Although Gio assures Jin that Toa can continue living if she returns to Thanatos, he also reveals that she won’t be able to come back to Earth. Instead, she’ll be restarting a journey to the abyss of space, and Gio gives Jin one more day to spend with her. Gio then flies up to Thanatos where the Girouard fleet has lined up for an offensive. The Girouard ships’ attacks have no effect though, and Thanatos’ counterattack wipes out 28% of the fleet. Back on Earth, Sieglinde brings some medicine to Jin for Toa, but Amadeus hurries her out of the room because he knows that any human treatment will probably be useless, and he wants to give Jin and Toa some time together by themselves. Raina and Howling Star meanwhile get ready to head back into space so that they can tell Gio that there’s a future where humans and dragons can coexist. Both Itsuki and Sieglinde want to come too, despite Raina’s warning that they might not be coming back.

Up in space, as more of the Girouard fleet gets destroyed, Akira appears behind Gio inside of Thanatos and comments on how it’s futile for the humans. When Gio observes that she and Machina have fused with Thanatos, Machina also appears and notes that their old names don’t have any meaning anymore. Akira explains that they’re one of the countless number of spirits that are united as the soul of Thanatos, and as she continues watching the battle, she talks of how sad it is that humans can divert their fears only by fighting. Machina feels that it can’t be helped because humans are imperfect creatures who can only hate others, but she also says that, just as how humans learned a lot of things from dragons, dragons obtained something valuable too. That something is heart – when dragons engage in a Resonance with a human, the dragon understands for the first time what heart is. Gio realizes that this is true because it was due to coming in contact with a human heart that he was able to become how he is now and experience the feelings that he has.

That evening, Toa finally wakes up, and Jin takes her for a night of fun out on the town that culminates in Toa trying on a wedding dress. The night ends on a Ferris wheel with Toa wishing that time would stop. When Jin reassures her that she won’t die, Toa realizes that he knows, and it is at this moment that Gio arrives to take her away. Separating with Toa is painful for Jin, especially after she says that she wants to spend every last second at his side, but he nevertheless entrusts her to Gio who takes her back to Thanatos. Meanwhile, Widow realizes that she’s dying and so she suggests to a pissed off Kazuki that they end things. She thinks that he actually likes Jin and feels that he shouldn’t hurt himself any further. Her final words before disappearing express her regret of not being able to do a Resonance with him so that she could understand him better. Kazuki is shocked to see her gone, and the following day, he finds Jin standing out on the beach by himself. After Kazuki reveals that Widow died, Jin admits that he’s alone again too because Toa returned to Thanatos.

Angry and unstable, Kazuki charges and punches Jin while questioning why things became like this. Kazuki admits to having only wanted to protect Jin, and he thought that Gio gave him the power to do so. Nevertheless, with Widow dead, Kazuki feels like he’s lost everything, and he blames it all on Jin. Having taken enough of Kazuki’s punches, Jin finally strikes back and declares that he’s the one who’s truly lost everything because his entire family is gone – all he had left was Toa. Kazuki thinks that Jin is an idiot because Toa wasn’t human, but Jin feels that this doesn’t matter because he loved her. The two then rush towards each other with fists ready, but Kazuki ends up collapsing on his knees before either can throw another punch. He’s admits to having realized how big Widow’s loss was to him, but he can’t tell her his feelings anymore, and he doesn’t want that for Jin. As Kazuki apologizes and starts bawling, Jin looks up to the sky and remembers what Toa said about spending every last second at his side. Picking Kazuki up, Jin thanks his friend and declares that he has to go and be with Toa. A moment later, Sakaki appears on the beach, agreeing that it’s not over yet.

Meanwhile, the Girouard military is trying to take over the Avenir, but Ryouko, Saki, and Megumi stop them. Raina and the others arrive shortly thereafter, and Howling Star manages to get hit in the face by Megumi’s frying pan. Back on Earth, ISDA scientists are preparing the Annihilator warhead when Sakaki, Jin, and Kazuki arrive. After saving Laura, Sakaki sends Jin and Kazuki to get on the shuttle, but he then gets shot in the back by one of the scientists. Laura stops the scientist from firing again, and she also holds off all the guards that come while Sakaki helps launch the shuttle. After sending Jin and Kazuki off by urging them to find their own answers, Sakaki tells Laura that she’s free and can go wherever she wants, but an exhausted Laura chooses to remain by his side. Before losing consciousness due to blood loss, Sakaki cries over how Laura still calls him her father and tells her that he loves her. A moment later, Nozaki appears, absorbs something from them, and declares that he’s inherited the anti-Thanatos factor.


The Kazuki and Jin scene may have been the most ridiculous, contrived, and stupid scene I’ve seen in a long time. Never mind the fact that it included a creepy display of man-love, but here we have a character that has consistently been a villain (albeit a crappy one) reduced to tears because he’s finally realized his feelings. And then, just like that, he’s back to being Jin’s buddy again. What this really boils down to is how bad the writing of this series can be sometimes. They never really attempted to use Kazuki in any way other than as a one-dimensional character, and I suspect they intended to “redeem” him all along – there were only so many reasons for them to keep him alive, and this was the most likely one. The problem is that after spending 20-something episodes having Kazuki do things that make the audience hate him as a character (or at the very least think of him as a complete idiot), the writers just can’t change him like this and expect everyone to readily accept it.

Honestly, the Kazuki stuff killed the entire episode for me. It makes me think that they could also ruin Machina and Akira (characters who I actually liked a little) by bringing them back like this, but I guess we’ll have to see what role those two end up really playing. I get the sinking feeling now that Dragonaut is going to have some feel good ending where Thanatos merges with Jin and Toa or something, and then understands love, and finally everyone sings a song together.


  1. If there’s one thing I can REALLY agree with the critics on, it’s that Kakuzi should’ve died back when Jin knocked him him off widow, really :/. And he’s redeemed this late in the series? Far too late and unrealistic for that IMHO – it’d have been a far better idea to do that to him right after the timeskip instead of waiting this late. Or they could’ve done it right after he realized that Gio wasn’t “his”. Or at least let him be redeemed in a more… difficult way or however one should put it

  2. What a weak resolution to the Kazuki issue. He should have gone down like the bastard he was. Throughout he never backed down from being a giant asshole and it’s just insane he does it now. I get they were trying to get them together to fight the bad guys in the end… but ugh. So poorly done.

  3. How in the hell…

    Not that the show was spectacular to begin with, but jesus christ, it takes just one episode to kill off any remaining potential, destroy our sanities and leave us crying “WHY WHY WHY… DID WE BOTHER TO WATCH THE FIRST 22”

  4. This has officially become one of the most horribly written stories IMO. The dead can’t stay dead and the stupid (Kazuki) just get stupider. This is from looking at the screen caps. I hope the episode is actually better (highly doubts…).

    Dead Air
  5. Seeing this shows writing put up next to Gundam 00’s should really put things into perspective for people (well anyone other than Jason Miao).

    I mean it’s like Gonzo just stopped caring and is deliberately trying to create an absolute mess and make the worst show ever for fun (Is Dragonaut going to become a cult classic?). Whereas characters behave in ways that make sense for them in 00 and the plotline while full of twists and turns has a coherent narrative, Dragonaut’s plot progression makes almost no sense, has a repetitive nature, and characters also have no clear logical link between what is going on and how they behave, past or present. Personalities can turn on a dime for no valid reason and in a way that contradicts everything we’ve seen from a character before it. I mean 3 episodes from the finish line and horrible resolutions to everything left and right versus satisfying if emotionally wrought conclusions to some in 00 which has 28 to go and managing its time far better than Seed Destiny. When characters die in 00 they stay dead, when they die in Dragonaut they just come back again a few episodes down the line.

    This is what a trainwreck is, not Gundam 00. Thank you and good night.

    Encore: I also think I have to change my vote for worst written villain character in an action/mecha series to Kazuki. I mean I never thought anything could top Ralph Werec from Soko No Strain, but his “did it for the lolis” is looking pretty good next to “best friend Kazuki”.

  6. I once believed this show to have one of the highest potential this season I know now that I was a fool for being in that. Oh well the spring season is going to be epic so I’ll be waiting for that I guess when do you think you’re going to post up the spring preview by the way?

    Will never happen…

    This, on the other hand…
    Will you be my bf? – Yes

    And what happens next is…

    Slowpokes should know what they’re doing (think yaoi doujinshi style) in there.ç

    C’mon GONZO, make a BL anime, you know you want it. If Garasu no (O)Ka(ma)ntai wasn’t slashable enough, you give us Dragonaut -the yaoidance-.
    I fully support Kazuki x Jin.


  8. This show reminds me of Aquarion. Only where Aquarion writers clearly just had fun writing cheesy stuff left and right, Dragonout takes itself too seriously to really make the bizarro story line work in the comic light.

  9. “LOL”. That pretty much sums things up from me.

    The recent turn of events is so ridiculously incontiguous that I found myself stopping and laughing while thinking, “Wow, that’s what they came up with?”. Come on Omni, we want to hear some harsher comments from you (or at least I do… haha). It’s amusing to me for this “amusing” series. 🙂

  10. @divine|s: Well the thing is that there a lot of bloggers that just go to town on specific shows or one’s by specific studios and it’s a slippery slope (I know because I’ve been down it). If you want my opinion harsh commment or strict rant articles on anime series are among the weakest and most poorly written, relying on the same old stuff to keep them going week after week (like if you run into a really good episode you might have to make stuff up like you know who).

    I’ll personally take Omni’s quiet and measured incredulity over the crass meme driven raving of blogs like Derailed By Darry any day of the week. Calling a scene ridiculously stupid is harsh enough for me. Not that it sounds unwarranted.

  11. @Kaioshin Sama:
    (oi, jibun de ‘sama’ to yobi shite wa chotto erasou janai no?)

    While it’s true that rants can be very stereotypical and fruitless, I don’t intend to write a coherent essay on the problems with Dragonaut’s story at this point to stray from what might seem like random, unfounded criticism. With all due respect, I’m simply not that bored to prove a point (if there even is one to prove). As for my comments above, I simply thought it’d be amusing to see Omni go off for a second, as I find myself “almost” on the verge of doing so at times.

    Personally, I’m pretty patient and understanding in that I’m not quick to judge a show by any means. Heck, I watch a lot of anime that is supposedly (notoriously?) bad, but I still enjoy them for my own reasons. Of all things to nitpick at, I just never thought it’d be the story and Dragonaut is the first show I’ve ever really had serious qualms with.

    While some people find a predictable story bad, I personally see it as using a formula that’s proven to work. To me, predictability isn’t necessarily bad by any means, even though I’m sure tons of people will disagree. As for plot twists, they also work if they’re done well.

    Dragonaut on the other hand can become pretty unpredictable episode-to-episode and not in a well thought out way (a concern I simply attribute to lack of planning on a broader scale). Also, while the series is 23 episodes in with 2 remaining, most of us still can’t quite figure what’s going to happen next because we know the writers are willing to pull anything on us at any time they feel like it.

    So what’s my point to all this you may be wondering. Basically, I think some constructive ranting is warranted and I’m by no means trying to start a debate. I just wanted to hear some “passionate” ranting that would give me some amusement since Dragonaut has become “somewhat” of a joke to me. ^_^

    As for the reason I’m still watching the show, it’s basically the same reason why I started watching it in the first place–seiyuus. I guess I’m a bit of a seiyuu otaku. :X

    Mmm, Honey and Clover (drama) was good this week as usual. Ep11 END(?) next week! Anyone else watching this by any chance?

  12. Comparing Gundam 00 to Dragonaut is hardly fair or reasonable. Gundam has always been a “serious” anime and 00 is the most serious/realistic yet. It’s also the longest running/most popular mecha series with huge sales. Dragonaut is a totally original series and you already should know it wasnt anything like Gundam with the first episode. It’s sci-fi/fantasy/romanace…cheesy romance but still romance…

  13. I still have some faith in this show to redeem itself. This is the worst episode ever, is what I can say about this week’s offering. They seriously messed up Kazuki as a character. No one with a sane mind would believe that he suddenly realized his feelings and become good again. And Gio is supposed to protect Jin? What does he mean by that? Does he love Jin in a way that is kinda wrong? I hope not. I thought he would eventually hook up with Widow but that’s not gonna happen. But wait! Machina and Akira stayed alive, so can Widow!! And then the writers might write in the last ep, Jin and Toa and Gio finally live happily together in a small house. Widow and Kazuki rent an apartment somewhere and live happily together. Thanatos realized that humans and dragons indeed can live on the same planet peacefully and then it wanders off into space. GREAT!!

  14. “I get the sinking feeling now that Dragonaut is going to have some feel good ending where Thanatos merges with Jin and Toa or something, and then understands love, and finally everyone sings a song together.”

    そうそう! そんな反応だ! 僕は笑わせた! ^_^

    Anyway, I agree with the whole Kazuki thing. I don’t know how the writers expected us to buy the whole, “I’ve realized my wrongdoing now that Widow has died” bit when he has never shown any signs of affection towards her up to this point. In fact, all Kazuki’s ever really seen Widow as is a “tool” (道具) for enacting his revenge on Jin. Then to top off this unbelievable turn of events, they have Kazuki becoming all buddy-buddy with Jin again in the span of a few minutes and they’re off risking their lives together to save Toa. Oooookay there. 信じられないよ!

  15. LOL! Reading the comments here is almost as much fun as watching the show! Are there really people who take this anime seriously?! I’ve filed it under crack ever since the first episode and just enjoyed the ride. Can’t wait for the undoubtedly incredibly cheesy ending!XD

  16. At this stage, it looks like the only people who are taking this seriously are the show’s creators. I wonder if they even realise how laughable some of the emotional/serious scenes are.

    Bring back Akira + Machina properly though, and I think I can forgive them a little bit 🙂

  17. Dunno if it’ll really be a “good ending where Thanatos merges with Jin and Toa or something, and then understands love, and finally everyone sings a song together”. Most likely what’ll happen is that Nozaki will finish off Thanathos with the anti-Thanatos factor and Jin & Toa escapes from it in a similar manner to Lando’s flight from the Death Star…

  18. The Sakaki/Laura scene fully redeemed this episode for me, if only for that part. Such an emotional scene, which actually made you feel sad for both of them even if you hadn’t cared about either throughout the series.

  19. wow…what to say…basically this series has been reduced to complete sh*t…i mean really this series has started to lose my interest..and then this crap at the end? i don’t even know if i can suffer through the last few eps…wow this ep was just pitiful…i was rolling my eyes and deleting the file as fast as possible off my hard-drive…


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