against people for it, when you’re guilty of the same thing. Your interpretation, that this has always been about Shin and Hiromi, only them, and that the story must end with them together, disregards huge amounts of the story to date, and whether they’re the end couple or not makes me think your own interpretation is rather flawed because whatever the story is about it’s not JUST about them.

    Whatever your perception may be, it’s going to have to get in everything, or it’s going to have to assume that the writers would throw in drama for drama’s sake. If you’re going with the latter, then you can’t know if the things being thrown in for the sake of drama are precisely the Hiromi aspects in order to provide serious and very real conflict for Shin’s feelings for Noe(as opposed to you disregarding all of the Noe x Shin interaction in order to provide conflict for Shin x Hiromi). If you’re going with the former, then your interpretation leaves out way too much at this point.

    I’m open to either interpretation(regardless of the story I would prefer be told), but at this moment both stories are still wide open depending on what the writers have decided to do. I can see either scenario still playing out at this point(as opposed to Ai-chan who is well and truly out, but whose story is not necessarily over).

    If we’re heading for a Shin x Hiromi ending then Hiromi must of course come clean(episode 10 or 11), Shin must resolve his feelings for Noe(episode 11 very probably), and then he and Hiromi finally end up together and Noe broken hearted cries again as explained well by b0nyb0y.

    If we’re heading for a Shin x Noe ending, then Hiromi STILL has to come clean, and Shin must then resolve the repressed feelings he has had for Hiromi all this time(episode 10), possibly wavering and going straight to Hiromi, and yet realizing that despite what he thought he wanted this entire time, the one he really likes is Noe(another possible interpretation for episode 11’s title, and a valid one until we know whose saying it), and he finally returns to her, at last without lingering baggage of what might have been with Hiromi(something necessary for Shin and Noe to really start having a truly honest relationship, and one which offers a serious parallel in Ai-chan’s story assuming she isn’t just a throw away character). Noe’s tears then come about out of true happiness instead of a broken heart.

    At some point(very possibly next episode, possibly not until the very last episode depending on how close to the vest the writers want to play it), I think it will be possible to know which ending we’re truly heading for, at which point the people who have said since episode 1 “well we’re heading for a Hiromi ending” or the people who have said for just as long “Noe is the destined girl” will finally be justified in their beliefs, but at this point it’s just speculation. The events in this episode were necessary regardless of the end girl, and their significance will only be made clear(as well as the events of the previous 8 episodes) once we truly and fully know what this story is really about.

    If you are determined to see the story in only one light before you can really justify it, that is your right, and your perception may very well be right justified or no. But for now I’m keeping the possibility open because I still think the writers have plenty of room to tell whichever story they want, and nothing is truly set in stone for anyone but the writers. Both ways of approaching it offer their advantages, afterall if you’re wrong then you’re in for a big suprise, and nothing is quite as epic as the twist you thought was well and truly out of the cards. On the other hand, I’ve read too many stories to assume I know the ending, because everytime I think I know where a story is headed, the writer has a way of throwing in a twist I never really saw coming.

    In the meantime though, I’m not going to pass judgment on either group, but I will take issue when someone uses their own, currently unjustified, perceptions to discount and ridicule the views of others which are currently just as valid. That you do it in a particularly condescending and hypocritical way just makes it all the more annoying.

  35. Sorry to spam, but Mike said some good stuff so I thought I’d respond.

    “I don’t understand how people think that Noe’s going to “get her tears back” without having her heart broken. I thought that was a given assumption. But maybe more importantly, I feel like some people are missing a freaking awesome show that’s really well-written, even though they’re watching it. Not directing this at Dirian, since you seem to be using your noodle at least.”

    Given how I currently think a Noe x Shin ending would play out, I still think she gets her heart broken, only to get put back together. Assumptions are rarely good things though my friend =P. I think at this point anyone whose so narrowly focused that they can only see one possible ending are missing a broader story though.

    “Fans are getting moe wires all crossed when Noe comes on screen, and spend all your time hating on a really great character who’s more complicated and thoroughly written than four Clannad girls put together, not to mention just kind of ignoring the story itself.”

    Hiromi is certainly a complicated character, and well written. That doesn’t translate to likable. The better written a character is, the more likable they can be made, or the more unlikeable they can be made. I totally agree that Hiromi is a very well written, very complicated character. Bravo to the writers for their creation. That doesn’t mean I like her. The very fact that she is so well written means it’s quite easy to seperate her from the writers and consider her as her own person, and doing that I just can’t bring myself to like her. I feel sorry for her, I sympathize with her, but even so her actions thus far have left a very sour taste in my mouth, and even knowing she very well might be the endgirl, and that such an ending might be well written, at this point I can’t bring myself to support her. She has been too dishonest too often for me to see her appeal. The writers have done their job well. Tragic? Absolutely. Likable? Not for me.

    “For me, that has nothing to do with speculating on whether the end will be AxB or AxC, or whether signs point to one or another, it’s about enjoying the show instead of blindly going “I want AxB to happen because I think B is omgkawaii.”

    The only thing I think we can count on (or at least that I hope), it’s not going to be simple and no matter what, it’s probably not going to be exactly what any of us expect at the moment.”

    I agree with this 1000%. How we get to the ending matters much more than what that ending is, and will determine whether that ending comes up short or is a good one. I also think that whatever happens, whoever he ends up with, it won’t be simple.

  36. @Dirian:

    “Assumptions are rarely good things though my friend”

    You have me there. I’ve eaten my words before and don’t mind the taste, though. 😀

    “Hiromi is certainly a complicated character, and well written. That doesn’t translate to likable.”

    True, although don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying I think anyone should like her. I’m not even sure that I do, although I do feel sorry for her and consider her actions to be at least understandable if not quite justifiable. As you have been saying, it’d be silly for me to come down on someone for disliking Hiromi and then make the exact same argument from the other side (I don’t think that’s quite what GP is doing, but I’m just gonna mind my own on that one).

    I’m directing that more at the one-sentence comments like “I hate Hiromi” that I tend to read as fanboyish “I personally, myself, like Noe and haven’t given Thought One to Shin or the story as a whole…” But maybe I’m just being overly judgmental to people who don’t feel like writing a thesis in a comments box (which I can understand, even though that’s what I’m doing).

    At any rate, I may be alone here but I don’t care who the end girl is, or if there even is one, as long as they maintain the realism and straight-up quality. I want to feel the same way about the end as I do about Hiromi: I don’t necessarily need to like it, I only need to believe it (and as a bonus, I hope to be surprised by it). Giving people what they want is easy, and plenty of shows have done that. Giving people something satisfying yet unexpected — that’s more of a challenge, but if any show this season is up for it then damn it’s probably True Tears.

  37. To me, before this series comes to an end, there are still several key scenes that need to happen.

    One is the ShinXNoe and JunXHiromi to clearing up…for good. Despite what many people believe, I think these pairings will clear up (for good) as all 4 get their feelings sorted out. But then, these pairings can’t be underestimated either. Though the pairings are based on weak premise, the characters are so emotionally complicated that it’ll take a lot of screentime to play out. As many people already said, Jun might refuse to let Hiromi go just to protect Noe’s happiness; Shin might be oblivious to his own feeling and hesitate to make a move because of misunderstanding that Hiromi likes Jun. So far we barely had that incest thing out of the way, and though Noe now realizes how much Shin loves Hiromi, but Shin has yet to realize it himself. We really really need more screentime to sort this out.

    Another one is about Aiko. Though the preview looks like she’s going back to Nobuse in the next episode, I still doubt if she can recover that fast. Heck, I even believe that she’ll become friends with both Nobuse and Shin since it’ll take time to heal her heart, and she already chooses to be true to her feelings (so no need to look back at Nobuse). But who am I to say…

    Another one is about Noe learning to confront with sadness. It’ll break her heart, but she’ll grow up and stop repressing her own feelings.

    And another one is festival with Shin dancing. If anything, I believe it’s the same festival that Shin and Hiromi has flashback when they were young. So if Shin and Hiromi get their feelings sorted out in this scene, it’ll come to a full circle. Hopefully by this scenes, everybody’s feelings will get sorted out and properly conveyed to one another.

    So, as you might expect, I’m predicting a ShinXHiromi ending. Though I’m aware there are lots of development going on between Shin and Noe, I barely sense it as a strong romantic relationship. Looking back at how love and desires have built up over the years between ShinXHiromi (as well as from Aiko to Shin), the romantic relationship of ShinXNoe, which was shorter than months, just looks pale in comparison. To me, those relationship built-up has lots of momentum, so it’s unrealistic to cast them aside so easily.

    Also, notice that besides internal dialogs and dreams of Shin himself, the series seem to focus on dreams and thoughts of Hiromi quite a lot also, whereas other characters get a completely different treatment–mostly being presented just from 3rd person view. I mean, I can’t deny that Noe’s role is important, as she is the one who stirs the changes in other characters. But from narrative point of view, there’s quite a big evidence that Shin and Hiromi hold quite important roles in the series as well.

  38. i just got the soundtrack! “ichi jin no kaze” is the name of the song that’s playing in the background when noe is poking shin’s nose. it was a great scene. completely fitting of the mood.

  39. About episode 11.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  40. spoiler for the above comment!
    Show Spoiler ▼

  41. Right now, I see almost no kind of romantic feelings from Hiromi at all to Shin. She maybe just a girl who is seeking attention from being “lost”, as shown in her flashbacks of her childhood (the festival). Also, Shin must be in a very confused state, thus Noe’s explaination of “you can’t fly here.” Plus we do get a lot of “getting closer” time with Shin and Noe, so this may play a role later. So overall, we aren’t even getting close as to finding out who is gonna end up with who. We still have several more episodes to go. I personally wish for Shin to stay with Noe though.

  42. Well. I’m for Noe! And, about that, I’d like to note that the name of the serie is “True Tears”. It’s Noe serie…The only character that care for that (the sincerity of fellings…). Noe is the most mature character in the serie, if maturity demands sincerity with your fellings…

    Joe Sargent
  43. I want shinnichiro to be with NOE!!! Hiromi is too serious for a guy like him. I think that cause shinnichiro is serious himself he needs some cute and a little eccentric to compliment him. Now will make a nice couple with him.

  44. My worst fear is that Shin and Hiromi will realize they aren’t who they were in the past, and that their relationship has changed, therefore they aren’t suitable for each other.

  45. Let’s go Ai-Chan!!

    I;ve said it again…the Ai-Chan angle looks like it;s over, but it’s not. With the many twists and turns the series goes through at every episode end, the most far-out conclusion maybe the actual ending of the series.

    Ai-chan is the most dependable of the 3, even though Shin has got his eyes set on Hiromi. Hiromi is just another red herring to distract from the upcoming conclusion of the series that points to Aiko as the winner of the lovefest.

  46. While star,

    That’s a big possibility, a logical development. There are a lot of hints scattered here and there pointing towards incompatibility of Shinichirou and Hiromi.

    For example in episode 4, Hiromi talked a lot about Jun, which contrast strongly with her usual quiet girl image, Shinichirou commented that he don’t know that Hiromi can talk so much.

    Then in episode 5, when Shinichirou goes into Hiromi’s room, Hiromi was expected him to say something but he say another thing.

    In the end, their relationship may not blossom after understanding that both of them have changed. Shin viewed Hiromi as a helpless girl who is crying, actually she has grown up. The helpless crying girl impression is just one-sided misunderstanding on the part of Shinichirou.

  47. @ junoda,

    I would agree with you too on the part on ShinxHimori having development changes, but could it also be the fact that they are getting closer? Pretty much things started after Shin met up with Noe. I mean there were little moments between ShinxHimori that were admirable. Such as when she laughed at Shin in the bathroom, the fact that she DID tell Shin about being siblings, and on Shin’s end…the hug after the crash. It could be the fact that their relationship is now getting stronger, but that is what I think so far on this.

  48. Power to you Joe Sargent and Hawk,

    I fully agree.

    Its ironic how for the most part people percieve Noe to be the most immature when really I think she’s the most mature for having a sense of what she wants, knowing when to go for it and when to take a step back and being honest with her own feelings.


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