With the release of CODE GEASS R2 less than a month away, I’ve thrown together a primer to help anyone who’s interested in getting ready for the new series. Everything here is based on information that’s been released via magazines, trailers, the official site(s), and 2ch. Be forewarned, there are some spoilers. At the same time however, most of this is just an introduction to characters and setting – information that I think would be useful to know going into the series. A lot of this is cut and paste from a post made by AmuroNT1 made on the GameFAQs messageboards, but I’ve reorganized it, corrected some stuff, added more information, and added some images. Thus, a big thanks goes out to AmuroNT1 and also to Celiss Galvea for all of the hard work done translating the tons of stuff coming down the pipeline.

I’ve also included the five trailers and three commercials that have been released so far, so if you’ve missed one, you can find those videos under a spoiler tag at the bottom of this post.


Production Info

  • Begins airing Sunday, April 6th at 5 PM, a brand-new timeslot for anime
  • Both the opening and ending song are going to be performed by ORANGE RANGE, the group that also did Bleach’s first OP. The OP is called 02 (pronounced oh-tsuu, similar to C.C.’s name) and ED is called Shiawase Neiro (Happy Tone). The ending sequence will feature new art by CLAMP.
  • Director Taniguchi (in what appears to be a slip of the tongue in the PASH interview) and the animators (in their private blogs) have referred to the first episode of R2 as Stage 26; all the voice actors refer to it as “first episode of the sequel” or some variation of that.
  • General R2 Info

  • One year has passed since the end of the first season. Following the failed “Black Rebellion”, Britannia has demoted Area 11 in status to some sort of “Corrective Measures Required” territory (literally, “Remedial Area”), making laws stricter and punishments harsher.
  • Britannia is currently in a rough situation with the EU. The Emperor put Schneizel in charge of the invasion. Britannia has been fighting Euro Universe for a long, long time now; the El Alamein front is an especially large spot of bother for Britannia because apparently a legendary commander is stationed there, keeping the Britannian forces at bay. Schneizel has been sent to try and break this deadlock, and for that purpose he’s “borrowing” Suzaku.
    EU is in deep doodoo due to their longtime hostile relations with the Chinese Federation; with the Britannian Empire trying to break down their front door and the Chinese Fed fiddling with the lock on the back door, the EU runs a high risk of becoming a cornered rat. Taniguchi tells us this particular war will probably not get a lot of screen-time, but all the same he wants us to remember that the Britannian Empire has been fighting a drawn out war with the EU for a long, exhausting period of time (hinting at the Empire starting to tire out?), and that the world is still at war with each other.
  • The Chinese Federation is a communist nation and a major power to be reckoned with on the global playing field; its figurehead Emperor (Tenshi-sama) once possessed absolute power. However, the eunuchs in his court are the ones running the country now. After General Zao’s unsuccessful attempt at creating a puppet government in Kyuushuu, the Chinese Federation again plots to take over Area 11 – without having to go to war with Britannia over it, this time. They have sent ambassadors to Area 11.
  • Animedia’s editors suggest that the nine characters labeled as central figures in R2 are Lelouch, Suzaku, C.C., Kallen, and Nunnally from the first season, as well as four newcomers: Rollo, Zino, Anya, and Li Xingke (see below). Most 2chers think that these aren’t exactly the “main 9” but the 9 “adolescents” who are trying (or will try) to change the world, as opposed to the “adults” who would rather maintain the status quo.
  • Producer Kawaguchi made an assurance in Animage March that mysteries from the first series like the details of Lelouch and C.C.’s contract, Marianne’s death, etc will be revealed in R2.
  • Lelouch/Zero

  • Other than the fact that his hair is slightly longer, Lelouch at the start of R2 seems almost identical to how he was at the beginning of the series. However, magazines have noted that his expressions are a lot more gentle and kind than in the past.
  • Despite the fact that Lelouch is confirmed to be Zero once more, the masked terrorist hasn’t been seen since the Black Rebellion. When he does return, he will sport a new costume that is somewhat tuxedo-like, and can become more casual.
  • Interestingly, Lelouch doesn’t have the permanent Geass in his eye in most of the promotional material, though later ones show him using the Geass. PASH has colored line-art of Zero/Lelouch with the perma-Geass again. Also, the-animator-whose-blog-is-still-around’s cryptic line might have something to do with the Geass (in a blog entry with a sketch of normal, no-Geass Lelouch in his Ashford uniform): “I’ll have to say goodbye to this Lulu starting tomorrow”
  • According to the spoiler source Fake Yoshino, Lelouch must overcome some obstacle before R2 can begin in earnest.
  • Lelouch’s voice actor Fukuyama Jun commented in Animedia April on how “Lelouch is back where he started… in a lot of ways.” Sounds like a hint about his memories.
  • Suzaku

  • Suzaku is now a member of the Knight of Rounds, the Emperor’s twelve elite soldiers. He is the seventh-ranked member, also called Knight of Seven. How he achieved this rank remains to be seen, but it apparently involves a deal with the Emperor himself.
  • Even a year later, he still carries Euphemia’s death with him, and seems much more serious and morose than in the past.
  • The Special Dispatch received a promotion for its success as well, and has officially been designated “Camelot” by the Emperor. Suzaku is now in charge of it, thanks to his new position.
  • Suzaku took Arthur back with him to the Britannian mainland when he left Area 11.
  • C.C.

  • Is working with the Black Knights while Zero is missing.
  • Wears a new costume, a black, vaguely Chinese-looking dress with the Black Knights’ emblem on the chest (see image above).

  • Begins the season working as a bunny-girl waitress at a casino in the Babel Tower, which forcibly employs Elevens as waitresses and even has a coliseum for them to battle each other in. The Babel Tower is located in Shinjuku Ghetto. The first series started in Shinjuku Ghetto, and that’s also the starting place for R2.
  • Keeps the Guren Mk-II’s starter key with herself, disguised as a cigarette lighter (held between her cleavage).
  • Will interact with Lelouch in the first episode, surprised at how he’s changed since they last met.
  • Will join (or re-join) the Black Knights.
  • Rollo Lamperouge

  • Lelouch’s younger brother, who also attends Ashford Academy.
  • Most prized possession is a locket Lelouch gave him for his birthday.
  • Apparently has taken Rivalz’s place as the motorcycle guy at Ashford, and also ferries his brother to his chess bets. The bike (upgraded) still belongs to Rivalz, though; apparently Rollo took it without his permission.
  • Rollo is, apparently, for all his endearing smiles, not very good with people. PASH suggests that “maybe it’s because he’s been separated from his brother for a long time…!?”
  • The obvious inconsistency of Lelouch suddenly having a brother has never been commented upon; everyone seems to accept it as fact. However, there is obviously something sinister and hidden about Rollo that has yet to be revealed. The PS2/PSP game Lost Colors has the protagonist running from Rollo the first time they meet, feeling a murderous, maddening aura from the younger boy.
  • Voiced by Mizushima Takahiro (Romeo x Juliet’s Romeo)
  • Li Xingke (Lee Shinkuu)

  • The bodyguard of Chinese ambassador Gaohai and has came to Area 11 to protect his charge. Gaohai is (voiced by Sekine Nobuaki) is a eunuch who has been dispatched to Area 11 as consul general.
  • Is described as being as smart as Lelouch and as strong as Suzaku; wields a sword.
  • Could be described as the Chinese equivalent of Lelouch. He is the son of a lowly officer and climbed his way up to central command. Believes that the Chinese Federation needs to change its ways – he’s planning a coup.
  • It was originally believed that he would become Zero’s rival, but more recent speculation suggests that he’ll ally himself with the Black Knights and get along well with Lelouch.
  • Voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru (Gundam Wing’s Heero Yuy and s.CRY.ed’s Ryuhou)
  • Zino Weinberg

  • The Knight of Three, a position he achieved through his incredible piloting skills.
  • Comes from a very rich upbringing, and as such doesn’t quite understand how the real world works. However, his cheerfulness and friendly demeanor earn him many friends.
  • Has a special interest in Suzaku, but the friendship seems slightly one-sided.
  • Pilots the transforming Knightmare Frame, Tristan.
  • Voiced by Hoshi Souichirou (Gundam SEED’s Kira and s.CRY.ed’s Kazuma)
  • Anya Earlstreim

  • The Knight of Six.
  • Quiet and introverted, with a mysterious past. Has a Britannian emblem tattooed on her left arm.
  • Wants to be remembered, so she maintains a blog which she frequently updates and is always snapping pictures with her camera-phone.
  • Is friends with Suzaku and Zino due to their similar ages.
  • Arthur takes a liking to her.
  • Pilots the heavy assault Knightmare Frame, Mordred.
  • Voiced by Gotou Yuuko (Suzumiya Haruhi’s Mikuru)
  • Nonette Enneagram

  • The Knight of Nine; makes her first formal appearance in the Lost Colors game along with Rollo and Li Xingke.
  • Attended the military academy with Cornelia, who considers Nonette her “sempai”. She also happens to be one of the few people Cornelia fears.
  • Voiced by Arai Satomi (she also voices Sayoko)
    The Knight of Rounds

  • In addition to the four named members mentioned above, there are three more known: Knight of Ten, a laid-back guy who’s fiercely loyal to the Empire; the Knight of One, the strongest of the group; and the Knight of Twelve, a gentle-looking woman.
  • Other Characters

  • Villetta is now an Ashford gym teacher, popular with the students. Chasing Lelouch around the school, trying to get him to show for remedial gym classes appears to be some kind of daily routine for the both of them. Trailer suggests the possibility of Rivalz, in a black wig, leading her on a wild goose chase. She is also in charge of the Swimming Club, of which a certain amnesiac-girl-who-attempted-to-kill-Villetta-more-than-a-year-ago is a member. 2ch Spoilermen have also told us that Villetta is at Ashford to “look for Zero”, though it looks like she’s only keeping an eye on him for now.
  • The Black Knights are in hiding, after several critical members (Ougi, Tamaki, Toudou, Chiba) were arrested. Diethard and Lakshata remain on the run.
  • Nunnally will begin the season in “an interesting place”, according to the staff.
  • Milly still attends Ashford, having failed to graduate last year. Rumors abound that she flunked on purpose to keep from leaving her friends. She’s still engaged to Lloyd.
  • Nina’s back in Britannia and now continues her research under the employ of Schneizel, presumably in the field of nuclear energy.
  • Sayoko is working with Diethard. She apparently knew that Lelouch and Nunnally were royalty from the very beginning, but still doesn’t know that Lelouch is Zero.
  • Lloyd and Cecile are currently working under Suzaku’s direct command after he became the Knight of Seven. It is implied that the Special Dispatch, now rechristened “Camelot”, remains in charge of Lancelot R&D and maintenance.
  • All information regarding Jeremiah is specifically being withheld by the staff.
  • Cornelia is in hiding; Guilford and the Glaston Knights are still stationed in Area 11, waiting for her return.
  • There is a Britannian called the Black King who gambles and plays chess at the Babel Tower. He is one being kicked by bunny-girl Kallen in the DVD Magazine 2 Trailer and is voiced by Satou Masaharu.
  • The new Governor General of Area 11 is a cruel man named Carares, who holds executions in the garden Clovis built on top of the administration building.
  • Mecha

  • Guren Mk-II: Lost its radiation wave arm while fighting the Lancelot during the Black Rebellion. Has to make do with a less efficient arm from an earlier iteration of the Guren.
  • Lancelot: With its Float Unit in place, it is officially dubbed “Lancelot Air Cavalry”.
  • Vincent: The mass production version of the Lancelot. Still in the testing phase.
  • Tristan: Zino’s Knightmare, a high-speed machine capable of transforming into a fighter-like Fortress Mode.
  • Mordred: Anya’s Knightmare, a heavy assault machine mounting missile launchers and four hadron cannons.
  • Panzer Hummel: The EU’s main Knightmare
  • Misc.: The Gloucester seems to be Britannia’s main mecha now. Promotional artwork has shown a green, stripped-down Gekka (probably a production model), as well as minor enhancements to Tohdoh’s personal unit. The same poster also shows a blue Knightmare with a gold faceplate and headcrest, probably the personal unit of another of the Knights of the Round.
  • Promotional Videos
    Show Videos ▼

    3/15/2008 – Added commercial that aired with Gundam 00 ep. 23
    3/11/2008 – Added DVD Magazine 1 Trailer
    3/10/2008 – Corrections for Babel Tower, Zino misspell; added Gaohai and Black King tidbits
    3/10/2008 – Initial Version

    I’ll try to keep this updated, so if you see any errors or have any new information, please tell me.


    1. Wow, thank you Onmi for such complete information about Code Geass, C.C. looks always beautiful, but I’ll a little disappoint if Lulu lost his memories. That chinese guy looks like Yasha in Clamp’s work “Tsubasa Chronicle” and “RG Veda” :P. BTW, I’m looking forward to new Clamp arts in the new ED.

      But, I hope for a OP ED by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR and another group/singer but since they’ll release their new album soon, it’s hard for them to continue with a new single after that. I don’t like ORANGE RANGE, just a little ^_^.

    2. WTF a communist nation with an Emperor and eunchs?! Oh this is going to be so hilarious on how they try to explain how Marx envisioned having an emperor at the head of a communist society…

      I hope Corneila comes out of hiding soon after the start of the season, though I wonder what excuse they are going to have her use. It be funny to see if a Rommel is the guy holding El Alamein. Clearly the writers have forgotten that it was the last defensible position west of Cairo. Should have gone with Tobruk.

      Also that Panzer Hummel better be worth something because it would be a shame if it did not live up to the 155mm SP Artillery piece that the Wehrmacht used.

      Well looking forward to another hilarious season packed with prepubescent righteousness.

    3. Anya Earlstreim – “Is friends with Suzaku and Gino due to their similar ages”

      By chance do you mean Zino, the Knight of Three? I got a bit confused as to who it was at first, so I assume it could be him then.

      And this sure look’s promising, they’re definitely bringing in big guns with all those seiyuu’s and whatnot from Wing and SEED, and several other familiar voices 😀 Great job with the research, thanks

    4. Ah, I take back what I wrote earlier about “Suppressed Area/Region”.

      More character profiles:

      Gaohai (voiced by: Sekine Nobuaki)
      – An eunuch, a member of the bureaucracy that controls much of the Chinese Federation. He is dispatched to Area 11 as consul general.

      What about the black dude who has employed Kallen and the other bunny girls? He is simply listed as “King” on the official Geass site (and “Black King” in April issue of Newtype), and as people can guess from the trailers, he plays chess against Lelouch in the casino of Babel Tower. King has made a name for himself in the underground society of Area 11. King is voiced by Sato Masaharu.

    5. Wait a minute. After the jump, suddenly Lelouch got a brother. How come he was never mentioned in the 1st season? Why only not Lolo appeared? And the story changed so much in R2… I hope Lelouch is fine though (he seems to have lost his memory).

    6. Man reading and watching all this stuff makes you fully excited again about Code Geass, let just hope it’ll be an awesome episode though watching all these trailer can kinna sums up the whole episode already.

    7. 1) Holy crap, that’s Nina?
      2) Seems like we have another pink-haired princess. Only… not a princess.
      3) I still hate Rollo.
      4) Gino looks cool.
      5) …*rolls eyes at Kallen*

    8. WOAH! and here I was thinking where is the CG:R2 infos are…
      really suprised me that Orange Range is doing OP/ED though at least it’s different from their past album/singles

      oh well…hope the 2nd one will be H&MC (fingers crossed)

    9. I was thinking that rollo is lelouch’s cosin, how comes that he is suddenly a brother.
      By the way is he lelouch’s half-brother or a full sibling? Is he too a member of britannias royal family?

    10. well, considering britannia is some type of kingdom, that’s not surprising if you will have a lot of brothers and sisters if you are part of the kingdom. may be rollo is just half brother not from the same mother but same father

    11. Thanks a lot Omni for this detailed and well written report.
      I’m definitely looking forward to R2, was Code Geass one of the best anime I’ve seen so far. However I hope that with R2 it’ll be finished. I don’t like it when they stretch series too much. That never ends well.
      Prediction for the end: Lelouch and Suzaku die.

    12. Omni, you might want to post the links to the trailers found at the end of 25 and in the first DVD magazine along with translations of the lines. They may not show new footage, but it makes things more interesting 😀

    13. Thanks! R2 sounds exiting already, if they can keep the same standard in their story like S1 it will be completely awesome. With the exception of the ending, unless they plan to make a third season.

      Knight of Rounds sounds awesome!!!

    14. hehe https://randomc.net/image/CODE%20GEASS/Primer/R2%20CC.jpg -same but only from a sketchbook – http://www.japanator.com/elephant/photo.phtml?post_key=7117&photo_key=2501

      btw. i gaved link to you people 2 months ago…. i see now that nobody was intrested in it or everyone thought that its a fake or something !! now you see that it wasnt FACK YA ! go die
      i just hate reading comment – Oh LOOk HOW coOl C.C looks… i gaved Ya Link Long time ago wHy noone said that back then !! retards

    15. ^We all saw it already and in higher-quality. 😛


      Code Geass was originally planned as a 50-episode series. In all likelihood (excluding the possibilities of a movie or OAVs), there will be no sequel to R2.

    16. (Both the opening and ending song are going to be performed by ORANGE RANGE, the group that also did Bleach’s first OP. The OP is called 02 (pronounced oh-tsuu, similar to C.C.’s name) and ED is called Shiawase Neiro (Happy Tone). The ending sequence will feature new art by CLAMP. )

      HA! I KNEW IT!!! I knew Orange Range was gonna be in this series! I KNEW IT!!! I knew it I knew it I KNEW IT!!! Go me and my chinese zodiac (rooster)! Wait until my friend hears about this!

    17. Stage 26, see I knew it. I was going to refer to it as that anyway since it’s obviously one large series, but now that they have made it official all those complaints you here about the first season being a “trainwreck” get thrown in the gutter where they belong. I’ve really heard any other series called a trainwreck after the halfway point when there’s still lots of story left to be told so thank you Taniguchi for giving me the material to tell some people where to stick it.

    18. DUDE!! PRAISE YOU FOR THE AWSOME PRIMER!!! now i dont gotta go back and watch episodes i missed. could you also do it for that show LOST cuz i dont wanna waste a minute of my life watching that HORSE-hit but would like to know what happened in 5min.
      ps- i am in no way comparing “this” quality show with that. thanks a bunch

      BROOKLYN otaku
    19. New characters look interesting, now the cast has become quite wide.
      Even if it’s slightly, I like Lelouch having a bit more of hair heh.

      I wish they would have named Rollo differently…in Spanish, it’s meaning is pathetic for naming someone, and I can’t help but read it in Spanish.
      There must be something behind Rollo and his origin…he does have Lelouch’s looks, but why wasn’t he mentioned at all in the first season?

      But what I’m most interested in is Lelouch going back to starts. Ack, can’t wait.

    20. Information is interesting and only adds to my anticipation of the new season.
      I also like their addition of involvement of the Chinese Federation, but a powerful eunuch seems too much of a paradox, lol.

      Dr. Joe Stan
    21. wait am i the one who is missing something on the mecha section ?
      wat about lelouch and c.c.’s mecha?
      they jsut gonna dump that gundam into the trash bin?
      i wanna see the mecha again

      go go c.c.!!

    22. “This is all Celiss’ information, Amuro shouldn’t get any credit…”

      Both Celiss & Amuro are good friends at GameFAQs. Amuro went through the trouble combining all the known R2 info that’s been spread throughout the past months through the numerous Epic Spoiler topics in GameFAQs as Celiss translated the original source. The topics are definitely not easy to keep up with and many newcomers have trouble even lurking due to the rapid pace of the topics so therefore, Omni kindly credited both of them due to their efforts of bringing ths info to you.

    23. I’m well aware of how the topics work, kirin, but Amuro is a jerk and an egomaniac and doesn’t deserve the credit when all he did was combine a couple of Celiss’ posts Zechs had saved.

    24. Please keep such insultive personal opinions to yourself; I consider Amuro a great friend as well and I am pretty sure he has been compiling all this info overtime himself and firmly believe such credit is due. To prevent this from turning into an argument, I’ll just leave it at that; Omni gave credit to the right people, that’s all there is to it.

    25. Adding to what kirinfang has said, Amuro is an awesome person who compiled all this work at the behest of others with full approval from Celiss. Also, some of the spoilers above were provided by him originally, such as some of the VAs for Anya, Zino (I still say it’s Gino), and others. He is a great friend to all of us on Gamefaqs and does not deserve to be degraded without basis. Credit has been given where credit is due.

    26. Well… this is awkward. >__>;;

      CharNT2, I can see you’re a thoughtful person (though I have to wonder what’s going on between you and Amuro) and this is all very sweet of you (I’m obliged to say this, considering my position), but Amuro did compile this list on his own. I’m nothing more than a slacker these days. Omni credited the both of us, even though I’ve done nothing more than give one or two suggestions, correct some minor errors, and then throw Snackoos at Amuro in an abusive manner after I’m done. I don’t think there’s anything to be upset over, myself, so don’t be 😉

      And yes, we’re all one big happy family over at GameFAQs… well, most of the time, anyway.

      Nearly forgot — thanks for the wonderful primer, Omni.

      Celiss Galvea
    27. For the record, I never once took credit for Celiss’ hard work at translating all this stuff (or Kouzuki’s, or anyone else’s). This list simply came into being because I have a group of Geass-loving friends who don’t frequent any of the MBs I do, and so I asked for Celiss’ help in compiling a list so I could give them all the information in one fell swoop. If you have a problem with me receiving credit for making this list, which I actually did do, then tough toenails. Just do Omni a favor and take this petty dislike you have for me off of his blog.

      Better yet, quit hiding behind aliases and own up. I’ve already got a pretty good guess at who you are, and if that’s the case, then I have to say I’m really disappointed at how childish you’re being right now.

    28. All I know is that Lelouch better do some more good killing in this series, and maybe smack a few bitches while hes at it. The preview here makes him sound kind of like a punk

      Kazuki Shikimori
    29. Isnt Kallen’s dad a nobleman? Cant he pull strings? Even if Kallen is some war-criminal, her dad could pull strings. no dad would let his daughter work at a place thats more or less a brothel IF HE COULD DO something about it

    30. As Phoenix Wright would say, there are too many plot contradictions here! From the clues given, it seems 1/4 of the second season involves a dream or illusory world inside Lelouch’s head that Lelouch has to escape from in order to seize his destiny. Most likely Rollo is VV’s persona in said reality. Maybe C.C.’s kiss caused it or is going to be the means by which he escapes?

    31. i think rollo is seriously badly introduced. i mean brothers dont appear like that. about kallen? haha good and bad? anyway thanks so much for the info. looking forward to another great series!

    32. Has anyone noticed that all the characters have extremely long and disproportional arms and legs? Look like orangutans.

      On another note all the high school males look anorexic. None of them have a shoulder span bigger than the girls. All of the high school guys are as skinny as the high school girls.

      Their arms and legs are as thing as their female counterparts.

      Weir >.

    33. “Better yet, quit hiding behind aliases and own up. I’ve already got a pretty good guess at who you are, and if that’s the case, then I have to say I’m really disappointed at how childish you’re being right now.”

      Oh please, we both know that you know who I am.

      “even though I’ve done nothing more than give one or two suggestions, correct some minor errors,”

      …and hunt down and translate the entire thing, aka doing all of the important work.

    34. GIEF ME MORE CODE GEASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’ t wait, wtf happends with the gundrawing @the and of season 1, and whut’ s going to happen with C.C i have a strange feeling that she will die in season 2.. but hey whatever jus get season 2 running!

    35. “Is described as being as smart as Lelouch and as strong as Suzaku; wields a sword.”
      Now I hate this Li Xingke even before I see him in action…. 😛

      I’m VERY surprised Villetta only chose to keep an eye on Lelouch. Why did she shoot Ougi in S1 then?? Don’t tell me she’s now officially in Lelouch’s harem too.

      And what a school to have a gym teacher dressed like that.

      Avocado sushi
    36. ok seriously the cast is already enormous as it stands yet there adding more? I really am worried…. But after seeing Gurren Lagann I am hoping Sunrise can follow the footsteps of Gainax and not pull another DESTINY on us.

    37. I bet £10 that somehow Anya will defect to Lelouch’s side – he needs more cute lolis in his ranks.

      Seriously though, what happened to the Gawain? It ran out of energy, not destroyed and as the OoBK had a submarine and have C.C, methinks they salvaged it.

    38. whoa, i’m so excited….hey, they already released the new OP in YouTube….hmm…doesn’t sound like Orange Range….
      ….I think Lelouch lost his memory like Peter Petrolli of Heroes….but anyway, Lelouch will still be our Lelouch (psychotic Light-Yagami-like)… and btw, Suzaku reminds me of Uchiha Sasuke of Naruto…..

    39. Wow! Thanks a lot for all this info! With only three days to go, I really can’t wait! Hope you’ll still keep us posted, and I’m glad to see this has cleared up a lot of things for me. 😀 Lulu, please don’t tell me you lost your memory… T_T

      I hope they clear up exactly how that confrontation between Suzaku and Lulu ended in R1. They can’t just start over without a good explanation XD


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